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  2. Among other things, he strongly advises me to dig up and rearrange everything I've planted, and girdle all the oaks and pines on the land. And made a really racist comment.
  3. Well I hope irrigation guy was not just more irritation! MtRider
  4. Have a safe and productive trip, Jeepers. Watch out for crazy holiday drivers! Everyone else too! Today I woke finally feeling much closer to my normal. Got my hair washed. DH and I got 2 loads of laundry done and put away. Made gravy for the roast and potato leftovers. Just lotta quick things here and there. Resting in between. Compared to yesterday when I could hardly walk...even with the quad cane. Knees just kept giving way...even when I locked them. Whooee. This has been such a long siege but dropping the medication will surely help. But....that med was slowing me down so much --- I didn't need the sleep aid. Now I'm struggling with that again....so I must be back to normal. MtRider ......aaaand it SNOWED most of the day. Melted tho. Sheeeeeeh!
  5. I packed a little more and got the Jeep loaded up again. I'm headed out to Indiana tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm planning on Monday but I suppose it will depend on if I get some furniture and if I do when they can deliver it. I'm thinking about bedroom and dining room because I know pretty much what I want. Simple stuff. I NEED living room stuff though because now the only place we have to sit is on the floor. I'm not sure what I want though. I guess I need a replacement canvas canopy thing for over the deck area too. I'm scared. I know its going to cost me a fortune this weekend. It will be cheaper to buy new than to hire someone to move my ratty old stuff I have here though. Sigh.
  6. The same person who did the contractions video did a review on this set of book. I thought they were pretty neat so I ordered a set. G-son is way too young for them but I think I'll enjoy them in the mean time. Julia Rothman Collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiNBVF0OIts https://smile.amazon.com/Julia-Rothman-Collection-Anatomy-Nature/dp/1612128521/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Julia+Rothman+Collection&qid=1558667287&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  7. Would have, should have and could have. 'Kinda' bugs me too.
  8. Yesterday
  9. The (second) electrician STILL hasn't shown up. The irrigation guy came by, though. Rant deleted, because this board is wide open.
  10. You can plant sweet potatoes until the fourth of July. They need hot ground more than they need any number of days in the ground.
  11. Keep your eye out for "strange/odd" allergic reactions. This drug caused tendonitis in my left leg! My provider tried to dismiss the idea that it was linked to the antibiotic, but I "proved" to her that she was wrong. Anyway, Google the drug and check out the side effects to keep a lookout for. (Yes, the tendonitis resolved itself shortly after stopping the drug.)
  12. ***Pet Peeve Alert*** Would have = Would've ..... NOT "would of"
  13. Ferrets were a joy, while they were young. We are done with them now, passed the responsibilities on to another person involved in ferret rescue. Yes, I do miss the pond. Wondering if I should start another. But with the dogs, IDK if they’d stay out of it. They both love the water & Grrr loves to chase minnows at the lake & river.
  14. Wings & Things Garlic Parmesan wings Hot wings Tater Tots Celery sticks Ranch dressing The air fryer got a workout.
  15. What a cool idea. Im glad SOMEBODY is teaching that stuff, clearly the public schools do not, considering what I read in the newspapers and magazines. I am weary of so called professional writers not being able to spell, use contractions or homonyms properly, and making up new words to sound intelligent. Use a thesaurus or a spell checker (or a dictionary if your spell checker is stupid) for pity's sake. At least know enough to do that much when needed! OK, I'm off the soap box. I did love the video.
  16. Yep, I got one of those calls too....this time it was the IRS going to jail me for unpaid taxes unless I sent money immediately. I told them I was disputing it and hung up on them. IRS uses the mail, not phone calls. I must be on the "old and gullible" list, LOL.
  17. Mt Rider - Today was a weird day. Caught a cold which showed itself yesterday; not too bad except I had trouble falling asleep due to coughing fits. That said, got up at 7:00 AM (reluctantly) and took the trash to the truck before Mary got up. Today was "payday" for social security, so we wanted to drop off our garbage on the way to Walmart for groceries (no pickup in the country). Checked the local stores' sale flyers, and holy Toledo, some good meat sales were on this week - Porterhouse steak for $7.98/lb; pork loin strips were 2 for the price of one; boneless country ribs for $2.95; etc. Their boneless skinless chicken thighs & ground chuck were also cheaper than Wal Mart (our lowest priced store, generally). We had just been talking last night about how food prices would probably go up due to the flooding (no feed crops planted yet, hayfields flooded; and had decided to get another small freezer for stocking up. So I ordered the freezer, and we bought our meat. We had been waiting for a good sale for quite a while, and M was impressed with the quality & service at that particular grocery store, one we do not normally go to (except for meat sales). They pride themselves on the best meat in town, and if you chat up the butcher you can often get a heads up on upcoming sales. Then when we got home, I let the doggies out the back fence, and they immediately barked and chased away a flock of buzzards. Much to my dismay, the buzzards were digging up where we had buried a kitty that got hit by a car. A couple of hefty concrete blocks took care of THAT sacrilege. Its been hot and due to get hotter this weekend - into the high 90s maybe into the 100s....summer has arrived, in spades. Getting up at 7 AM might work out better for getting outside work done early in the cool of the morning, like I was taught to do in pre air-conditioning days. Yep, I'm THAT old. The garden is producing lots of lettuce and I'm eating it like crazy to get it before it bolts in the heat, when the okra will take off. We are still waiting for the local nursery to get sweet potato plants in. We're hoping this weekend.
  18. Started storming around 6 this evening and it's been really rough all around us. So far all we've had is rain and warnings for flood. Nearly all the campgrounds in the Lake of the Ozarks area are flooded out and the race track at Wheatland, Missouri was hit by a tornado...according to the news across that area. We watch weather etc., for a 4 state tri-angle to make sure we're "alert" and can usually see bad stuff coming long before it gets to us. Our NOAA radio has been sounding off all evening and probably will all night. Not much sleep tonight if it does. Hope all our friends in these disaster areas are safe.
  19. Hubby's got the van just about done, should be by tomorrow...but...the friend has pulled a tractor (which he has the right to do) in front of the garage door and took the wheel off to get it repaired. Said hopefully he could get it fixed this weekend ... so...we're stuck until he does. Hubby got nearly all the insulation put into the homestead's new bathroom. He'll have to wait for good weather before he can do much to the ceiling since he's putting in a "fart fan" and will have to open a place in the roof since it's never had one.
  20. She's showing up a bit after 5pm...to let him out and feed him. Today she even brushed some of his awful winter shed that hubby mentioned needed to be done because of the heat! She only stayed about 15 minutes though, and there were two other pickups that parked in her drive. Not sure what was going on, but told hubby it wouldn't surprise me if she told her "dude" and her brothers about "that old fart next door" getting into her business. We don't know if she's stopping by in the mornings...we don't hear her. Poor pooch...if not...he holds it all night, all the next day until she "drops in". I just wish the little fella would dig himself out of the kennel ...we know he can (and has) slipped under our side of the fence and taken off. She's always put an ad in the paper and hauled him back. Maybe she wouldn't if he got out now???
  21. Been wondering about these symptoms...anxiety can also mimic.
  22. Last week
  23. If I seem incommunicado for the rest of this week and next week, it's because I'm heading out for a conference on Sunday so I'm trying to get everything ready this week.
  24. Annarchy,. I bet you miss your pond. I got a laugh out of the ferret story. When we were doing wildlife rescue the police from a small nearby town brought us a 'wild' ferret. I thought perhaps they were talking about a mink or weasel, both of which are nasty to work with. They told me someone must have had it illegally because it was fairly tame. I'd say it was. A pure white bundle of wiggle that was NOT wild. In the middle of that first night our young (then) son called out to me to say the ferret was on his bed. I sleepily asked him what it was doing and he replied it was curled up on his pillow. I told him to tell it to move over and to go back to sleep. We never did find its owner and eventually found him a home but we sure enjoyed him while we had that 'wild' critter. Ambergris, I first heard about growing lettuce in a kiddie pool years ago too. Basically you floated styrofoam on top of a nutrient solution and the small plants were inserted into holes cut into it. Simplicity itself except that the plant roots would have trouble with getting oxygen. That's where some sort of windmill might come in handy. The problem we are finding is getting the right nutrients to the systems. The plants in the hydro get only what you put in the solution and even the aqua plants only get out of the fish waste what you put into the fish. Mt.R.,. We have a lot if 'those' hydroponics here in Illinois too and the police will check into unusual electrical usage. They haven't been here But then most of them know us and over the years have learned we were either using heat lamps for various babies or were growing ligitimate herbs to sell. They checked us often enough for those. Even brought in a dog once. 🐕 We could eat the gold fish if he got bigger. Not sure what they taste like. The problem is at twenty gallon the tank isn't big enough to allow the fish to grow to eating size. I like fish but it was the ready fertilizer I was after. I'd like to incorporate worms into the equation to see if we could have a sort of Eco system. The plants would feed us and the worms, the worms would feed the fish, and the fish would feed the plants. Not quite that simple, I'm sure, but I'd like to try it on a small scale at least.
  25. There are lots of different systems for hydroponics. You can use a simple float system in either but we tried that and it's really only effective for greens. The water should be aerated in most systems because roots need oxygen. Our hydro system is a nutrient film type where the solution runs continuously through the pipe and drenches the roots. It gets oxygen from the moving water but something has to keep the water moving. The aquaponics uses an ebb and flow system where the fish water is pumped in to flood the media and the roots and the bell syphon drains it at a certain height. The air stone is in the aquarium but technically the water draining back into the aquarium would probably give it enough. It's the pumps that need electricity. The Aerogarden works on a sort of nutrient film too only it uses air to make bubbles in the water and keeps the roots wet. I used a home made system like that years ago. We got the Aerogarden at a sale for $15. It's been interesting but it's small. Here's a picture of the aquaponics with the hydroponics set up above it. The aquarium is on the floor below the table. There's actually two of them but so far we've only used one.
  26. I'm INTERESTED but mostly ignorant on this topic. Convinced that this would be the ONLY real solution in my current location. ....but if I got anything large going, I'd get a visit from the local sheriff. So many Grow houses in these here mountains now...and they are not growing tomatoes. They pay a visit places with an elevated electric bill. Cuz those type of Grow houses don't use window glass. Completely in the dark but for the electric lighting. Another aspect, even here in arid West is the moisture accumulation.....it's ruining a lot of rented homes. Course they PACK those Grow houses with the ....product. More profit and then they leave the mold-destroyed home to the devastated owners. This is what I know about this topic cuz.....well....y'know. Colorado, right? Rocky Mt High...and all that. Not MY intention for indoor growing. I also know tilapia is one of the easiest fish cuz of ability to survive temperature changes. Trout are fragile. Have heard nothing of blue gill. One other ....can't remember which. You can eat the carp/goldfish, right? MtRider
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