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  1. Well I hope irrigation guy was not just more irritation! MtRider
  2. Have a safe and productive trip, Jeepers. Watch out for crazy holiday drivers! Everyone else too! Today I woke finally feeling much closer to my normal. Got my hair washed. DH and I got 2 loads of laundry done and put away. Made gravy for the roast and potato leftovers. Just lotta quick things here and there. Resting in between. Compared to yesterday when I could hardly walk...even with the quad cane. Knees just kept giving way...even when I locked them. Whooee. This has been such a long siege but dropping the medication will surely help. But....that med was slowing me down so much --- I didn't need the sleep aid. Now I'm struggling with that again....so I must be back to normal. MtRider ......aaaand it SNOWED most of the day. Melted tho. Sheeeeeeh!
  3. I'm INTERESTED but mostly ignorant on this topic. Convinced that this would be the ONLY real solution in my current location. ....but if I got anything large going, I'd get a visit from the local sheriff. So many Grow houses in these here mountains now...and they are not growing tomatoes. They pay a visit places with an elevated electric bill. Cuz those type of Grow houses don't use window glass. Completely in the dark but for the electric lighting. Another aspect, even here in arid West is the moisture accumulation.....it's ruining a lot of rented homes. Course they PACK those Grow houses with the ....product. More profit and then they leave the mold-destroyed home to the devastated owners. This is what I know about this topic cuz.....well....y'know. Colorado, right? Rocky Mt High...and all that. Not MY intention for indoor growing. I also know tilapia is one of the easiest fish cuz of ability to survive temperature changes. Trout are fragile. Have heard nothing of blue gill. One other ....can't remember which. You can eat the carp/goldfish, right? MtRider
  4. Good to hear, ZZelle. Been praying for him. Sounds so serious. I haven't heard of anything in our area, Ambergris. Are the big weather systems stirring up ....stuff? I've had bronchial congestion [successfully keeping it clear so far] since April. Will pray your nephew too. MtRider
  5. Hope everyone's okay that were in the path of those storms yesterday/today.... and the flooding that resulted. My MO friend called yesterday morning and we talked about the impending weather. Today she emailed and said twice, that she's glad she lives on a hill. On a big bluff over the MO river. Can see it but it won't reach them. Poured all day tho....she's not trying for even a container garden this year. No drowning rabbits or chickens either at this time. Good timing to take the break this year. Might get chickens later in the summer. I'm feeling better. Able to sweep 6" of snow of porch steps. SNOW? ...yes it looked like out there this morning. Got a lot more snow but melted as it fell all day yesterday. All melted now and our 'rice paddy' is back. I walked with the dog this evening.....slow, careful, and not far. I have a technique if I'm unsure. [I'm using unsure in place of "fragile" which is probably a more appropriate but detestable word...if truth be told] Anyway, I go for a short distance one direction from our driveway and return. If I have more energy I go same distance the other way and return. That way I don't overshoot my ability and find myself at twice the distance from my return to the vehicle to take me UP to the house. Also the reason I'm almost never in barnyard by road without vehicle to get me back UP to house. UP is significant at nearly 9,000'. MtRider ....be careful out there in the weather!
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm OKAY. Spent hours in ER. In the end, after lots of test to make sure, they came to the same conclusion we did. But we had to check. They took me off the medication for the AFib. My pulse rate is regularly too low for a beta blocker type med. AND everything else came back totally, excellently NORMAL. EKG included so that will be available for the cardio appt next week. That appt is also just a follow up and sounds like the doc today doesn't expect me to have any more AFib trouble. [ except if I ever have anesthesia again] Actually the doc asked if I felt comfortable with the risk of dropping that med. YES. Was hoping to anyway. So while MS and surgery of any type will always require weeks to fully get back to MY normal, we all think the med was dropping my pulse rate too low right from the start. And this morning it was just awful. Sure got me right in the VERY busy ER tho when DH mentioned I had shoulder and neck pain. Ladies...y'all know those are two ways that women exhibit potential heart attack, right? THAT'S what sent us in to check for sure. That's why they threw every test in the book at me today. SO many other reasons for the symptoms..... .................but what if it wasn't. Now we know for sure. And so will the cardio when I see him next week. Thanks AGAIN for prayer, friends. This month has sure been a DOOOZEY! MtRider ......I don't even know HOW MANY INCHES OF SNOW we've got so far today. Road is pudding again. No wildfires tho!
  7. Hi everyone. ....I'm not well. Pray. Feels like the med for what happened in hospital has outlived it's usefulness. Now it's too much in my system. This is why I hate chemical "cures". Too strong for me. Swings back the other way. MtRider ....blech!
  8. Kappy, Good luck with your sleep stuff....and C-pap stuff. How horrid that they damaged your equipment!!! Least you got out alive!! I'm TRYING to keep a more normal sleep schedule. It's hard!!! Kinda sliding back to late [wee hrs of AM] sleep time again. Partly cuz I wasn't feeling well enough to go to sleep. Some success. Know what you mean about minding one's own business, WE2. And when to break that rule.... Hard choice. MtRider .....we have more SNOW in the schedule. Won't stick and need moisture but..... {dang global warming!}
  9. Well, it sounds like you created a sensation, Midnight. Yeah....I stay far away from FB. MtRider
  10. I have one more cousin coming Memorial weekend with her dh. Whew. Haven't seen them since kids and all the sudden... I did see this one, L, when I took a trip back to the Midwest about 4 yrs ago. I'll be real excited to see her again. All of them are just great. Funny and kind to my mom. They are coming to pick her brain about her generation in this family. But all visits so short....a couple days. RESTING today. Really feel wiped out tho I've been sleeping better. Do y'all know it's been SNOWING HERE? Not.Kidding. It doesn't stay but it's not nice and sunny. Hmph. I'm not even going to ask Jeepers about any addictive 'farm game' on a Kindle. ...... { is it on a Paperwhite or just Fire?} ....nooo, I don't want to know..... MtRider
  11. With this severity, good thing you took him in!!! MtRider
  12. Wow, TheCG. This stuff is really messing up our ability to do normal activities. We've always had an unlisted number.....and that obviously has not helped either. Course we've had this number for decades and with the random dialing, it will hit listed and unlisted the same. MtRider .....time for a brand new technology?
  13. Definitely. So scary. MtRider
  14. I've hardly used bicycles except on country gravel roads . They were miserable to pedal the heavy old bikes of my childhood....gained a lot of muscles in legs and arms. The light skinny wheels wouldn't have lasted on gravel roads...unstable. Oh...I guess I did use a bike on Maui for some months before we got a car. Going thru the road work area did get a little skeeery! It was a bridge construction and there was no way around. It was at nite so I'd wait for a long opening between cars.....then pedal like crazy to be thru that narrrrrow part with cement barricades and back off to the side of the highway before the next car came thru. I'd forgotten that. From stories told, seems like cars/bikes attract like magnets. .....as in, driver focuses on bike and not focused on keeping his/her car AWAY from the bike! Would that "magnetic attraction" ....visual then unconsciously steering towards bike....be doubled with such a strange sight to stare at? Or....does it really 'create space' as they are intending? Midnight, I'd be interested in hearing the opinions. MtRider
  15. If I were to ask what use a pool noodle would be for cyclists.....any guesses before looking at this link? https://qz.com/1620913/the-best-cycling-hack-is-a-pool-noodle/?utm_source=pocket-newtab MtRider ....yep, cruising the Internet for odd things again
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