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  1. Mt_Rider

    Freeze-drying at home

    Ahhhh....thanks for the details. It seems much more complicated, naturally, than merely dehydrating. Freeze and dry. Does it use much electricity...for that many hours of running? Would a solar system [post-hooey-hits-fan] be able to handle it....depends on the battery bank, I suppose??? MtRider ....still, sounds very useful!
  2. Mt_Rider


    DH was home today. Waited until 8pm.....FINALLY cool enough. Then he helped me to get on that ornery old nag to ride. 'Round and 'round we went in the pasture with the other show-off trying to act like he's still a stallion .....he's got nuthin'. The neighbor horses didn't seem too impressed. Just glad he didn't run into us, snorting and carrying-on. Actually, mebbe he was just feeling good in the coolness too. When I got off, I took a cane and walking stick and headed slowly down the flat, DUSTY road....never getting too far away from car. We noted long ago, the need to walk correctly to "set the pattern"....or the affect goes away too fast. Back and forth I walked and slowly, I was walking more upright and with correct leg/knee action. Visited with a neighbor passing by on her horse...in the cool of the evening too. So....we'll see how well this lasts. MtRider ....moving to Antarctica....
  3. Mt_Rider

    Freeze-drying at home

    Ambergris...do you mean that the product shrinks? Cuz I thot FD doesn't really break the cellular walls...thus retains original texture far better than dehydrating which seriously shrinks the product. MtRider
  4. Mt_Rider


    Glad your migraine has passed, Jeepers. Headaches I get are no fun but they're not [usually] days long! Ugg....feeling awful. These past 3 days...worser and worser. I don't think I'm actually ill....mebbe I think it's MS + HEAT. But I can barely walk....weak, no stamina. Using 2 canes IN THE HOUSE...and one is my quad cane. We've even had a couple overcast [ COOLER] days this week...and a piddling of rain. IF the rain even made it to the ground without dehydrating! But I'm just wiped out. And I was on-line last nite....went to help DH pull up groceries with the pulley system. Came back and my computer was rebooting. I had no icon to connect to Internet modem. HEY! WHO WAS IN MY COMPUTER AND STOLE MY ACCESS! Finally gave up and turned it off. This morning, the icon was there and all was as usual. Then....I was called away from computer again. Upon returning....it was a black screen and I could not get it on. Ya know when it's been a miserable existence lately...... And you're already feeling awful..... And then ya feel like something is certainly yanking your chain.... Anyway, I finally unplugged laptop and dropped out the battery. Then started over. And it worked. Hmph! Keeping a wary eye on this thing! MtRider ...Glad for a long talk on phone with life-long friend this afternoon. Cheered me up and I didn't have to get outta bed.
  5. Mt_Rider

    Using your dehydrator: 101

    We had access to tons of spinach for a few years. Found lots of ways to use it....dehydrated/powdered. Good flavor and nutrient. Anything from eggs to pasta sauce. Note: I do take out the bigger ribs and it IS a pain to splay out on the racks. But it dries well. .....kinda wore our dehydrator out. Only heats on one side [rectangle type]. Had it since....early 1980's. ....well, I make homemade yogurt in my dehydrator for even low heat. But actually dehydrating yougurt ...dunno. MtRider
  6. Mt_Rider

    True? Cut Power to Prevent Wildfires?

    Actually, that site has pretty good articles. But perhaps this one wasn't the best? Again, if the funds are not spent as folks in these areas would like, causes anger [as Cowgirl noted] .....perhaps justified. Perhaps not. Unless its talking about those really remote and difficult areas that Midnight was referring to.....I think it IS the responsibility of the utility company to 'provide service'. If a fire/flood/tornado/earthquake....LAVA FLOW takes out the lines, anyone [ESPECIALLY living rural] knows these cases are exceptional. And the folks new to rural living sure figure it out. I'm just pondering possible scenarios that benefit utility companies and give no recourse to the customers..... As In: What if all the utility companies began to put in a clause that says they can simply STOP giving that service ....at odd times....because..... Here's a real examples: My folks pay for a TV service locally. It's quite frustrating because it's frequently not giving service......for no discernable reason. They just get fuzz on the screen for hours. They choose not to sign up for any 'dish'....and just put up with it. But they're paying for so many hours of ZERO SERVICE...... without a weather/disaster cause. Another example: As I said, telephone service out here initially was very poor. We're not THAT remote but there wasn't a high population density as 'in town'. For a number of years, the only service available was literally lines laying in the UV-POTENT sun along the ditches. No cell options. Any time it rained, you could barely understand anyone you tried to talk with. Should there be complaints for that poor service especially if no other option existed......and they still call themselves a 'phone company'? Yeah, we all paid and put up with it. [And were super-glad when another company took over and ran things more professionally.] And no one complains if the ice storms of spring take down power/phone lines cuz....that's normal. I believe there is a difference between normal [especially rural/remote] expectations of delivered utilities and .....simply poor management of utilities resulting in a pattern of poor service. ....as preppers, it IS just one more Hooey Situation that we'd prepare for but different from disasters in that sometimes complaints to humans can effect a beneficial change. Not true with MtRider
  7. Mt_Rider


    It's really rough that older means increase in medical conditions. I have a friend with Hashimoto's. But she has two other diseases too so I'm not sure which of her symptoms is which. Hope your migraine goes away!!!! MtRider ..... STILL HOT AND ARID!
  8. Mt_Rider

    True? Cut Power to Prevent Wildfires?

    Well, Midnight....if it's just in specific small areas like you described, that's a bit more reasonable. Kinda sounded to me like they'd just darken big sections of CA. JIC.... I grew up on a farm in Iowa. One hoped that the corn was indeed 'knee-high' at LEAST by the 4th of July cuz of the summer thunderstorms. If the electric went out for a period of time, one needed the cornfields after the outhouse was no longer the back-up plan. No well pump/no water. Oddly, Maui was the other place that had a LOT of power failure when we first arrived. That improved thru the years....and the same in the high mountain country here too. Until a different phone company bought this area, telephone lines were seen laying on the dirt in the ditches. ....can ya hear me now?..... At this point, we get a blink in power [first one of season yesterday] but it comes right back on. If you can count to twenty.... ...and it's not back on, proceed with PLAN B! The story one time was a deer jumped into a ?? substation ?? Story didn't end well for the deer.... MtRider .....thanks for the clarification, Midnight. ALMOST ANYthing is better than wildfire!
  9. Mt_Rider

    Raising Chicks and Chicken Feed

    VERY good observation, Cowgirl. And even post hooey hits fan......flowers can brighten a day. MtRider
  10. Mt_Rider

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    This article is similar but this isn't Selco. This is Jose in Venezuela...... It's a bit scattered, in my opinion. But see if there is something to take away from this person's experience....beyond thankfulness we don't live in Venezuela right now. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/venezuelan-prepper/ MtRider
  11. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/pge-will-cut-power-to-some-california-residents-to-prevent-fires/ Hey Dogmom or other CA folks.... this article is saying that since unmaintained electric power lines are causing some wildfires, their solution is to cut power to those lines when it's deemed 'unsafe'. Okay, I'm a firm believer in the stupidity of people... and the more; the merrier. But .....this seems a bit beyond belief. I mean....if I were to write a WITHOUT WARNING [or...a Little Warning] scenario along these lines, you'd all be laughing, right? MtRider .....my motto: ANYthing is better than wildfire......but still....
  12. Mt_Rider


    Kappy's post has my mouth watering. No gardens in this region....this year for sure they'd be burned up. Probably get arrested if you water gardens.... Sorry to hear your spine is messed up. HOW do you do all you do with that? Good for you, doing what you can tho! What a storm, Annarchy. Funny how the animals, especially dogs, seem to make a game out of any situation? DH went fishing with Koa again this morning.....and she thinks "fishing" means to get in the water and STOMP on the fish! He doesn't catch much but they have fun. I know about digging trenches to control the water flow. This land in the west is just not good with vast dumps of water all at once. Better than none ....just causes different problems tho. 3" that fast....whooooeee! Sorry about your garden tho. Our rhubarb is all holey this year...same cause. It's not doing well and we need to pick some soooon if we want any. The last thing left that we grow and hail really ripped it a month ago. Humidity is going to be a killer....we are NOT used to that out here. Stay safe, Annarchy! Well I finally DID get cooled down and thinking better. Hand function still not too good. When it cooled down, I was so pleased to start ORGANIZING in our living room area. With the dumb couch out of the way, I put up some hardware store wide plastic shelves. I asked for them at Christmas and just now have room to set them up. I think it's just delightful to ORGANIZE when I have some room. A dreadful pile of stuff was stacked....sliding...shoved....etc for the past months. NOW I have a lot of it in places that make sense on those lovely WIDE shelves. Want to get another set of these shelves. There is no such thing as storage space in this tiny cabin. Soooo....living room is turning into a large closet. But ORGANIZED....as in: can find and access things! A huge improvement from an avalanching mound of disorganized MESS! I hate that! Now....I have HOPE! So today was really rough....but survived and had a great time with my new space. Went to feed in cool evening. Then came up and was washing a crystal-cake-server-thing....it slipped, smacked on counter, and split it right in half. Wedding present LONG ago. I used it to put dangling plants on, actually. Who bakes round cakes to be presented like that? But it was pretty. Worse tho.....cleaning up glass with no decent vacuum. NEED to buy new vacuum! But I think I got it cleaned up. Phoooey! I didn't need that to finish off this weird day. But...still smiling at my half-organized corner of living room. MtRider
  13. Mt_Rider

    2018 June/July/Aug Free ebooks

    Got it. Looks interesting. MtRider
  14. Mt_Rider


    Oh wow, Annarchy. That looks like Colorado! I've seen that a lot. But you guys were just in the one-hundred-and-teens weren't you? Bet that cooled it down. Something about lil' round ice cubes flying thru the air..... God's air conditioning! 'Course, ya don't want bigger ice cubes... that bash thru cars and sky lights of homes... CO has already had ping pong ball size and tennis ball size this year. Poor chickens....too hot and now swimming? That's rough on the system tho - the drastic change. Worms will evacuate from the ground in that kind of rain....good eatin' for your ladies. Sure do hope we get some rain/small hail/anything cooler! Today has been wretched HOT. Gave up trying to moderate temperature in the south-facing Living room/Kitchen half of cabin today. Just cooling the 2 bedrooms/bathroom in other half of house.....cuz swamp cooler is in one bedroom window. Fans just keeping this part SURVIVABLE for me. DH had to run into town....my folks having a minor emergency. Not sure about that, but DH is solving the Ran-Out-of-Meds half of problem. [they don't usually let THAT happen, btw] Other half of problem deals with their portable O2 machines not working properly?????? Not sure. Soooo DH's not here and I may have to feed.....after sunset. I'm beginning to exhibit symptoms of long-term hyperthermic issues. There is a cumulative affect and it's been super hot too long for me, tho I hide from the heat. Even before it got hot in house today, my hands were shaking and I kept dropping things and brain is fritzing out at the slightest glitch in whatever I'm doing. I'm not over-heated, per se. Not at the heat stroke level, certainly. But I've been struggling to stay ok for too long now. It's wearing down my systems that are M.S. sensitive. I HATE being "fragile".....but heat certainly does slam me into that category. And it's showing today. MtRider ...I think my dad is showing signs of being just overheated for too long too....
  15. Mt_Rider

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Canned boiled peanuts....at the store? Not something we'd find in CO but HI might have had them. Another protein... MtRider

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