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    Well, called my mom tonite and I got the report. SOMEone needs to pay attention to where he is in relationship to their tubing...but no major mishaps. They're taking turns being in each room. AND...after dealing with dueling snakes all day, my dad finally did get those 2 portable concentraters ordered. Should get them early next week. Expensive but not as much as a broken hip would be. They'll still use the big concentraters at nite. My dad, who usually sleeps so still my mom checks him for breathing, managed to lose his nose piece in the night with tossing around. Should be ok when he's settled from his hospital stay. My mom keeps telling him that after a few days with full O2, he'll feel better and THINK more clearly {which we'd been telling BOTH of them for the past years....) Got a convert in her, for sure. First time they can both get out and about....we're going to our favorite restaurant for LIVER AND ONIONS! [Right, Miki?] We DID get moisture today....4" of snow. I had to pop accumulation off the Circus Tent roof .....three times. I completely bent the metal handle of the old broom I'd been using. But found that rubber-tipped crutches work better at shoving the tarp roof upwards to dump off the snow/water. IF we ever catch a break in the exhaustion....that "temporary" storage has to be emptied back into the garage. {was only meant to use it for a few wks back in late fall....sheeesh!} There is NO RODENT-FREE possibilities in sight for the garage anyway So it might as well go back where it was before the electrical issues in Oct. The buckets of food must be kept cool and summer will be here before I know it. Also swept sticky-wet snow from our 15 steps and long porch....three times. AND....CAT PUKED ON MY BED - MANAGED TO FOUL 3 BLANKETS AND 2 SHEETS. So I had two laundry loads to carry down/up the 15 SNOWY steps....part of why I was sweeping them multiple times. Nice fresh bedding tonite. And lovely MOISTURE.....as in: less "crispy" around here, temporarily. A little Ford 8N, Momo? I love those. I put one of them in all my Post-Hooey stories. My Grpa had one...truly wish I had it now but we lived in Hawaii when he died. But that is a bit more practical for pulling out your power chair than a monster Deere! ......poor Jeepers. Yes. Usually the County Extension Agents should have data....and if you're doing good for the land, they might have programs to assist you. .....or they could just get into your business. "Venerable" huh? I'm seeing "Kung Fu" reruns in my head. And water mocs???? Can't abide snakes - especially those rude enough to be aggressive and poisonous! I'm in an odd little corner of CO that does not have rattlers. Go figure. GLAD your tree came down without further risk to you and M!!! And Annarchy's MIL now has stove back.... and no electricians were harmed in the process. At 87, yes I think her water hose lugging days should be over. MtRider Been a loong day with WAY less rest than I'd hoped for....

    I remember doing that as a kid, Kappydell. Dad would get so upset when the tree wouldn’t fall right. I’m jealous about your asparagus. BTW, full grown asparagus roots average 10 FEET in depth and diameter. I have seeds I want to sprout, but need the area for them to grow properly. MIL’s asparagus is ferning with seeds again this year. Tomorrow I hope to get the grass & weeds out of them. Awwww Miki, hopefully he will be ok. Momo, DH’s longest episode was on a weekend, it lasted 2 days. The doctor taught me a maneuver, rubbing his neck vein, that works to slow the heart down, just don’t do it on both sides or the heart will stop completely. It’s called the vegal maneuver (spelling?). Jeepers, always connect the hot/red wire first. The neutral/black/negative can connect to any grounded metal. So says DH. Also, the gas goes bad after a time and check your spark plug(s). If there’s any black on the ends, an emery board will work to scrape the black carbon off. Most of the time that works. The sprinkler saga continues... I started by looking online for the instructions. Watched the videos and replaced the nozzles. Then went out with the hoses and connected 2, took a break when DH called, and realized I was going backwards. Luckily I was able to reverse my plan and continued. After re-watching the videos and re-reading the instructions I managed to get half of her yard done by the time the repair man got here for mom’s stove. As it turned out, mom’s maid had turned on the oven timer. It wouldn’t start because of it. He showed us how to turn the timer off and it works fine now. He only charged her the service call, since he didn’t need to do any repairs. However, he was very interested in the sprinkler system. Lol I finished installing all the sprinkler heads, turned it on and realized I need two more. Her yard is 50 foot squared. 4 sprinklers miss the center. Thank goodness there is a store, just down the street, that sells them. God willing, I will be able to get the last two tomorrow, instead of waiting until next month to finish. I honestly worry about her trying to lug the hose and sprinkler all around the yard. It is on a rather steep hill and at 87 years old her balance isn’t what it used to be We went to dinner and she insisted on getting the T-bone steaks. Oh my goodness! They were over 2 inches thick!!! I managed to eat 1/4 of mine and brought the rest home, I will make French dip sandwiches tomorrow for our dinner, and be able to freeze the rest for her. We ended the day watching Live PD. I had to laugh, our county officer was with a guy with a sign at an intersection, the sign said, “JUST SMILE”. The officer was holding the sign, talking to the person and waving at traffic. Yup, you guessed it, made me smile too, as people drove past honking, smiling and waving. Time to get some sleep. ?
  4. DH in hospital

    I'm not so fond of hearing about PE either, since last summer with DH. DD1 also had several and is on blood thinners for life. DH had "a cause" which was a very bad bruise to blame it on so isn't on anything but "baby aspirin". He's currently trying to stock up all the meds he now will take for life tho....just in case. MtRider
  5. Long time away

    Thanks everyone! It's a bit overwhelming and a lot but here goes: Family is doing well for the most part now after a few years of some rough stuff. We had a really rough patch a few years ago and went to marriage counseling which helped a lot. Then my husband had sepsis last May and several surgeries so we feel very blessed to still have him with us. He has spent the last year just getting back up to his baseline and now walking 10000 steps daily. Still looking for a job 6 yrs out of the job market. It's depressing, but he's been working with the job source people and getting weekly help to try to get employed. Thank goodness I love my job and can financially support us. I have also had some health issues, went to the ER last fall with chest pain/abdominal pain and had a strange EKG that showed some abnormalities but not a heart attack. Saw cardiology and they are evaluating if I have Brugada Syndrome a rare potentially fatal genetic defect in the sodium channels of the heart. I have been undergoing tests and will be seeing a specialist in LA on May 4th to have the final testing to confirm if I do actually have the condition or not. If not then no worries, but if I do then I may need an implantable defibrillator and my kids will have to have annual EKG's to see if they are also at risk. Super scary but I have had enough time to process this that's I'm feeling quite calm about it. Still working full time. My oldest finished college awhile back and is living nearby with her boyfriend of 10 yrs and his mom and looking for a job. My oldest son is in his last year and a quarter of college and will finish up next spring with a degree in computer science. Middle son is taking his last GED test next friday and has 3 of the 4 completed. He wants to find a job as soon as he's done. So we are very excited about that. Next youngest is homeschooling 10th grade and Ben is in K this year and just turned 7. He's a handful but a joy. So busy and trying to get life back on track!

    Daylily, we are afraid that is what they would become here - coyote food. Coyotes are so bad around here (like the water moccasins) that when we hear people cranking off rounds willy-nilly we know a 'yote is in the area. Its open season on they year around. No license needed. The timber company land near us (across the road on our West side) has an agreement with a hunting club for sole hunting rights. They are out monthly having coyote hunts to keep the numbers down. Most folks around here have the 'bug house' exterminator man come by and spray for ticks every spring. Hmmmm. Not sure I want all those chemicals, either. But the thought of spraying for snakes does interest me some. M won't go down by the creek mini-wilderness, now that the snakes are waking up, and the poor dog is banned from that area too. We don't want him getting bit by a water moccasin without our knowing (and I don't know enough about water moccasins to know if they like creeks as much as the lake waterfront areas). MtRider, dontchya know that the next stage after "old" is not "ancient"....its "venerable" (just for being vertically oriented)! Our garden is doing very well, the thing we are having trouble with is having enough non-raining days in a row to get a load of dirt put in atop our red clay yard, so we can put in our lawn and landscape plantings. I told M the other night that we should call ourselves "pot farmers" because we have so many things growing in pots, awaiting their permanent placement. Our newly planted fruit trees, grape vines, asparagus and blue berries all are showing new growth, which is thrilling to us both. I checked with the company we ordered raspberries from to see when they would arrive. The customer service lady said "when the snow gets melted enough to dig them out". Yikes, I forgot they are in Illinois, where they just got 8 inches of snow the other night. I assured her I was not angry about the delay, just wondering. We talked horticulture a while, and she said she was jealous of our rain versus snow winters. I told her we would be jealous of her during the summer when the temps got over 100 degrees routinely. It all evens out, after all. While we were out felling a sweet gum tree this afternoon (thinning out our too shady yard, plus the balls they drop are spiky and hurt the dogs' feet) it got hung up in nearby trees. The durned tree was at least 100 ft. tall! Well, as we stood (well back) pondering our next move, we kept hearing creaks and cracks. Finally, when we decided to tackle it tomorrow, when we were fresh in body and mind, we heard a tremendous creaking, then crashing, then a LOUD thud as it hit the ground. Mother Nature took care of it for us! I think we will have plenty of firewood, as well as plenty more logs to continue my water flow breaking wall that I started to try to cut down on the erosion of the 'ravine' behind our house. Not knowing anything about engineering, I'm flying by the seat of my pants on erosion control efforts. Anybody know an engineer I can ask?

    He's the same. Just waiting for the pulmonologist to call early next week! I wish you the best with your sprinkler endeavor, Annarchy!
  8. Long time away

    Hi Becca_Anne! Nice to see you again!
  9. DH in hospital

    Oh Momo, I'm relieved that you got your DH in to the docs, and that they found something that will work. My late DH had a PE and never said a word until he could not breathe. Stubborn men! It nearly killed him. BUT.....the Coumadin worked, and we had quite some time together before he passed. But now a PE scares the bejesus out of me, even when it is not mine! Soooo glad you acted fast. Give your DH a little canoodle for me.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Long time away

    WELCOME BACK! So good to see you posting again.

    Wow Mt. Rider, you sure have had your hands full lately. Gas and electricity scare the stuffins out of me. Especially gas. At least with electricity you can flip the circuit breaker off. But then you have to flip it back on. Social Security didn't call today. I felt ignored, neglected and abused. I suppose I'll clear out the garage around the tractor this weekend and try to get it started. It's just a dead battery but there's that electricity part going through the cables that terrifies me. I don't want to touch the sides of the metal tractor with those clippy things. And I really don't want to see any sparks fly and drop them. I did find the charger and got it juiced up. Sigh. I don't want to do this.
  13. Long time away

    Welcome back!

    Out of the ordinary, I'm chuckling over the wisdom of your 4 year old..LOL Miki it is frustrating trying to determine where the main problem is with DH. I know what you are going through..is it heart or lung or perhaps something else? I can only imagine all the paraphenalia with two oxygen tanks going MtnRider. One is bad enough. I tease DH all the time and play like I am pinching his air. He keeps his main unit in the basement and runs the hoses up the stairs. It works good for him. Annarchy my DH would go crazy if his heart rate went to 180. He starts getting concerned when it stays above 140 for a few minutes. That sounds so high. Ambergris to help make your mental image even better, you can imagine me with my back to DH who is driving his big old 1950 Ford 8N tractor and pulling me out with a big tow rope wrapped around my mobility (immobility in this case) chair. I always have preferred to laugh rather than cry..but I admit it was a bit frustrating. We are both having to adjust to health changes. Have a great weekend all!

    DD's dentist appoinment went well. They were fine with DD sitting on my lap in THE CHAIR (cue scary music...I'm not passing my fears onto her, but I can share that here. I do not do well in THE CHAIR.). The hygentist was super nice, showed DD every tool and explained what it did. This was just a cleaning and there were no problems. I was a bit concerned they'd give us a hard time because everything I've read and the pediatrician says you are supposed to take kids to the dentist as soon as the 1st tooth comes through (My thoughts: really?? While she was teething, there's no way she was going to let strangers poke around in her mouth. And they expect babies to cooperate?? See, the dentists must like crying!) Anyway, this dentist said unless we saw problems with her teeth, age 4 is just fine. DD did very well. As soon as they were done, and I set her on the floor, she took off for the door. Me: Stop, where are you going? DD: The waiting room. Me: Why? DD: I'm leaving. That's the way out of here. Praying for you all. DD climbed up on me and is trying to type, so that's the end of my post. I do read everyone's posts, and pray for you all, I just can't always post.
  16. Long time away

    Glad to see you back here!
  17. Busy, busy, busy...

    Hi Becca_Anne! It’s wonderful to see you again! Yeah, that warning was my bane. Moving the site from self hosted, to the provider, made all the difference in the world. The server we were on was shared with other domains and old, needing to be upgraded, but the server provider wanted all the domains to pay full price to move to a “new” server ($1,000’s each !). If any of the other sites on that server had issues, it caused the warning on our site. I was on the phone with them almost every 2 weeks. Believe me, I don’t miss having to deal with them anymore. It’s so nice seeing people come back. Looking forward to hearing how thing are with you & yours, and getting MrsS more active.

    Oh, Ambergris, the repair man called yesterday and seemed to know that it might be the electric light switch. He told mom it’s common and he has a spare. We shall see when he gets here today. Momo, that story sounds frightening to me. My mind would have been racing through all the “what if’s” the could happen. I suppose, hindsight makes it humorous. I am very glad your DH was able to help. I told my DH, when I need a mobile chair, I want one with ATV wheels and power, lol. Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen. Yesterday, I picked up one Lady & we switched drivers at the next house, to go to the meeting at the Community College Culinary Arts department. They served us a Mediterranean meal and we presented the scholarship and a plaque to the young lady who received it. She was almost in tears. The Lady that drove, took side streets to get to the other side of town. She took scenic drive and went through the historical part of town. I spent the whole time gazing out the window listening to the other ladies talk. It was nice to watch the view instead of dealing with traffic. Today, I am getting ready to get to it. I have to set up mom’s sprinkler system. I need to measure the hoses to make sure I have enough length and then go to the store to get male/female hose ends. If you hear me scream, it’ll mean I watered myself. I’ve had a little problem adjusting the spray radius with the ones at home. The adventure begins..... Mt_Rider, I hope your parents get well soon and things get back to ‘normal’. Jeepers, the hoopla they are pulling on you sounds horrible. I don’t think I would have the patience you have. How’s your DH today, Miki? I hope he’s better. Keeping you all in my prayers. Hoping everyone is having a blessed day.

    Mt. Rider, the four of you are just going through it right now!!! Something has to give! Wow! I think that today I will go to courthouse and change DL's voter ID which just came and has him at our old address, stop at the local Dollar General and grocery store, come home and take eBay photos and list 5 items. Then cook liver, bacon and onions (for me, dh won't touch it). Already made mashed potatoes. That should be enough but may do some house cleaning also if I get to it.

    Wow, Mt. Rider! Did he pull you forward or backward with the tractor, Momo? The mental image has to be accurate! My gas stove won't light either. I've only used the match-light ones, so I don't know what to do with this.

    Wow....all you ladies have been busy! So have I and I haven't even been home to read MrsS for couple days. Annarchy, I got blown backwards/singed eyebrows as a teen ....was lighting old-type oven where you turn on gas and hold match over the hole. It didn't light and, forgetting to shut off gas, I got another match. BROOOOOOOSH! That'll learn ya, right quick!!! AND.....wouldn't your dh's 180 BPM be REALLLLY awfully high? I think mine only EVER beat that fast was ....when I lit that second match.... Momo....stuck power chair pulled out by tractor. Oye, that's a visual {As Cookiejar used to say.} But yessss, glad he was up to the job that day. Still praying for MrMiki..... Direct the ways of those docs, God! It really sounds like they NEED Your help so they can help MrM!!! Still praying for Jeepers and the trial of getting on the whole Social Security thing. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of missing yet a THIRD phone call. Third time was not a charm, huh? And now your lawn tractor too? We remember when it was new...but now I suppose it isn't... WE2's already planting in MO.....and we're expecting SNOW tomorrow. Springtime in the Rockies. OK....so DH brought my dad to ER...and he stayed that nite. And the next..... and the next. They are draining an awful lot of fluid off of him. He also has Congestive Heart Failure... They were watching his O2 and initially they hoped he wouldn't have a second 60' tube wrapping around the house with my mother's. But today, yes he DID come home with his own O2 concentrater. He'd asked me to go in ....uh, yesterday I think...to stay overnite with my mom. He thot he'd be home after 2 nites, but they drained more fluid. So DH went back to get me and dropped me off. He'd been with my dad all day. SLUMBER PARTY! Well, that's what my mom and I called it. We did some coloring. [I worked on a complicated Thomas Kinkade coloring book with his pics side by side. ] We watched multiple OLD episodes of Full House. We ate TV dinners to save on energy expenditure. She got to take a shower...with me as a safety back up. Had ice cream with chocolate sauce. LOL Then we both slept pretty well. Her Visiting Nurse came this morning, so I was able to meet her. She seems very good...and very pleasant personality. A nice fit. And by next visit, she'll check my dad too. They're watching so neither of them begins to retain fluids again. Plus just general stuff cuz they're 'ancient'. [we've all decided they're past merely "old"] DH was at home last nite and did chores PM and this morning. He had to work today but first he had to go get my dad home from hospital with another concentrater [I call them R2D2 units.....nearly that size and make odd noises]. THAT reallly is NOT fun ...trying to get him coordinated with the tubing draping everywhere.....HIS AND HERS! He was so tired, everything took 8X as long while he tried to compute. He's hoping to purchase 2 portable O2 concentraters and not use the tubing from R2D2s except at nite. Someone's gonna turn wrong or step wrong and fall. DH dropped him off with his new machine/tubes...and ran to get his new 'scripts filled....and ordered delivery of sandwiches for lunch for 4 of us. Just trying to handle it all... Then he went to work! So the latter half of today, I was still with my folks. ALL new procedures with him learning what my mom learned last week. I yelled STOP several times today when one or the other was about to yank the cord out of their own nose...or the other's nose. They'll get it but .... My mom and I made a rather not-tasty pizza for supper. We had a grocery list for DH to bring from his store after work. Get them stocked up until my dad can figure out how he can drive and deal with his own O2 at the same time. He slept sitting up on the couch while waiting for DH to get off work, deliver their groceries and take me home. Actually, he kept falling asleep while he tried to eat. "Wake up, you're going to choke on your food!" He stayed awake to eat the ice cream/chocolate sauce I made him tho. I just kept doing the odd things that took me a half a minute and would have taken either of them a lot more while doing the tube dance. ......Now, they solo without their coach. Snow coming....will my dad run the tubing out the back door to shovel it off their deck? PROBABLY! I am SERIOUSLY depleted in energy. I won't be physically able to go back for several days now....especially since I'll be knocking snow off the Circus Tent tarp...again. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN WILDFIRE! MtRider .....can we be done now?
  22. Long time away

    You've been missed! How's the family? MtRider
  23. DH in hospital

    Oh good! I'm so glad to hear your dh is improving. It's a looong haul with a PE. But if it doesn't take them out in the first hour....the recovery IS there! MtRider ....still
  24. Busy, busy, busy...

    Glad you've discovered we're "safe" again. Always were but that problem caused my antivirus to DENY me entrance to our site for a few months too. Annarchy was working hard to clear it all up and get us updated. MtRider.....hope some of the rest find we're here again too!
  25. prayers

    It was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I know elsewhere in CO there are dozens of folks who've lost their homes...sometimes livestock in the past week. Mostly our eastern plains, I think. Mach 5 has not returns here. AND.... we do have rain and/or snow in the forecast Fri...and on into Sat. Not sure exactly what...how much we'll get. As {I think} Jeepers said recently....ya don't have to shovel rain. ....unless you have to shovel mud to put dirt back where it belongs.... MtRider .....I about to drop with fatigue cuz The Parents have had an ongoing story toooooo..... Pray for them too. BOTH on O2 as of today.
  26. Busy, busy, busy...

    Hi Everyone! Well for me it helps that the site is no longer giving warnings about being full of malware. I think that scared off a few people and made it hard for my computer to let me on the site as my antivirus had a fit for so long I stopped trying to come for a long time. Also now that I am working full time I have not had as much time to be online. However now Ben is older so more time to play while he is busy. I had the impulse today to see if it would let me log on without a warning and yes success! I have missed you all. I also have been feeling really unsettled about the deteriorating conditions in the world the last few years. People seem so much more stressed and it often feels like one more thing and the wheels are going to come off both in the world and in my personal life. However I just keep plugging along I am ready to get back in the game prep wise so here to fill in the gaps and learn what's new on the site!
  27. Prayers needed

    So glad you found something so fast with insurance! I hope you are very happy in your new job <3
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