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  1. DH in hospital

    Ack.. (((((Momo))))) We just went thru that with DH last July. Yes, especially with multiple clots, they get the blood thinning agents into them quickly. It happens way too often up here in very high altitude. DH was put on Xeralto {sp} which is supposed to be the best at clots. But also EXPENSIVE. Yet you can apply to the company directly to be exempted from any co-pay. [our co-pay would have been $420/2wks.] Sometimes you can get a one-time coupon to not pay co-pay ....and then get on the exemption. Warefrin (sp) or Cumodin (sp) are other blood thinners and MUCH cheaper but require REGULAR blood work to see if ......something bad is happening. Sorry, no details on that have stuck in my mind. Both my DD1 and my mom are on those. I don't think they do surgery...cuz the danged clot could slip. I think it's all chemical these days. DH is not that old and yet this incident has hit him like a sack of cement!!!! Very low energy....lack of O2 will do that to you, especially up in this low oxygen altitude. We're always a little short of O2 up here. Hopefully, your dh will rebound better at lower than 9,000'. DH noticed he was better even dropping 1,000' in altitude. Takes months for them to say you're totally clear/healed. DH is still not back to normal energy tho. It's very serious BUT ..... Momo, be so grateful that the durned clot went to lung and not brain/heart. YESSSSS.... these stubborn guys don't like to go in but the PAIN DH was experiencing was so severe that even HE didn't have much choice....thank You, God! MtRider ..... definitely praying for Momo and her dh

    I've been using a 10x20' dog kennel since Oct, WE2. For temporary storage, not for a greenhouse but I've certainly been eyeing it for greenhouse. This is what I've learned: 1-- It will certainy keep out the large animals like deer...[except where plants might be growing too close to the chainlink sides- but having a clear plastic skin would solve that]. We used that area one year to protect our experiment in stray/hay bale gardening. In Oct of that year, we got puppy Koa and she had the best time learning to leap onto those bales and play with them in what was then her play pen. 2-- I think I'd used some extra chicken wire around the bottom ...for rabbits. 3 -- in my area, nothing will keep out the chippies, tunneling varmints, or voles.... 4-- The most important part is the roof lines. Make sure if there is a huge amount of rain [or snow...which has been the bane of my winter] ...that no LOW SPOTS can develop. In the case of Conestoga Wagon hoops...you'd just have to see after some rain, if you have them tight enough to roll those pounds of HEAVY water off. If water finds/forms a low spot, shove the water puddle off by pushing cover material upwards from the INSIDE with the straw end of brooms.... Be careful ...can give you bad neck strain! Then redesign to eleminate the low spot. With MrWE2...he'd likely engineer this correctly but lotta other folks read this too.... 5-- The chain link makes it easy to add or take off extra side tarp(s) for blocking wind/cold on chilly days/nites. 6-- Yes definitely pad the top of the chainlink to protect tarp or plastic sheeting from the wires. I cut WIDE strips off the inside pad of a waveless waterbed. [I keep EVERYthign to reuse!!] It's worked very well all winter with tornadic WINDS shifting that tarp UP AND DOWN till I thot the whole thing was gonna take off and blow away. I missed one piece of wire and sure enough, it cut a tear so go around and check for a week or so....making sure you didn't miss something. Mine was a very used dog kennel and had more oddities than new would have. 7--WIND.... Honestly, we locked windward side down with a 4' length of iron I-beam. If wind gets under it...it will LIFT OFF without an anchor..at least in our valley. Also, I used a lot of bungie cords to let the tarps I'm using have a bit of 'give' with the wind. 8-- Dog kennels are VERY interesting. They could be quickly dismantled and transported....if one would have to BugOut. Decent size with head room [if you're short] for "expedient" portable shelter for stuff, animals, or ourselves. I keep the correct size wrench attached to the kennel....in case of Bug Out or EVAC. If I could possibly bring it, I certainly would try. WE2....let me know how the Conestoga Wagon top works out. With a narrow structure, that would probably be lots easier than my 10x20'. MtRider
  3. Pacemaker Needed

    Aiyiyi, Midnight! I sure do hope this ends this saga and all will be well!!! MtRider
  4. Prayers needed

    So...this is the same company but a different position? Different boss? With your dh's situation, insurance is vital! MtRider for all to go smoothly....
  5. Free US States Coloring pages

    Some interesting things to print. My mom has gotten into coloring and needs new materials. Some of the things she does are amazing with the glitter/metallic options for colors these days. I looked up 'Easter'. Coloring....not just for kids anymore. MtRider
  6. Busy, busy, busy...

    for God's plan for you OOTO! Very unsettling during times when we feel like we have one foot in the air....taking the next step...but don't yet know where to put that foot. I know that feeling well. MtRider
  7. Busy, busy, busy...

    With 1400 posts, you're no stranger, Daylily. You've been here for years and years. MtRider ....go ahead and type out whatever you want to say or ask!!!
  8. Living with a sheeple is so frustating

    I've always prepped ...tho it was for shorter-range things initially. Like I might want to play with this doll and that toy and ...so I had to bring them ALL when I stayed overnight with our beloved GrAunt! Seriously, I carried a Swiss Army knife everywhere and always got a hole rubbed in my front jeans pocket. Then there came DH.... He'd go camping with a cigg liter [which he had already for the original purpose] and a coffee pot. Ya mean ya don't hafta haul an extra trailer when tent camping? When we became aware of the potential for long-range things, I prepped in goods and skills. He tried to prep with enlarging the bank account and skills related to that. Well...nice idea but falls a bit short. If we don't already have a fort in the south seas....... Eventually, he learned more and quite a number of years ago, he presented this whole prepping idea to ME.... Ya see if he knew we had 56 cans of beans in the ....somewhere hidden.....he wouldn't go to the grocery store till they were gone. He didn't like going shopping so ...easy way out of that. So he did not KNOW ABOUT the prepping that I'd been doing. I think it took me 3 yrs to show him ALL the ways I'd prepped. He was doing research by that time and kept trying to tell me stuff I'd learned a decade earlier. But he was verrry glad to know I'd gotten us such a good start! MtRider ....don't give up hope, Insurance. But don't reveal everything either if it would be wise not to..... just sayin....

    That Was Dreadful! But.....tho I was seeing a very long, excruciating night in my future....it didn't happen. And I didn't even have to get up at 3AM to take more pain relievers. I was able to inch-by-inch, lower the head of the bed....and by 12:30am, I WENT TO SLEEP! Stayed asleep till 9:30AM. THAT is very unusual for my headaches! Thank You, God!!! Thank all who were praying for me....even as I slept peacefully. Today I'm weak...shaky a bit. There is a definite 'caution' coming from neck/head. But no pain. Bit of stiff neck. But wheeeew! Gonna be resting. We might get snow. Yes, delighted to get snow in our current DUSTBOWL ...anywhere but on the tarp of my Circus Tent, that is. Cuz I will not be pushing upwards with brooms to lift tarp and slide snow off over the sides.... DH is home today but it works so much better with two of us working at chasing the mounds around the roof. Pushing brooms up to lift the tarp.... Yeah...loads of fun. Still....I'm going to hate to move my stuff back into the rodent-infested garage when it gets too hot to keep it in Circus Tent. Cuz I have zero indication that the rodents are bothering the stuff in there. We're talking chainlink dog kennel, pallets on ground, tarp roof......and I have more rodents INSIDE than there, OUTSIDE. MtRider ....tip toeing today.....

    My optimism this morning was premature..... By falling on my left side, it snapped my head/neck downward-toward left. Unfortunately, that's the old karate injury. Drat!!! Haven't had much trouble with it since DH started chiropractic training. Had repeated incidents with it before that. Much later tonite, neck began to hurt and a massive headache followed. Dizzy. Nausea from the pain. AND .....even tho I only take ONE ....maybe two Nuprin in a day......now I'm taking max. Nuprin alternating with max. Tylenol. I've NEVER had to do that. Nausea might be from that too. Normally I canNOT lay down or even sit when I have my headaches. But I can't stand and walk around. Too weak for that. So using my hospital bed in multiple positions, trying to stay as comfortable as I can. OW! Would appreciate prayers this nite..... MtRider

    Sheeeeeesh, Homesteader. HOW did you managed to survive that??? Ah......... ....right? MtRider ...whew, that's one experience not yet in my weird history....tho I was with DH when a rear wheel CAME OFF the truck...at LOW SPEED.

    I love it! Been using them for nearly 3 decades now!!!! Being short, I understand the height thing. But be VERY careful using the small [pick up a few items] carts. They are really too light-weight to be stable iffen ya gonna LEAN upon them. {ask me how I know} Kinda zip out from under you. Well....today was SUPPOSED to be the first day I've been somewhere in weeks... Fighting bronchitis and [getting better] decided I'm probably not contagious at this point. Supposed to pick up Take-Out from our favorite diner [liver/onions] and go visit my folks today. Didn't happen. I got up and have been very non-functional for quite a while each morning. Sooooo....I'm normally not as functional as I'd like ---- I adapt and do things anyway. But....this is really non-functional. As in: don't climb up on the couch to open the insulation/curtains to let the sunshine in....cuz the landing zone coming back off the couch is minimal. MISSED the landing zone. Caught my foot on the footstool I placed near the couch....to keep dog back away a bit from my sick cat. She'd set up on the pillow on that end of the couch and I've been feeding her there. Not that the footstool [inverted milk crate with flat pillow] is much of a deterrent but just keeps Koa back a bit. It's been there a MONTH and this morning I didn't come down with my foot quite far enough. Began to fall backwards.....another step landed my foot on the base of my quad cane [which I use on such mornings as these....]. It felll over and I followed.... I made a grab for a set of drawer [plastic, heavily-filled but ..on wheels]. So they probably slowed me but I still came down in the foot and a half space between the fireplace brick and the chair in front of that. On L side. YEP I HIT THE OTHER narrow LANDING ZONE! Did NOT hit self upon bricks! Sheesh. Then I was stuck. Fortunately DH came in within a few minutes and was startled to find me down. He says: Oh, your cane broke...thinking that was the cause of the problem. Ah, no. The cane [yes is WAS snapped in half cuz I landed on it! ] was a casualty...not the cause. Gonna need a new one of those! I had taken a small gouge out of my shin.... but it was bandaid size. No idea how that happened in the cascade of events. Other than that.... MS-disturbed nervous system completely unspooled! And a few aches and owies that an adjustment from my in-house chiro helped. I've been resting....talking on phone....reading. NOT going to have lunch with my folks. Mebbe next week? In other news: ....please pray that our county does NOT have any cases for a jury....cuz DH postponed jury-duty back in Nov. so he could drive me to get the face basal cell surgery at that time. Now is not good either cuz my dad has another medical appt. and they either take taxi or DH drives them. It's a LONG way to the city AND they need DH's support! MtRider .....just trying to put one foot in front of the other....mostly...

    yeah....one or two extra months would REALLY open up possibilities in our cold areas. Or.....it saves the crops that SHOULD HAVE survived...if not for weird weather.... MtRider ....I had a deer doe that would repeatedly spend the chilly summer nights SPRAWLED against the warmth of my short row hoops...
  14. Kratom?

    Until you began this thread, I don't think I ever heard of this. Now today, the name caught my eye in this article.....for what it's worth..... https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/16/multistate-salmonella-kratom-outbreak-rises-87-sic/ MtRider
  15. Toys R Us

    .....hmmmm, never said WHICH Grma I might be thinking about.... MtRider

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