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  1. mamacat


    Little break here for a week then back at it until I complete my class on Nov 14th. Relaxing with coffee and kitties this morning and had to check in and say hello!
  2. mamacat

    Life time supply of food

    Excellent thread... need more preps for my fur babies for certain, I'd be sharing my food with them, not good, it should be the other way around if desperation hits!
  3. mamacat


    Back active soon... have too many classes and dance ops going on right now. Be safe and well all, I've been lurking.
  4. mamacat

    Flax Seed?

    Super stuff for helping offset menopausal symptoms naturally. In addition to the Omega 3's it flax seed contains plant estrogrens.
  5. mamacat

    Article on Women Choosing a Fire Arm

    Nice pick! Congrats on your first pistol!
  6. mamacat

    Getting our First Gun

    I don't have kids, but here are my two suggestions. First - carry. I carry at home, so for me that's a natural solution. Someone comes in my house, I'm prepared to defend, I don't have to run for a gun that I've locked up somewhere. My carry weapon is intended to give me time to get to my heavier weapons should I need them. Second - and this could be either a full time solution, or one that fits when you can't carry. A springloaded finger keylock safe. I have a little GunVault that can pop its door open in about a nanosecond. It is interior lighted and I can put both a 9mm (Glock or Sig) and a snub nose revolver in it. Here's a link http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/GNS701-1.html Cool thing about these is that you can be shaking like a leaf with terror and still open them, I would challenge you to do that with a traditional combo lock or even a key. It can be bolted down so that it would be very hard to carry off. I have a friend who drilled right through her kitchen countertop so that it's handy for her where she spends most of her time at home. Mine is right next to my bed, so that I can open it quickly at night, and store my handguns during the day. (I work for the feds so can't carry at work).
  7. mamacat

    BOB for pets

    hence the pillow cases. I have put a seizing cat in a pillow case and tied it down tight, and been able to carry it to the vet without it injuring itself like it would in a cage. Inexpensive ones are more loosely woven and make for better breathing. RIP my beloved Odo... my epileptic cat who stole my heart but died from his frailty... he seizured reguarly and it got to be more than his poor body could stand (years have passed).
  8. mamacat

    Article on Women Choosing a Fire Arm

    1911 I don't own one but grew up shooting one.
  9. mamacat

    "Advanced" pistol shooting

    I do practice with snap caps in my pistols at home. And I do rapid fire with magazine absent... I wanted to try this with live ammo and got my butt kicked! :frying pan:
  10. mamacat

    "Advanced" pistol shooting

    So tonight I completed the first in a series of classes I have committed to... and am just exhausted. Two hours of loading, unloading, firing and rotating through 22, 38 (DA and SA), 9mm, 357 mag and 45. The shooting wasn't hard, just targets at 3 yards, but speed loading the revolvers and quick changing magazines was surprisingly strenuous after just 45 minutes. Humbling experience to fumble loading after all these years. And really humiliating to have stovepipes for the first time in ages. The only saving face was that all three of us in the class faced all the same issues. Wow am I going to be sore tomorrow.
  11. mamacat

    My Sister's Trials

    Sending healing energy, concern and waves of love.
  12. mamacat

    Miles for Sept 5-11

    How many miles do I get for teaching belly dance 6 hours a week?
  13. mamacat

    Using a juicer to make tomato juice

    I make tomato juice in my Champion with very similar results. I also throw cukes in sometimes. Stir some of the pulp back in if you want thicker (like a tomato smoothie).

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