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  2. I hear you loud and clear, WE2. Taking it day by day here too. Today was sunny and warm....then cloudy and gloomy. Next time I looked out it was deep fog. Then began to graupel...turning to rain....then snow...... Then it all stopped and melted. Ever-changing kaleidoscope of weather. MtRider ...Springtime in the Rockies.
  3. Water heater safely installed. Appliances back in place. Threw out LOTS of stuff in cabinets so I've got more room (and not to re-fill the space!) for the things I use most. Hubby started new work project for a client but did get the a/c back together in my van and turned it around, nose into the garage, and started working on the rusted places above the windshield. I'll be facing LOADS of laundry tomorrow from our trip and what we've used since home. Dad's up and down. Being really awful. Hospital called this evening and wanted me to talk to him, to try and calm him down. He says they're holding him hostage against his will. I think I was able to settle him a bit. They're planning to move him to a nursing home for some physical therapy. He'll be able to stay there 100 days as long as he's making progress. He's been made aware that he's going to a place to help him get stronger. It's very difficult dealing with someone you love who's going through such dementia. Hostility, distrust, confusion and probably fear. Lord Jesus...have mercy on a soul that's being tortured by ill-health...amen.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Naw Miki, moving is so slow when you are old and all alone. I had errands planed for today but didn't get many of them done. I think everything is closing down. The Lube Stop close to me is closed. So I went to another one about 10 miles away. It was good because the last K-Mart in my area is just up the street from Lube Stop. Got to the Lube Stop and its gone too. There is a different brand in there but I went in to get my oil changed anyway. They are lousy.They didn't check anything except what was under the hood and the air in the tires. Lube Stop oiled your doors, checked all of your lights and would change them etc. They also did E-checks. Bummer. After that I went less a mile up to K-Mart. They always carry a brand of shorts each summer that I love. Thin-ish denim and around $6.00 each. Well guess what? That K-Mart is closed down too. I only know of one other K-Mart about 20 miles from me in another county. It's by Hobby Lobby and I've been wanting to go there anyway so I'll try them tomorrow. I don't even know if that K-Mart is even still open. So, because I had to wait so long to get in the bay to get the oil changed and was on the other side of town, I didn't get my Jeep E-checked, new tags for the Jeep, trash recycled or shorts. I also wanted to get a ball hitch installed on it from U-Haul. Wonder if I need an appointment to get a hitch put on? Tomorrow is another day but its supposed to rain all day with storms.
  6. @Annarchy How's your head feeling? I'm just getting back here after taking a break. Went to Church yesterday (no evening service). Five minutes into service I got a bad earache (usually sinus). Came home after and rested a little. A friend gave me a dozen oysters, so I fried them up and made some oven bbq chicken and a green bean salad. Boy were those oysters good! Room mate made lasagna (3 pans) for DH and him, so they are working on that. Today is laundry day and will be raking up the garden again after Friday's flooding (again). I'll finally plant tomorrow or Wednesday and then more rain Thursday, but hopefully not as much or fast. Peanut will get a bath either today or tomorrow as she's smelling a little like a hamster. Not much else going on. Will be glad to finally get garden going! Will you be getting moved soon, Jeepers? Time goes so fast, doesn't it?
  7. Hope everyone had a glorious Resurrection day, yesterday. Most of our family is still living in the same state, so we only put on about 350 miles yesterday. Mom was exhausted at the end but seemed happy and content to see great and great-grandchildren. I keep saying each year that it will be her last, but she keeps plugging on. We will be moving Mom on Friday to a little less independent retirement complex. I doubt if she will use all the activities they provide but she will be with friends from her church. We've been packing her for weeks, and she has about 2/3 more than the apartment will hold. I keep telling her that a train wreck is coming, but she waves me off and doesn't think about it. She has little concept of time and space anymore. Makes me want to have another auction at our place so we can start over. We've done it before and I find it refreshing after dealing with others who can barely walk among their stuff. It's definitely an american thing.
  8. Midnightmom

    Windows 7

    This just came up in my FB feed...
  9. Last week
  10. Have a safe and uneventful trip, Annarchy. WE2....so sorry you all are having an deluge of difficulties. Bet you felt like you were trying to be in three places at once. Know the feeling when my folks have issues. Good thing MrWE2 is so experienced with repair/installation. We'd be waiting on "someone" to come and do the job. All your prepper adaptions made life doable tho! Hope the situation for your dad is resolved....the heart and dementia. We're getting to know that one here too. So very sad and distressing! Sunny.....cloudy....sunny ....the usual. Some parts might get rain/sleet/snow. Might be us or might not. Springtime in the Rockies. MtRider Happy Easter everyone.
  11. Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Day! Good Morning, It’s time to re-pack & head home. The weather forecast seemed fair, mid 50’s to start, 90’s by the afternoon, with minimal winds. Hoping everyone has a Blessed day!
  12. Lol WE2, sounds like DH’s comment, “...did you stop & get a burger on the way home....”. I figured we got the “art” part of the Culinary Arts Department. Sorry about your Dad & the water heater issue. Fine tuned MIL’s sprinkles and trimmed the hedges in the front of her house. Then, worked on trimming all the frost damage off her lantana in the flower beds. Removed and transplanted a bunch of the over growing aloe vera. Hid most of the sprinkler hoses, pulled some weeds before having to quit because I couldn’t get any more into her roll off dumpster bin. We went to the store, got her a bunch of supplies and DH’s sausage, that we can only find here. Dinner was What-a-Burger and we ended the day watching news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Live PD. Tomorrow I head home...time to get some sleep 🛏 💤
  13. Something like this? https://www.google.com/search?q=pyrex+ounce+measuring+cups&tbm=isch&source=univ&hl=en-us&client=safari&fir=k17_1HjuMMklrM%3A%2CAz-dCf89lWP1aM%2C_%3B5DDL5rs2x0RSpM%3A%2CCHckbw-bm7e5NM%2C_%3BHeEjgr-PXOLcDM%3A%2C21bdp65YHuG3SM%2C_%3BToTK_9BCUigHEM%3A%2CbhXgW7MXH-8jtM%2C_%3BVL-Zh8GQkqOfCM%3A%2C4-fFgbgoltIJnM%2C_%3BsYYa2-xf4nykfM%3A%2C1zPQb2rAm9T3SM%2C_%3B2UgRroymBiVDZM%3A%2CR8_thMSIqnXFtM%2C_%3BeM00fs83yQ5LiM%3A%2Ci5ViiQKTKYPDDM%2C_%3BfVaj2Al40zIFxM%3A%2CoI1L-j4TlvRCkM%2C_%3B-MzJGL6lbR3jbM%3A%2CqJ5FK4Wq6ImBlM%2C_&usg=AI4_-kQHKiIJ2OQ5APs0bJIVkoLEOVbL_g&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjDxaDsq-DhAhXhMXwKHWeiD3QQ7Al6BAgLEAI&biw=768&bih=985#imgrc=ba7UhtzPuuPeBM Here’s another one: https://www.vermontcountrystore.com/mini-measuring-glass-with-double-spout-set-of-2/product/75762?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid search&utm_campaign=pla&sourceid=7SPFGPLA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxP--36zg4QIVhKDsCh0gXAiXEAQYBCABEgL6aPD_BwE Target also carries 2 oz & 8 oz clear measuring cups.
  14. Playing catch up. The day we were loading the TT to leave for some R&R I walked in the house and heard water. Drated water heater was leaking from around the controls! Called hubby and he turned around and came back home. Turned off water...and continued on our business! Truly enjoy the couple of days "away" from all the stress around here...but when we got into cell phone reception got a text that my dad was in hospital, not doing good. Just grabbed our absolutes from the TT and left the frig on propane/gas and headed to the hospital. He was having a major heart attack and pneumonia was trying to set in. Doc said "he'll get better or he won't"...we're doing everything we can. Dad has 5 stints and a pace maker...and the pain was so bad they were giving him morph. Got a call Thurs. about midnight from hospital (my stepmum lives an hour away from this hospital) so off we went again...and stayed until 3 or so. Then back up Friday afternoon and brothers were there so we only stayed about 30 minutes. He was doing very well! Needed to get started unloading our TT and go looking for a new water heater. Golly those things are pricey! Ouch to the credit card :-( Today he was very much improved according to step mum, even had his lunch in the recliner, but he's being terrible to step mum, accusing her of all kinds of things. He's really not entitled to treat her that way even if he's mixed up and has dementia! He's really too much for her to handle, and should be in a care facility...and I told her so. Told her today we wouldn't be up there at all, just HAD to get this water heater hooked up...and we did. The kitchen is a total disaster...the water heater sits in a corner behind a lattice work folding panel. The microwave cabinet is in the middle of the room, the dishwasher is in front of one side of my sink, the frig is almost blocking the door to the LR...can you imagine!? BUT I've again got water and hot water. Didn't have any water all day and have been heating water in my t-pots to wash dishes and took our showers via garden sprayer (heated water of course), so it will feel good to take a LONG hot shower! Including a picture that I took out the front of our TT...so relaxing! The couple we camped with were a hoot! They had us over for hamburgers (I snuck a picture of the host dishing them up for us!) the first night and then we played a game called "Washer Toss" two nights and really enjoyed it. Hubby's going to make us a set, we so enjoyed it.
  15. Yes...I figured that out when others used the term 'fluid'..... MtRider
  16. I see I was not clear again. 'fluid' ounces. The 'fluid' is understood, and dropped in a lot of tables and recipes. Sorry, Sarah
  17. The asparagus in the store looks pretty. I might have bought 3 bundles. And they'll probably all be gone by...Tuesday.
  18. Sounds like bar measurements might be your solution. https://drinks.seriouseats.com/2011/06/cocktail-101-measuring-utensils-jiggers-cups.html Follow the link for more info.
  19. 3 tsp = ONE Tbsp Most shot glasses are 1 oz (unless it's a "jigger." I have no idea what the measurement is in a jigger.) The chart above (with the milk bottles in it) says that 2 Tbs = 1 fluid oz
  20. It is a great cause, Mt_Rider, helping the community as many ways as we can. The young lady that received last years scholarship, was there & introduced this years outstanding academic student who received it. I don’t know why, but this time at our meeting, I was acutely aware of the age of our group. At least half, if not more, are over 80, several are in their 90’s. I can’t help but hope, when I get to their age, I will be as active and alert. They are a great group of Ladies. Installed all the hoses and sprinklers, yesterday. Forgot to screw one together tightly & got soaked tightening it down, stood up from adjusting another, while watching where my feet were, smacked my head squarely into a large tree branch. I saw stars and fell flat on my back. I bet it would have made a hilarious YouTube video. I sorta quit for the day after that. Today, it’s fine tuning the sprinklers, hedge and frost damage trimming to do. Then, I need to get a couple of supplies. Time to get at it....
  21. I measure level .....cuz I was in 4H for most of my childhood. Never took the "required" Home Ec cuz I had all that to the "enth degree"! Question, Sarah. Isn't "ounces" a measurement of weight and not volume? And therefore an ounce of feathers and an ounce of gold would have different volume....different sizes to contain them. MtRider
  22. I've had one freeze up on me a while back. Turned it off and back on, same issue. I just left it on the charger overnight, and when I went back to it the next morning, it acted like it had never had any issues. Yes, TheCG, I've found that to be a magic 'cure' too. Turned my laptop off X4 recently. [it's getting fouled up] ....but my problem was I only THOT I was turning the Kindle off. I'm not as used to devices as the average 3rd grader. So now I'll make sure to turn it off each night. It had a few updates when I turned it back on the first time. Bottom line with all these electronic devices: They're great until they aren't.....and.....They Cheat! {not gonna mention "Operator Error"} Pssst, Jeepers. "Waking up" means it's been in sleep mode, not OFF. {I think} I've only turned it OFF once now. Threw. An. Iguana? What kind of shock would that be? Can you even IMAGINE how nuts folks would be in a Post-Hooey world if they're that nuts now???? At least the iguana is getting medial care and hopefully a new home! Annarchy, your main course looks goof but the salad looks like lunch for a 3 yr old. Something related to an artist's palette rather than food tasting palate. [yes I had to look up how to spell each of those! hee hee ] Well, it was for a good cause and was greatly appreciated. MtRider
  23. Mt_Rider

    Windows 7

    Good to hear, Sarah. I transitioned from WIN7 to WIN10 3 yrs ago and didn't notice too much, as I recall. A few differences but not much....and with MS, my brain does NOT like changes. MtRider
  24. Spent the morning with the tech support of our web site. They upgraded Apache, which broke some page displays. Hello India! Ended up doing a very dirty cheat in htaccess.
  25. All of ours have status leds. Green/Yellow/Red. Reset on yellow.
  26. Sarah

    Windows 7

    No, not perfect, but I am not 'butt scooting' any more. Thanks for thinking of me.
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