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  1. Bumping this up because I’m going to try this recipe.
  2. dogmom4

    Pepper jelly recipe

    Twilight, I am already doing salsa Fresca with the tomatoes and peppers from my own garden. I’ve been dehydrating and have put some in the freezer. This morning a friend offered me a watermelon from her garden so I’m passing on some tomatoes and peppers on to her. This is the season that everything ripens all at the same time (or so it seems). When I was younger I could keep up with it...now it’s harder.
  3. dogmom4

    Pepper jelly recipe

    I used to be pretty good at searching the forum but I can’t seem to bring up a recipe for pepper jelly. Anyone care to post a favorite? I was gifted with peppers and tomatoes and I need to do something with them.
  4. dogmom4


    Dehydrated zucchini and peppers from my garden and now dehydrating tomatoes from my garden. Not a lot...but I grew them... 😁
  5. dogmom4

    Being Prepared With PDF's

    Wow! Lots of good information!
  6. dogmom4

    Old Pine

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Praying for your family. 😞
  7. dogmom4

    Container Gardening

    I haven’t been able to get out and pick anything up for the past three days so this is a little bit bigger harvest. This is only from my small yard. It can be done!
  8. dogmom4

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    Jeepers, have you moved into your new place yet?
  9. dogmom4

    The Carr Fire

    The news said it’s now 43% contained but we have been getting falling ash from it for the past two days....and we’re over a hundred miles from it. This a picture of my car which was under the carport. It’s really nasty stuff...the air has literally been brown for several days and there is ash coating all of our patio furniture. I’ve been having bad headaches if I’m out in too long.
  10. dogmom4

    Container Gardening

    I like his videos. He’s very clear and detailed.
  11. dogmom4

    ice-cube trays with covers

    Amazon has a bunch of different kinds. https://www.amazon.com/Trays-Silicone-Release-Flexible-Reusable/dp/B07DZHF6V2/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1533082169&sr=8-4&keywords=ice+cube+tray+covers
  12. dogmom4

    The Carr Fire

    I am just so sad over this.... https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/carr-fire-aunt-confirms-2-children-great-grandmother-killed-in-wildfire/578286354
  13. dogmom4

    Container Gardening

    I am however blessed to live in an area with people who have abundant gardens and give their produce away. I was gifted this today...
  14. dogmom4

    Container Gardening

    Here is my garden so far. I’m moving plants out of black plastic pots and into grow bags because the roots are just getting baked by the heat. I do have one small raised bed and because of it I’m overflowing with zucchini. I’m working on soil amendments because plants in pots are definitely not as ‘full’ as ones that are planted in the ground....and the harvests are not as great either.
  15. dogmom4

    The Carr Fire

    She marked herself as safe 11 hours ago on Facebook. Redding is 150 miles from me and we started getting the smoky haze yesterday from the fire. Two firefighters have now died and the videos of the fire and the aftermath are both terrifying and so sad.

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