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Who is MrsSurvival?

She is all of us. She has no ethnic background, for she is woman. She is ageless, for here she embraces the wisdom and experience of age as well as the exuberance and sheer joy of youth.

She is 'Mrs' because it implies a certain sense of accepting the responsibilities of our lives. Sharing with others, nurturing, learning, growing, teaching... more 'settled'. Life holds less uncertainty because there are friends and family surrounding her. So with the freedom of knowing she is not alone, she explores her world and her soul.

She remembers the simple joys in life, and as she races toward the future, she holds a tiny log cabin by a stream as a symbol of her peaceful place, the dream of a confidence born of knowing she is ABLE. Able to provide healthy food for her family, able to create clothing or warmth or beauty from basic materials, able to not only survive, but thrive in the face of adversity. 

When the storms of life come, she rests in the knowledge that she has done her best in preparing for them. By her forethought, her family will not fear the dark or go hungry. Even when the unexpected happens for which nothing could have been prepared, she stands in the knowledge that others are there to uplift, to pray, to help.

She craves the knowledge of those with more experience, and is eager to share her own strengths. Age is a thing to celebrate, because it is an honor and a privilege to have borne each year with grace and dignity. And yet her soul dances in the moonlight...

She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, or just herself. She is not defined, for she is always open to new thoughts and experiences. She grows daily in knowledge, for that is the way of humankind. She does not put aside her need for spiritual growth, because it is in faith and obedience that she is free to enjoy life. Her love thus reaches out to embrace the world.

Who is MrsSurvival?

She is all of us.

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