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  1. Cowgirl

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Bless her soul. I am so glad that your DH is getting to visit his mom. 💜
  2. Cowgirl

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Last night was Mexican casserole with sweet potato, broccoli and corn meal muffins. I make the casserole with leftover chicken and we get several meals out of it. Tonight will be salmon, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
  3. My iPad has 128GB. Yes it has a nice camera, and I use it some, though not as much as my phone camera. It easily transfers photos to my computer via my modem. I also store some online via Google and also on my blog at Ello, for the ones I use in my posts there. It does not have an SD card, but if you don’t have a computer you could use an external hard drive or flash drive with an adapter. I really like its ease of use, the available apps, and its versatility. Android tablets would also be worth exploring, although I don’t have the experience with one to make a recommendation.
  4. Glancing through this thread, I don’t see an answer. iPads come in different sizes and weights. I have a case for mine that is book-like, opening somewhat like the cover of a book. The nice thing about the case is that the front cover is a tri-fold stand for the iPad, and in landscape mode makes it like a small touchscreen laptop. Mine has plenty of internal storage so that I do not have to rely on the cloud. I like that it is not locked into one source for books. While I can read Kindle materials on it, I can also go to places like the Gutenberg Project for books, or the Apple store, or other places and get reading material. Years ago I had a Kindle Fire and it was much less versatile. I also like that I can use it as a small computer, much more so than the Kindle Fire I had. The Fire did not last very long before it died. Maybe 2 years if I recall correctly. This iPad is well made and going strong after several years.
  5. Cowgirl

    Got some news....with difficulties

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 💜
  6. Cowgirl


    Got a shipment of bread flour in and stored away. I am using quite a bit of it due to my sourdough obsession, so I decided to increase our storage of it, as we clearly didn’t have a one year supply at the rate I go through it! Also got the propane tank topped off - I always feel a *little* better prepared for whatever is coming when the tank is full. I wish we had a backup tank, or a bigger tank. Our present tank, when full, is not a one year supply. If TEOTWAWKI hits, we will have to alter our usage to make it stretch (one reason why I am working on alternate means of cooking and baking). Fuel is really one area where I still feel somewhat poorly prepped. We definitely need to work on this.
  7. Cowgirl


    Winter storm warning today - it is already slick out, the sky is leaden, and it feels like more is coming. We are stocked up, of course, and are watching old movies. I don’t know if we’ll get much precipitation, but if we do I think we’re pretty well set.
  8. Cowgirl

    Earthquake check-in

    It was bad. I have now heard from my various friends in Alaska, and none were injured. At least, due to the type of quake, there was no tsunami. I am glad I no longer live there. BUT, instead, I deal with tornadoes. We were unscathed, but some in my region are homeless. Many were injured. Many homes were destroyed. Still, having grown up with big storms and not with big quakes, I picked tornado country over earthquakes and volcanoes.
  9. Cowgirl

    Possible RA

    I hope whatever the diagnosis you find relief soon. A friend of mine has RA.
  10. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    I suppose the amount of commercial bonemeal is going to vary a bit depending on brand. Here’s a site I just found that looks pretty decent. It discusses how to balance calcium and phosphorus. Homemade Dog Food Nutrition
  11. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    For calcium, you can also use eggshells. Bake them until dried and then grind them. Feed at a ratio of 1 teaspoon per pound of meat. That is not the same as bonemeal. Bonemeal is better as it is more than just calcium. But in a pinch eggshells are better than nothing.
  12. Cowgirl


    That looks like a good stew for dogs. What do you do for calcium? Raw bones? Add bone meal?
  13. Cowgirl


    Yesterday was clean out the fridge day. I go through and remove anything that is too old for human food, but try to catch it before it reaches that science experiment stage. I chop it all up and put it into a stock pot with a little water to simmer. Then I put it in quart containers and have chicken food. It is mostly veggies and fruits. To this, daily, I add stale bread, scrapings from plates, bits from cooking, etc. The birds also get some commercial feed. But the homemade food from scraps really cuts down on feed costs, and it assures that we have no food waste. Any leftover chicken goes into the dog food. I strip the carcass of meat and make a bone broth for them that goes over kibbles. I used to make their food completely but got away from that. 4 German Shepherds eat a lot! I need to get back to making dog food as it is healthier for them.
  14. Cowgirl


    Harvest is in overdrive due to an imminent hard freeze, and I am trying to finish it all up. We got the apples put up last week. Today I got a 5 gallon bucket full of Maypop fruits. The vines are just 2 years old and are producing like crazy. I will probably dole those out to the chickens over time. Having a short break, then I will bring in the balance of the raspberries. I am thinking a raspberry clafoutis tonight. Mmmmm. The fridge is packed full of tomatoes. The vines have been cranking out tomatoes for months. I need to move my potted herbs. My Cuban oregano is already inside as it doesn’t like it when nights get into the 40’s. But the others are going to need to come in now.
  15. Cowgirl

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    We went from needing the air conditioning to needing the furnace within 2 days. Bizarre weather. I hate climate change. But fall is finally in the air. Yippee! Our orchard is still very young. This is the first year we got enough apples to call a harvest. It was modest, but something to celebrate. Our little trees were bowing from the weight of the fruit. We have been eating apples and I turned about 6 pounds of the apples into 14 half pints of apple butter. That will take us through about 1 year of eating plus a couple for gifts. It turned out sooo good. I saved the apple scraps from that project for chicken food. I froze it in small batches to be doled out to the birds over time. They love it.

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