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  2. Wow.....I didn't know any of that! See why we gather here! Minty Tylenol? ......... ?????????? MtRider
  3. I had one of those orange triangle flags sticking up from the back of my disability scooter. Back in the decade we still lived in apartment across the street from the Safeway. Those scooters don't scoot fast enough with all those cars! MtRider
  4. Personally I think you need more...one on the front one on the back and one on each arm and leg LOL. Seriously I remember back in the day when I was a kid we had an orange flag on a pole hooked to our back wheel that was like 10 feet tall (well maybe not that tall but when you are kid...) so cars could see us.
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  6. The permaculture principles are so much more than most people realize. I had heard the term a long time before I came across a book in a college library in 2000. We were planning on going back into homesteading after a couple years off and this would be on a new property. What intrigued me was a design for a combination greenhouse/chicken coop. The design has been debated but the principal was good. The greenhouse would grow food for both people and chickens. The chicken litter/manure could be composted (using worms) for fertilizing plants and the worms used for feed. The chickens would help keep the greenhouse warm in winter and seedlings could be started earlier by using the tops of the nest boxes that were built into the greenhouse. The chickens would produce eggs and meat for people. A step further was placing the building close to a garden or even building multiple runs radiating from the coop that could be rotated as gardens. The greenhouse roof would collect water for it all and the coop roof could be used as a planting surface that would insulate from hot and cold alike. This whole concept of everything having a dual purpose and working in symbiosis with something or everything else (even people) came clear to me when I realized how this whole design could be used all across the property. It was when I read more in depth on the subject that I gradually realized the same principles could work in life itself that I finally 'got' it! You are correct, Ambergris, when you say this whole concept is much the same as what we have here on the website. Working together with the whole is key. Learning all the nuances of the concept are vast but understanding the basics can make a big big difference in your outlook on life. You begin to see it in all interactions. On the chance that I might be out of line.....I believe permaculture principles should be required reading for all government officials. Perhaps they could learn about working together!! Hugs
  7. I'll have to check back tomorrow??? Didn't get my confirmation code. MtRider
  8. They have chewable painkillers, now, and Tylenol with mint that you can dissolve in your mouth. Lots easier than hoping you can swallow a pill. (If you suspect you can't swallow and need a pill, remember that the tissues at the other end absorb very well--and don't process medications through the liver before making them available to the body as a whole.)
  9. The site is UK, but the books are not. I am really new to the permie scene per se, although aspects of it have been part of my life all along. This book outlines permie principles up and down, from one angle and then another, in ways that are shockingly close to so much we keep saying on this site. Developing community, for example, gauging what needs and vulnerabilities, and strengths, and suchlike that individual people bring with them -- whether it's tools or know-how or a spiritual depth that people can share in.
  10. These are all from the UK? Will that be more difficult to download? Why this particular one, Ambergris? I have followed permaculture principals for years and am now trying to apply the basic idea to aging on our property. I should have been thinking of that year's ago and we might have been better set up. One of my favorite web sites is permies.com.
  11. Must sign up for an account with them. Attempting to do so. Aiiiee, their Captcha is difficult to read. Then.... apparently I failed to recreate my password exactly and ..... now waiting for my email confirmation. But you said this was worthy so I will pursue!! MtRider
  12. Maui's been in the news alot lately. A man was fatally attacked by a shark....right off shore from a major hotel strip. A place we've been many times. I think he MIGHT have been just off the shelf and into the DEEP....which is an area you might find the hunters. Then there was the surprising locate/rescue of a woman lost for 17 days. Pretty deep into the tropical vegetation and severe topography. Not to mention aggressive wild pigs. Really....searchers ran into them. She planned to go for just a little hike/jog. What did she bring with her? Wearing: capri pants. Tank tops. Shoes [possibly just rubber slippahs which are toe thongs]. Hair binder. And pretty much nothing else, apparently. Keys [and thus anything helpful on the key ring], water bottle, cell phone, etc were left at her car because........she was just going down the path a ways. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/25/us/hawaii-hiker.html?fbclid=IwAR24AlfBT7orH2DC4KHpYn2TFlhoTBu3GmjOS1CVww12C9vgejy01YMaPT4 It's an interesting story....from her initial bad choices to her grit and determination as days..WEEKS... go by and she becomes injured and weakened. She makes some good choies that saved her....like getting near water to keep hydrated. Application for us: [...Well you knew that was coming, right? ] I immediately began to asses my EDC .....again. For any new folks.....EDC means Every Day Carry ( also known as Layer One). EVERY day carry. ALWAYS carry. Don't even go out the door without it. In my case, I don't go further than the upper deck porch unless I've got most of it. House PHONE being #1.....even if I'm just going down to do laundry. [note to self: quit putting PHONE in laundry basket cuz ya forget it and it drowns!] Seriously, this is what I've noted: A. Since DH has retired, I haven't been quite as vigilant. Cuz I have back-up at home now, most of the time. That's a new situation for me but I don't want it to allow me carelessness. B. It's summer and I need to get water into my EDC, even if it's a little bottle. BUT....if I was really serious, I think I should be carrying a Sawyer Mini and a flat "canteen". Anywhere in our barnyard/pastures....the creek/pond is there. But not drinkable without at least filtering. CGA first mentioned the Sawyer brand; she liked it. I put that on my To Buy list. C. It's summer and I also need to slip a folded mylar sheet into my EDC. It will be a protection from sun/heat if I every fall-and--can't-get-up. D. It's summer and the First Aid Instant Cold Pack [crack open the capsule and it's a short-term freezer pack] needs to get back into my EDC. ...Not used in snowy winter, of course.....and well, I'm not sure it's quit snowing yet. But we're close to being TOO HOT. At least part of the day. <----- this does not help me with EDC! Hmph! E. Not yet but soon, it will be time to add at least one face mask for dust and/or smoke. My particular sensitivity even when it might not be at levels that bother others. I do have a whole box in my vehicle....and DH's vehicle. And the bandanna but it does not work as well. F. After reading about her 17 day emergency, I think I want to put a few more pills into my EDC. Antihistamine...in case of smoke inhalation...for my particular allergic reaction. I have Nuprin [200mg] but might put a couple Strong Ibuprofen [900mg] in too. Can you imagine trying to move after breaking one of the bones in lower leg? And whatever happened to the skin on her ankles? OW! That would send my MS-impaired nervous system into shock way too fast. Anti-diarrhea med? She was eating moths... On the premise that a few pills won't take up much space or weight.... Thinking on this. G. Some have counseled to have a trauma bandage. Don't own one of those. I always have a bandanna or two. Figured that would suffice. Mebbe? I'm rethinking this one too. If I get too much, I cannot carry the weight/bulk. I'm already carrying protection things like bear spray and such for our larger wildlife issues. So I need to think this through and try it out. Here is my EDC and I DO faithfully carry all this in pockets/key chain/etc. EVERYwhere, not just here. [except the bear spray.] List divided into category rather than location. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= water bottle(s) ...maybe. Many in my vehicles tho. eyeglasses and sunglasses ...hat ...leather belt watch ...hair binder ...medic-alert bracelet Pockets *=on key ring/carabiner E-bar Peppermints (2) Peppermint gum whistle* house PHONE small knife* SAK [Swiss Army Knife] P38* key chain light* lip balm [it's also fire starter/sunscreen] lighter bandanna Kleenex (2-3) string safety pin* hair pin bread tie* $$$ In a Ziplock Drivers License and other Permit Medicare card/other ins. Map of our immediate area Folks cell#s [NEED Maui #s] 2 Bandaids Ahem....Protection from wildlife =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- MtRider ....what ELSE is imperative to save/sustain life before one can get to a larger pack/vehicle/further aid/etc?
  13. https://shop.permaculture.co.uk/permaculture-design-core-curriculum-notes.html
  14. I can't find it, Ambergris. Looked thu twice.... I've been reading things here and there for years about Food Forest, Permaculture, etc. Sounds very good but I don't know a lot about it. MtRider
  15. Hugs to Wormie. MtRider ....continued prayer
  16. Permaculture Design Core Curriculum Notes This is from the link above. READ IT. Seriously, drop any other book you have right now and read this.
  17. https://shop.permaculture.co.uk/books.html Downloading the first batch is tedious, but patience is rewarded. The free ones can be downloaded only 5 times, and I'm not sure about saving them.
  18. I now "play my game"...I ask "who are you?" (like I'm hard of hearing) and then I blow my whistle just as loud as I can after they tell me...and then hang up! Rude? Yep. Belligerant? Yep. Hateful? Yep. All of the above!
  19. I used ours this morning...for tater tots! Also made s small batch (4) of biscuits in it earlier, and then some homemade gravy from my gravy mix to go over them. An egg each and a sausage patty each. Then tonight used it for our fries to go with our battered cod. Love them dar things!
  20. While working around the homestead today I opened up the small chest freezer and found a huge bag of sausage links! How did they get by us! Brought them home and I'll get them re-packaged as soon as I can. Also have a large block of sliced cheese that I need to repackage and freeze some.
  21. Today was a long and hot day for both of us...but...my van is home! Hubby is working now on the side mirrors. They won't stay put and we can't find replacements, so he's trying to make new screw holes with some sort of stuff Ace Hardware techy suggested. It's supposed to set up in 24 hours...praying it works! If so, he'll do the passenger side also. While he was working on the mirror (we were at the homestead most of the day) I worked pulling up more poison ivy starts, then transplanted 3 of my new tomato starts (they're looking wonderful!) into separate pots that hang on my "sort of like" green stalk thing. I still have about 5 more in the original pot and they're looking great also. The radishes are looking good, the carrots looking good, and the petunia's, begonia and impatence are looking mighty pretty. Refilled my hummy feeders and hung a "dangle" on one of the porch hooks. It's a swirling thing that when the wind blows it swivels and "looks like" it's changing shapes. Carried the table we bought for the van (in between the front seats) down from upstairs (what a chore!) and put it in the van. Fits perfectly. Has a nice decorative rail around the edges so when we set things on it, they don't slide off very easily. Hubby will build some cup holders that will fit on top for us to sit our drinks on. There's only two on the console. Sprinkled Abby-girls soft bed with lavender, put it in the dryer on fluff, and put it in the van for her to lay on (if she wants) when we're travelling. Tomorrow we're planning to make a day trip to put out some flowers for our loved ones that have passed on. Hopefully the weather will leave us alone until we get home.
  22. Dontcha know you can never "retire" a carpenter! You're right about retiring. I work harder now than I ever did when I worked in a real estate office. Hubby....he's always worked hard. Like I said, carpenters just never really retire.
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