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  1. Mt_Rider


    Wow, Annarchy....this year has been so warm/mild winter. All the usual 'markers' are ahead by at least a month. I keep thinking we're well into June already. We've had fires....mostly the grass fires...not forest wildfires. Agree about our furry pals....shorter life span. My nearly 18 yr old cat has recovered and is ....fine. As fine as an 18 yr old cat can be, I'd guess. She still leaps up on the bed, etc. Always a tiny cat...I think that helps. LOUD meowwing a lot ....demanding when I fix her special food or when she wants me to dangle the string-on-stick. But doesn't seem to be in pain. Might be. She's interacting as normal and sleeping normal for this late stage of her life. What more can ya ask for. Have a nice day, y'all.... MtRider
  2. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    I tried covering a stack of buckets in the basement/garage with black trash bags ....keep dust off. Unfortunately the mice decided it was a cozy place to hide, chew, poo.... So now I'm trying to figure out a different method of dust covers. Maybe taped down so they can't get up underneath? MtRider
  3. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    That one looks sturdy, Jeepers. I don't have any of the triangular wheeled ones...yet... But I have a large one with good basket capacity and larger wheels. It rides in my truck. Purpose: If I ever have to EVAC and then have to walk....it carries E-stuff from truck. Have had tooooo many close calls with wildfire EVAC. I also have 2 of the small, versatile two-wheel dolly things. I use for moving stuff around the garage. VERY helpful. I have a tiny dolly too....have my town Just/in/Case bag on that. In lieu of a rolling backpack. None of them do our stairs well, but it would help with getting home....or evac. MtRider
  4. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    I keep telling my parents: If you forget to tell them to bag stuff lightly, carry extra bags in your truck and redo it before carrying them up your stairs to kitchen from garage! They buy a lot of liquids....milk, tiny soda cans, juice, etc. Those are HEAVY!! And we surely all have plenty of extra grocery bags.... As for that "lazy...good-for-nothin'" label inside our heads...... It's in the genetic code of all the German-ancestry folk in the community I grew up with. Er, well...95% of them! It was EVER SO HARD for me to become disabled young... [sit - around - not - working - doing - nothin' - wantin' - to - have - my - life - back - and - still - BE - SOMEBODY!!!] 'Course by the time I've reached the "older" category...pffft, piece of cake. Already BTDT and have the tangled thots/emotions straightened out. Illegitimate/illogical thot patterns have been shown the door. [ahem, ...mostly] I certainly DO understand that train of thot but please begin to recognize what it is....illegitimate. Oh, it DOES legitimately fit some folks. Seems like too many folks in this era. But here's my rule that I've shared with many other disabled folks: If you're worried that maybe you're just bein' LAZY......You. Are. Not. Cuz truly LAZY folks certainly don't worry about it. Right? And as for what others may think...... Not sure most would notice or care. MtRider ....got way more folks around here guilty of 'OVERWORKING' than 'lazy' on this board, for sure
  5. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    As a 30 year cane user, I always have Point Of Use storage of certain tools. Hammers ....they're cheap [garage sales] and I have one in each vehicle [for repair down in barnyard], and upstairs/downstairs. There is always some thing that is coming apart and needs a whack. Canes are another tool. I began to store a cane in the vehicles long ago. Went to a funeral for a good friend In the distress, unbelievably, I forgot to bring a cane. Terror....cuz trying to stay upright in a milling crowd of people is the worst. Even holding onto DH's arm. After the service, I found a corner and stayed there. Now I stick my old canes in odd places. All the vehicles. The old van down in barnyard is used to pull the horse trailer for hay....but it's also a tool shed and emergency shelter if I get stuck down there. 'Walking sticks' as some have mentioned. I also have 'walking sticks' alllllll over the property. Any dead aspen sapling becomes a walking stick and is leaning against something. Cuz I leave a cane behind when I'm carrying something...... .....and where did I put it? I use walking stick to get back to the cane.... Hairbrushes....not that I lose the one in the bathroom...but it's handy to have in bedroom and Going Into Town bag, etc. Reading Glasses.... they are also cheap and tucked everywhere. In vehicles -also a pair of sunglasses [I'm terribly light sensitive!]. In bedroom. By my chair for reading in living room. In kitchen to see what I'm chopping/recipes. Might even have a pair in the old van. Spares in EVERY BOB and bag I haul for emergency. And in the Quick Grab - overnite at my folks. I'm way too close-up blind to be without a pair. Energy bars... Same as eyeglasses Nuprin...Same as above. It's my "Fix what ails me" medication. Bandaids....another First Aid item that I keep stashed everywhere Other Point Of Use items??? ================== I love the idea of ramps as a prep in these years. My house isn't exactly set for that. But when needed, one piece of dog fence can be easily unhooked and something rolled up the hill to the back door. House is inset into steep hill and backdoor is ground level. Front is 15 steps. Our new system of pulling up groceries from the car [in front of house....15 steps] with a rope has worked very well. Except a week ago I pulled back muscles doing that. Easy improvement to avoid injury is attach small pulley to log beam above and NOT REACH BELOW to the next knot in the rope. Will be setting up the improved system ...today? MtRider .....wow, new ideas here!
  6. Mt_Rider

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    When I pushed a young goat back by shoving on her head, I accidentally gave myself a deep, dirty puncture wound at the base of my thumb. Dumb. But the next thing I did was get into the ER for a professional cleaning. They didn't even ASK before giving me a tetanus shot. On that one, I agree. Young goat's new horns are so sharp! MtRider ....wonder how long that's been? Not 10 yrs yet....mebbe 5?
  7. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    EXCELLENT response to this "getting older" issue we all have, Deb2! There is a lot to think about....and try to anticipate. I think you have stated it very clearly. Especially your point #7. Due to MS, I began this before I was 40 yrs old. It's a long road and it continues to foment CHANGES we don't want...but must deal with. Glad to hear from you and hope you succeed in finding more and more answers to adaption. Sorry to hear of your head injury...OW! LOL...Jeepers. I sure would have taken a photo of those too. Odd...but with large families and farming, the Amish have a lot of laundry. I've hung shirts, etc on clothes hangers when I was attempting to have less wrinkles. But our WIND doesn't allow that very often. Even if I clothespin the hanger to the clothesline, gets ripped right off. Hmph. I have a collection of hand fans. Iffen I'm gonna "collect" it's got to be usable! I have one from a trip to an island nation. I have one from Africa [but I didn't travel there]. Others made from INTERESTING recycled items. And yes, I do use them. Remember the ones that used to be in the back of the pews in churches....before air-conditioning? Old memories... Shoes!!!! Good topic. I've always been one to slip in and out of shoes without using the ties. But then....I wear shoes that are not firmly secured to my feet. I've always worn them at least a size larger.....but I can't actually say WHY I've done this. They do not come off my feet tho. Anyway, I have fallen in LOVE with the Croc shoes. They are spongy comfortable and that material grips the surface quite well. The slip on/off aspect helps my back and ENERGY! Being from both Iowa and Hawaii.....we ALWAYS take shoes off when coming in the door. In Iowa for dirt and dirtier stuff. In Hawaii cuz of sand. Saves cleaning floors .....which is a reduction of work. [for those of you in micro-cultures who do not take off your shoes] I've just been thinking of picking up more pairs of Croc type shoes.....so I have a supply. [for when they go out of style or post-hooey] I have a pair by both doors and as a spare in the vehicles. In aging, some folks will need to upgrade their support in footwear tho.... YMMV so think of what your aging feet would need. I've been wearing slip-in arch supports for decades. [chiro husband's idea] That has really helped my feet as I move from young to middle to older. Any other ideas on aging feet? OH.......get one of those extra long shoe horns so you don't have to TRY to bend over when putting on footwear! Miles Kimball and that sort of catalog has them. A bench/chair by the door helps too. We do NOT need to be falling while putting on shoes....especially in Post Hooey! MtRider ....glad for summer and my Crocs
  8. Mt_Rider

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    Another HUGE point Selco makes is to start with basics...things you CAN control like hygiene. This is something that some folks don't even bother with now.....when soap and clean-hot-running water are immediately available. Think of how difficult hygiene will be in a post-hooey. Many degrees harder than when we go camping. DH works with a woman who sliced her finger with a knife in her kitchen. At their work, they deal with handling money. Our currency is one of the most germ-filled items so DH is always washing his hands and being careful. He's always sanitizing around the place. Well, apparently she didn't....or she didn't clean the cut well enough initially. The deep cut has now turned into a bone infection. That's serious and will now require strong antibiotics and possible surgery to scrape out the infection. Think of this scenario in a post-hooey. Someone could easily DIE from a cut finger....... Make sure we have supplies for sanitation...including several ways to get clean water. AND MAKE SURE OUR HABITS ARE IN PLACE for very very meticulous hygiene. We've grown complacent about having the ER and Western Medical surgery handy. MtRider
  9. JJ....Jeremiah Johnson [pen name] is another person I read. [his bio at bottom too] This article came out yesterday...at the same time as yet another school shooting. :( http://readynutrition.com/resources/an-active-shooter-open-fires-on-a-crowd-what-do-you-do_18052018/ MtRider
  10. Mt_Rider

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    I've been following Selco's articles for years. [read his bio at bottom] This is a good one.... About medical needs in a post-hooeyhitsfan situation. Tho he doesn't know how VERY good the natural medicines can be if someone is VERY experienced and has access to a full natural pharmacopia. In such cases, natural ways can avoid nasty things that the Western medical model has created. It's not always "second best". However he is correct in that some things [fast moving cancers, bad infections, surgical repairs of injuries, etc] are FAR better off with Western medicine. AND his point is well taken that other factors such as nutritional starvation, immediate secuity, etc can combine to make the situation quite different...and the outcome less sure. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/selco-shtf-medicine-2/ Organic Prepper has his articles and so does SHTFplan.com MtRider
  11. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    OK.....I'm moving in next to Ambergris!!!! You are livin' my dream, girlfriend! .....only, in my dreams I was a LOT younger!!!! Jeepers....are you kidding with those clothesline pics? I thot they'd all be tucked discretely out in the back yard behind a hedge of bushes...like ours in Iowa. I do like the pulley system tho. I'm adding suggestions on anything medical/adaptive to my LIST above (I love lists). I also added this category: =================== Clothing adaptions ...Velcro to replace buttons ....elastic to "fix" things for easier fit ...those non-skid sock things ....support or compression sox ....diabetic sox [opposite of above] .....eating bib or apron ...(dang, I eat sitting in my bed often...and if I'm reclining just a bit for my back, I'm not leaning into a plate or bowl. Soup is ridiculous! ) ================== MtRider
  12. Mt_Rider

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    I stocked up on all those things from thrift stores/garage sales in the past 2 decades. Some of them are ending up at my parents' house. I've used many of them too. We also give my folks gifts ahead of when they might need them. More medical diagnosing devices available for the general public. This lets you know WHEN it really IS TIME to get medical help/ER. --Oxygen and Pulse rate [pinch onto end of finger] meter --blood sugar meter/strips ..... DH got during last summer's medical siege --ph strips for urine....checks [well DH knows what it checks] lol --non-battery thermometer ...just got one and it's Celsius, drat! --decent blood pressure cuff/stethoscope -DH has the thing to look in eyes, ears, and throat - ? Of course I've always had a variety of ambulatory devices: --Used the crutches last July --Variety of canes, including quad-cane and "seat cane" ...... .....remember extra rubber tips! --Wheelchair....mine NEEDS to be replaced! ..... .....remember extra tires/tubes --Walker...now at my folks' house ... ....also pockets or trays to attach to carry stuff --Electric scooter [mine needs battery and tires] --Gait belt [much safer for assisting someone to stand/walk] --hand carts/ 2-wheel dolly --wagons, grocery haulers --using levers and fulcrum!!! {good one to learn/remember} --Grabbit reacher tool Other Equipment --Bedside commode....if you aren't ambulatory quick enough! -- bedpan, urinal, and ....something about a pilgrim lol ---emesis basin Cooling devices ....gel packs with ice packs to keep them cooled ....hydrophilic cloth for evaporative cooling [brand name: Chilly Towels, etc] ....packs with chemical cooling when capsule inside is broken ....old fashioned ice bags [waterproof with screw on lid, large for ice cubes to be put inside] ....fans - hand held, battery, electric Warming devices ....heating pads ....reusable hot pads that activate with small metal disc [you snap it to activate- boil to dissolve crystals and reuse] ....cloth bag with rice, buckwheat, etc to heat in sun, microwave, etc ....hot smooth rocks ....hot water bottle Vision and Hearing Aids .....yessss! More reader glasses are on my Walmart list too. And higher magnification for splinters! .....a packet of 20 small LED flashlights ....cuz we cannot seeee in the dusky corners anymore. Scatter them at Point Of Use! ....regular prescription glasses, a spare pair, night time YELLOW glasses, and daytime sunglasses [older eyes bothered more by glare, etc] .... ........AND the repair kit with tiny screwdrivers, screws, nose pieces, etc Anyone know of decent non-prescription hearing aid besides a cows horn? Eh? .........hearing aids, many MANY extra batteries Dental --usual toothbrushes, dental pics, floss [floss device cuz of my lack of coordination] --dental emergency repair...wax to fill in missing filling? --whole cloves, clove oil for dental pain relief --denture equipment/supplies....cleaning, fixing? [I don't have dentures yet] -- Medications that are more prevalent for older folks: .....sleep aids .....OTC pain relievers A) naproxin and ibuprofen types [processed thru kidneys] B ) acetaminophen types [processed thru liver C) muscle ache creams .....cold/flu .....bowel/bladder control or relief Supplies ....shove over the Tampax and bring in the Depends... ....chucks pads....waterproof bed protectors [also for anyone who's sick] Illness supplies ...Paper gowns, booties, hats ...Eye shields ....N95 masks ....Bucket with trash bags ...2 body bags ....(I have 2 also and can be used for water proof ground cover for sleeping bag and with loops on corners/sides, it can be used for a stretcher - easier if you add poles) Clothing adaptions ...velcro to replace buttons ....elastic to "fix" things for easier fit ...those non-skid sock things ....support or compression sox ....diabetic sox [opposite of above] .....eating bib or apron ...(dang, I eat sitting in my bed often...and if I'm reclining just a bit for my back, I'm not leaning into a plate or bowl. Soup is ridiculous! ) .....slip on shoes/or easy-on velcro ....LONG handled shoe horn .....sock puller devices .....bench to sit while putting on footwear/sox ....arch supports that slip into any footwear Probably lots more. Add to the list! MtRider .....If I don't have these, it's on my ever-increasing Walmart list
  13. Mt_Rider


    RE: Jeeper's neighbor missing his show.... Creep! Sounds like you had one of THOSE days with lawn mowing tho... {I just had one too...} OK.....yesterday BEFORE we went to Post Office to mail more masks AND went to help my dad/his printer....DH cooked spaghetti. Ate some for late lunch and more for supper last nite. I'd had some stomach pain and G-I unease but didn't connect the dots til this morning. See, I react badly to {maybe some preservative?} prepared tomato sauces. We make our own with canned tomatoes and it's fine. But this was a prepared mix and neither of us thot of it. Not brilliant.... Had a BAAAD nite. More stomach/GI unease. 7-up/crackers before I could sleep. Went on thru the nite somewhat ....plus acid reflux episode. Also developed a lingering headache. During the restless nite I elevated the head of my bed [love the hospital bed options!!!] to help acid reflux and headache. I'd wake and go back to sleep. Repeat. DH and Dog get up way before I do, especially after a bad nite. As usual, they were making floor squeaks and groans, banging this and that.... I'd go back to sleep. Repeat. Then....Dog was on porch and saw SOMETHING......BARRRRARRRARRRARRR.... DH is at door whisper-yelling to call her in... but he's not dressed yet to go BRING her off porch. ....I went back to sleep. THEN.....DH and Dog are loading stuff to go down and feed our animals. Keys are in DH's pocket and the car alarm got set for 'ON'. We NEVER EVER USE THOSE BLASTED THINGS! But when DH lifted the rear hatch to let Dog in....... BLAAAAAAT BLAAAAAAT BLAAAAAAT BLAAAAAAAT Realllllly? The only thing that humored me about this nite/morning....was the image of DH running around trying desperately to get the car alarm off before it woke me.......AGAIN........too late, of course. BUT HERE IS NEWS SOOOOOO VERRRRRY GOOOOOOD......THAT THIS IS A HAPPY HAPPY DAY! Beyond allllll expectation.....Amazon delivered the box of 20 N95 masks yesterday afternoon to my Maui family. That means delivery was TWELVE DAYS EARLIER THAN EXPECTED..... My concern has been that if there is a lot of ash in the air, the planes will not fly into that corrosive stuff......and that's how many deliveries are made to the Islands. Now they have masks and this mom is quite a bit less anxious. They may still have disruption to their lives....Big Island already has that. But breathing is now covered...so to speak.... Thanks for prayers!!!!! MtRider
  14. Mt_Rider

    Update 05/22/18

    When I used a couple of those tiny smilies...I highlited them...then increased size. MtRider ....but love our old ones best
  15. Mt_Rider


    Got one for mice? MtRider

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