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  1. It's been a LONG time!

    Soooo, we should throw a Welcome Back party for everyone who's recently found a way to get back on MrsS! Seriously, it was getting empty in our halls.... Glad all of you are back! MtRider

    MtRider ....we'd better pray for his wisdom and moderation!

    Yup....whatever is on top of us....MOIST and now down to zero at 7 pm. Moist is unusual for us....trees will be drinking it up, I'm thinking. If they do that in winter. I ended up feeding in dark tonite. Would ONLY do that with doggie dear watching my back. Was talking long distance to friend in MO when it was time to feed earlier. Oh well, I don't do that often but feed later means they have full belly later to get them thru this verrrrrry cold nite. Then we're to warm up again. So look out.....y'all east of us. MtRider

    for Homesteaders today.... My biopsy report......all CLEAR! We're INSIDE the clouds today. And COLD! It's lovely, frosting the coniferous trees and bushes. Not slippery to drive ....yet. MtRider ....breathing easy now
  5. It's been a LONG time!

    Grace and Violets!!!! I've often wondered how you and your husband and the kids are doing. Are you still in the same location? We did have a great deal of trouble with getting on MrsS. I was blocked for quite a while but slowly Annarchy got us back up. And a recent overhaul.... Any of those could have blocked you too. Glad you've finally able to get back with us!!! MtRider

    for those still here.....and missing her. MtRider
  7. North Korea

    Another thing I don't know nearly enough about is this: https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-military-surplus-portable-radiation-detector-used?a=2130298&source=igodigital&ecid=email-2018.01.14_803S1&j=27604&jb=691&l=58_HTML&mid=7292911&sfmc_sub=3374977&u=1211255&utm_campaign=2018.01.14_803S1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=internal portable radiation detector.....anyone else know about this devise for giving data? There are directions for making one DIY.....Kearney again. MtRider
  8. North Korea

    Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearney Many places to download the book. I'm sure Sarah's library has it too. Paper copies might be available. This link has ebook, PDF, and other options: https://archive.org/details/NuclearWarSurvivalSkills_930 MtRider
  9. North Korea

    One thing you must never do is breathe a radiated bit of matter into your lungs. You'll never get it out. Wearing a raincoat with hood/pants/boots/plastic gloves..... None of that keeps radiation from you but makes it easier to wash it off of you before entering a shelter. Wash so it flushes away from the shelter. Covering face with deep hood.....goggles and breathing mask is essential. Some of these particles ....I'd assume are quite itty-bitty. Don't bring the outer clothing or mask inside shelter! Time exposed is obviously another part of the equation. Remember we're talking about the aftermath....when bits of matter are falling out of the sky in your location. This is not addressing those within the actual blast zone..... cuz that doesn't need to be addressed, mostly. Don't be there. MtRider ....outside the blast zone is survivable tho!!!! Do y'all have your Kearney's book?
  10. North Korea

    As for combining, any mass ...or even air tho that takes lots.....any between you and radiating bits will be some protection. Trying to compute would be difficult but not impossible. I'd think you keep adding by type of mass....add for wood, add for water. But not all mass is mentioned in this list. As I mentioned, if you're in the basement of a two story house, you do get to count the roof materials and air [for what that's worth] and flooring materials [wood and ceramic tile....doubt carpet is worth much mass] . We happened to have a water bed on the floor above the furthest protected corner of our basement. So those inches could be added to the mass above us. 6" of water is near to cutting the radiation bounced from above by half. [halving thickness for water is 7.2" but water bed is not multiplied by 10 matresses on top of each other ] Yet....half is a great deal better than none. Stacking something dense like books on top of that might be enough for another halving thickness....stopping 3/4ths of the radiation. You get the best bang for your buck in the first couple rounds of reducing by half. ....you see that? So it's worth the effort even if you can't achieve cutting radiation in half ten times. MtRider
  11. North Korea

    I made at least 3 corrections/additions to that post so made sure you look at it again.... Shooot...that's that part that I find difficult to explain, Daylily. We have this discussion elsewhere in our archives so if someone can SEARCH for links, that might be helpful. But...I'll try: You start with zero inches of say....lead protection. You begin at .4". That will protect you from ONE TENTH of the amount of radiation atoms {am I right in this term?} than 4". That's just math. The halving concept is that .4" of lead will cut in half the amount of radiation that gets to you. Add an ADDITIONAL .4" and it cuts in half the number that would be getting thru after the FIRST .4" of lead. Catch that? It does not double your protection to add double the lead..... {don't ask me why...dunno} So the first .4" cuts in half......the second .4" cuts radiation in half + a fourth more. Add another .4" and you reduce it by an eighth more....etc. I have zero idea how scientific minds figure these things. At some point they computed which thickness for which type of protection [lead, air, wood, etc] would "halve X10" to reach acceptable levels of protection for human body. I certainly can't prove it....and I'm definitely just taking their word for this concept. Was that helpful, Daylily? MtRider .....not a science teacher
  12. North Korea

    (((((Dogmom))))) Same scenario my kids face. AND....the concept of "take shelter" changes -depending on WHAT kind of missile has been thrown at you. Normal destructive rocket attacks are one thing. However......if it is nuclear, one might have to stay inside enough mass {see mass radiation protection charts} for a couple weeks or more. That means WATER, food, sleeping, sanitation, and .....a copy of "War& Peace" to pass the time. Just to get this data out here again....here is what is generally "known" about types of mass and protection from radiation. The concept takes a bit of thot to 'get it'....or it did for me when Trish - CrabGrassAcres first presented this. She was such a sharp one....miss her! ---Remember, this measures distances between your body and a bit of matter that was a part of a nuclear explosion. That bit of matter is "Falling Out" of the sky after having been thrown up into the atmosphere (the mushroom cloud). Those bits used to be trees, buildings, cars, etc and due to the nuclear explosion --- are now radioactive. Some process during a nuclear explosion transforms the bits of matter so that they become radioactive. NOTE: coming into contact with those bits AFTER THE EXPLOSION makes you sick - not radioactive yourself. Exposed people are not dangerous once all the bits of radioactive matter have been washed off of them. ---The bits of matter are now emitting radiation.....but I don't remember which type. Believe it's the type that has a decay factor that is short(er). ---There are other types of radiation given off in a nuclear explosion too. The only one I remember/comprehend is the gamma.....and like a scifi ray gun, it goes at speed of light from the nuclear explosion. Line of sight...sort of. Then....it's done. If you were protected at the instant of the explosion, then don't worry about that one. ---This is NOT my specialty in data. This is how I currently understand it. If anyone DOES know this stuff better, chime in...especially if I've gotten something wrong or unclear. Below I've pasted the data about staying inches or feet away from those bits of matter [fall out] that are now emitting radiation. How many inches or feet depends on the density of mass between you and those bits of matter. ---Comprehension of "Halving thickness" is something we've talked about but I'll skip a repeat of that unless someone wants to discuss it. Simplistically ....keep 4" of lead shielding between your body and those bits of matter emitting radiation. OR 10" of steel between your body and those bits of matter emitting radiation.....OR.....etc. =================/========================== RADIATION...Halving Thickness Inches Lead 0.4 x 10 = 4” Steel 0.99 x 10 = 10” Concrete 2.4 x 10 = 24” or 2 ft Packed Soil 3.6 x 10 = 36” or 3 ft Water 7.2 x 10 = 72” or 6 ft [but not if radioactive particles can fall THRU the water to get nearer to you] Lumber/Wood 11 x 10 = 9 ft Air = 500 ft Try to get TEN of the halving thicknesses ….that's why all are multiplied by ten. Which means the radiation is halved...then that is halved....then that amount is halved...then that amount is halved.... {ten times} With this computing, one never gets to absolute zero....but lower numbers are enough for safety. ==============================/========================================= As you can see, packed dirt (not sand) and concrete are probably the easiest to devise shelter. Big heavy books also provide shielding...like on the floor above a basement shelter. I don't have a figure for how many inches. But you do already have some mass [roof and ceiling/floors] above you and that counts for something. EVEN IF YOU CAN'T QUITE ACHIEVE THE INCHES/FEET RECOMMENDED, DO WHAT YOU CAN CUZ EVERY INCH OF PROTECTION WILL HELP. YOU MIGHT GET SICK BUT NOT AS SICK AND CAN RECOVER. TRY ....... USE WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE!!!! Remember to think of all dimensions.....all sides around you and above you. Assume ground is below you. MtRider .....once you get this figured, it's a lot simpler to comprehend the safety factors. Again....any corrections/additions from anyone???
  13. North Korea

    No. There really are no basements. Houses don't have to be great for the eternal summers. There are a FEW left over bomb shelters from WWII. That will not hold the current population + tourists. Some folks went to their garage....less windows, I suppose. My kids didn't do anything much. Oahu would be the target due to military and high population base.....IF a missile would hit a specific target. I wonder what the military DID with those minutes? How soon did they figure it out? Like it was when the Japanese attacked....you can't get planes off the runways two at a time....tho they might have tried. Ships don't move outta harbor fast... And the civilians..... Mostly I think people rushed here and there to GET TO FAMILY/FRIENDS. Getting away from low coastal areas might help....if there would be flooding. Getting out of any town would be better. But if it's a nuke.... ....bet the phones, text, email, news feeds were overloaded. MtRider .....I get the shivers just THINKING about this...

    Sounds like you're the one in the know about southern orchard/nut grove care, Ambergris. Be careful while packing ....don't injure/overdo. Hard when your time limit is coming up. Glad you got insurance [double? the rats!] and all the other ducks in a row. Will pray all goes smoothly!! At least it's a short move. Tell us how the 'pods' for moving work out, k? Yeah....so I had ONE DAY OF BORING NOTHING HAPPENING.... And this morning started out sleeping my usual late hours. Soon after I got up, my mom called to warn us of the FALSE ALARM alert that was sent out to Hawaii. HUh? Sheeesh, hearing about it AFTER it was null and void was less stressful. But I thot all sorts of things anyway. They were still sorting things out...how this happened....was their system hacked....etc. They're still sorting that out, no matter if they're no claiming it was "human error during a shift change". DD2 isn't buying that story. The truth certainly was hard to find when we lived there. Probably no change in that. Anyway.....that's how my day started. MtRider .... I gotta learn to appreciate boredom more....
  15. North Korea

    Yeah....tell me about it! By the time I heard, it was already discredited as a False Alarm. But I'm thinking....DD2 is probably half way up the mt with CRAZY traffic....trying to get to her boys at school. [....it's SATURDAY but worried Grma didn't even THINK of what day it was] See, I was totally rattled even if I'd already heard it was false! Cuz my babies and Grbabies are out there in what is surely a GRANDE MESS of panic. It was a GRAND MESS. People were racing everywhere...trying to get home....or to family, reports my DD2 when I talked to her. For their family....it was the ONE morning in a long time when no one had places to go. No kids' ball games or practice. Not festivals to go to. They were in bed sleeping in......when their phone alarms went off. DD1 slept thru hers. DD2 read hers and got up immediately. Oldest GrSon read his message and was realllllly upset. Ran to get their dogs inside and was so hyper that it was making the dogs upset. My daugher told him he has to calm himself for the dogs sake. "Really, we are all together and we have food!" she said. Hmmmm.....this being the dd that I've told repeatedly to stock up. "Just at least get some good rice in buckets and stick into a cooler corner of your garage!" I've said. So it's interesting to me that one of her comfort statements to her son was "we have food". Hopefully this will be a wake-up call. Food for the next couple days....and whatever is thawing in the freezer with no electricity is not enough. ESPECIALLY on the islands. When my mom called to tell me this event, I asked her how long did everyone think it was real? Some are saying ten minutes. [which is an eternity with some thing that serious!] I told my mom that Hawaii grocery shelves will be cleared of ALL rice before this day is out. .....I've seen it happen with a tsunami alert and a hurricane alert. Too many old ones remember WWII and the food shortages due to submarine blockades. I hope my family finalllllly stocks up at least somewhat. Resupply to a few dots in the middle of the Pacific...especially a dot that is not Honolulu....is risky during turmoil. She was driving to work while we talked and realized she'd forgot something. She told me she thot everyone was going to be a bit brain damaged for a few days after this. Ya THINK? Exactly like after our community's our wildfire emergency or after even a minor [no big injuries] accident. False Alarm for Hawaii....it leaves nearly everyone rattled for a while. I'M rattled and I heard about it after it was labeled FALSE. Big question: Is THIS the new normal. Things to 'rattle' us constantly? MtRider

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