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  2. Yesterday I visited my folks. Gave my dad a card and a lot of chocolate bars. Didn't stay but a couple of hours. Just never know when his mood will switch. It's so wearing on my nerves....dunno how my mom is still tolerating. Hopefully we can resume taking her out once a week. He's invited but won't come. She NEEDS the break. Some days he's mellow but forgetful. Some days.... It's sad to lose them before they're gone. We're continuing with some rain daily. That one storm was a dooozy tho. Still trying to fix the crevasses in the driveway. Can't get van to start ....for pulling the 'I beam' drag. BUT no fires in this weather. I think my goat is going to be passing soon. She's been getting lost. DH thot she had gone into the pen for the night but we had to search for her after dark. She was in the corner of the horse shed. Took her back up the hill in the back of the car. Put her to bed. I like my lil' goats but that era is passing too. MtRider .....my mouth waters just reading about Kappy/C.Mary's gardens!
  3. Summer is on us now. Our garden, planted in spring has become a battle ground...bugs...cutworms....borers...aphids....blossom end rot....potato blight...we are fighting each in turn, and dealing with the spring plantings that have bolted or have burned up. After the spring rains the lake levels are very high, though we just finished 2 weeks of 90 pus weather without rain. Now we are returning to "normal"....90 degrees and high humidity, and near-daily showers. Spinach, mustard greens are kaput (pulled them) and also pulled the zucchini (vine borers) but not before we froze 6 packages of grated zucchini for zucchini bread (which is why we grow it in the first place). The lettuce is starting to bolt; I have switched from using it for salads. to sauteeing it in the French way as greens - the slight bitterness it has developed actually makes the cooked greens more interesting! We FINALLY got our sweet potatoes in. Where we gave pulled up our spent/bolted early spring plantings, we are putting in more cabbage, beets & carrots. The beans are slowly succumbing to the high heat, but the Oriental Yard Long beans are starting to bloom...IF I can control the aphid infestation they have developed (citrus-soap spray to smother) I am looking forward to trying them - they are quite robust aside from the aphids. The melons, winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, okra and sweet potatoes are thriving - and right now I am indunated with Italian sweet frying peppers - I think I will make pickled peppers, so delicious in salads & sandwiches! I tried air-drying ;some hot ones on a string - no dice, too humid here. Next batch I get I will use the dehydrator instead. Meanwhile, my fire-eating friends will have to make do with the ones I pickled...I made what is euphamistically called "Peppa Sauce" in these parts. Basically it is hot peppers pickled in white vinegar, then let age a bit. the vinegar is used on greens as a condiment, and replenished with fresh vinegar when it gets low. Unless, of course the peppers get eaten. These were Scotch Bonnet peppers so they should make refillable "peppa sauce" for quite a few refills before they weaken. We are logging again - had a large oak taken down by a pro that was threatening to fall over on the house with the heavy spring storms. Our crafting friends gave us an Alaskan saw mill for Christmas (I always wanted one of those things!) to cut slabs with, so when they come over to help us set it up we will try cutting some of those 6-foot lengths of oak that we have been saving for just that purpose. Hopefully it will make some attractive slabs for their crafting. The branches will make lovely firewood! Last week the eye doctor gave me eye drops to lower the pressure in my eyes - he didn't actually call it glaucoma, but looks like I have yet another glitch in the bod. Dang! When I called my dad for fathers' day, I told him "You warned me that getting old was not for sissies, but you forgot to mention that everything would be falling apart!" He is nearly 90 yrs old - and went out dancing for Fathers' Day, bless him. He plays a mean harmonica in a small band. I come from a musical family.
  4. I don't think it rained today. I might have missed it though. It's going to take a month to dry out. Wish I could send some of it to Annarchy's area. Southern Indiana had some stormy weather this weekend. My hometown (Rushville) got a tornado touchdown on Saturday. Mostly trees and buildings were damaged. Thank God no injuries were reported. I guess a suburb of Indianapolis (Beech Grove) got it pretty bad though. Also some nasty weather around Bloomington. Tis the season.
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  6. 37,365 acres burning. They now predict it wouldn’t be contained until the end of July. And have stopped the water drops, saying they need crews on the ground to continue the water drops... I don’t understand that at all.
  7. That is an awesome picture. You must be so proud of him! There is something special about a man in uniform.
  8. Also, I can't thank you enough for your prayers! I was a mess while he as gone!
  9. We went & picked this handsome guy up last week! This is one of my favourite pics of him!!! It was so amazing to see him! He's been home since Thu evening, & we're all still getting re-acclimated to his presence. It's great, though!!
  10. Y'know, this would SEEM like a very obvious RED FLAG .....visible to all. ....the boss has to be bright in order to expect 'bright' employees. When executives are now 26 yrs old, they haven't had time to get all that 'bright'. SOME exceptions apply! {and those were probably homeschooled or self-schooled} MtRider
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  12. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    I’ve done the same thing before when I’ve glanced at a recipe. A processor or blender would probably work. I’ve seen them use both to purée it.
  13. TheCG

    Lose weight

    Dur. Works better if I actually read. Hmmm...I wonder if either my blender or food processor is powerful enough to puree it raw.
  14. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    The ingredients in the recipe you posted, says raw cauliflower purée. I’ve seen a few Tasty.com videos where they purée the raw cauliflower. Interesting recipes.
  15. Oh, I'm pretty certain there are still standards they are expected to maintain, but they're different depending on what area (geographically and industry-wise) one is in. I pointed out to the kids that when I was looking for an assistant to help out with publications, I flat out rejected about 30-35 of 40 resumes because they had errors in them. If you're not going to take the time to proof (or have someone else proof) your own resume, why would I trust you with my publications?
  16. 34,351 acres and 0% contained. They are now doing helicopter water drops, to slow the fire down, protect structures and power lines. I read an article this morning, that said, they don’t except it to be contained until July! Cleaned house yesterday, then, Gunny had company. Jackz got a little testy, typical dogs trying to see who’s boss. They’ll figure it out. The temperature has been 110*+ most of last week. I noticed the soil pulling away from the cement, even though we water every day.
  17. TheCG

    Lose weight

    Does "cauliflower puree" mean cooked cauliflower run through the food processor/blender?
  18. Cherries! And I regularly let people go in front of me if I've got a cartload and they've only got one or 2 things. Especially if they're obviously on break during the holidays.
  19. Beautiful day yesterday, looks like today will be pretty nice too. For the next couple of weeks, we will be going out to do summer pruning. Did maybe twenty baby trees yesterday. The work is going faster than anticipated with someone else holding the loppers. It's pretty easy to pick a spot and say "cut here." And with these trees, it's not too hard to choose the cutting point.
  20. Stay safe Annarchy. Thanks for the update. That's a big one. RAIN! We have had nothing but rain. I can't believe how much we have gotten this spring. And it's still coming down. And more forecast to come this way. Poor farmers. Not to mention food prices. I went to Wal-Mart for some more ink. They finally got my kind in. It really set me back on getting my quilt patterns printed out. It never occurred to me to order online. Hopefully I'll get them done and put away this weekend. There's always a set-back it seems. I found a 4 in. binder that should hold them all at Office Max. WM was packed and I was second guessing myself going there on a Saturday evening. I only had a few things and the couple in front of me had a cart full. They let me go in front of them. Kinda restored my faith in humanity. Bing cherries are in season and I got a bag full. Once a year I splurge on them. Sometimes even twice a year.
  21. So far the only draw back has been their packaging. If I purchase more from them it will mean glass jars and keep fresh packets
  22. I have liked all my Harmony House orders. They are not packaged for long-term storage, but you can make jar-meals out of them (and a few pantry items) and pack those for the long term.
  23. It's super exasperating to try to employ or work with this degree of incompetence. Especially when the computers do pretty much everything for you except wipe our nose. DH was glad when his job decided that hiring older workers was a good idea. It's just not a good idea to allow children to play all the way into their late teens or even early twenties. Real world experience needs to happen sooner. MtRider .....course I'm that incompetent now...but then, that's why I haven't been out working.
  24. A few months ago I bought a sample box from Harmony House. There was a little bit of everything in it. So today I broke out the tomato powder and the onions. Spaghetti is on the menu for tomorrow. Review to follow.
  25. Exactly, TheCG! Same test. And if the power has been off, but has been back on for everything to freeze solid again, you have to have a test item or....throw out everything....or...risk nasty bad stuff. Glad it headed away from you!! We've had that frequent power outage situation in both Maui and here. Like you, the situation has now improved. We're in a downpour thunderstorm right now. Lot of small hail. Normally I'd be out trying to keep my small diversions ditches from being overrun. But last fall J & B did some big excavation work and those larger diversion ditches are doing a right fine job. I keep peering out the windows to check but so far...all is well. Last year, we nearly had flooding up and into the back door - from rushing down the very steep hill behind us. Today is the first test of the big ditch. And hey....so far we still have electric too. MtRider ......looks like snow out there with all the [thankfully small] hail.
  26. We shopped at WM today. Well, tried to, for 75% of what was on my list, the shelves were empty. And we went through a new cashier line. She was being trained. Fine, I can be patient. But the girl (high school age) didn't know how to count cash. Really. DH handed her 2 $20's and a $10. The person training her had to tell her how much to punch in. And then, the coin change was wrong, too. I wonder if it's not something they are taught in school anymore.
  27. We freeze a half-full water bottle that's sitting straight up, then turn it on it's side. If the water is still in the same half, no problem. If the water is now on the half that's laying down, problem.
  28. Yes, Mt_Rider, we have our evac plans in place. AZ has always been a tinder box, so we have been prepared for that event, for over 30 years. A couple times a year, we review our procedures, to be on the safe side. Years ago, before they replaced our power lines, we had frequent power outages. If it rained, the power would go out, if the wind blew, the power would go out, if it was a beautiful sunny day, the power would go out, lol. Not a laughing matter during the heat of the summer. BTDT, and we are very very grateful it doesn’t happen very often anymore.
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