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  1. Thank you for doing that Ann!
  2. Ambergris and Zzelle where did you get the Disney princess pics for your profile pic?
  3. Hi folks! My store is having a good sale on pork ribs and I’d like to try to can them. This will be a first for me so what I’m looking for is a recipe with all of the how to’s from start to finish on canning them. I googled it but am only getting one for beef ribs and I’m not sure if you do it the same way. Anyone have a good one?
  4. Hey! Good to hear from you again!
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  6. I use an iPad and see it all.
  7. Free today. Companion Gardening: The Essential Companion Planting Guide for Beginners ~ Companion Gardening for Plants, Vegetables, and HerbsKindle Edition https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016NTKRQ8/keywords=companion+gardening
  8. So glad you’re back Deb. It sounds like life has been challenging. Praying that everything goes well with granddaughter and new grand baby.
  9. You can also use black beans to replace the flour in making brownies. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/black-bean-brownies/
  10. We do have the N95 masks. I’m just staying in as much as possible. I’m not worried about the fire itself...we’re almost a hundred miles away. It’s just crazy how something that far away can impact you.
  11. We are getting impacted from all of the smoke from the fire. They are finally closing down the schools in my district for tomorrow because it supposed to be worse. The UC and State colleges have been closed down all week. Our air quality is almost 300 today... that’s considered a hazardous range. I changed the air filter in our house and could not believe how filthy it was....
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