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  1. Mt_Rider

    Got some news....with difficulties

    PS.......P just called me. She's coming home from BINGO and her car runs out of gas 5 blocks from her apt. [Her 30 yr old son is in BIG trouble.] But she didn't have DH's cell # in her phone....so she could call DH to read her off her AAA number [which she also didn't have with her] so they can rescue her. DH can't go rescue her cuz one of them must stay with their mom...even if she's gone to bed already. Can you see why DH doesn't visit family often. MtRider ....and she says she didn't even win at BINGO!
  2. Mt_Rider

    Got some news....with difficulties

    I'll tell the story of my day over in Whatcha doing? This is DH's story-so-far.... DH arrived in Mpls airport at midnight. Went to Salt Lake UT first... He called as he headed for the rental car. He had a 50 min drive to his sister P's house. Except there were several things INCORRECT about that data. 1) He also had 45 min drive to get out of the Metro area and then a 50 min drive.... 2) His sister lives in an appartment...neglected to include an appt number when she gave us her address...SO.... At 3 AM, DH is knocking on the door of a HOUSE...with the same exact address P gave us, but it's "XYZ street"....instead of "XYZ street WEST". Small town insanity. Either the folks were not home; did not wake up; or were too afraid to ANSWER THEIR DOOR! He finally calls P on his cell and she tells him about the appartment thing....so he scoots quickly to rental car and LEAVES before someone does answer the door! Then P can't figure out where he is {about 2 blocks away, actually} but she had to dress and drive to McD's [which both of them could find] to meet him and lead him back. She doesn't know street names....just where she lives and drives. Uh....helpful, P. Really helpful at 3AM. So he finally got to sleep for a short time on an air mattress in the living room. His mom was DELIGHTED to see him when she woke up. They've had a good day. His mom goes to sleep frequently in a recliner with her feet up...in the middle of a sentence type frequently. Forgets what they already talked about. Breathing labored. But she had a great day. DH told P she could take a break and do something she'd enjoy since she's been full-time care for weeks now. She decided to go play BINGO. I know how it is to be locked in for weeks. So DH is where he should be and I'm surviving here. It would help if the snow would go away until he comes home. Keep praying. Afterall, he did NOT get arrested at 3AM for disturbing someone's peace and sleep. Keep praying, please! MtRider Thanks.
  3. Mt_Rider

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Um....the folks at the blood donation center got a little too enthusiastic? MtRider
  4. Cowgirl....that's some new information. Esp. about the folding cover that can prop it up. That's currently how I read on laptop. Different sizes....but I can adjust the print size to see comfortably...right? I've handled other people's iPads and they are quite heavy. But...so is a laptop. I've got enough ebooks to fill more than 32 GB {?} (I THINK....very rough guess.....AND I keep forgetting which is GB or MB or ?????) Does an iPad have that kind of capacity? But then, if I got an iPad....that takes pictures too, right? That would be tempting to fill up space with pics. I USED to take lots of pics. But they all go away after you change devices so I gave up. {yeah, store in the CLOUD} All of our emergency family issues have come in front of this issue in priority right now. But....I will have to do something. Old laptop limping along but is acting like an unpredictable old person! MtRider
  5. Mt_Rider

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Praying your prosthetic will fit well and set you free again! MtRider
  6. Mt_Rider

    Got some news....with difficulties

    I remember when you posted a pic of you and your cousin, Jeepers. And yes, I did see to it that he has 'funeral clothes' ...glad that doesn't have to be a suit. Just nice pants, nice shirt, nice sweater if he needs that. [ won't tell what HE thot he could wear as shirt....] Guys! TheCG.....wellllll, that's a good question. Due to long-term disability, I have usually had that set up. But my close friends N/W are so overwhelmed right now. W came to plow us out of DRIFTS of snow today before the guy came to pick DH up for airport. I think I only have my folks to call before I go feed and after. If they didn't hear from me, they could call N/W or they could just ask for a 'wellness check'. They can't come check themselves. It's harder to have them as backup....I think I'll have my mom write down the time I go out. Cuz she got DH's flight departure time mixed up X3 I have no cell service but there are locations thru out the barn yard and even on the road where I walk dog, where the cordless house phone picks up signal. I call those locations: phone booths. I just realized that term is not going to be known to youngers....except if they watch OLD Superman movies. LOL I also have the car which is more reliable starting in cold weather than my older truck. Yeah, I think we've got the risks minimized.... I'll tell you, starting with a BLIZZARD today scared me ...but God and I had a talk and I'm ok again. We're sunny now and driveway plowed. MtRider ....but I used up a week's worth of energy already.
  7. Mt_Rider

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Hiya, Chainsaw Mary!! We feel like we know you too, from hearing about the adventures of reclaiming that piece of property. Love the pics and drool over the garden. How did it fare with the recent COLD? MtRider
  8. Mt_Rider

    Got some news....with difficulties

    "... but he might want to take funeral clothes. " Yeah, I'm hoping he has room for black pants and a shirt. But he's not checking any bags, just carry-on and personal bag. He's a minimalist tho.....unlike me. That's one of the reasons he would change the departure date...if she's going to pass quickly. This is happening so fast...it seems. One is never ready but I think DH is kinda still in shock. A nearby neice is trying not to go into early labor but she's probably going to give birth in the next few days. Just more drama... but he'll get to see a new Great niece or nephew. A passing and a birth at the same time. Life moving to the next generations. I'm so very tired.....but we did get DH tickets on the Bereavement Fare this morning. Took several calls to get all the data. Ticketing folks both offered condolences, which is their 'script' for Bereavement Fares but it's nice. That fare takes some $ off the price but the value is in no penalty for changing the dates. I've used that several times when I've gone to help ...when DD1 got plowed over on her moped. And when my brother's fiance died of cancer....he had her daughter to care for along with all the funeral arrangements and his work sites and....appreciated the help. By now, that 10 yr old girl has been our niece for nearly 20 yrs. We just kept her even tho my brother didn't get a chance to marry her mom! So DH has a ride to airport tomorrow.....and despite all the SNOW that's going on, the actual airport area is probably not going to catch much of this. Might be a bit tricky up on this mountain tho. The church deacon [mountain rancher] who's driving DH has a 4-wheel drive, of course. God has been reminding me of all sorts of ways that HE takes care of those in need. Quite specifically ....so I'll be ok. For the first time since the last 2 snows....my shoulder isn't 'frozen' and I can reach up without squealing. More snow scheduled for later in week but if DH comes back on Sat...the weekend will be sunny...with melting snow. MtRider ....I think we've thot of everything.
  9. Mt_Rider

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Yeah, I've heard that too, Miki. We do get some fine, gritty stuff from the pellet stove. Not a lot as you do with a real wood stove. We use it on the driveway if there will be sun....even just being dark color makes an increase in solar melting. But these areas are water every day and ices again every nite. A CO thing....never seen it's like elsewhere. Due to vast temperature ranges within every 24 hr period. 50* during the day sends a lot of water into low spots. Then sun goes down and temps go down in the teens. So when I 'sand' the ice towards evening, and the next afternoon there is AGAIN a puddle of water....the sand has all gone to the bottom. So you have to 'sand' daily. At least the hay bits float. Messes up the VERY smooooth slick ice. If I time it right, I can mess up the ice just with my boots, if it's not fully frozen. Just so it's not freezing in a perfectly slick surface. ....then do it again the next evening. No ZAMBONI needed here!!! I did switch to my boots with the best soles. But sheer ice is a 'nother critter entirely. AND it keeeeeps snowing on top so a lot of ice is now hiding. Tonite I slipped x3 and 'took a knee' on one of them. As long as I don't do a backwards pancake maneuver..... We used ice trax for a while but with these severe hillsides, they kept peeling off the boots when we'd slide sideways. Tried several different types. Wrapped them with more straps and cords. Ice crampons might work We haven't had a melt-thaw-snow-repeat winter for a while. I'm not enjoying the reruns. Jeepers....I cannot believe your mean snowplow guy. Obviously on purpose Last winter for that nonsense! MtRider .....it's snowing....no, it stopped......no, now it's snowing again
  10. Mt_Rider


    We're flapping about trying to remember EVERYthing we need for DH to leave and me to stay. I don't drive very far....not even to my folks' village. Here I was making progress on decluttering until all this SNOW kept falling. Now.... Hope we have enough hay. Hope we think of everything.... Well truly, tho I can no longer attend my church, they are still there if I need them. I have always done the Prayer Request Notification Emails. For more than a decade, that's been mine and I can still do that. So I put us on it tonite. We'll be ok. MtRider
  11. Mt_Rider

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Be safe all of you in the cold zones. We're about to get hit with yet another system.....snow by Tues. I'm quite tired of January already. MtRider .....shoveling dirt onto ice and even using hay to disrupt icy surface.
  12. Mt_Rider

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Thank you all!!!!! I just read our weather report for this week.....and it's not good. MORE snow and we're all ice and snow-pack still from the last one....two. The melting has been flooding some of our main pathways. I've been shoveling what dirt/grit I can get loose to cover the ice. I've resorted to spreading old hay....just to get a better gripping surface! But if it snows...all that lies underneath. Just thinking of dealing with snow...on Tuesday when we're planning for him to be flying and renting car...driving 2 hrs to get to SIL's house. And my shoulders [esp Right] keep going into fiery spams...locking so I can't move it up. There are things in our lives that requires two hands in air....like shutting window coverings. So your words of encouragement and prayer have me taking a deep breath and calming again. God is here and beyond reasonable expectation, I will be able to do this.....or HE will send help. Someone from my church is driving DH down to the airport ...and later pick him up. That's settled. My folks had him stop by and gave him money to make sure he has enough. We do but they want to help. And who knows....DH might stay a bit longer if she's about to pass.... Stay tuned...this was one situation we were not expecting right now. Pray that my folks stay healthy and stable toooooo! MtRider ...thanks so much for your support !
  13. DH's sister called tonite to say their mom is "in hospice". She's still living with SIL but they have hospice assistance now. So DH is calling to find plane flights/car rental for this week. He wants to see her before she passes and then won't go to the funeral cuz it is too much cost and .... .....then there is the issue of leaving me with all the animals and weather.......and my folks ....alone out here. DH is "last man standing" so to speak, for many things in our lives and my parent's. My dad is still driving around their village but no further. I can drive a few miles to our tiny village...if I'm doing ok. But it would take an EVAC to get me to drive further. And....it's winter. We have a gutter drainage pipe that is chock full of ice and backing up everything....sending melting ice down in front of the access door to garage/basement space. Just figured that out today. But .....we'll all deal with this. He MUST go...and go now, quickly. Likely leave on Tues. I'll call my church to ask someone to drive him over to the city to airport. He'll work Sun/Mon and doesn't work again till next week. And we'll need the money after paying for this trip. It came up suddenly....cuz his mom acts like nothing is wrong. She will be THRILLED to see him again so this is absolutely going to happen. Pray for all of us, please. MtRider
  14. Mt_Rider

    2019 Where The Heart Is

    That's sad. You know what she'll be going thru, WE2. That understanding will really help. MtRider
  15. Mt_Rider

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Twenties, Ambergris? Whoa! Are you allowed to light smudge pots.....or the cheapo equivalent: burning tires? Yeah, tires stink but they burn a long time. How deep into Florida's groves is that supposed to go? We've got Doppler blue [snow] marks scattered allll over CO. Not right over our piece of real estate at the moment. MtRider .....

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