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  1. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    I suppose the amount of commercial bonemeal is going to vary a bit depending on brand. Here’s a site I just found that looks pretty decent. It discusses how to balance calcium and phosphorus. Homemade Dog Food Nutrition
  2. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    For calcium, you can also use eggshells. Bake them until dried and then grind them. Feed at a ratio of 1 teaspoon per pound of meat. That is not the same as bonemeal. Bonemeal is better as it is more than just calcium. But in a pinch eggshells are better than nothing.
  3. Cowgirl


    That looks like a good stew for dogs. What do you do for calcium? Raw bones? Add bone meal?
  4. Cowgirl


    Yesterday was clean out the fridge day. I go through and remove anything that is too old for human food, but try to catch it before it reaches that science experiment stage. I chop it all up and put it into a stock pot with a little water to simmer. Then I put it in quart containers and have chicken food. It is mostly veggies and fruits. To this, daily, I add stale bread, scrapings from plates, bits from cooking, etc. The birds also get some commercial feed. But the homemade food from scraps really cuts down on feed costs, and it assures that we have no food waste. Any leftover chicken goes into the dog food. I strip the carcass of meat and make a bone broth for them that goes over kibbles. I used to make their food completely but got away from that. 4 German Shepherds eat a lot! I need to get back to making dog food as it is healthier for them.
  5. Cowgirl


    Harvest is in overdrive due to an imminent hard freeze, and I am trying to finish it all up. We got the apples put up last week. Today I got a 5 gallon bucket full of Maypop fruits. The vines are just 2 years old and are producing like crazy. I will probably dole those out to the chickens over time. Having a short break, then I will bring in the balance of the raspberries. I am thinking a raspberry clafoutis tonight. Mmmmm. The fridge is packed full of tomatoes. The vines have been cranking out tomatoes for months. I need to move my potted herbs. My Cuban oregano is already inside as it doesn’t like it when nights get into the 40’s. But the others are going to need to come in now.
  6. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    We went from needing the air conditioning to needing the furnace within 2 days. Bizarre weather. I hate climate change. But fall is finally in the air. Yippee! Our orchard is still very young. This is the first year we got enough apples to call a harvest. It was modest, but something to celebrate. Our little trees were bowing from the weight of the fruit. We have been eating apples and I turned about 6 pounds of the apples into 14 half pints of apple butter. That will take us through about 1 year of eating plus a couple for gifts. It turned out sooo good. I saved the apple scraps from that project for chicken food. I froze it in small batches to be doled out to the birds over time. They love it.
  7. Cowgirl

    Home routers being hacked by Russians

    Our router is password protected. I unplugged the router and rebooted when that warning first came out. Most of my neighbors have password protected routers. But a few do not. Any miscreant could go right into their systems. What with computers and peripherals now wi-fi connected, it is very unwise to set up a home system with no password.
  8. Cowgirl

    Old Pine

  9. Cowgirl


    I love my French press too, @The WE2's - I got mine many years ago. Love it! It works during a power outage too, so I counted it as a prep when I got it. All I need is a fire to heat up water in my kettle and we are good to go. The flavor is amazing. The only thing is, I cannot grind my beans too fine or they end up in the brew. My press likes a coarser grind. But the flavor is amazing. *Best*coffee*ever!
  10. Cowgirl

    Free Online Database of Vintage Sewing Patterns

    Sad, how stupid people are.
  11. Cowgirl


    Oh Momo. You are both in my prayers.
  12. Cowgirl

    Best cell phone for low reception

    What I did at our last residence, where no cell company got decent reception was to first find out which company had the nearest tower. Though I could not get but 1 bar of signal with that company, 1 bar is better than none. Then I got a cell signal booster with outside antenna. This arrangement helped to bring what little reception we had outside to the inside of our home. This allowed communication via text message without going outside.
  13. Cowgirl


    Our youngest came for a brief visit, flying out to get her puppy. It is too hot to ship by air. We had a lovely respite from the heat and humidity for about a week, including during DD's visit. It was so nice. We had the A/C off and the windows open for a whole week! Now the heat and humidity are back. Today I wanted to hike down to the river along the bluff. We decided to do it this morning, before it got too hot. But it was still pretty warm. We had to stop for a breather on the way back up. Whew! Older DD is coming for a visit with the grandkids next week. They will be here about a week and will be taking home a puppy also. Hmm. I seem to think there's a connection here between puppies and kids visiting? Busy summer. Good times.
  14. Cowgirl


    I used a whole roll of bubble wrap for my last move. I agree the small book boxes are wonderful. If it would fit in a small box, I used one. It's just easier on older adults. Like the clothing idea. I stuffed every suitcase full. Everything gets wrinkled that way.
  15. Cowgirl

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    So, you can finish the 8×10 structure any way you want. This is just a really well fortified shell of a building. You can put in electric, benches, bunkbeds, storage, A/C, even a TV. You can put in a potty, screening, even walls For tornadoes, since the immediate threat does not last for hours, many people would not include restroom facilities. If I were to include a toilet, I would do a bucket in the corner (compost style). And if so, yes a privacy screen would be needed. For hurricanes, the immediate threat lasts for many hours. I presume people who buy them for that sort of storm would definitely want to include a toilet and screen.

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