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  1. Last frost date/seed starting question

    And sometimes it’s hit or miss. Our frost dates are mid February. But we just had frost two days ago.
  2. Urban Farmer tv show

    I have Netflix and I don’t see it listed.
  3. Pacemaker Needed

    Yay! So glad that everything went well.
  4. Busy, busy, busy...

    Well...I’ll admit I really like FB...although I have zero family attached to it...and have only a few friends (most are Mrs. S people). I use it as an informational source because I don’t often watch the news on tv. I “follow” certain pages because they post about stuff I just don’t have time to research anymore. Some are prepper related, some are hobby related, some are about food, etc. I see it as a continuous sort of....library online. When it comes to reviving the site I don’t know what the solution could be. We are facing a similar situation at my work. Myself and three other teachers have worked at our small public preschool for many years...there are now new aides and a new director...all of whom are younger than my own kids. It was almost awkward at first because of the big age differences...but over the past two years things are slowly working out. I kind of see it as a changing of the guard. We are passing on the history of our center (which has been around over 40 years), giving the new teachers classroom ideas and ideas on how we handled certain situations in the past because those types of situations will crop up year after year. It seems the majority of the folks who post have been around here for years. We need to figure out how to pass on the wealth of information that’s on this site. I know there are younger people out there looking for it because I see them asking questions on “prepper related “ FB pages. I have referred a few people this way and often will post the main page info on my Pinterest page so it rolls across my feed. I like the idea of the Without Warning in its own space....they have been the one thing on here that’s gotten me thinking outside the box. Also, people seem to be always looking for prepper related stories to read. I wish there was a way to make the wonderful prepper fiction more accessible.....
  5. Grey Cat Garth

    Wow Amber! You have pillars! It looks beautiful.
  6. https://www.readygardens.com/how-to-grow-vegetables-year-round-in-container-gardens/
  7. Grey Cat Garth

    I’m excited to listen in on your exciting adventure!
  8. Flu 2018

    Any brand names for these?
  9. AFTER THE CRASH (SUGAR, not auto)

    Glad you're ok! Thanks for the food for thought...
  10. It's been a LONG time!

  11. It's been a LONG time!

    So goodbye to have you back!
  12. Hello - I'm back after a break

  13. North Korea

    So scary to even think about.... No one has basements here. Our plan would be to get to the University (5 min drive) to one of the concrete buildings into a lower level. However....a whole lot of other people would be trying to get there too. A whole lot...like thousands... Plus....how would we get my 82 yo mom who is in an assisted living facility a 10 minute drive on the other side of town there? Especially since she really can only get around by a scooter now.... Don’t even want to think about this but it’s always in your face every time you turn on the tv or computer....
  14. I would double bag them before putting them in your can.
  15. Time to start working on the garden

    I did that and rubbed my eye. Never did that again....

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