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    LOVE the pics Annie!!!!!

    The boys had a great time. Semper Fi Dog Rescue named the rock, “Gunny’s Isle”.
  4. Today

    I would like to experiment with some grafting of fruit trees. I'm too old to wait between sprouting seeds and edible food. I've always wanted to purchase some root stock, from known cultivars that survive harsh winters, and graft known fruit branches onto them. I've heard that mounding up dirt around a planted root stock will cause many sprouts to grow, thereby multiplying one root stock into many, for the following year. So many things I want to do. So few years left to experiment and play them out.
  6. Lawn herbs

    I'm thinking of transplanting some chickweed an cleavers from a friends flower bed area to a wild patch. They are just about salad size right now, and she just laughs when I suggest she try some....I had some last year and the salad was delicious. the kudzu is blooming now; not that I want to transplant that, but I might go get permission to cut some for basket making. I'm told it is superior basket material, pliable and easy to use. Again, all I get are odd looks and chuckles.....it's not easy being green, as Mr. K. T. Frog sang so long ago.
  7. DH in hospital

    Ack.. (((((Momo))))) We just went thru that with DH last July. Yes, especially with multiple clots, they get the blood thinning agents into them quickly. It happens way too often up here in very high altitude. DH was put on Xeralto {sp} which is supposed to be the best at clots. But also EXPENSIVE. Yet you can apply to the company directly to be exempted from any co-pay. [our co-pay would have been $420/2wks.] Sometimes you can get a one-time coupon to not pay co-pay ....and then get on the exemption. Warefrin (sp) or Cumodin (sp) are other blood thinners and MUCH cheaper but require REGULAR blood work to see if ......something bad is happening. Sorry, no details on that have stuck in my mind. Both my DD1 and my mom are on those. I don't think they do surgery...cuz the danged clot could slip. I think it's all chemical these days. DH is not that old and yet this incident has hit him like a sack of cement!!!! Very low energy....lack of O2 will do that to you, especially up in this low oxygen altitude. We're always a little short of O2 up here. Hopefully, your dh will rebound better at lower than 9,000'. DH noticed he was better even dropping 1,000' in altitude. Takes months for them to say you're totally clear/healed. DH is still not back to normal energy tho. It's very serious BUT ..... Momo, be so grateful that the durned clot went to lung and not brain/heart. YESSSSS.... these stubborn guys don't like to go in but the PAIN DH was experiencing was so severe that even HE didn't have much choice....thank You, God! MtRider ..... definitely praying for Momo and her dh

    I've been using a 10x20' dog kennel since Oct, WE2. For temporary storage, not for a greenhouse but I've certainly been eyeing it for greenhouse. This is what I've learned: 1-- It will certainy keep out the large animals like deer...[except where plants might be growing too close to the chainlink sides- but having a clear plastic skin would solve that]. We used that area one year to protect our experiment in stray/hay bale gardening. In Oct of that year, we got puppy Koa and she had the best time learning to leap onto those bales and play with them in what was then her play pen. 2-- I think I'd used some extra chicken wire around the bottom ...for rabbits. 3 -- in my area, nothing will keep out the chippies, tunneling varmints, or voles.... 4-- The most important part is the roof lines. Make sure if there is a huge amount of rain [or snow...which has been the bane of my winter] ...that no LOW SPOTS can develop. In the case of Conestoga Wagon hoops...you'd just have to see after some rain, if you have them tight enough to roll those pounds of HEAVY water off. If water finds/forms a low spot, shove the water puddle off by pushing cover material upwards from the INSIDE with the straw end of brooms.... Be careful ...can give you bad neck strain! Then redesign to eleminate the low spot. With MrWE2...he'd likely engineer this correctly but lotta other folks read this too.... 5-- The chain link makes it easy to add or take off extra side tarp(s) for blocking wind/cold on chilly days/nites. 6-- Yes definitely pad the top of the chainlink to protect tarp or plastic sheeting from the wires. I cut WIDE strips off the inside pad of a waveless waterbed. [I keep EVERYthign to reuse!!] It's worked very well all winter with tornadic WINDS shifting that tarp UP AND DOWN till I thot the whole thing was gonna take off and blow away. I missed one piece of wire and sure enough, it cut a tear so go around and check for a week or so....making sure you didn't miss something. Mine was a very used dog kennel and had more oddities than new would have. 7--WIND.... Honestly, we locked windward side down with a 4' length of iron I-beam. If wind gets under it...it will LIFT OFF without an anchor..at least in our valley. Also, I used a lot of bungie cords to let the tarps I'm using have a bit of 'give' with the wind. 8-- Dog kennels are VERY interesting. They could be quickly dismantled and transported....if one would have to BugOut. Decent size with head room [if you're short] for "expedient" portable shelter for stuff, animals, or ourselves. I keep the correct size wrench attached to the kennel....in case of Bug Out or EVAC. If I could possibly bring it, I certainly would try. WE2....let me know how the Conestoga Wagon top works out. With a narrow structure, that would probably be lots easier than my 10x20'. MtRider
  9. DH in hospital

    I'm sure that had to be scary for both of you! I will be praying for complete healing!
  10. Pacemaker Needed

    Aiyiyi, Midnight! I sure do hope this ends this saga and all will be well!!! MtRider
  11. Pacemaker Needed

    Glad you are home safe and let the healing begin!
  12. DH in hospital

    I just got back from a crazy day. DH is in the hospital. It turns out he has been so tired because he has blood clots in his lungs. Hopefully they can break them up with drugs. I don't know how he would do with another surgery. Tomorrow they will check for more clots in his heart to make sure they found them all. I am so glad I forced him to go to the doctor today. It would have been alot worse if he had waited another day or two. Prayers would be welcome! Thanks!

    Hubby hung a new motion sensor front porch at the homestead today, re-worked the game camera to get a different angle and got it put back up. Cleaned out the front ditch that had filled with debri after this last heavy rain, and took a rake and cleared out the storm drain on one side...people keep throwing rocks and bricks into it so the water doesn't flow like it needs to. In a life changing event, we do have a water source...thank God for Berkey's! We have the travel size and are buying the big Berkey from a friend who has moved into a senior housing development and doesn't feel he needs it any longer. We also have two Berkey sport bottles and two life straw type filters. I pulled out the bedside porta-pot that we had in one of our storage shed, filled a small bucket with sawdust and I've got a nifty little compost toilet to use until we've got the plumbing in the bath remodel....yeah! No more hunkering over a bucket! LOL Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! Having the arms to hold on to and the legs to steady things is just the thing. The little pot slides right into where it needs to be...LOL Just finished folding up some work shirts that I put in the dryer this afternoon before we left. We bought several at yard sales last year so they needed washing.

    Now that you mentioned seed saving...I saved back some cherry seeds from a neighbors tree because I wanted to try planting them. Figured if I got 2 trees out of a dozen seeds I'd be walking tall! LOL I know last year I planted seeds from a spaghetti squash and it grew and produced, also some Roma seeds...just sliced the tomato in 1/4 inch slices and buried them in potting soil. Up they came! LOL Didn't save any of their seeds since they were hybrid and probably wouldn't come back true.

    A carpenter I am NOT...but hubby is! LOL I sure watch and help him a lot...just in case. Like you...magnets?
  16. Pacemaker Needed

    Chronology of events: Saw the doc today (3/19). The bleeding had apparently stopped, but when they started to remove the staples, it started oozing again. So now I have an appt at the surgery center at 5 AM on Wed! He is going to open the incision, irrigate and clean it out, then the close it back up; and he is going to do it before seeing his normal patient load for the day--that is why I have to be there soooooooooooooo freaking early! The procedure will be under sedation, so I will not be able to drive myself home afterwards. but I should be ready to leave there by 8:30 - 9 AM, and I will be able to drive the next day. (3/21) It's 4 AM and I am headed out the door to my 5 AM appt at the cardiologist's surgery center to have this incision opened and irrigated because it has been 3 weeks since the pacemaker was inserted and the d**m thing is still bleeding a little bit! Yay. The procedure (technically called a "Pocket Revision" as I found out today) took a little longer than the doc expected: Apparently there were some blood clots that he had to clear out. All I know is that it was more painful than getting the pacemaker was! I am pretty sure I am going to be pretty bruised up by this. OTOH, I am immediately able to use the arm much more than I did after the pacemaker was inserted, so I guess it all "equals" out. It is shortly after 9 AM and I am safe at home. Thank you Doug and Gail for picking me up and also retrieving my car! The tape they used to hold the bandage in place is pulling on my skin and causing blistering! I have removed it and replaced the bandage with some I had at home that is a little more skin "friendly." Couldn't wait for the follow-up appt to do this, it was killing me. My post-op check-up isn't until Wed, the 28th. :/
  17. Pacemaker Needed

    Well, I was wrong. It won't be in the office, it will be at the surgery center under sedation--which is okay with me because I really wasn't looking forward to an office procedure for this. But it means I need to find transportation to and from again. :/ Won't have a time or date until after my appt on Monday (19th).
  18. Yesterday
  19. The Kidde Corporation has issued a widespread recall of an estimated 450,000 smoke alarms that have been sold in the U.S. Officials said the models are less common as they feature a dual-sensor detection mechanism for enhanced safety and are typically more expensive, between $20 and $40. It is reported that the company left a plastic cover over at least one of the two sensors, which greatly reduces the senor's ability to detect smoke. Kidde Corporation already has an active recall on 38 million U.S. sold portable fire extinguishers with plastic handles. http://krcrtv.com/news/local/kiddie-corporation-issues-widespread-recall-of-smoke-alarms

    I really enjoy seeing everyone's early gardening endeavors this Spring, especially Ann in Arizona. I'm not sure I have enough years left in my lifetime to get the soil to respond to my wants in the desert. DH and I are working on getting the hoop house nice and cozy for the hundreds of seedlings that are ready to come out of the basement. I keep trimming the greens and tossing them into our salads so they don't outgrow the shelving and grow lights. This year, we're trying black buckets, filled with water in the unheated hoop house. The first few nights, we ended up with ice on top of the water. I didn't realize the temps would drop almost to that of the outdoors. If we can get the nights close to 32 F, we can supplement with an electric heater. I may only have to add one more layer of plastic over the seedlings and buckets of water to keep the heat in a smaller area. I like pushing the envelope of Springtime in the north. I'm ready to come out of hibernation and start GROWING!
  21. Prayers needed

    No, different company. I worked for a church before. The job offer came from the local hospital. I also had an interview with the local community college but haven't heard from them. I signed papers for a background check with the hospital yesterday. Now I wait.

    Lol, Jeepers. My father was a carpenter. I’ve always enjoyed working with wood. Ha, I can see it now, crooked corners, splinters, and not squared. It took months, after replacing my countertop and sink, to find and fix the leak in the drain. Really irritated me it was such a simple fix I missed. Took apart the hard drives of our old computers. We found 2 extremely strong magnets in the drive boxes. Oddly, the piece of metal it is attached to, is not magnetic and the magnet has no effect on the metal side. I accidentally got my finger pinched between the two magnets and it cut a good 1/8 inch slit. And I thought you weren’t supposed to get a magnet near the hard drive?!?

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I planted the apple seeds in pots from the pies I made, I have 3 little apple trees. Hopefully, when it gets hot, we can put them in the house, until they get big enough to handle it.

    Ham and bean soup done! Made a small batch of regular and one of decaf cold brew coffee (that stuff is great and easy to make). Made a keto type coffee creamer caramel flavor with stevia to sweeten. Finished and packaged the pumpkin dog treats. I hope to be outside tomorrow some as dh cancelled his egd until after the cardiologist visit.

    You are so handy Annie!

    That is so pretty Annarchy! Especially since we have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.
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