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  2. I've never heard of the Move Free Ultra. At first I thought you were talking about a hair care product. It sounds like something I'd be interested in trying. For my joints. My hair is a lost cause. I've never seen a WW1 sock knitting machine but I have a contraption that you can 'knit' socks on. It looks like a board that has pegs on it and you wrap yarn around the pegs and lift the bottom yarn up over the top. I have a couple of those plastic ones like you can get at Wal-Mart and the craft stores too. The sock one is a little different made of wood with metal pegs. Hopefully I'll have more time next year to try some things out. Oops, I guess it's called a loom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mScKYAQ8Mg
  3. Oh Jeepers, isn’t it irritating when people do things like that? BTDT. Pulled a bunch of weeds, filled Moms roll off dumpster 1/2 full. Made the extension for her queens wreath and called it done. By then, my arthritic wrist was screaming at me, but I’m not gonna mention it to her. Took her to the stores so she could get some supplies. Picked up a bottle of Move Free Ultra, to see if it actually helps, like the commercials says it’s supposed to. Hmmm... seemed to reduce the swelling and help with movement, after one pill.... actually a noticeably surprising difference. Spent the rest of the day watching Storage Wars, the news & more Storage Wars... wow, what I’d give for the WWI sock knitting machine..... lol.
  4. Sorta off topic, but relevant note: Fires at the refinery in TX, has people sheltering in place, including blocking all air flows into their homes....
  5. So.....we have vehicles and land line phone? We're keeping in regular contact with my folks....hoping to hear their electric comes back on soon. They're glad for the water we advised them to pour on that first "pre-alarm" day. They're going over to the Senior's Center for meals and can refill their water jugs from a tank parked there. The lady bringing that in fills it from her spring. It's a small tank that sits in her pickup bed. Lotta those rigs around here. Also....folks recharge the batteries on their O2 machines. So far, they're ok. I know of two folks in our area that might invite us to dine....and we might accept. One is close enough to actually walk....UP the ridge. We don't have "city blocks"....or even "country blocks". Every road around here is a bit circular and angular. Neither of the aforementioned neighbors would have trouble canning their freezer food. Besides, we're still freezing every night and snowing again tonite. Any lunatic that has that block party idea to eat everyone's food, would be told we're eating potato chips and the last of the hot dogs. 'Course no one comes up this driveway.... Fortunate the full horse water tank only gets slightly icy overnight without the heater to keep it above freezing. [.....and gollllly, InRealLife that breaker keeps tripping and same is true. Going to have to restring Romex down to barnyard area or at least dig into drifts and see where this line is shorting out. For REAL!] As for more "weather" coming....I can see on my altimeter-used-in-high-altitude-as-barometer that SOMEthing is coming. Air pressure is lowering. We'll keep in touch with the "upstairs" neighbors but they don't have land line. From up there, they have cell and a wind-up recharger for batteries. {psssst, do they have cell service?} We both have 2-way radios tho. Haven't pulled pellet stove out yet....would be a BIG job to put it back in if this thing blows over. Just using oil lamps to warm and winter sleeping bags at nite. Good thing it's nearing spring. MtRider ....yeah, have a cook fire area set up outside too.
  6. We're snowing graupel here...... MtRider .....I'd realllly rather have more melting...
  7. For the Western lover: The Zane Grey Collection https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GCWRBZT
  8. The trucks are going through Euphrasyne's neighborhood, trying to get the power back on. They say that even when the lines are replaced, they are having fits getting the machinery for the substation (which burned merrily while the chaos yesterday morning). It could be as much as another two days before the power comes back. Jeepers just gets a shrug when she asks. The medical necessity people were advised to visit friends or relatives in town. Things are quiet, real quiet, all day. No sirens. You might catch a glimpse of an emergency vehicle rushing somewhere, lights on, but silently. There's no school, and non-essential businesses are mostly closed for lack of power. Just before dusk, you hear that several people who had hijacked a grocery store's truck backed it up to the warehouse and not only loaded it, but six other trucks. A forklift operator and three truckers were shot in the raid. Everyone wants to know how you can get away with seven food trucks, and where you think you could hide them, and where you think you could fence that much food. Or maybe this is just a rumor. You hear it as Aldi, Harvey's, Wal Mart. Maybe they all were raided. Except for Annarchy, you see heavily overcast skies. Not a terrific day for solar collection. There's talk of a block party to eat all the freezer food people are going to have to throw out if the power isn't on by Monday. Mt Rider is invited to two of these. Other than Mt Rider and Annarchy, some guy knocks on your door and hollers that he wants to buy, beg, or borrow a couple smokes. In Euphrasyne's neighborhood, some kids are going door to door picking up shopping lists for in case they get to a store. These are not kids her kids are allowed to play with, so maybe they're doing it for social credit or just to relieve the boredom. Other kids are playing basket ball in the street, or throwing rocks at the news-drones. Those drones, blazoned with your local news channel's logo, are everywhere, taking footage of people grilling food and using the turkey fryers and all. People say it's like Thanksgiving without all the relatives. Weirdly enough, you can hear AM from far, far away once the sun goes down. There's all kinds of empty-sounding talk going around. So why is there no news? Mt Rider hears word of bad weather coming. Feels like an ice storm. Jeepers, what did you do about fetching them? Ambergris lost her Princess phone in the move a year ago. And the morning and the evening was the second day.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Unlike me...Euphrasyne knows how to play this game well. Good post.
  11. I went out to do some errands and it's snowing like crazy out there. It's those little bitty pellets. I was going to go to the hardware store but believe I'll wait for dryer weather now.
  12. I'M A FREEKIN' MIRACLE WORKER! Its true. The bank didn't call me again today concerning my ATM card. I went online and saw they are open until 6:00pm today. I went over. I explained that I was there last Monday for a replacement card and was told their system was down, and had been for a few days, and that they would call me when it was up again. To their credit, they did try to activate 3-4 cards. No problem, stuff happens. She thanked me for understanding. Their mistake was when they told me they would call me when the system was back up. I knew that wouldn't happen. It didn't. It never does. So I went in today only slightly agitated. I need my card (cash running low by now) and also I need some more checks. She tells me the system is down for ATM cards. I say, "Humm, for over a week?" Cashier next to her said she remembered waiting on me and, "Yes, its still down." I say, "Wow, a bank this size and headquartered in downtown Cleveland can't activate an ATM card? What about new customers wanting to open a new account? They won't get a new ATM or Debit card right away? Maybe I should go downtown and try." UH-OH! She said, "No, they are all down." By that time, on a Friday afternoon, the bank was starting to fill up. I was not exactly using my 'indoor' voice. Not getting loud but standing sideways facing the other teller and the other customers. There are two tellers open and I'm using both of them. I asked how am I supposed to get my money? First teller said she could get me cash from my account. Harump. Second teller leaves her area and gets a manager and they go off into the vault together. They come back out with another ATM card and, LO AND BEHOLD...I JUST PREFORMED A MIRACLE! My card got activated. Right before my very eyes. <---------- Angels Singing. I'm kind of angry now because I knew they had lied Monday saying they would call when the system was back up and they were lying today saying it was still down. I asked her if she ordered my checks. She said yes but it would be easier "for me" (yeah right) if I did it online. She doesn't know me. Nothing is easier for me online. It's really quite easy for me to tell her to do it. I stared at her and said I couldn't order checks online because... "My system is down." She handed me my activated ATM card and I said "IT"S A MIRICLE!" she smiled sheepishly and nodded her head. I said, "Uh-Uh" and left. I can't abide a liar. A lazy one is even worse.
  13. Weather is GLOWERING today. It's done it a few times since the Mega pseudo-Cat2 'hurricane'. So far we haven't received further moisture in any form........so far. MtRider
  14. Annarchy, you have saved your MIL a fortune in repairs. I really like to look at old pictures of my hometown too. So much has changed there from the 1950's -1960's. Not for the better sad to say. It's a little farming community but it is the county seat. They had the smallest Wal-Mart I've ever seen. Now, even that is gone. They still have a Dollar General a CVS and a Kroger and a few other small stores. And a couple of banks. 2019 and the county seat and you have to go out of the county to do any major shopping. It always was a backward sort of town but it's ridiculous now. Drugs took over. I'm thinking Homesteader is about to get another fever. Garden Fever! I'm also thinking I'd be taking a blowtorch to that ice. LOL. I know how your brother feels about Aldi's shopping carts. They scare me. I'm always afraid one is going to jam up on me and I'm going to be holding up a line of people trying to get my quarter to work. When that day happens, and we know it will (because it's me) that's the day I walk off $0.25 poorer and never go back. If I'm feeling spunky, I might ask to see a manager and try to fanagle a freebie of some sort. I'll keep ya posted.
  15. The spring recoiled here. I woke up to 30 degrees and snow on the ground.
  16. My little brother hears me talking about all the times I take Mama to Aldi's. Since he's heading up a construction project farther East, he decided to find out what his Mama and Sis have been talking about. He would also like the average 30% savings on groceries. The only glitch he ran into was the lack of a quarter ($$) to use one of their shopping carts. He thought that was one of the dumbest things he'd ever heard of. He did purchase several of their plastic bags and took a nice fresh food haul to his hotel room. His side-kick probably enjoyed some new doggie bones.
  17. As soon as I got my car 'finally' washed, mud season was upon us. DH is going to work at the stock-car racetrack again this year. It's across the street so he can walk over. I helped him one day last week chip ice out of his Tech Shed. It's a large building and the hillside snow-melt went into the shed. We chipped 1-1/2" solid sheet of ice off the concrete floor and into our tractor bucket. Neither one of us could raise our arms that night. Glad dinner was leftover chili in the refrig. We had a race to see who was first into bed that night. Started veggie seeds several days ago. Some of them have popped up already! I've been so sick this past year, I wasn't sure I even wanted a garden. DH was about to have my head examined, cause that's not me. Once I saw something besides mountains of snow, I realized we'd survived another northern winter.
  18. This sounds exactly like something Mr. Euph would do ^^ He is a bit clueless on the food side of things. I usually order non instant powdered milk in 100lb increments and we shall not speak of how much yeast I have on hand. He had the cash and brought it all home even though most of it was excess on what we already had, so now we are down his $$. I do not tell him where my $$ stash is so that I can dole it out as needed. I'm technically in the Suburbs (think desperate housewives spacing of houses,) but it is a city of 232K (17th largest in US in 2013 --we are spread out over 350 miles, not an 'urban' city and the Hampton Roads area we are a part of has over a million people--mostly military)...so...I have power? But we are at the Southeastern most tip of VA, so we are less than 20m from North Carolina so I'm super worried about the water and decide we will be using well water only. We always have a large military presence (21 separate large military facilities) and Mr. Euph works on a base or boat most of the time. This situation means that it is mandatory for him to be at work so he has to go in. He even had to go in when it was in the mandatory evac zone for the last few hurricanes. We look at the gas situation and talk about whether he needs to bike to work or volunteer for the 'overnight multiple day duty' that they are calling for at his work. (These are common things they do in emergency situations and he has done it multiple times before. It pays well. There are cots and rooms and mostly they 'watch the boats' for trouble and play games during the overnighting.) We spend most of the evening with him ranting about not being about to 'carry' on base or in his vehicle on base until I gently smack him and tell him to let me know the situation at the commissary at work and gas availability the next evening and start my own rant about being home alone in the craziness. We go over gun safety (refresher, they know) with the children (DD10, DD15) and reinforce not answering the door, etc. We decide he will drive to work tomorrow, get more information, and we will make a decision about his transportation and sleeping arrangements tomorrow night. We discuss that we will NOT take in his crazy family if they show up. I worry about my mom and other family down in a small MS town who I have not heard from. We heat up leftovers on the gas stove (or microwave if we have power,) and have more fridge items for breakfast. Since the kids are home, we spend the day learning to can (pesky math is everywhere) and waiting on Mr. Euph to get home.
  19. Picked up the Ladies and went to the Chamber meeting at their headquarters. All the Ladies brought something. Mom brought a big platter of cheese & fruit. The chamber of Commerce building is a round. The center hallway was decorated with photos of the city, way back into the late 1800’s & early 1900’s. Horse drawn fire trucks and ambulances, hospitals that are now huge, historic buildings, still standing & maintained, but now are surrounded by modern buildings, famous historical people, wagon trains of battalions, and such. Sadly... the commerce is going to move to another building later this year. After droppin the Ladies off, Mom & I stayed home. She snacked on the remainder of the platter & I had the leftover corned beef. Today, on my ToDo list, is creating an extension trellis for Mom’s queens wreath, along the rock wall. Then, pull some of the weeds that are growing around the perimeter of her yard. I might, maybe, start preparing to re-install her sprinkler system, pulling & inspecting the hoses, etc. We shall see how much I can do...
  20. Major thunder & lightning happened almost instantaneously, around midnight Wednesday night. CRACK/BOOM/CRACK/BOOM!!!! several times. Then, a down pour, for a bit. Yesterday was windy, around 50 in the morning & warmed up to the mid 70’s. Sounds like no wind, so far today. Birds are singing as dawn breaks. Not very cold out. I open my window at night, close & cover the vent, because MIL has the heater set at 78*
  21. If you're in a good-sized town or important suburb, you see the utility trucks and workers everywhere. If you're in the boonies, you see them drive by in convoys going someplace else. Night falls without significant surprises. Also, if your transformer blew and you're more than ten minutes outside a city, without juice. But if there's even a small city nearby, 100k population or more, their sky glows like normal. There's--gasp!--a boil water notice on the radio about half an hour after the water clears up. City and regional water runs like normal for the rest of the day. In the eastern and central time zones, if you see more than ten unrelated people, at least one of them will have red, blistered skin and will be complaining about this happening in the shower. In the west, you hear something about this on the radio. FM radio has no news more in depth than the boil water notice and pleas to stay off the road, off the phone. NPR and the like sound like they are broadcasting re-runs of international news and folksy human interest news. You suspect that if it were Tuesday, you'd hear a test of the emergency broadcast system. AM radio has a lot of the news, but it's all conflicting. Shortwave echoes some of the most and some of the least believable stuff. You hear there's a mind-control ray being tested in Idaho, that people got chemical burns in the shower and should bathe in milk to get the stuff off, that caravans of unmarked trucks were driving through the high desert before dawn with their lights off, and that thousands of elementary school kids in South Carolina were poisoned. Some SW operators seem to be echoing one another and AM, while others focus on getting word out about local conditions. From at least four different places, you hear that the local college had a demonstration and counter-demonstration. Over 200 students and instigators were arrested. Hospitals are full of burn victims, accident victims, and people caught in the demonstration. People need to stay off the road, off the phone. If you've seen widespread fire, storm damage, or an earthquake, this is not what that was like. Mr. Euphrasyne reports that at least some stores are open in VB, but the ATMs are not. One just-closing store has a sign that food vouchers will be accepted tomorrow. The open store had a sign up saying cash or paper checks with your name printed on them will be accepted for transactions up to $100. No cards of any kind. He saw a total lack of liquid milk, eggs, canned biscuits, bread, sandwich meat, cold cereal, Tide, paper goods, and alcohol on the shelves, but there's plenty of flour and sugar--in bags larger than ten pounds. All the smaller bags were gone. There's plenty of pet food. If he has the cash, he also brings home your pick of baking powder, a jar of yeast, two twenty-pound bags of rice, a big box of powdered milk, a can of powdered buttermilk, and a random-looking assortment of cleaning supplies including gloves. If he didn't have cash, he borrowed fifty bucks from a friend and got the flour and sugar. Only two checkout lanes were moving, as the others were clogged with people arguing (or crying) over the refusal to accept debit cards and other electronic payment. Older people are talking about how everyone used to have checkbooks (especially chicks--chicks carry checks) and how the PX used to even let them write rubber checks on the last day of the month. He notes he was given a police escort from the store's entry to his vehicle, whether he felt he needed it or not, and ended up being happy because people tried to accost him in the parking lot until the moment the last bag was loaded. He reports a large police and military police presence in the streets, but they don't look like they have any particular orders. And the morning and the evening was the first day.
  22. Our spring garden is moving right along. Our friend Deb came & stayed a couple days to help "chainsaw Mary" take down a hollow tree too close to the house for comfort Im no help in my neck brace and under strict orders not to bend over (to avoid hyperextention of the neck) or lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. So I stayed inside & cooked, while they took down the tree which our artist friend has all kinds of plans for. Then they went to work in the garden - put up a third raised bed and filled it with trucked-in dirt (our "natural" soil is red clay, not terribly useful unless you're a potter). Moved the fence a bit and put everything in a single enclosure - 3 raised veggie beds and a strawberry pyramid bed. We bought some transplants from our local garden center (much better than wal mart) along with 4 camellia bushes. Mary & I have wanted camellias ever since we saw them blooming in December on one of our pre-move visits. I made out the diagram of vegetable garden layouts (she likes a diagram) and have also decided on the herb garden location (yet to be created). We also have most of our seeds on hand for planting, each in its own season....yes, even those turnip greens which ironically were the hardest to find seeds for. We will be planting our early spring garden the next few weeks, and rotating in the late-spring-summer garden as the weather evolves. Deb took home a grocery bag of lettuce greens (romaine and a curly-leafed ruffly variety) and a couple of our winter cabbages to her husband - he revamped his diet radically and is a real veggie-lover. We have a running joke now about how we pay our helpers in firewood and garden produce. Country barter at its best. The redbuds are in bloom, along with the potentilla and blue-eyed grass that grows in our (so called) lawn.
  23. Both our Class B motor home and our travel trailer have refrigerators that run on propane, LED lights that require very little power, two generators to put power into the house battery of the trailer (the house battery on the motor home is charged while the engine is running and we have "a bit" of gasoline put back for just that) and we might have to quickly rig up our two solar panels to re-charge batteries.
  24. I usually just delete them from my device, and let them stay in the "cloud" just in case I want to re-read them later. We have five devices set up. One each for our kindle readers. One each for both big laptops, and one for our Acer notebook. He has his, I have mine and then we have the Acer notebook. We purposely download them separately because of space.
  25. Absolutely beautiful day...a bit windy but was mostly sunny and 60.
  26. Went to Dad and Stepmum's for the "yard party" (raking and burning leaves) with rakes and lawn chairs in hand. She cooked hot dogs with chips and brownies. Hubby also measured her deck for new screening around the outside and under ... she hates spiders and snakes (don't we all!) ... and living around a lake they're plentiful. Then figured out where the noxious smell in her laundry room was...it was sewer gas! Hubby went under house and sure enough, when the plumbers ran new plumbing (after a freeze) they failed to put a trap in the line that runs from her washer to the sewer. So, he'll get that taken care of also. Probably going to do some bartering. They have a nice sized air compressor that hubby would put to good use (it's older but works great) and a nice sized generator that we can surely put to use. She says she can't pull it to get it started and is wanting to sell it ... or barter it. Sounds good to us! Then stopped by vet to pick up our girl's monthly meds for flea, tick and heartworm (wish we could find an alternative to the costly heart worm) and then to the doggie park for our girl to run, play and do some ramps. Then home for pizza.
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