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  1. The property managers J & B have tried and tried to 'plug the leaks'. It's been a never-ending story in an old log cabin. It keeps settling more / different with the seasons. If they called an exterminator, they'd use poison I wouldn't like and the company would keep coming back ...cuz the mice always do. Ick. Each time we think maybe we've plugged their access......nope. We had about 7 months rodent-free when we began to use the poison and got rid of the resident population. Then last month, they got in again....and multiplied. When .....IF......we ever get out of here, they will have to do some stuff like re-chinking from the inside. I refuse to make room for them to do that while we're in residence. Could do from outside. They'll also have to do the flooring cuz we're still on the same carpet......which is kinda good cuz we certainly won't get charged for any damage from BIG dogs and old cats. It's actually held up well. I would put in this exact carpet again if I had a choice for carpet!! But that process will reveal some mouse access areas from garage underneath. It's basically a highway and if there are any down there, they are up here. Might help/might not. Two more juveniles on one glue board under kitchen sink this morning. I didn't hear any in my room all day or this morning. I did talk to J yesterday and got to tell her the erosion/flood control efforts ....diversion ditches, etc have COMPLETELY solved that problem. Didn't even think to tell her the work to keep mice out in Sept. failed ....again. Living here has always been an extraordinary challenge. I do love the creek, pond, pastures. That's been grande and very rare up here. But the house and such has been a LOT of extra work for us. Bittersweet to leave here someday....getting more sweet tho. MtRider
  2. A fine rebuttal! Very fine! MtRider ......[except the actual few who are dirty....]
  3. Sure glad you told us it was a DUCK....... Otherwise I might have thot a SNAKE had gotten into his pool. MtRider ...soooo fun to watch him!
  4. Ambergris. Hope you can hurry and get on your own computer. Can you not sign in as yourself on another computer...I do with DH's when mine is having trouble. Or don't you want to? Guest same as above.... MtRider
  5. Mouse count: two more from glue boards overnite. It's a multi-generational invasion cuz kitchen ones are very small. My bedroom ones are full grown. Ahem.. ..since I was thinking about it, I just checked the 2 locations again and we now have a 3rd dratted critter from kitchen. It was a full grown. How many babies do they have....I hate to think, but we've gotten several. So.....both areas set up again. NEXT? Did my 1/2 mile walk [give or take - I don't have pedometer] tonite. Very pleasant evening. Cool enough and no rain. I wore my REPAIRED jeans. I began to hand sew a knee patch on these jeans .....long LONG ago. Meanwhile, I've worn the match to this pair out completely....rips everywhere and beyond patching. FINALLY I sat down and finished it today! And dumped the worn pair in wash....then I'll cut out patch material from the not-worn places and toss the rest. Cross another long-drawn-out project off my LIST! Whew! Annarchy, back in the late 70s, my friend and I traveled with my pickup...camping our way thru western Canada and US. In southern tip of Utah we hit our hottest. Our thermometer only went up to 120* We spent the day sitting in a stream, reading. When we were on the road [no A/C in that old time truck] we had to roll the windows UP. Felt like a HOT hair dryer was blowing in. My friend went hyperthermic that day and dropped the costly eggs we'd just purchased. To the stream for her! Malama pono in your heat, friend! ["Take good care" in Hawaiian.] MtRider
  6. Hope Ambergris can use computer soon. What's next at her LOCATION?? Mouse count: 2 on glue board. 1 lil' one stuck in kitchen trash can. Then was the one that ZOOMED under door and into my closet. I keep the sweet potatoes in there but don't have any right now. [So they're in the dark but not too chilly down in basement. ] Found a nice mousey hang-out on top of a [fortunately] old pair of shorts that I could just trash. Some other things under the shorts, in that basket that can just get washed. Later I saw the bag wiggle again. OK, enough is enough. This is just a plastic grocery bag, hung on the curtain [clothespin] within reach of my bed. Holds my peppermint Lifesavers [stomach issues] and my lemon drops [throat or enjoy]. A mostly empty sleeve of soda crackers [stomach]. Has a small bottle of Nuprin and one of Tylenol. Has a variety of candies which I never seem to want - inside a washed-out Parmesan cheese container. Also several small bits of paper towels...cuz I often eat there....bed in chaise lounge position. We don't have room for any table in cabin. ANYway....the plastic bag wiggled again and I took the whole thing down and brought it out to porch with a spot light tonite. No mouse inside but the nasty brats chewed THRU the plastic bag and THRU the sleeve to get at the soda crackers. So they never did get INSIDE the grocery bag. Salvaged everything but the paper towels and the soda crackers. I moved all the peppermints and lemon drops into plastic containers with lids. More Parmesan containers. Everything is now enclosed...which cuts down on smell to entice them. Seems like I've done a great job of enticing them. We had several long months of no mice and now..... I'll have to figure out where ELSE I have food of any kind. The Kettle Korn really surprised me cuz I'd completely forgotten it. MICE and NO RELIABLE MEMORY TOOOOOO? MtRider ....hoping I find something on the glue boards by morning. INVASION!
  7. I've always done that too, Jeepers. Weird ...cuz it's backwards, kinda. MtRider
  8. Wow, Miki. You have really been diligent about this! And it sounds like you make such good meals. Looking very good, friend!!! If I could keep away from the sweets....... Ahem..... We rained again today. Not any downpour but gentle. Actually, that's unusual here. Usual is CRASH/BANG/BOOM/GUSH/POUR/HAIL..... ....pray for my folks this week, please. They're getting the new dryer [w/o prairie dog] Tuesday. On Wed. my dad will be installing [with help] the new exhaust tube. He's STRESSSSSSSING. Also his anemia is flared up again. Who knows if he's taking the iron pills. Told my mom to "investigate" - don't ask cuz he won't know. Doc on Friday will ask if he is. I will be traveling over to city with them - using the Senior van. Hope it rains and is cool enough for me. Or my "brains" will be of no use to them for comprehending/remembering what the doc says. That's my role. Was and should be DH's role if my dad didn't opt him out of any role due to dementia. Ach, it's challenging to just survive lately. MtRider
  9. How CUTE! The device and the boy, of course!!! MtRider ....on the farm when we were kids, we used to hook up old, leaky garden hose to have fun.
  10. Those are GREAT! A triple in #7! #11.....which is why I prefer "disabled" instead of "invalid" .... #16 ....smart pig! MtRider
  11. Initially, I would chant words to myself while driving buses - when I didn't have passengers. "Ho no oh pee ee lah nee" Highway. Actual spelling = Hono'opi'ilani Hywy. Took me a while to say that smoothly! Or "Hoo moo hoo moo noo koo noo koo ah poo ah ah" = Humuhumunukunukuapua'a ...which is that tiny fish with big name. The great thing about spelling in Hawaiian is that it's regular. [unlike English] If you know a few rules, it's really fairly easy to spell and pronounce. Once you get the hang of not leaving out any syllables. They love vowel sounds! "e" = long a .... 'i' = ee sound.... a = ah... o = long o.... The words with a backwards apostrophe means a glottal stop. Which is why the end of that fish is "ah-ah" instead "ahhhh" And Hawai'i is "ha vayee ee" the "w" in middle of word pronounced "v". At beginning of the word like Waikiki...it remains as "w" sound. Missionaries stingy on consonants. Fortunately if you break apart the word, often there are repeating syllables. Like "M ISS ISS IPP I" which Iowa kids learned how to spell by 2nd grade. Hoomoo - hoomoo nookoo - nookoo ahpoo ah ' ah ><> Kihei = kee hayee MtRider
  12. Definitely, WE2. I'd have to double the "serving size" ....even if it included sides. DH...if he was working hard, as everyone would be doing in a Post-Hooey.....would have to X4. If your emergency consists of sitting in your car on a mild day till they can tow it, fine. Otherwise, take a good second look at the actual calories, protein, and nutrition. Not weight or "servings". That's a tip that CGA gave us all years ago. I spent a few months comparing ALL the data. Commercially packaged stuff has it's uses. Having beef stew MRE's with self-heaters in the car is good for such vehicle emergencies, especially in winter. But we couldn't carry more than a couple. That's what the Ebars are for. One issue is that "LIFEBOAT RATIONS" were designed to keep folks alive as they floated on the water at sea. The caloric counts are different if you're being more active in an emergency. .....and someone tell me why Mr.Quote Box suddenly appeared below my typing? MtRider
  13. Lotta territory, Annarchy. Human cause, right? Bad enough with lightning strikes but carelessness.... Yes....Jeepers, the prairie dog was over a foot long. Like we need more trauma and drama to set off my dad? And my MOUSE..... Well, instead of waiting for the poison to have some effect, I duct taped a mouse glue board down right next to the poison block device. Since I hear it/them there all the time. I was reading for a while and then I heard big rustle noise. Get on my bed, will ya? It was so stuck, even it's face was stuck. So I yanked duct tape loose ...this is 2AM, mind you....with a pliers and dropped it over the edge of the porch outside. ....it wasn't there this morning. So we're kinda looking for a fox with a glue board stuck to his face..... One down; how many to go???? Just heard from DD2. All is quiet on Maui today. A few smoldering hot spots that they either put out or are watching. Fire personnel are probably catching some sleep. Everyone is marveling about wildfire on a dry, crispy tropical island. We got several hours worth of rain...very steady and lots. Mixed with small bit hail. Our temperature was an unbelievable 94* and with that storm it dropped. Right now it's 54*. We had zero problems with water erosion. THAT IS SO COOL! All these years we'd have to battle where the water was going and how it was damaging things. Now....no worries. Coulda done that 20 yrs ago! MtRider Hope you get rid of infection, Jeepers.
  14. The news seems to be all good today. Except that the 2nd fire might have been arson. DD2 and I talked about that last nite. Putting out hot spots today. Haven't heard the wind flaring things up anywhere. I did read that it came within 20' of some Kikei homes. But firefighters held the line. They let it burn where it was just old cane [sugar canes] but dug trenches and firebreaks further out where they had time to hold the line. Saved the Humane Society bldg. 100 folks showed up to help staff move all the animals. Lots of animals and stayed at the high school overnite. Sent almost half out to foster homes. Basically, doesn't seem like they lost anything but a couple of farm vehicles. 9,000 acres.... Housed quite a few tourists in an old gymnasium....instead of 5 Star Hotels that they could not get to. Over 500 stayed at the airport overnite. But everyone was safe. MtRider ....thanks for prayers!!!
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