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  1. dogmom4

    Happy Birthday To Jeepers!

    Belated happy birthday!!!!
  2. I got these lists years ago. They have been super helpful!
  3. dogmom4

    Venezuelan Blogger

    Are you thinking of Ferfal? I think he was from that area.
  4. dogmom4


    Hey folks! I am off for the summer. All I can say is hallelujah. As each year passes I look forward to summer more and more. I like what I do...but I’m going to be 58 next month and while the spirit is willing this body of mine is seriously having a hard time keeping up. It’s nice reading what everyone has been doing. Mt Rider, I also get my readers at the dollar store and at Michael’s of all places. Fingers crossed, I haven’t fallen in a long time, lol. Speedy recovery to everyone that can’t seem to stay vertical. This is the first summer that no one has a broken bone, getting a kidney transplant or eye surgery, or moving. I just want to relax and hang out my garden. Most of my garden is containers this year. I am already harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. I planted a grape vine when we first moved in here and it’s really doing well but we probably won’t see anything to harvest until next year. I have raspberries but we probably won’t be seeing anything from them until next year as well. Cucumbers should be happening soon and some squash as well. Now that summers here and I have more time I may be trying for a few more things. we’ll see. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with bobcat or bears or any major creature like that. Only issue I have is squirrels and possums....and relatively annoying neighbors. Oh well, can’t all be good. Momo, so sorry to hear about your hubby.
  5. dogmom4


    Hi Amarantha!
  6. dogmom4

    Live Stream

    Volcanos are pretty amazing.
  7. dogmom4

    Mixing chicks

    Hey pinetree! So what did you end up doing?
  8. dogmom4

    Lastest Update 04/24/18

    Snapshotmiki I don’t see your picture...only words. (On my iPad)
  9. dogmom4

    Happy Birthday........................

    Happy belated birthday!! 🎁 🎂
  10. dogmom4

    Long time away

    How did your test go?
  11. dogmom4

    Prepared for ....spewing lava?

    So glad your family is on the other island.
  12. dogmom4

    Prayers needed

    Great news!
  13. dogmom4

    Last frost date/seed starting question

    And sometimes it’s hit or miss. Our frost dates are mid February. But we just had frost two days ago.
  14. dogmom4

    Urban Farmer tv show

    I have Netflix and I don’t see it listed.
  15. dogmom4

    Pacemaker Needed

    Yay! So glad that everything went well.

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