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  1. Bad day.....reading in bed to recover. Feeling a bit better tonite. MS nerve jangle day... yucko. MtRider
  2. Thanks, WE2. Copied to go in my file. MtRider
  3. Some expert dude is saying increase of .50 per pound on beef....up to $1 on pork [cuz pigs are shorter and drown first????] Just a few cents on cereals, etc. .....then I saw that he's in CHICAGO.... [apologies to any good folks from Chicago but seriously, why haven't you moved?] I was born/raised near "Daley's Chicago" ....IOWA side, so I'll admit a bias... [ya THINK?] There truly are many millions of acres raising cereal and legume crops ......beef/poultry/pork that have not been flooded. My cousin's still pouring out his pork....and while we were near the Mississippi to the N,E,and S, it's flooding would not reach that area baring a comet splash. [...I hope that's correct or we're realllly in trouble!] BUT.....it very well COULD affect his ability to ship out his hogs. He ships an unbelievable number of them daily. So other than Chicago-based dude.....has anyone heard decent estimates? Will panic buying raise the price/lower availability without a true shortage? ....Don't wait: panic before everyone else....(she says mostly tongue-in-cheek). Honestly, if you aren't stocked up in these products, you might want to lay in some supply. But then, we preppers usually ARE already stocked to whatever extent we are comfortable with...right? [except situations like Jeepers who's trying to MOVE! ] It's painful to see pics of the metal grain [mostly corn] bins splitting open and spilling out fermenting corn. I literally know what it takes to fill one of those. And this is the other side of this story. HOW MANY farming families are going to be out of home and business due to catastrophic losses they just can't handle any more? Then....who takes their place? Some of these repeatedly flooding lands have been in families since the first prairie grass was turned over. What now? The young....like my brother and I....did not return to continue farming our family land. That's been happening for generations. But this will not help that problem. Then the land is often incorporated .....literally. The agri-corporations. Personally, I'm not a fan of them either. How will that change our food chain? Farm by farm; family by family. Their choices now will affect us. MtRider
  4. Since it's been cloudy and snowing/melting....we quickly moved all the seedlings 'Upstairs' to the greenhouse. The most fragile were set up under some shop lights run on genny for a few hours. Genny's gonna need some sun too. It goes back into Faraday cover when it's not being used. Ran some water up the well while it was running. That uses more power. Just trying to sort out the 'stuff in the back'....need updated inventory and access to what we need now. Forgot I has stashed this and that during my garage sale scrounging days. Haven't heard back from odd neighbors about the goat deal. Snow is melting as fast as it's falling. They say it adds nitrogen to our land. Not sure how granite bits are needing nitrogen but....pine and aspen do grow on our gritty hillsides. We have grass and brush land near creek. Have good chain and lock on the driveway gate. Don't need it to go up the hillside to "Upstairs"....or the odd ones. See folks walking /biking by every now and then. Dog announces each one.....as always. We're slowing putting in "expedient steps" to use between us and neighbors before someone breaks their neck on that STEEP, wet hillside. Just a board set vertically and pegged in. Step behind it leveled. Then up to the next one. Trying for deep/wide steps but not much rise. Using boards from our rotting old wood supply. Pegs made with a bit of hatchet work. DH is working on the first of the dead trees...with a bow saw. I just stomp on a branch laid up on a log to break it down further. There are two aspen saplings growing just a foot apart. I leverage wood of smaller diameter between them and crack it in half. Wear 'shop' glasses.....Manual methods save the saw but the wood tends to snap/bounce in odd ways. We've got a basket of eggs situated on the hearth in front of the fireplace [which is no longer a pellet stove]. We're trying to keep the temperature correct for incubating the eggs. ...... Big thermometer sits right there and we're checking the fire and thermometer frequently. Fluctuating outside temperatures are not helping this effort. MtRider
  5. SNOWING LIKE CRAZY while we unloaded the groceries DH brought home mid-afternoon today. Now it's melted. MtRider ....gets so ya gotta look out the window before you know what season it is....
  6. Seems like THEY say that every year...... ...only thing either of us have had in 5 yrs or more was MINNESOTA Coughing Crud DH brought home with him...and I worked hard not to get it with him coughing all over for close to 3 wks. But except for feeling like "it's trying to get me" a couple days, I did not catch it. MtRider .....I've got a couple of those things in the First Aid bag. Couple of the hospital little trays too.
  7. That's been our observation too. MtRider .....hope your friends recover quickly. That FLU is still around so be careful out there.
  8. What is in your country gravy mix. Looks E-Z! MtRider
  9. I love boats and water!!! Glad I have this small duck pond in our arid CO. Water is so..... satisfying on the eyes. Like campfires. Watch it endlessly. Currently our pond is still white, frozen-but-UNSTABLE ice. Heard a Fred&Wilma pair [Canadian Geese] go honking overhead but didn't stop. No open water yet. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................MtRider [I could not get my computer to space down???? ]
  10. Woke to two and a half inches of snow.... It's way too warm to stay around long. So.....why aren't those old ducks laying? I hope DH has thot to start checking where they might HIDE them.... MtRider
  11. There was Kmart and others but ....the big Walmart? https://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-stores-closing-list-2019-3#3603-broad-river-road-columbia-south-carolina-6 Others.... https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/retail-apocalypse-jcpenney-payless-lifeway-announce-3-000-combined-store-n988756 Some types of stores closing already have a big OnLine presense like LifeWay Christian Book stores. They're tightening up but still available to anyone who shops on-line. Course....books... Some of us would like to touch/feel real books sometimes. But....honestly, I haven't purchased a real book in a real store for years. I'm not typical cuz I rarely leave home. Still...it is a trend. Does anyone have opinions on the trend toward purchasing everything on line and taking delivery? I still want to SEE my own fruits/veggies/meat! MtRider
  12. A neighbor we don't generally trust [but 'Upstairs' has a better relationship] is offering 3 milking goats if they can use some pasture. They have too many animals and will eventually run out of hay/feed. They're negotiating for the usual pasture on the corner lots near creek..... Since horses and goats eat different things, I think we may go with it. Ugh, milking again....time to get out the Maggie Milker and see if my theory on WHY IT DIDN'T WORK BEFORE is true. [really, it was quite dumb....it will work] Will need to set up some way to keep milk cool in the creek....yet be secured from theft. Think we just need BIG DOG fencing around the pasture and that will take care of a lot. She loves her goats! MtRider .....still gotta work on multiplying our egg layers. Wire..... OR....we need a broody hen of some kind.
  13. Mt_Rider

    Hey Miki

    Yeah....what she said! MtRider
  14. Glad the weather is not still WINTER. It's only sporadically warm spring....but with the vicious storms we have to watch the plants carefully. Most can be rolled or dragged in and out of garage quickly. Soon they can go into their big greenhouse [which does not have clear "glass"] but it will be strong enough light. Just want to give them full sun for a while. So.....we're living the Little House On Prairie now, huh? Well, at least the genny, etc was saved but....it's nerve-wracking to bring anything out of the Faraday shelters. The little transistor is toast.....but it didn't have much range anyway with all these ridges. Won't risk the better equipment. Hard to get news tho....feels like someone is going to yell BOO! ...every time you take something out. Haven't gotten into the storage foods yet. Using up freezer food that's been cooked and stored "upstairs" in their freezer till we can eat it all. They run the genny while it's sitting in the sun recharging itself. Just enough to keep things frozen. Strong sun between storms. We've taken to ducking inside a building or into the trees if any aircraft is overhead. There are few. Two black helicopters went over....the types with the "broomstick" out the front. Ducked outta sight!!!! Maybe we should put some mylar up on the inside of the duck and goat shed roofs? Can't get a heat signature to count resources from the air? Don't even know if that works. Or does the metal roof already do that??? Situations like this make ya paranoid.....but as they say, It's not paranoia if they really ARE out ta get ya". Been locking the duck/goat doors at night too....there are folks on foot, tho not many since we're way out here. Is there any way to put a solar genny INSIDE a Faraday ....and still run the incubator? First batch of eggs were ruined when we had to unplug and put everything under EMP cover. Need more ducks. MtRider
  15. The other thing about these LEDs.........If you're using them in lamps or overhead lights that have a dimmer capacity. You must match the LED which comes in "dimmable" or non-dimmable" and you can't interchange. I've got some "dimmables" [cuz DH hasn't got great situational awareness in his purchases...LOL] and no where to use them. Just looked at ours. Some are a more yellow tone. A few are like WE2 said, more bright and a touch blue, compared to the others. The four over our kitchen are a mix of both. I don't know which is which. They are made by different companies too, so that might make a color tone difference. MtRider
  16. https://www.mileskimball.com/buy-adjustable-laptop-desk-363364 I have one of these for my laptop. Really like it and it keeps computer from heating up...even has fan. Infinitely adjustable..mine has a fourth leg section that I use to stabilize. I could adjust it for the Kindle on my adjustable bed. Until I decide to curl on my side....then my other side.... MtRider
  17. .....that math doesn't add up.... MtRider..... to Jeepers
  18. I love LEDs!!!! We'd tried the curly stupid things but they weren't good at all. And how to you dump them....folks went all HAZARDOUS-Mercury-Waste-Zone about them. I've had one early LED bulb running for 7 yrs straight before we had to change it.....low wattage night light. Had all the LED bumpy things showing. New ones look like a while snow cone. A line half-way down the dome top. Fit in the usual way. We even have LED outdoor spotlights! Since they don't have a filament to break....and they aren't the fragile fluorescent ones....they are durable! You'll like them, Jeepers. I put them first in areas that were DIFFICULT to change the bulbs. They're still there...years later. Only had one newer one fail.....and be warned: They begin to flash like a fast strobe light when there's something going wrong. They might cause another in the same light fixture to strobe as well but it was only one bulb that was faulty, in our case. Other one is still working fine a year and a half later. I'm taking all my LEDs with me when we move...someday. I'm guessing....but i think the "daylight" bulbs might have more of the light spectrum range? Hard to say with someone else's label. MtRider ....me too ... needing light to SEE!
  19. Whew.....we have storms cuz we're so high into the atmosphere. But THAT was a storm. Frist HAIL of the season. First rain of the season, actually. Caused a flash flood in the arroyo between the two back hills. No damage except this time a few of the aspen saplings were uprooted. The deer girdle their trunks, eating the bark in winter and kill them anyway. Our driveway would have been a dreadful mess but the new culvert on the inside track held...mostly. Hand work with shovel will fix the slight leakage. Doubled the creek volume and the pond ice is breaking up. With the ALERT from 'upstairs' neighbors, we shoved everything back into Faraday cages. When in doubt about WHAT alert....batten down and shelter the electronic devices. Not many in use cuz we still have no power except battery and neighbor's genny. They sheltered that too. Called folks and warned them in time but they'd heard on their unofficial "Senior Network". We all unhooked batteries from vehicles but.... ??? Now ....we wait. And water seedling that were QUICKLY brought into garage for cover. I brought out a cheapo transister radio and turned on the AM chanels to see if we can hear anything. MtRider .....looking up at flashes in the sky
  20. I got a bill in the mail today. For a toll bridge fare .....New York City to New Jersey. Absolute Fraud?......or someone punched in the wrong license plate number/letters?????? The plate numbers that do NOT match our vehicles, btw. [[[[[[[Hope someone has not gotten hold of any old license plates..... ]]]]]] .....haven't been out of this 2-county area in 6+ years...... A whole $1.75 fee we're talkin' here.... DH is trying to fix whatever is not allowing the barnyard lite and the outlet to work. Thinks rust [from deep snow] has fizzled the works in the outlet...hopefully not in the Romex line down the hill. Going to try installing new outlets things within the OutDoor Enclosure Box. (I'd call it a Weather-proof Enclosure Box but ....doesn't seem to match that description just now....with the rust and all.... ) The outlets have spring-loaded covers over each outlet that close unless something is plugged into them. Pssssssttttt......DH is NOT an electrician........ Wouldn't exactly call him a handyman either. But he's giving it a try!..... MtRider .....boring days are easier.
  21. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think I've read that too, Jeepers, about new batteries. So far I've charged it up at about half down. Good to hear a 2011 device still has good batteries! I did hear that phones should not be overcharged, especially if they're under one's pillow. I have been reading on landscape....but I'll have to see how to prop it. I change body positions constantly - avoiding muscle cramps in whole body. I've been changing hands and positions with the Kindle too...not enough, evidently. I anticipated hand spasms while considering what I'd buy. Same with reading paperback books. I'll get creative. MtRider ....like it tho!
  22. .......my left hand goes into spasm. The Chiro says it's from holding up the new Kindle. Yes, it's a cool device and reading it is very easy on the eyes in any circumstance....like outside in shade or sun. Any angle without turning towards the lamp. But I've flipped the thing out of my hand(s) a number of times. Face-plant a couple times. Ow! Not on the floor....yet. Reading in recliner or reclined bed. Maybe I'll mount it on a selfie stick? It recharges very quickly.... Question....do I need to ever let the battery discharge way down or is half-way just fine? Anyone know? I've read 4/5ths of the very LONG instruction manual I downloaded. Haven't seen anything about battery. MtRider
  23. "Upstairs" [aka: up ridge] neighbors, DH and I begin to haul out seeds and plant in small containers...tin cans, yogurt cups, etc. I have a big industrial size bag of vermiculite....helps to lighten the starter soil mix. Run some of it thru the hand meat/veggie grinder cuz it's too large. The product's target use was shoot-in insulation in homes [read: cheaper than at the garden store but needs to be ground smaller for tiny seed starting] A large percentage of the 836 Styrofoam egg cartons I saved are used to begin older seeds. That way not a lot of potting soil mix is used to test the seeds. If nothing comes up, another seed is attempted. 18 pack egg carton lids are cut off for a bottom tray and take up little space. Due to no electricity, the shop lites [with grow bulbs] can only be used with the neighbor's generator. Plan B is in operation: hauling everything outside as early as the temperature will allow and get them hauled back in when the sun goes down. This entire venture becomes a full time job for several hours of each day. The neighbors have a large greenhouse [IRL] but the sun is stronger outside yet in this season. Soon this transporting out into full sunshine won't be necessary. ....the sun does look a bit odd, dontcha think? We begin to wear sun protection .... Fortunately, water isn't a problem between the creek that's now open, the melting snow drifts that are being shoveled into containers to conserve their meltwater, and the neighbor's generator to bring up well water. Unfortunately, the genny is solar [yes, we always suspected they're quietly preppers too...] and at least part of each day is cloudy. Eventually clouds will produce rain, graupel, and/or snow....needed or not. My folks are ok, finding that their contact with the senior's center has been beneficial. The dratted idiot bumming smokes has finally been convinced that they DO NOT SMOKE, and has gone in pursuit of better begging. Fortunately it's only a couple blocks away and the walking has done them good...except the day they walked home in the snow. Their long-unused fireplace has proved to work just fine. No soot/etc build-up cuz it wasn't used. The days have been warm to chilly but the nights are very cold yet. They sleep on mattress dragged into the living room. The down comforter has been a comfort. The ducks finally began to lay eggs. DH is reading the directions on the small incubator that we've never used. That can go on the line up of devices on the genny. The guys went to 3 feed stores yesterday and didn't find any chicks or ducklings. Both stores have placed large orders but.... They did stock up on animal feed. Cash is king..... Tomorrow DH and I might go to the village to see folks and check another feed supply store. Also plan to check community bulletin boards. MtRider
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