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Stimulus Waste 3/18/10

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Stimulus Waste


A couple of weeks ago, actually February 12, I watched President Obama and Vice President Biden speak at a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the passing of the stimulus plan. According to www.recover.gov , the stimulus plan, also known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, was created with the following goals in mind…


1)Create new jobs and save existing jobs

2)Create economic growth and invest in long term growth

3)Foster unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency in Government spending


In Obama’s speech he said, “I’m grateful that Congress agreed to my request that the bill include no earmarks; that all projects received funding based on their merits.” After hearing this I could not resist looking into this a bit more and obviously he didn’t read the bill that he signed his name to.


So I will list some of the pork that was pushed across the table…you decide if you think these things meet the above mentioned criteria from the governments website.


$219,000 was granted to study the sex lives of female college freshmen


$390,000 was granted to study malt liquor and weed


$221,355 to study why young men don’t like condoms


$787,250 was granted to a program to control home appliances from remote areas…this is a little creepy. Does this mean if I forget to turn my iron off that they may have the capability of doing so from a remote area. Will the possibility of this program allow someone from a remote area to decide if my house is too warm or cool and control my thermostat?


$21,116 for costumes for Bobber the Water Safety Dog


$943,190 terrorism prevention for a DINNER CRUISE COMPANY…uhhh what about the borders?


$1.57 million to search for fossils IN ARGENTINA


$88,000 for a Georgia road to be REPAVED…it was just paved 2 years ago…..the people studying the malt liquor and weed must have come up with this one.


$233,825 is going to study exit polling in Africa


$122,000 to provide fish art for a highway


$2 million was granted for a bike trail to be built when the adjoining road needs work.


$30,000 was granted to study meth and the female rat sex drive and they gave $8408 to study the effects of alcohol on mice


$100,000 was provided to conduct Anti-Capitalist, socially-conscious puppet show….this really burns me up.


$210,000 was needed to help study learning patterns of honey bees, while $90,000 was given to help “learning to cooperate” while observing birds


$2 million was given to a fire station that can’t afford to employ any firemen.


$1.5 million will be or was used to restore a lighthouse living quarters and oil shed on an uninhabited island.


$8 million is used for a Wastewater Treatment Center with a “Talking Water Garden”. Because of this new elaborate treatment center local residents will be facing an increase in sewer rates to pay for the new system.




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