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Deja'vu - or it is View?

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I have lived this day before I think. Last year sometime.


[/color]Visting teaching was canceled. Between my busy schdule and my partners, we just didn't have enough time between us to get it done.


Tomorrow is the DENTIST I have about 3k+ worth of work that needs to be done, tomorrow I will be getting the BAD news about what exactly needs to be done. I know a bridge is needed, possible 3 cavities, and I know I need a root canal done. None of it will be done tomorrow but the xrays -- but that is the work that needed doing about 7 years ago, so I thought I would 'get it done'.


Friday I leave at 3:30 in the morning (doggone it -- I need to call for a ride!) for surgery on my knee. Surgery is at 7 am -- but I have to sign in by 5:am. fun stuff....not. I don't know that I am leaving myself enough time between the operation and the following week....jumping into the summer activities.


I am starting a Summer Kids Reading Club and a Kids Summer Book Club. We will be swimming on Monday and going to the movies on Friday. Everyday Monday through Sunday we have something going on! For the NEXT TWO MONTHS...


My daughter Katy has been recommended for the National Jr Honor Society. She is in a virtual academy and doing great! She 'graduated' from all but one of her classes for 6th grade in February. Her last class she finished a month ago. Vocabulary and GUM -- she didn't have the book for them, so she needed to get the book to finish.


Katy (age 12) has started writing a story that is on page 16 now. She is doing a great job writing it. I really want to KNOW HOW IT ENDS! She says it is a book though and she is just on the first chapter. ACK! She will be 16 before she finishes it.


For the summer Katy is taking a Fitness Camp, as well as a Strength training camp. We are going to be going to the track twice a week to walk/run, as well as swimming every Monday. (All in an effort to get ME back into walking shape!). She is also taking a babysitting class, a CCC class (explained below), and an archery class.


My daughter Tya has a GPA of 3.27 -- really good for a young lady who we will be testing for Dyslexia next school year. She struggles with reading things. We are going to be working on that this summer. This summer we have her enrolling in Steppin Out -- which is a hip hop and cheer leading class. A babysitting class. She is also taking a rock climbing class. She thought about taking a drawing class, but we didn't have enough on the scholarship to do it all and she really wanted to do the ones she choose. She is such a gifted artist though, I thought drawing classes would be a nice thing for her to take.


Ricky scraped by passing all of his classes EXCEPT TECH! Which is weird because he loves being on the computer -- apparently he only loves looking up Utube movies and music though. He just seems to float through life liking nothing but music -- but not putting ANY effort into playing his Sax. Ricky went to the Grand Canyon for a five day hike -- and they came back in two. They got rained out. The first night, last Thursday, it rained all night. The next day their gear was all soaked and heavy and they couldn't carry it down any further than 1/4th the way down into the canyon. So they hid the backpacks and hiked down to the bottom of the canyon, walked a few miles along the river, and then came back and started up the canyon. All on Friday. They got home at 11:30 that night.


For the summer, Ricky decided to take Stepping Out -- which is a summer rec program. He is also taking a race cars class, a CCC class (Continuous chest compressions -- instead of CPR), an archery class with Katy and I, as well as going on various sleepovers and parties that are already scheduled.


I am already ready for summer to be done. I think I am doing more THIS summer than ever before.


One thing I am doing is buying a canner. Just as soon as the money gets here. LOL And JARS!!! I have some coupons for jars and I plan on buying as many jars as possible.





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