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My heart is heavy

DH and I lost a very dear friend on Saturday. She had fought cancer twice, but had a brain bleed Friday night, and died Saturday. We are so grateful that God put her in our lives. She blessed us so much. What a true Christian, who lived by example and gave wise counsel.

We also have a 41 year old niece fighting breast cancer and just found out a 61 year old cousin has breast cancer. Praying for miracles for them both.

Then just read about Old Maine Bear's passing. sigh


Merry Christmas to all!

While I'm having a quick cup of tea, I thought I'd sit down and look around this wonderful site. DH and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peacefilled 2012.

2011 was a very full year for our family. DH retired and it has been a blessing!

Children #4 and 5 both announced their engagements. They have chosen wisely and we are so happy to be adding a new daughter-in-law to our family in Feb. 2012 and a new son-in-law in May 2012. Grandchild #6 arrived the first of December and he has blessed the whole family.

Even though the times are so uncertain, our faith is giving us peace. God is soooo Good!

Tea time is over, now back to my long list of things to accomplish before Christmas Eve. :)


It's so nice to be able to post with the correct date. Yeah!

Our weekend at Darlene's was so wonderful, but also so tiring. I think we averaged 5 hours sleep/night. It's amazing how much we crammed into a weekend! As usual, I brought a camera and then forgot to use it. Thankfully Wormguy took pictures.

Today I cleaned the house and then tonight DH and I went to our church and hung, our Church's historical quilt from 2005, from the choir loft. It's about 7 ft wide and about 8 ft long. We printed pictures of most of the pastors, some of the stained glass windows and statues on to fabric and sewed them on to the quilt; plus we asked our parishoners to create blocks for the quilts. The purpose of the quilt is to commenorate our 140th anniversary of our church, and also be a historical record. This coming Sunday we will be installing our 24th pastor. So now we're home and I thought I'd check in before going to sleep.

I'm going to have to close, as I can barely kkep my eyes open. Take care, everyone.


My blog won't let me post a date past 2009. Still haven't figured out how to correct it. Oh well, life is not boring.

DH, DS#2 and I just returned home, from DD#2's home, last night. We went up there last Wed, and had a wonderful visit with the family. The grandchildren are getting so big (almost 10 and almost 5). On Sat. evening, we went to the National Geographic Museum to see the "TerraCotta Warriors" from China. What a wonderful exhibit! It was amazing to see all these amazing artifacts from 200 -300 B.C. and the workmanship was inspiring. What was a little distressing at the exhibit, was the rudeness of some of the folks. DSIL was carrying a sleeping DGS, and had people run into him, or cut in front of him - and not even say "excuse me". While visiting I was able to finish the sllipcover I started last June for their dining room chair and made a slipcover for the other dining room chair, and also hemmed a pair of pants for DGD. DH helped DGD make an "Anne Frank" wooden spoon doll for a class assignment. We also got to attend a play practice for DGD's play (we won't be able to attend), and DGS's gymnastic's class. DD made some great dishes, and I'm going to have to get her recipes. I was dragging today, but did get the laundry caught up, and also the ironing. DS#1 and DDIL and one of their friends, DS#2 and DD#3and DGS all came for dinner tonight. I opened up 2 quarts of my spaghetti sauce and cooked up some pasta, made a salad and corn and had ice cream and cookies for dessert. I'm going to have to close and get some sleep. Tomorrow while DD#3 works, I'll be babysitting her almost 3 yr old. He is such a joy, but is also quite energetic.

Take care, everyone!


How can it be Feb. 2010?

P.S. I'm trying to get around the software to let me post in 2010, but no luck so far. So, I'm letting the computer think I'm posting the last day of Dec. Boy, I have so much to learn about computers!

I'm also ashamed to see that I haven't posted since Sept. One reason is just not being inspired to write, and another is shortage of free time (like everyone else, I know).

Right now I'm fighting a bad cold/crud ??? So, this may not be coherent.

Last weekend, we were snowed/iced in, but did have power, thank you Lord!

It was just DH and myself as youngest DD and DGS were at her boyfriend's (father of DGS) home.

It was so nice and peaceful. DH had the crud, so he had time to rest and I had time to work on a prayer quilt.

I had cleaned the house on Friday, and it stayed cleaned. When we would be snowed in with the kids all still at home, I would spend the whole time, cooking, baking (kids well fed were happy kids - lol)and doing laundry (every time they would come in from playing in the snow - didn't want to have wet clothes laying around if the power would go out). We tried to go to church on Sunday, but couldn't get down the hill, so we came home and read the Scriptures for the day. Today, we still have some snow on the ground but the temp is above freezing and the sun is shining. I'm still working on the prayer quilt, but it is closer to being finished. Funny story about this quilt. Back in Dec. while DH was having a physical, I sat in the waiting room and worked on a prayer quilt for a friend from church who will be having open heart surgery tomorrow. This little old white haired lady with a walker came over to see what I was doing. She said, I wish I could have a prayer quilt. I took a deep breath, then told her I wouldn't be able to work on one for her till Jan.; and asked her what color she likes "blue". I wrote her name and phone number down in my planner, and hope to be able to call her next week to arrange a time to meet to give her the quilt. DH asked me if she is coherent enough to remember that she wanted a quilt. I said if she doesn't want it, I know that God will have someone ready to use it. Never a dull moment around here.

DH will be 61 in a couple of weeks and it looks like we will be making home made pizza for his birthday dinner. Just not sure what day we will get to celebrate it - logistics are a little daunting to try to get the whole family all together.

I have started making the artisan bread in 5 minutes or less a day, and the family really likes it. The last two sets of dough I used wheat flour that I ground myself. I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 5 1/2 cups unbleached flour the first time, and 2 cups whole wheat flour and 4 1/2 cups unbleached flour the second time. Both very good, and soooo very easy!

I was at WalMart a couple of weeks ago, and they had heirloom seeds "Ferry Morse"brand I think. They were $2/pkg. I bought 10 pkgs, and can't wait for Spring and getting the garden in.

Last year, at Lowes, we bought the AeroGarden and accessories on clearance. We are eating lettuce from it and are growing tomatoes. DD#3 set it up for me over Christrmas. (We had also bought one for her and they were already using theirs and loving it). If I can find it on clearance again, I would buy another one to start seeds with.

Enough rambling. Take care everyone!


It's really Aug. 28th, 2010

I have no idea where the computer will post this blog, as I still can't use the correct date.

Where did the summer go??? I can't believe that Sept. is next week. DH and I, with some help from our kids, have been redoing our home. We started with our hall bathroom (took down the popcorn ceiling, ripped up the vinyl, took out the vanity, medicine cabinet, toilet, wallpaper border and towel fixtures. DS#1 laid down ceramic tile, and helped DH install the vanity, faucet, toilet and backsplash, and DS#2 helped DH install the floor molding, and DDIL painted the room and ceiling. It came out so wonderful! Then, we took down the popcorn ceilings in the hallway, living room, kitchen and two of the three bedrooms, and our master bathroom. We also painted all those rooms. It was soooo long overdue. We just have our bedroom and bath to do. But, DS#1 is in graduate school and I don't know when he will have the time to tile our bathroom floor. DH can install the new vanity and toilet and paint the room; but feels unsure about the tiling. We may try and take down the popcorn ceiling in our Master Bedroom, maybe next week???, and then paint the room.

I did get to can 10 pints of tomato sauce, and hope to can some ground beef later today. I need to close and do some sewing while DD#3 and GS are out doing errands. I'm hoping to get serious with my canning, starting next week.

Well, enough rambling. Everyone have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Darlene's, and all those who won't be able to come, you will be missed.


It's Really March 27, 2010

This has been a very busy Birthday week for our family. DD#2 was Tuesday, DGS#1 was Wed, DD#1 was Thursday. Today we'll have DGS's party - pizza and cake. It continually amazes me how fast the years go by! It's also so exciting to see our children and grandchildren grow up and be such fantastic and caring adults and for the little ones to be so amazed at the world around them. We are so blessed, and I am so thankful!

Today is a beautiful day - sunny and blue skies. DH has next Friday off, and since we won't be at church till evening, we hope to work on the yard and plant some mums, etc. DH loves for the yard to be in bloom for Easter. Some years, we have even resorted to putting silk flowers out in the gardens since the weather wasn't cooperating. We also plan to add another container garden to the 2 existing ones and maybe another bucket or two for some more tomatoes.

Have a blessed day, everyone!


How did Sept. get here so quickly? One nice (but there are others) thing about Sept. is TN football. Can you tell we live in Knoxville - home of the TN Vols? lol What is funny, is that DH and I were never big football fans, - until we moved here. We laugh and say that your blood turns orange when you move here. This a.m. I woke up early (for a Saturday) and canned 3 quarts of chicken breasts, did laundry and took a load to the dump (convience center to be politically correct) and back home for a quick shower and sat down to watch the game with DH at 12:21 p.m. During the game I ironed DH's shirts and pinned the hems in two baby blankets. After I finish this post, will change clothes for 6 p.m. Mass (DH is doing the music and cantoring). Tomorrow, the family will gather late afternoon for a BBQ at DD#1's. We are all going to bring our own burgers/hot dogs, buns, drinks and something else. We will bring lettuce and brownies.

I used "MiniMe" to can the chicken. It's the All American 910 (holds 4 quarts or 7 pints). It is so handy when I'm canning smaller amounts, and so much easier on my back. But, I still love my AA 925 for the larger loads, eg spaghetti sauce, chilli, soup, broth, etc. I'm finding that when I can meat, it is usually in 4 quart amounts. I have one more batch of tomatoes to can from the garden and I think that will be then end of them. The Romas did beautifully, but the others didn't. The green peppers did much better than last year. We grew 2 zuchini- made great bread. The lettuce did well too. Potatoes only 2 small ones, haven't harvested the sweet potatoes, and the carrots are still very small.

Depending on how tired I am tonight, I may try and work on the two baby blankets. A friend just adopted a baby girl. Then I need to make a baby quilt for a new great-nephew that is due in Oct. I washed the material today, and I think I know that pattern I will use. But, you never know as usually my quilts take on a life of their own.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


What happened to July?

I find it so hard to believe that July is almost over. Fall will be here before I know it, and I have so much canning to do.

I just finished a prayer quilt, this a.m., for DH's co-worker's father. Now that I have that project completed, I can start tackling a huge list of projects for around the house. From canning to organizing to painting, etc. I told DH this a.m. that by Sept. I would like to have 4 - 6 months of food, etc in place - I would like to minimize exposure to the flu bugs, as much as possible. I also need to go through my Christmas box, and inventory what I have; so I can, hopefully, finish Christmas shopping the weekend of Aug. 8 (Sales Tax free weekend in TN for certain items).

Best get busy. Take care, everyone.


But I'm glad today is Friday. It's been crazy around here for several weeks. Our little granddaughter (9yrs old) is here visiting all the family. Our house is her base of operation, and currently she is at her other grandmother's home. She'll be back here on Sunday, and will go home the following Saturday. Our DD#2 and her DH and 3 yr old son are in Florida for 2 weeks. Her DH is taking some classes for his new job assignment. DGD decided she would have more fun here with all the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

We had our foundation repaired this week (took them 2 days). Now DH and our 2 sons will have to install 4 jacks (under the support beam in the basement). Hopefully all this work will keep the house from splitting in two. Then it will be on to a long list of repairs that we want to make on the house.

Yestereday DH added a 3rd rainbarrel to the two we have in place in the front corner of the house by the driveway. He is really getting good at installing them. We use the rain water on the garden. I still need to try and contact AquaRain to see if their filter would make the water coming off our shingle roof safe enough to drink.

DS #1 came over and took a lot of his stuff that was stored in our basement. We had enough space freed up to install another set of shelves and I have my empty canning jars, lids, rings, canners all stored there now. It is so nice not to have to hunt for everything. Slowly but surely we are getting the basement organized.

Well, I best get off the computer. 2yr old DGS is taking a nap, so I need to get a few things done while I can.

Take care.


Busy weekend

Good morning,

Just a quick note. I finally posted some pictures of our garden.We've been eating the lettuce from it, and the tomatoes are growing though still green, but we are so excited that we have a "zucchini" and a couple of peppers starting to grow.

DH is tackling the basement today (started yesterday, after adding a second rainbarrel on to the back rainbarrel), and I'm working on my craft room (trying to organize it).

Yesterday, we received an estimate for repair work on the foundation of the house - hope to have that done this month. Then DH and our boys will need to put in 4 jacks inside a wall in the basement to support the support beam going through the center of the house. Hopefully, this will solve the cracks, etc.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.




We made it

The trip was interesting. We left at 7:30 a.m. and arrived just before 5 p.m.We stopped for lunch, and for gas (that ended up taking almost 30 minutes as the pump was so slooooooow! DD#3 was shown how to do DGS's tube feeding, meds and oxygen and did a great job. She babysat while I helped DD#2. On Thursday, I hemmed DSIL's slacks, and then made a pattern and sewed a slipcover for a dining room chair.It still needs to be hemmed, but ran out of time. DD#2 also wants me to do one more slipcover for another dining room chair. On Friday, DGD woke me up at 4:40 a.m. to say she didn't feel good, then started vomiting. Thankfully, the bug only lasted half a day (for her). Unfortunately, DSIL got it in the afternoon, but was much improved by the next day; and DD#3 got it - also in the afternoon (while watching the 3 kids) and was really sick with it. She finally stopped vomiting Sunday a.m. and feels back to her normal self today. I started getting queasy around 11 p.m. Friday evening, and was really sick all day Sat. Sunday, I was very weak, but we started driving back to TN around 11:30 a.m. DH was able to get a ride with DSIL's father, who was driving up on Sunday afternoon (to help them with the move this week). We met up around 5 p.m. That was a God send, as I don't think I could have driven any more. (We still had about 3 more hours to drive to reach home). Tonight, I'm finally starting to feel a little stronger. This bug was really virulent. I'm so glad it didn't hit me till Friday night, so I was able to help DD clean the new house and get it ready to be painted. They painted their DD's room "Cherry" (DGD says it's pink, I say it's red, but a very pretty red). I think it took 5 - 6 coats of paint. DGS's room was painted a pear green, and looks really nice. I saw the paint chips for the living room and family room and one of the bathrooms, and all will be lovely.As we all know, moving is a lot of work.

Enough rambling. Take care, everyone!


On the road again

DD#3 and her DS (2 yr old) and I will be driving to DD#2 this a.m. (Usually a 7 1/2 hour drive, but with the little guy, not sure how long it will take). DH can't go with us as they have a deadline at work. DD#2 closes on their 1st home tomorrow, so we will help as much as we can while there. We drive back Sunday, so DD#3 can start her CNA course on Monday.

Yesterday, we did a mattress swap. DD#1 swapped a full mattress set for a twin set (that DD#3 was using). The twin will be used for DD#1's DS, and now DD#3 has a bigger bed for those middle of the night invasions by the 2 yr old. DD#2 is going to take the remaining twin bed set, that we have, for their DD's new bedroom. Her FIL will be going up on Sunday to help them with the moving of the furniture, so he will take the mattress set and a rain barrel we have for them. It really helps to be able to shift furniture around the family.

I need to close and get ready for the drive. You all take care.


It's Saturday

I was so relieved to have Vine's quilt done and mailed. Then I had to keep reminding myself that I made it with love, so even with the mistakes, it's ok. Her gracious post upon receiving it was such a blessing for me. I had prayed and sang hymns over it while sewing, so I'm so glad she felt the love and I pray she will feel His peace and comfort from it. (When I read Vine's post re: receiving the quilt to DH, he was in tears.) The design was a new one for me. It was fun to do, and now I want to try some variations; but, it was stressful as I had a time limit, and was running out of time. I also decided to hand quilt it, as my machine quilting leaves a lot to be desired. Now, I 'm not perfect with hand quilting, and of course, it does take a lot longer to do (or at least for me, it does), but I really wanted to finish the quilt that way. I took some pictures before I mailed it, and will try and post them here. I was in a hurry to get to the post office, so not sure how well the pics will look. Maybe Vine will have better luck.

Now, I need to get organized for next week. DD#2 is closing on their first home (they are military), so DD#3 and her 2yr old son, and myself are driving to D.C. on Wed. to help. DD#3 will watch all the kids. My job, if I choose to accept it - lol, is to sew a couple of slipcovers and a pillow cover, lengthen some curtains and help paint. This will be interesting to see how much we accomplish as we drive up on Wed.; they close on Thursday, and we drive home on Sunday. DH can't go with us, as they have a deadline at work and everyone is working long hours. He went to the orthopedist on Thursday for his knee. Doctor doesn't think he needs a knee replacement, but is concerned that he may have torn some cartilidge. He was given a steroid shot ( God bless the P.A. who administered the injection. He did a nearly painless injection; unfortunately the effects seem to be fading already. DH will give the knee some more time to judge how it is doing, and then he may have to be scheduled for an MRI. (Doctor had hoped the steroid would give him relief for a good 6 weeks or more, looks like he had great pain relief for about 24 hours, now the pain is coming back).

Today we are going to have a family BBQ to celebrate Father's Day. We are all going to bring our own burgers/dogs and buns and drinks, and then something else. I'm bringing a Strawberry Trifle and brownies. I need to close soon, so I can start baking the cake and brownies, etc.

Today, DH and I need to go to the dump with the trash and would be nice to clean the house a little too.

Everyone, please have a wonderful day. Will try and post a picture of the quilt soon.

Take care.


I'm back

Good morning,

I just did a quick read of the forums, and now will quickly post and then I HAVE to get back to sewing for the craft exchange.Have I mentioned how I hate to be late, and this project may be really close to the wire.

DH and I had a great trip back for his sister's 50th wedding anniversary party. Their 4 kids put a lot of thought, time, effort and love into that party. DH and I also got to visit with his other sister and her family and children and grandchildren, my 81 yr old dear cousin, my sister-in-law, and a lot of DH's aunts and cousins. On the way home, we stayed overnight in Paducah, KY (arrived near midnight, and was up and at Hancock's of Paducah (huge fabric store) by 9 a.m. Stayed there for several hours and my fabric stash is bigger now. Then we stopped at Crossville, TN at a quilt shop there and added to my fabric stash again. Arrived home on Monday, early evening, unpacked, started the laundry, etc. Tuesday - DH went to work, and Wed. DH had his carpal tunnel surgery (he had his left hand done last year, and finally got around to the right hand). He is doing great. He started moving his fingers right after surgery, and when he went to PT on Friday, he already had normal range of motion. This coming Thursday he goes to the orthopedist for his knee. Should be an interesting visit.

Enough rambling. My sewing machine is calling.

Take care


DH and I called her this a.m. to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Turns out, she was walking to school with her Mom and little brother. They were taking cupcakes to school to share. Where did the time go??? It seems like it was yesterday that we saw her for the first time in the hospital nursery. She is our oldest grandchild and only granddaughter, so far.

I thoroughly love(d) being a mother to our 5, challenges and all; but having grandchildren is a whole other level. It's so exciting to see the next generation of our family growing up. It's also very humbling to being the top tier of the family (now that our parents and grandparents are all gone). I pray that we have half their wisdom (welllll, I would really like all their wisdom).

Tomorrow, DH and I will be going back to Kansas and Missouri to see family and share in his oldest sister's 50th wedding anniversary party. I best get to packing, etc.

Take care, everyone.


2nd day of blogging

I really feel like a fish out of water, when it comes to blogging. Will be nice when I finally know what I'm doing.

Today went with DH to the doctor. X-rays show he has severe arthritis of his knee. Doctor is putting him on steroids for 6 days to try and help with the pain, and gave us the name of an orthopedic doctor to see. Family doctor would prefer DH wait another 5 years before having a knee replacement, but I'm concerned that it's not safe for him to wait that long. He is in chronic pain, and by the end of the day is exhausted from the pain, and he also limps when he walks and thus I'm concerned about his alignment being compromised.Thus the need for the ortho consult.

This afternoon, I picked up our 6 yr old DGS from school and watched him till 5 p.m. He is autistic, but making great strides.

Now I'm home, and will only get to spend a few more minutes here, then need to work on a baby quilt for the my first great-great niece. Would really like to mail it tomorrow. That may be wistful thinking.

I just read Stephanie's blog re: her dream. I've been feeling the same way, about the need to get more organized. If anything happens to me, the family won't know what to do with the provisions or where they all are. Her dream is a wake up call for me too.

Well, time to go. Take care.


May 27, 2009

Thanks to Wormie's help, I think I'm doing the blog correctly now.

Yesterday, was DH and my 36th anniversary. Where have the years gone? We have been so blessed, and we still love each other as much, if not more as we did 36 years ago. Mark took the day off, and we just went and had fun. We got an oil change on the car, then headed toward Cumberland Gap, TN. We stopped at 2 quilt shops and bought some fabric (Mark has a quilt in his mind,that he wants to make for the dulcimer club retreat in Nov. When he sets his mind to do something, he does it well; so I have no qualms about him making a quiilt. It should be outstanding!) We ate lunch at Webb's in Cumberland Gap (freshly made hamburgers and hand cut french fries, and we shared a generous slice of Hershey Chocolate cake). On the way home, we did some looking at Southeastern Salvage and Sears, and then bought a new set of shelves at SAM's (for the craft room). Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday's. We had such a great day!

Today, DD#1's MIL and I went and had a massage. Mark gifted me the massage, and J's kids did the same for her. It was so wonderful!!! I am so relaxed! This was my first massage. Wow!

Well, enough about me. Take care. Have a great day!


My first blog entry

I am finally getting brave enough to try and blog. (I know, I'm a very slow learner). lol

I've been trying to determine the format and contents and finally decided to just start. So this will start out as a rambling blog.

It may not help that I'm also fighting a severe sinus headache, but I'm determined to go ahead and start.

Today, I went to quilting and showed the ladies the child's quilt I just finished, a baby quilt top and another child's quilt top. The baby quilt is for my first great-great niece who was born last week. The two children's quilts are for the grandchildren of a friend at church. Their parents are going through a divorce and they and their mother have moved in with their grandmother. My goal is to have the other child's quilt done by the end of the week, also the baby quilt - so I can get it in the mail.

I also met with our "parish nurse" this a.m. to discuss "pandemic flu preps". She and I have been working on this for over a year. It really paid off with this H1N1 scare. We already had the info to post on our church's website, and we decided to add more and we also chose some posters to have made up to put in the bathrooms in the church hall, etc. Now, we are going to work on getting a phone tree in place to get important info out - as needed. She and I are both very concerned about this Fall, and the potential for a second and more serious wave.

That's all for the moment. Take care.


Day 3

Today I did errands and some groceries, and the laundry, and cleaned the house (including scrubbing the floors - it's been 2 weeks). But, tonight I'm so tired and even though I had hopes of working on the quilt, I may just do nothing. I did buy a mailing envelope today, so as soon as I finish the quilt I can mail it.

We had a pretty impressive rain storm come through, but we didn't lose power.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more energy filled day.

Take care.


4th entry

DH and I had a busy and satisfying weekend. We finally started the garden. Since we both are getting arthritis and bending over to garden is hard on our backs and joints, we decided to have raised beds. Instead of making them out of lumber, we bought 2- 35 gal. pond liners. We mounted them on concrete bricks (that DH first leveled and then anchored), also drilled drainage holes in them. We put weed cloth on the bottom, then mixed garden soil and peat moss together and filled them. Between them, we planted: lettuce 2 types, and 2 types of peppers, carrots, zuchini. In individual containers we planted tomatos (roma up to beef steak) and we planted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in both the compost pile and in individual buckets. We also planted a Roma tomato plant upside down in a bucket to see how it would grow. We also planted a lilac bush and a boxwood basil in individual pots that we placed in front of one of the pond liners. Hopefully, tonight after work, DH will get to mow the yard and trim so we can lay mulch down. We are trying to make the garden aesthetically pleasing as it is in the front yard (only part of the yard that gets full sun). Wouldn't you know it, that we may get frost tonight. Will listen to the forecasts, to see if I need to cover the plants tonight.

Well, I need to close and get started around the house. Many chores await me.

Take care.


Sunday, May 24th

This has been a long, tiring day, but DH and I accomplished a lot. He worked on the front yard. He edged the sidewalk, with a hoe as the weedeater won't work; then laid down a rubber mulch border (that comes in 10 ft long rolls). He also put the mulch border around the flower beds and then mowed the yard. It really looks nice. Needless to say, he is very tired tonight. He was already worn out from yesterday. He loaded up all the sound equipment into the corolla, and drove to Harrison Bay State Park where his dulcimer group played. It was a long day, and his equipment is heavy to move. I spent yesterday cleaning the house, and then working on the quilt blocks for our quilting group. On June 10th, we are all going to bring in 128 6inch squares of light colored fabric, and 128 6 inch squares of dark colored fabric. My goal is to bring them to quilting this coming Wed. as I won't be at quilting June 3 (DH and I will be on our way to MO. for his sister's 50th wedding anniversary party) and the 10th is when DH is scheduled for his carpal tunnel surgery (not sure of the time yet). Today I finished cutting all the 6 inch squares and helped DH a little. Tomorrow I hope to start my project for the craft exchange. Tuesday is our 36th anniversary and DH has the day off, so we can spend it together. Enough rambling, I'm tired. Good night all.

Take care.


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