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  1. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    Blessed beyond measure.
  2. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    Ambergris, the one in the striped shirt with his arm around his dad's shoulders and his little wife in the orange next to him. He's not my oldest, second to the oldest. 😊 My oldest is engaged. He's in the cabby hat.
  3. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    Hi Jeepers! ❤️ MtRider, second daughter is next to me almost hidden by youngest son. J is not in the military yet but that still may be a possibility in the future.
  4. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    The growing family.
  5. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

  6. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    We do! He's our gentle giant.
  7. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    Hi Ann! I'm so glad to 'see' you.
  8. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    Hello Hello! Cute cute grandson.
  9. Stephanie

    It's been way too long...

    This morning checking my emails I saw a notice from MrsS at a moment when I could come and check in and say hello. I'm officially passing out hugs to old friends and saying hello to new ones. Life is busy and seems to accelerate as the kids get older. They've grown up so much. Two oldest are engaged and married. The youngest is 12!! I'm enjoying my writing and blogging and now freelance article writer which gives me the opportunity to promote adoption and that is dear to my heart. How is everyone? How does this fabulous Friday morning find you? It finds me a bit tired after a very active week. I'm ready for a lovely weekend. #restrequired
  10. Stephanie

    **Larger Than Life Families**

    Glad to see this thread resurface. My family is still an #xlfamily and five of them have now outgrown me. They are 9-19 now and life nor appetites are slowing down. Rice, pasta, potatoes and biscuits/bread still a regular part of our life.
  11. Stephanie

    MrsS Get-Together 2014 - Date set!

    Big thank you for Madison knocking on my twitter door. Has anyone else had a crazy busy summer? Oh my!!! I've been meaning to check and put it off until I had time. Well, there is no time it seems so I just stopped and did it anyway. I am so glad this is happening again. I hope we can make it as it is always a pleasure to see my dear friends and Darlene is so very gracious to open her home up to us! I will have to do some schedule finagling and see what we can do. Much love!
  12. Throughout December I've been focusing on PEACE scriptures so that during what can be a stressful season I would be able to Hold my #peace & Avoid the #peacethieves Too many times we are expected to compromise the peace of our hearts and homes to satiate the peace-thieves (aka. hope-grabbers, joy-stealers). Click the link below for the full article. Praying that peace reigns, perfect peace, that only comes from the Lord. https://stephanierodda.wordpress.com/
  13. Stephanie

    Can you BELIEVE this?

    That's my first thought too - surely satire. Hopefully.
  14. Stephanie

    Under Siege

    Twilight, I am praying for you today for a reprieve from the siege. Much love.
  15. I can see you've put a lot of thought and time into your post, sharing your opinions. I'm hard-pressed for time and can't reply fully. But, a few things stood out. It is a common reference to the Christian person to say 'our blessed hope' (another way of saying great hope, I think) and that is usually said when discussing eternal life. That hope that this is not all there is, especially when facing death. That is tied very closely with the resurrection of Jesus of course. I don't think you could separate them even if you wanted to. So, with that understanding, I agree with what I understand Billy Graham to be saying. Also, as to Christ defeating evil, He has, He is and He will continue to do so. I believe what was being implied in the quote you kited was FINAL defeat. So, once again, I agree with what I understand Billy Grahm to be saying. As I said, I don't have time for a complete reply, and I am sure others have comments as well. That's just a bit to consider.

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