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  1. With Some Warning - Short Straw

    Sorry no story, fighting a headache this morning. In addition to the BOB's I would want our bug-in preps. So the food, herbs, first aid, hygiene items, etc. would all go. Tools: all the hand tools. A few battery powered electric tools. The portable generator and gas cans. Ladder. All the screws, nails, and hardware. Now there's a reason for all that stuff. My instructions for making a faraday cage and my materials I gathered, and that project will move way up my priority list to complete! Garden tools, seeds, pots, seedling trays, and the old storm door for making a cold frame. The potted transplants that are presently awaiting our real life move. Horses and tack. Chickens. Goats. Feed bins, feeders, waterers, and trough.Grab fencing tools, the pile of extra posts I have been wondering why we kept. The spool of barbed wire that I fussed about when DH bought it - we have never used it, but after an emp our electric fencer would not work. The extra packs of fencing clips. I'd bring some furniture, but only what would fit after these essentials. Dishes and utensils. Cookware. Canner and supplies. Family photos. Dogs would ride in the fronts of the trucks with us. Gun safe and contents. We would use one U-Haul pulling our big stock trailer and we would use our truck pulling another of our trailers, a flat bed for building supplies. I figure we will need our own vehicles once we get there, at least for awhile. After that it might be horse power. See, I am not a packrat, I am prepared! Lol
  2. Unlabled aspartime added to milk

    Thank you for the excellent post, Jeepers. I submitted my comment to the fda.
  3. I apparently don't have the plug-in to see this, but from your comments, Arby, I think I would have to agree. The smart grid is coming, just like smart everything else. A person can either accept it or completely unplug.

    I drove 2-1/2 hours home last night through blowing snow that at times made it very difficult to see where the road was. I drove past what appeared to be a multivehicle crash, with more emergency response vehicles around it than I have ever seen. I drove past a couple smaller accidents. I was praying all the way home, that I make it safe and alive. No photos. I was gripping the steering wheel with both hands. I made it. Thank you God.
  5. Not sure where to post this, but I now mostly access forums via my Kindle (android powered version). Some forums are now mobile friendly. Some even have a tapatalk version, which allows reading and posting without constantly having to fiddle with the web screen, trying to see it. Is there a way to view this site on a mobile device easier?
  6. I bank at a local community bank. I never have done business with the giant conglomerate banks. Why would you even absent a policy like that? Why not keep your money in your community? There is a good middle ground between a MEGABANK and cash under your mattress.
  7. Two shots to the body and one to the head is standard police protocol. Even shotguns may not have sufficient stopping power. I know of a case where a homeowner shot the intruder 5 Times with a modified shotgun. The intruder kept coming until the fifth shot. All 5 shots hit him, but none were deadly. You could hear the homeowner shouting "stop!" between each shot on the 911 recording. The perp survived.
  8. FREE Kindle Books

    I just go to Amazon and search for "0.00" to find free books. I have found quite a few good ones but some are worth the price!
  9. The Hunt Is On

    We made it through the holidays! I just learned about a property that is promising - a little house on 3+ acres. I am trying to get in to see it this week. We had not planned to buy anything until our current place sold, but maybe we could swing this one. It is a foreclosure, and priced quite low. I have mixed feelings about buying a foreclosure. I have never been one to want to profit from another' s misfortune. But if this place could work for us, it could be a Godsend. Still, somebody lost the home and I imagine has shed many tears. I need to figure out if I can be OK with buying a foreclosure. Does that sound bizarre?
  10. Prepping in 2013

    2013 will be the year we get moved, I hope. That is the main goal I have for the year.
  11. granddaughters not getting well

    When I was a kid I got really sick. I had flu followed by a nasty cough that would not go away. I was sick for months. Our doctor ran tests and prescribed various medicines but nothing worked. Finally summer arrived and I was out in the sun all day every day. I got well. I know this is not the time of year for sun but maybe if the girls can get some fresh air and Sun it could help.
  12. Why you should carry a flashlight.

    DH gave me an led headlamp for my birthday. I carry it in my purse.
  13. How much food do you store?

    I have a book to record our supplies. Sadly, I have been very bad about keeping it up as things come in or get used now for about two years. So, while it was very accurate a couple of years ago, it is ..... completely worthless to me right now. I have a general idea of how much we have, but not a complete inventory of it any longer. Maybe as a prep for the next move, I'll inventory everything again. I feel bad, looking at my book and all the work that went into creating it - and then being to busy, tired, etc. to keep it updated. *sigh*

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