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  1. North Korea

    So scary to even think about.... No one has basements here. Our plan would be to get to the University (5 min drive) to one of the concrete buildings into a lower level. However....a whole lot of other people would be trying to get there too. A whole lot...like thousands... Plus....how would we get my 82 yo mom who is in an assisted living facility a 10 minute drive on the other side of town there? Especially since she really can only get around by a scooter now.... Don’t even want to think about this but it’s always in your face every time you turn on the tv or computer....
  2. I would double bag them before putting them in your can.
  3. Time to start working on the garden

    I did that and rubbed my eye. Never did that again....
  4. Thanksgiving plans?

    We will have about 13 folks at my home this year. Menu is turkey, ham, a vegetarian meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli apple salad, corn, yams with marshmallows, cranberry sauce, a couple of types of rolls, sweet potato pie..... I love cooking for the holidays! And the best part? Our new place has.....drumroll please....a dishwasher!!!! First time since I was a kid I’ve lived in a house with one......
  5. Quick update

  6. Amazon Key

    Not now! Not ever! I get stuff delivered all the time and have never had anything stolen. But if I was concerned I would use Amazon locker. They have several in my area.
  7. Back after a LONG hiatus....

    Hi Joyfilled! I remember you! And hi to Pixie and MomM!
  8. New Zealand Spinach Seeds

    Andrea I would love some!
  9. Getting Older Day by Day

    Dee! Yes...I just can’t do everything I used to do. Makes me a little sad...but that’s life, right? Hi Mother! So nice to hear from you! It is definitely a different sort of prepping as getting older has hit. I’m still working full time (hope to be able to retire in a few years). It takes a LOT of my energy. I only have a very small garden now (get most of my produce from the local farmers market)....but I have the knowledge. I don’t can as much...but I have the knowledge. I gave up my chickens a year ago. I either buy eggs from a friend who has chickens or trade something with the numerous folks here that have them. I miss the chickens....but not the work involved with their care. I do still keep a good sized pantry.
  10. It's been a while

  11. Need lots of prayers


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