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  1. got snowmom's, midnightmom's, and mommato3boys today Thanks everyone they are neat. also love the 3d card mommato3boys sent so cool. was a great way to spend the 15 minutes i took for lunch in between package deliveries at the P.O. today
  2. actually there are some postal workers working they are delivering packages only however no first class or flats.
  3. mine will be going out on monday sorry to be the tail end of shippers work has beat me lately tis the season of online shopping and packages in the mail
  4. Carol ( Snowmom ) I am so sorry I didn't see this earlier, I am so sorry that you have lost Gary (Old Pine ) for a time and that he was in so much pain at the end will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you start on the journey of widowhood and join a "club" that none of us want to join even though it is a part of life and graduating on to live with our Lord. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. sending gentle hugs of comfort
  5. windmorn got your cutie yesterday thank you
  6. snowmom got your little lovely ornament in today it is darling thank you
  7. mine went out today, have received from snapshotmiki, mommato3boys, and annarchy. love them all
  8. I am in this year missed it last year
  9. Thank you Annarchy and Darlene for all you do for us and this site
  10. i will get an extra $4.00 on my survivors check lets not spend it all in one place
  11. Mt rider you should be getting it soon it is dropping down from Northern Utah to more central now and heading into Colorado as the night continues hope you are all bundled up and stay warm
  12. received midnightmom's today love it and all the love sprinkles included with it
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