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  2. What a cool idea. Im glad SOMEBODY is teaching that stuff, clearly the public schools do not, considering what I read in the newspapers and magazines. I am weary of so called professional writers not being able to spell, use contractions or homonyms properly, and making up new words to sound intelligent. Use a thesaurus or a spell checker (or a dictionary if your spell checker is stupid) for pity's sake. At least know enough to do that much when needed! OK, I'm off the soap box. I did love the video.
  3. Yep, I got one of those calls too....this time it was the IRS going to jail me for unpaid taxes unless I sent money immediately. I told them I was disputing it and hung up on them. IRS uses the mail, not phone calls. I must be on the "old and gullible" list, LOL.
  4. Mt Rider - Today was a weird day. Caught a cold which showed itself yesterday; not too bad except I had trouble falling asleep due to coughing fits. That said, got up at 7:00 AM (reluctantly) and took the trash to the truck before Mary got up. Today was "payday" for social security, so we wanted to drop off our garbage on the way to Walmart for groceries (no pickup in the country). Checked the local stores' sale flyers, and holy Toledo, some good meat sales were on this week - Porterhouse steak for $7.98/lb; pork loin strips were 2 for the price of one; boneless country ribs for $2.95; etc. Their boneless skinless chicken thighs & ground chuck were also cheaper than Wal Mart (our lowest priced store, generally). We had just been talking last night about how food prices would probably go up due to the flooding (no feed crops planted yet, hayfields flooded; and had decided to get another small freezer for stocking up. So I ordered the freezer, and we bought our meat. We had been waiting for a good sale for quite a while, and M was impressed with the quality & service at that particular grocery store, one we do not normally go to (except for meat sales). They pride themselves on the best meat in town, and if you chat up the butcher you can often get a heads up on upcoming sales. Then when we got home, I let the doggies out the back fence, and they immediately barked and chased away a flock of buzzards. Much to my dismay, the buzzards were digging up where we had buried a kitty that got hit by a car. A couple of hefty concrete blocks took care of THAT sacrilege. Its been hot and due to get hotter this weekend - into the high 90s maybe into the 100s....summer has arrived, in spades. Getting up at 7 AM might work out better for getting outside work done early in the cool of the morning, like I was taught to do in pre air-conditioning days. Yep, I'm THAT old. The garden is producing lots of lettuce and I'm eating it like crazy to get it before it bolts in the heat, when the okra will take off. We are still waiting for the local nursery to get sweet potato plants in. We're hoping this weekend.
  5. Started storming around 6 this evening and it's been really rough all around us. So far all we've had is rain and warnings for flood. Nearly all the campgrounds in the Lake of the Ozarks area are flooded out and the race track at Wheatland, Missouri was hit by a tornado...according to the news across that area. We watch weather etc., for a 4 state tri-angle to make sure we're "alert" and can usually see bad stuff coming long before it gets to us. Our NOAA radio has been sounding off all evening and probably will all night. Not much sleep tonight if it does. Hope all our friends in these disaster areas are safe.
  6. Hubby's got the van just about done, should be by tomorrow...but...the friend has pulled a tractor (which he has the right to do) in front of the garage door and took the wheel off to get it repaired. Said hopefully he could get it fixed this weekend ... so...we're stuck until he does. Hubby got nearly all the insulation put into the homestead's new bathroom. He'll have to wait for good weather before he can do much to the ceiling since he's putting in a "fart fan" and will have to open a place in the roof since it's never had one.
  7. She's showing up a bit after 5pm...to let him out and feed him. Today she even brushed some of his awful winter shed that hubby mentioned needed to be done because of the heat! She only stayed about 15 minutes though, and there were two other pickups that parked in her drive. Not sure what was going on, but told hubby it wouldn't surprise me if she told her "dude" and her brothers about "that old fart next door" getting into her business. We don't know if she's stopping by in the mornings...we don't hear her. Poor pooch...if not...he holds it all night, all the next day until she "drops in". I just wish the little fella would dig himself out of the kennel ...we know he can (and has) slipped under our side of the fence and taken off. She's always put an ad in the paper and hauled him back. Maybe she wouldn't if he got out now???
  8. Been wondering about these symptoms...anxiety can also mimic.
  9. Yesterday
  10. If I seem incommunicado for the rest of this week and next week, it's because I'm heading out for a conference on Sunday so I'm trying to get everything ready this week.
  11. Annarchy,. I bet you miss your pond. I got a laugh out of the ferret story. When we were doing wildlife rescue the police from a small nearby town brought us a 'wild' ferret. I thought perhaps they were talking about a mink or weasel, both of which are nasty to work with. They told me someone must have had it illegally because it was fairly tame. I'd say it was. A pure white bundle of wiggle that was NOT wild. In the middle of that first night our young (then) son called out to me to say the ferret was on his bed. I sleepily asked him what it was doing and he replied it was curled up on his pillow. I told him to tell it to move over and to go back to sleep. We never did find its owner and eventually found him a home but we sure enjoyed him while we had that 'wild' critter. Ambergris, I first heard about growing lettuce in a kiddie pool years ago too. Basically you floated styrofoam on top of a nutrient solution and the small plants were inserted into holes cut into it. Simplicity itself except that the plant roots would have trouble with getting oxygen. That's where some sort of windmill might come in handy. The problem we are finding is getting the right nutrients to the systems. The plants in the hydro get only what you put in the solution and even the aqua plants only get out of the fish waste what you put into the fish. Mt.R.,. We have a lot if 'those' hydroponics here in Illinois too and the police will check into unusual electrical usage. They haven't been here But then most of them know us and over the years have learned we were either using heat lamps for various babies or were growing ligitimate herbs to sell. They checked us often enough for those. Even brought in a dog once. 🐕 We could eat the gold fish if he got bigger. Not sure what they taste like. The problem is at twenty gallon the tank isn't big enough to allow the fish to grow to eating size. I like fish but it was the ready fertilizer I was after. I'd like to incorporate worms into the equation to see if we could have a sort of Eco system. The plants would feed us and the worms, the worms would feed the fish, and the fish would feed the plants. Not quite that simple, I'm sure, but I'd like to try it on a small scale at least.
  12. There are lots of different systems for hydroponics. You can use a simple float system in either but we tried that and it's really only effective for greens. The water should be aerated in most systems because roots need oxygen. Our hydro system is a nutrient film type where the solution runs continuously through the pipe and drenches the roots. It gets oxygen from the moving water but something has to keep the water moving. The aquaponics uses an ebb and flow system where the fish water is pumped in to flood the media and the roots and the bell syphon drains it at a certain height. The air stone is in the aquarium but technically the water draining back into the aquarium would probably give it enough. It's the pumps that need electricity. The Aerogarden works on a sort of nutrient film too only it uses air to make bubbles in the water and keeps the roots wet. I used a home made system like that years ago. We got the Aerogarden at a sale for $15. It's been interesting but it's small. Here's a picture of the aquaponics with the hydroponics set up above it. The aquarium is on the floor below the table. There's actually two of them but so far we've only used one.
  13. I'm INTERESTED but mostly ignorant on this topic. Convinced that this would be the ONLY real solution in my current location. ....but if I got anything large going, I'd get a visit from the local sheriff. So many Grow houses in these here mountains now...and they are not growing tomatoes. They pay a visit places with an elevated electric bill. Cuz those type of Grow houses don't use window glass. Completely in the dark but for the electric lighting. Another aspect, even here in arid West is the moisture accumulation.....it's ruining a lot of rented homes. Course they PACK those Grow houses with the ....product. More profit and then they leave the mold-destroyed home to the devastated owners. This is what I know about this topic cuz.....well....y'know. Colorado, right? Rocky Mt High...and all that. Not MY intention for indoor growing. I also know tilapia is one of the easiest fish cuz of ability to survive temperature changes. Trout are fragile. Have heard nothing of blue gill. One other ....can't remember which. You can eat the carp/goldfish, right? MtRider
  14. Good to hear, ZZelle. Been praying for him. Sounds so serious. I haven't heard of anything in our area, Ambergris. Are the big weather systems stirring up ....stuff? I've had bronchial congestion [successfully keeping it clear so far] since April. Will pray your nephew too. MtRider
  15. Hope everyone's okay that were in the path of those storms yesterday/today.... and the flooding that resulted. My MO friend called yesterday morning and we talked about the impending weather. Today she emailed and said twice, that she's glad she lives on a hill. On a big bluff over the MO river. Can see it but it won't reach them. Poured all day tho....she's not trying for even a container garden this year. No drowning rabbits or chickens either at this time. Good timing to take the break this year. Might get chickens later in the summer. I'm feeling better. Able to sweep 6" of snow of porch steps. SNOW? ...yes it looked like out there this morning. Got a lot more snow but melted as it fell all day yesterday. All melted now and our 'rice paddy' is back. I walked with the dog this evening.....slow, careful, and not far. I have a technique if I'm unsure. [I'm using unsure in place of "fragile" which is probably a more appropriate but detestable word...if truth be told] Anyway, I go for a short distance one direction from our driveway and return. If I have more energy I go same distance the other way and return. That way I don't overshoot my ability and find myself at twice the distance from my return to the vehicle to take me UP to the house. Also the reason I'm almost never in barnyard by road without vehicle to get me back UP to house. UP is significant at nearly 9,000'. MtRider ....be careful out there in the weather!
  16. Last week
  17. He is home they put him on a very strong antibiotic and so far so good. I praise God that he is doing better. I think it is Levaquin is the antibiotic
  18. This sounds oddly like what is going on with my nephew. Treating him for bacterial pneumonia, but don't know what's going on. Is this going around, do you know?
  19. I will always regret not reporting-over and over-the jerk next door, who starved his dog while he disappeared for days on end. We called animal control repeatedly because she was squeezing through the fence gap to raid people's trash. We fed her through the fence, and were threatened for it. Called the sheriff, who couldn't hear what the guy was saying but sent a deputy to make peace. The deputy threatened us with arrest if we didn't stop messing with this poor guy's sick dog. She died a few days later. Starved to death. A good nineteen years ago, and I can still see her.
  20. The first article I ever saw on aquaponics was using a kiddy pool, I think a 15-foot diameter one, to raise fish. I was fascinated. My mom threw the book away. Next mention I saw was in an old issue of Organic Gardening, where a guy was using I think a 50-gallon barrel to raise I think catfish, feeding them home-raised earthworms. Again, I was fascinated. I love catfish. This article is apparently floating around the internet, as I have seen it a few times. Unfortunately, it seems to have been scanned from a bad photocopy, and I can't read the versions I've seen. I think it was from 1972, if you want to look. Most recently, I was hooked by an article on low-tech crawdad raising. This is where I am now. I want to grow catfish and crawdads. I bet a gonzo home-built windmill stirring or slapping the water would oxygenate it enough, if it was shallow. Problem is that shallow water turns into very hot water in the sun.
  21. The 75 gal. fish tank I used once, was nice. I had minnows in it and algae eaters. They kept the algae under control, and the plants grew excellent. I didn’t use a pump, just syphoned some water out with a hose, sucking up the crud on the bottom, & refilled, about once a week or so, to water my indoor plants. The heat, 110*+ overheated the poor fish and I gave up that idea. The mini pond I had for over 10 years, had large goldfish, an algae eater and minnows. It also had lots of edibles in and around it, including water cress & cattails, but the neighbors tree roots punctured the liner I used. (Remembering that, brought back a smile. We saw something on the porch, went out to discover one of our ferrets had escaped. He was ‘dancing & ooping’ running back & forth between the porch & the pond! He was trying to catch the fish, then, he’d run around in circles because he was soaked. ) I’d like to start another one some day, it was always so peaceful to sit and watch the life in & around it.
  22. I've been doing a search here for hydroponics and aquaponics and have found that over the years it's been mentioned a few times but not a lot was said from first hand experience. DH and I started both in our small greenhouse last winter, along with a small Aerogarden and the success we had has encouraged us to try it again. We were given a small and very simple PVC hydroponics setup that my brother made for my mom and it's worked quite well though it only has spots for seven or eight plants. We weren't happy about having to buy the fertilizers for it, most of which are just a mixture of chemicals, so after a search of the internet and some experimentation we have come up with a simple solution of Blood meal, fish emulsion, and seaweed extract. It worked well enough but I believe it could be better. It smelled strongly for one thing and I don't believe there was the right balance of nutrients. I'm hoping to do some more experimenting this year using dried nettles and other plants along with compost tea, worm castings, and various minerals. Does anyone else have experience with Hydroponics and if so have you used your own homemade solution? Our Aquaponic setup was simply an old 20 gal aquarium with a large plastic tub above it and various plumbing fixtures DH had on hand. We started with a dozen goldfish but ended up losing all but one to a common bacterial bloom because we didn't give it enough time to naturalize before trying it. (Too much eagerness Don't you know) Still, even with only one gold fish left, once the whole thing began to work correctly eight or ten plants did very well though they didn't grow all that big until the longer spring sunshine came. With a couple more fish we might do better. With only twenty gallon we couldn't raise much but we are thinking a couple of food fish, perhaps bluegills as they are available. One problem that I've been trying to solve is the fact that both systems rely on electricity. Both systems use only small aquarium pumps and take only a small amount of electricity but I hate to rely on them. The Aquaponics one has a automatic bell siphon for draining and though it took a while to get it working correctly I was fascinated with the fact that it didn't need any electricity to work. The hydroponic one is gravity drain back to the reservoir. I know that with both of these setups I could do the watering by hand if needed but it would take a lot of work as the roots need to have moisture, nutrients, and oxygen continuously. I've seen large setups based on a complicated system of floats and pressure that require no electric but we have such a small area (10'X10' total and there's a lot more potted plants in there) I'm not sure I can make that work. The Aerogarden is totally electrically dependent on an air pump and lights. I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone else has suggestions or ideas or has tried any of these growing systems. I've really enjoyed 'playing' with them but I'd also like them to be a part of our survival preps, something us 'old and physically challenged' people can do on a small scale. Hugs all.
  23. We had wild storms coming through last night. Luckily no hail damage to the vehicles. Had a tornado watch/warning a few times. Probably need to get somebody out to check the roof. Some of our electric outlets seem to not be working now (I did flip the breaker and check the GFCI outlet). Hoping we don't have to call an electrician.
  24. Thanks everyone. I'm OKAY. Spent hours in ER. In the end, after lots of test to make sure, they came to the same conclusion we did. But we had to check. They took me off the medication for the AFib. My pulse rate is regularly too low for a beta blocker type med. AND everything else came back totally, excellently NORMAL. EKG included so that will be available for the cardio appt next week. That appt is also just a follow up and sounds like the doc today doesn't expect me to have any more AFib trouble. [ except if I ever have anesthesia again] Actually the doc asked if I felt comfortable with the risk of dropping that med. YES. Was hoping to anyway. So while MS and surgery of any type will always require weeks to fully get back to MY normal, we all think the med was dropping my pulse rate too low right from the start. And this morning it was just awful. Sure got me right in the VERY busy ER tho when DH mentioned I had shoulder and neck pain. Ladies...y'all know those are two ways that women exhibit potential heart attack, right? THAT'S what sent us in to check for sure. That's why they threw every test in the book at me today. SO many other reasons for the symptoms..... .................but what if it wasn't. Now we know for sure. And so will the cardio when I see him next week. Thanks AGAIN for prayer, friends. This month has sure been a DOOOZEY! MtRider ......I don't even know HOW MANY INCHES OF SNOW we've got so far today. Road is pudding again. No wildfires tho!
  25. NOAA radio just alerted us. There's a severe thunderstorm southwest of us. Probably will dump some heavy rain on us. It's doing a lot of thundering and raining already, and this front is about 100 miles away.
  26. Hubby prepped the van for the last step of putting on the tape (I think?) while I washed our winter comforter etc. Then we went to homestead and he dug out the ditch out front a bit more. We're still having issues with the neighbor lady's teenage boys and their friends. They park on their side of the road, but it blocks us from being able to back out of our driveway. Our road is extremely narrow and our side is a ditch and their side is a sloping embankment. While hubby was digging one their friends pulled up and totally blocked us from being able to back out, so hubby confronted him and ask him to pull further up. Begrudgingly he did. So...I called our city's traffic advisory and ask them to consider not letting anyone park on either side of the road. I told her "in an emergency, we need to be able to get out and others to get in". So she's put us on the agenda and said they will go take a look at the situation and that they would probably take it up in June...maybe July...but seemed to be familiar with our road. Like I told her, "you cut limbs off our big maple tree out front because they could damage fire trucks...well...a fire truck couldn't even get down the road with all these vehicles parked the whole block." I assured her we didn't want to cause any trouble because we know she's got her hands full, but we also need to know our property and safety is not being placed in danger. Guess this has been a day of confrontation?
  27. Sending up healing prayers for Mt.Rider
  28. Slugger update...owner finally showed up with a bag of dog food. Hubby went out and confronted her. She admitted that she has lost her job, moved in with a "friend" ( a dude) and is "looking for a home for Slugger". We've called several people we know that "might" take him and have come up zero. The one lady we felt really would have taken him...and said she would ...but she's moving in with her sister in another small town and selling her house here. We just can't re-home him because we'd be in the same situation. He'd have to stay in his kennel (which we would insist come with him) and us run back and forth to feed, water and pay him some attention. She says she can't take him with her (even though she took the two small yorkies) because he has "aggression issues" with her room mate's shepherd. The fact is probably two reasons. Slugger felt he was protecting her, and our city says if you own more than 3 dogs you must have a kennel license. I just pray that his new owner will show up soon. At least he's being fed and watered now...but still out there in that stinkin' kennel...and it's been storming like crazy around here all evening. He's huddled in his dog house...alone...and lonesome I am sure. We can't even go into her yard (trespassing?) and let him out in the yard for awhile and play with him. If he got away from us we could be sued. Anyone that's in that much of a financial state might very well take advantage of sueing somebody. Now that we've confronted her, if we called the shelter she'd know who did it. Hubby even told her "his life is miserable...you probably should consider just putting him down". She didn't like that one bit!
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