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Man Get a Sitter or Stay Your Butt Home!! 3/20/10

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Man get a sitter or stay your butt at home!


I have to have a little rant.


Our neighbor has two young boys that are good friends with my son. One is in 7th grade and one in 4th....they are precious kids and ALL BOY. Their Mom ran off and left and their Dad is a single Dad. I have no idea what the reason was with her leaving. I heard she was bi-polar, on drugs and an alcoholic. I know she worked on a pole and one time got picked up for DUI when he was out of town and there was noone to get the kids. It's just a pitiful situation.


He has seemed like an attentive Dad for the most part and I always thought it was cool how he was raising his boys on his own because let's face it you just don't see that very often. Of course, I have gotten irritated when he asked if the boys could stay over while he went to lunch with someone but then didn't come back until 10 at night. BUT....he is a man.


I think I have changed my mind!


Last weekend my son wanted them to stay the night and I told him it wasn't a good night. The next day he told me I should have let them because the Dad "went out" and left them at home AND DID NOT COME HOME!! I asked him how the boys were and if they were scared and he said that they really got scared until he either called or showed up the next morning. He had "stayed in a motel with woman." How on earth could someone leave their children like that? By what my son says they didn't know where he was until the next morning.


So last night he asks for them to stay and my husband immediately says yes. Again, tonight the same situation. I said No at first, but then husband said the weather was going to possibly get bad and they didn't need to be alone. We can't help but think of them staying all alone at night and maybe their Dad not coming home. Our son says the youngest doesn't like being home alone at night. It's not our business but it just upsets me to no end. We let our son stay alone for short periods of time DURING THE DAY. We would never dream of leaving him alone at night.


So where do you draw the line....I don't know. What I DO know is I couldn't live with myself if something happened to those babies when I could have had them here. So I guess our weekends will now be full of children.

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