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Best of MrsSurvival


Welcome to the Best of MrsSurvival.

On these pages, we present to you a collection of advise from some of our long-standing members: women who have lived a lifestyle of preparedness for years. We hope you find this information both useful and encouraging as we head into times that are becoming more and more frightening and uncertain.

As you browse these pages, please know that you are not alone. Others have felt an increasing urgency to prepare for these uncertain times, to guard their homes and families from economic turmoil, food and fuel shortages, natural disasters, and even the possibility of war. At MrsSurvival, they have found peace of mind and the kind of information they need to address their concerns in realistic, practical ways, as well as a like-minded community of men and women who offer support and encouragment.

Please feel free to join us on our discussion forums where you will meet the women who authored these works, and many other people as well - every day people just like you.