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  2. Absolutely. I kind of thought he would get upset by the change from the usual routine and the unknown. Its so hard for them when they become confused. I'm sorry he gets angry. Some people do. Some mellow out. I know its hard for the rest of the family too. I'm not proud to say but I think my patience would probably be short.
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  4. https://phys.org/news/2019-02-nasa-moon.html Read this and tell me if .......I dunno......it seemed to say there is a BIG reason to hurry but didn't say what it was. They end with saying they will be taking chances. It's not that Global Warming thing, is it? Humans have always had to adapt to shifting climate and such. There's more of us.....we'll have to shift more, maybe. Somehow....it didnt' strike me as the reason for "hurry" and "risk" in this article. MtRider
  5. Good luck with figuring it all out, TheCG. Complex, especially if you don't fit into Standard Medical little boxes. Pray the next two days go well. My dad's specialist appt. is tomorrow. So I'm staying overnite with them and will go with them [ THANKFULLY on a Senior service van]. Its going to be VERY hot....upper 90s. Not even in the same league as Annarchy but.... .....I'm bringing ice and gel packs and Chilly Towels. My dad has heat issues almost as bad as me. If van has good A/C and we don't have to cross great expanses of HOT CEMENT or ASPHALT....we should be ok. And my dad's dementia has been off the chart this week. Anxious about doctor and everything! But they did get the new dryer in yesterday. Even used it with the hose pointed towards a bucket of water. Today he and his helper are supposed to install the real hose and vent valve. Praying that goes well.....and I'm not hurrying to get there. Maybe arrive at 5 or 6. Less is better right now so he doesn't target me. Cuz I need to have access to monitor what's happening with them. My mom's wearing out so......... MtRider .....Life is harsh; prayers appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Less than 2". Kinda went around us, which is fine by me! Winds got up to about 15 or 18 miles an hour one day. Wouldn't be considered a gentle breeze in Wyoming! LOL
  7. I just remembered an old time kidney flush old Doc McKee told my grandma to use. Beer. I'm not a drinker but I'm not adverse to it. I just don't care for the taste of alcohol. I'd rather have sweet tea. Anyway, I'm going to buy one of those big cans and have at it. I can do beer and pizza or beer and spaghetti. What's the worse that can happen?
  8. Good posts Ambergris. There is no "like button" for guests so ----------> Thanks for the recipe Kappy. Olive Gardens Zuppa Toscana is to die for. It is so good. They have chunks of Italian sausage, pieces of real potato...some with the skin still on and great big pieces of kale. I've heard the real stuff has some bacon in it but I've never seen any. Maybe some drippings? Lawsy. You could make it with smoked sausage/kielbasa and freeze it. I've never heard of dehydrated smoked sausage but (Iroquois always be good). Crimony. That's supposed to say "I'll bet it would be good". Kindle auto correct is killing me.
  9. Yup, that's what we're working on avoiding with supplementation and dietary changes and such. She's having me look at Dr. Gundry's Plant Paradox - I have known issues with a LOT of the things on his no-no list, but I'm not sure I believe some of his other recommendations. I'm still processing.
  10. Annarchy, thank you for preserving the Mrs S cookbook. Cant we just put it together with an apology and disclaimer that many of these are from old posts, and we cannot identify many of the original posters contributors. As far as dupes, just keep one with a notation that several contributors sent in duplicates and we are grateful for their time and effort to contribute. If they are near-dupes listing them as "variations" under the main recipe, and giving credit? I sure see where it could be overwhelming. Need help?
  11. Any oil you normally like will work, MtR. I've used various over the years. I use a light olive oil or avocado oil now because we've become picky about what we use. Melted coconut oil gives them a nice taste too but if the apples are cold it tends to solidify in spots. Over the last, ummm, decades I've most often used an old rectangled ten tray dehydrator I bought for a dollar at an auction twenty or so years ago. I use it for a whole lot more than just fruit and veggies. It's a great tool for getting more raw foods into the diet. I have/had several dehydrators. DH made a cabinet sized one years ago that held a bushel of produce at a time, I've used vehicles as dehydrators and made sun Jam and sun dried tomatoes on pieces of glass. I've dried on sheets on low roofs like the pioneers did. I've even used an antique cabinet sized egg incubator to dehydrate 'horse and goat' cookies. It worked beautifully. This old ten tray one keeps humming along, bless it, and I use it often. Yesterday it held herbs. Today it's full of bananas. After that I hope to make zucchini chips. Can an you tell I like to dehydrate things?
  12. Mt. Rider, I get what you are saying about having people come in the house and fix things. I hate that too. I've let a lot of things go because of that. I don't even want them outside messing around anymore. I saw an alternative doctor office in Indiana close to where I'm moving. I'll probably end up visiting there. In a way I'm looking forward to getting new doctors and in a way I'm not. A good one is hard to find and at my age I don't have time to go through them all. Know what I mean. My back and side still hurts bad. Either infection or kidney stones. I'm thinking. I haven't had a fever though. And I don't think it hurts bad enough for stones. Maybe sand size. I have meds here I could take but I think I should find out if it's something worse. I don't think I've been drinking enough this summer. I will call the doctor Monday.
  13. Yeah, Mother. What Annarchy said. We've got some apples that we need to use. Any particular oil? MtRider
  14. Yeah, Midnight. That would get you pretty close if you know which vowel sounded like what. MtRider
  15. Did you get much rain from Barry, Miki? MtRider
  16. All of the tender tummy + G.I. tract meds would be good. NOT the time to be wanting something to STOP.....or START! So....until Ambergris gets her computer fixed.....she gets to wear a different mask every time she pops on. MtRider ....but she can't get into Fireside to continue her story.
  17. TheCG.....you might want to research Adrenal Fatigue. aka...burned-out adrenal glands. If it's that, your 'sheer stuborness' eventually won't work and you'll be much further from healing when you reach that point. MtRider ....ask me how I know. BTDT
  18. DH had doc appts. yesterday and today (today's in a town an hour and a half away). Stopped at thrift shops after. And then salvage grocery, then home. Made oatmeal and then teriyaki drumsticks in the instant pot. Just got done cleaning up at 9:15 tonight. Chicken still cooking. Also did a load of laundry today. Yesterday, after we got home from docs, I dug up the rest of the potatoes in garden, cut some okra and butternut squash and planted spinach and lettuce where potatoes were. And a load of laundry.
  19. Dead DUCK! MtRider ....stay safe while holdin' down the fort you two!
  20. My alternative medicine lady told me that you really need functioning adrenals to fast, and I don't have that. To the point where she is pondering how I actually function. I told her sheer stubbornness. Basically...I have enough energy to fake it through work (not firing on all cylinders, but still productive enough to keep all the balls in the air), but when I'm done, I'm done and pretty much have nothing left. I'm also not digesting food (which I already knew), so I'm sure that helps. About 15 pounds of the 40 I've gained in the last year after going to work full-time are probably from inflammation, so we're working on figuring out what's triggering that (she thinks I'm probably getting exposed to mold somewhere - I'm highly allergic to most kinds). Working on supplementation and a few other things. FYI - I go to alternative medicine practitioners rather than a doctor because the doctors out here either suck to the point that they misdiagnose thrush as strep (yeah, antibiotics are not the answer for fungal infections) or do very very expensive concierge care. I haven't found an in between yet. We pretty much only go to the doctor when we absolutely have to.
  21. I was thinking more along the lines of fiber. You know change of diet does horrible things to you. May even need to pack some Imodium Tomatoes! I love tomatoes. LOL
  22. We backpacked for years. Most of our emergency supplies are backpacked ready. Except, IDK if I’d go far with a pack on.
  23. I actually purchased his e-book a while back, when I was considering actually backpacking at some point (I still am, that point might just be further off than I'd like...). I'll have to see if I can find it again. I remember thinking it definitely sounded like it was worth purchasing!
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