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  2. Stay safe Annarchy. Thanks for the update. That's a big one. RAIN! We have had nothing but rain. I can't believe how much we have gotten this spring. And it's still coming down. And more forecast to come this way. Poor farmers. Not to mention food prices. I went to Wal-Mart for some more ink. They finally got my kind in. It really set me back on getting my quilt patterns printed out. It never occurred to me to order online. Hopefully I'll get them done and put away this weekend. There's always a set-back it seems. I found a 4 in. binder that should hold them all at Office Max. WM was packed and I was second guessing myself going there on a Saturday evening. I only had a few things and the couple in front of me had a cart full. They let me go in front of them. Kinda restored my faith in humanity. Bing cherries are in season and I got a bag full. Once a year I splurge on them. Sometimes even twice a year.
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  4. So far the only draw back has been their packaging. If I purchase more from them it will mean glass jars and keep fresh packets
  5. I have liked all my Harmony House orders. They are not packaged for long-term storage, but you can make jar-meals out of them (and a few pantry items) and pack those for the long term.
  6. It's super exasperating to try to employ or work with this degree of incompetence. Especially when the computers do pretty much everything for you except wipe our nose. DH was glad when his job decided that hiring older workers was a good idea. It's just not a good idea to allow children to play all the way into their late teens or even early twenties. Real world experience needs to happen sooner. MtRider .....course I'm that incompetent now...but then, that's why I haven't been out working.
  7. A few months ago I bought a sample box from Harmony House. There was a little bit of everything in it. So today I broke out the tomato powder and the onions. Spaghetti is on the menu for tomorrow. Review to follow.
  8. Exactly, TheCG! Same test. And if the power has been off, but has been back on for everything to freeze solid again, you have to have a test item or....throw out everything....or...risk nasty bad stuff. Glad it headed away from you!! We've had that frequent power outage situation in both Maui and here. Like you, the situation has now improved. We're in a downpour thunderstorm right now. Lot of small hail. Normally I'd be out trying to keep my small diversions ditches from being overrun. But last fall J & B did some big excavation work and those larger diversion ditches are doing a right fine job. I keep peering out the windows to check but so far...all is well. Last year, we nearly had flooding up and into the back door - from rushing down the very steep hill behind us. Today is the first test of the big ditch. And hey....so far we still have electric too. MtRider ......looks like snow out there with all the [thankfully small] hail.
  9. We shopped at WM today. Well, tried to, for 75% of what was on my list, the shelves were empty. And we went through a new cashier line. She was being trained. Fine, I can be patient. But the girl (high school age) didn't know how to count cash. Really. DH handed her 2 $20's and a $10. The person training her had to tell her how much to punch in. And then, the coin change was wrong, too. I wonder if it's not something they are taught in school anymore.
  10. We freeze a half-full water bottle that's sitting straight up, then turn it on it's side. If the water is still in the same half, no problem. If the water is now on the half that's laying down, problem.
  11. Yes, Mt_Rider, we have our evac plans in place. AZ has always been a tinder box, so we have been prepared for that event, for over 30 years. A couple times a year, we review our procedures, to be on the safe side. Years ago, before they replaced our power lines, we had frequent power outages. If it rained, the power would go out, if the wind blew, the power would go out, if it was a beautiful sunny day, the power would go out, lol. Not a laughing matter during the heat of the summer. BTDT, and we are very very grateful it doesn’t happen very often anymore.
  12. It isn’t coming our way, thank God! I took that first picture from the edge of our town. There is a lot of flat desert between us, but still, there is a lot of under brush tinder. Here’s the latest screenshot, where you can see the area effected, almost...the orange highlights
  13. Wildfire management is so erratic. They made major errors on our big one so long ago. But that was in the early days of CO huge fires. I'm sure they have learned a great deal in this era of mega wildfires. Yet.....things still burn. Some of it is the Let It Burn Naturally theory. There is some reason to that but...... there is very little that isn't IN USE these days. Is it coming in your direction, Annarchy? You're too close ...in case of wind shift. Hopefully not a lot of "fuel" between you and that monster! Losing electric: fill your freezer(s) now TO THE BRIM with Ziplock bags [or other containers] of water turned to ice. As in our Compressed Populations story. It's cooling and a water source. Mylar sheets also make it harder for curtains to catch fire inside. Spray window with water and stick sheets in place. Insulation inside of that. Check for anything burnable to lead the fire to your place. I always advise folks...buy some ice cream. This is your test. If you have to leave when you return, the ice cream will tell you if the freezer has been warmed up and then frozen again when they turn the electric back on. Because ice cream always looks different if it has thawed. And if so --- the other contents of the freezer have to be thrown out. Insurance does usually cover that loss, btw. I hope I stated that ice-cream test clearly. Don't leave propane tanks near house. Or other things that go bang. Have a list of EVAC stuff that NEEDS to go. Order it from MUST HAVE...collect in the first 3-5 minutes you might have. Then the next priority for the next 15-30 minutes of packing if you have that. Then next... Do you have crate for you 'ladies'? Humane Societies usually will board animals ...even poultry in our case, for free for fire EVAC. It's easier to avoid if you have a list already. Ask me how I know? I STILL did the first time....WITH A DETAILED LIST! Don't forget charger cords and things in secret places. Sheeeeeesh, I hope no one has to ever use any of these tips. for that fire to be contained...for the fire folks and all who support them, and especially for those who make the decisions!!! MtRider
  14. Alternate plans for no electric... insulation on the windows, fill the bath tub to wet towels, and turn on the misting system. As DH said, like they did in the old days. Finished making seat seat covers for DH. He seems pleased with them.
  15. 13,000 acres now. They didn’t want to use water or slurry on it, because of the “pristine” landscape. Really?!? Now, they have had to close down Saguarro & Canyon Lakes. Someone should get in trouble for letting it burn. They say it’s headed for Tortilla Flats, a popular, historical visitor center. Messed up.
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    I used to help a lady make black walnut tincture, and it's almost the season. When the kids visit between the Solstice and the Fourth, have them pick a bucket of green walnuts about the size of a peach pit. For every half-gallon jar, chop at least a dozen (up to two dozen) walnuts and pour a quart of shine or vodka over them, then throw in herbals (dried kumquat or orange peel, thyme, rosemary, coriander, what-have-you) shake hard, and set aside. Applejack is a very expensive alternative to the vodka, but if you've got it it works really well. Leave untouched for maybe three months, until about a month into the school year, and then strain, add sugar water and a little blackstrap, and rebottle in quart jars. Run through a water bath, label jars, and set aside for a year. We didn't have gloves, but if I did this again, I would wear them. The walnuts did things to my hands.
  18. Guest


    Green Walnut liqueur is extremely rich in iodine and is therefore a cure for thyroid disease. Apply every morning to an empty stomach, drink one small, rakia glass of this liqueur. This is video for Liquer http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T1fJQt5KZs picture is borrowed
  19. Can't they just shoot the drones down....if they are illegally disrupting operations? ESPECIALLY wildfire fighting? Don't they have small EMP type devices....? There was airport disruptions due to drones and other incidents of this type. Hearing about your record breaking heat wave in the far SW. Be very careful. Do you have alternate plans if the power goes out? That's my biggest fear. We're not hot yet tho nice and warm/sunny. We have rain scheduled for at least parts of the next 6 days. We've been over-watered too.....which grows a lot of plant life and is fine unless the rains stop. Horses and goat are really fat and happy. We'll see what July/Aug brings. I'm having a "flattened" day so far. Earlier, I was fine. But later I got out to the kitchen...not far in this small house. My legs began to buckle...muscles just not getting right signal to hold the joints. Left the water bottles I was going to fill and DH helped me get back to the bed [chaise lounge in daytime]. Whew! Wasn't expecting THAT! In an hour or two, that might change.......or not. Wait it out. These past few days I've been feeling a lot more normal finally tho. So this is a temporary blip on the screen. MtRider
  20. Fire season has started. The excess rain we had this spring caused a lot of under growth. This one, less than 35 miles away, is already over 5,000 acres.
  21. Ambergris

    Lose weight

    Great job! Baby steps, remember.
  22. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    Excellent! Keep up the good work.
  23. Thank you all for your condolences. We scheduled “company” for Gunny yesterday, he seemed to have a good time. His ‘buddy’ played ball, played with his ropes and ran circles around the yard. Grrr never touched toys, a ball, maybe 10 times, his whole life with us. It is extremely windy today. I am hoping it doesn’t affect the wildfires too much. The closest one is less than 30 miles away. All of the fires burning here were man made. And, they had to quit fighting one of the fires, because of a drone was being flown around it. Frustrating..... We were planning a day at the lake for Gunny, but with the wind and fires, we cancelled it. Safe & “dry”. We could use some of your rain, just no flooding.
  24. That is so good to hear, Zzelle.
  25. We have done hurricane drills, but mostly only 36 hours at a time and not in the most miserable weather. Here lately, we've been getting several days of blackout every summer from hurricanes, and it's amazing how much more interested my sons are in spending money on things they do not want to use.
  26. We have those kinds of 'practices' here too, the kind where we are forced to practice by some act or possible act of nature. We had several days of no electric last winter and we hadn't had that for several years so weren't quite as ready as we could have been. We did fine but not comfortably. I was thinking more of some here who used to actually set aside a weekend or longer if they really wanted to push it where they used no electricity. They left specific appliances running such as freezers and refrigerators but made it so that lights and such wouldn't work or with a reminder NOT to use switches and things. They did not buy anything ahead of time to make it easier but went on only what they had on hand. They ate only from their preps and had to use up what would supposedly spoil in the refrigerator and maybe freezers as if they too were off. They cooked on what they had prepped to use, they had to either have water stored or figure out how they were going to get it, (in that case where you have to have water to drink they let themselves find it at a store but limited its use) and etc. It was a way to test their preps and their skills for survival and I believe it was extremely beneficial. Especially for those who had kids so they would see exactly what it would be like. I remember it being a sort of challenge just like some of these scenarios are only to actually live it and write about what they learned and how they made out later (no computer use obviously). I just wondered if anyone had done that or if anyone had even thought about doing it.
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