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  1. Yup....I have a link to that notice over in our FICTIONAL stories area. Wanted to be sure it was really from the power company. So, Dogmom. What are you and yours going to do, considering this. We're playing in Fireside with a more fictional and further extension of this. But you and Midnight and some are going to be facing this In Real Life. Any of your elderlies or others have medical devices that would be affected? What.....are they going to do about SCHOOLS? This doesn't just affect folks in a log cabin in woods. Do cities have a more direct line to the power companies that doesn't cross forested lands? Sorry....thats a lot of questions but....yikes. Here's another article commenting on this....IRL. Not our fiction in Fireside. Ooops. Helps if I actually post the link: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/now-pge-plans-to-cut-electricity-to-5-million-california-residents-to-prevent-wildfires/ MtRider
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    Good for her!!!! Sounds like she's coming out of the shock and gettin' her gumption back. ....at least partially. Something like this really takes it out of a person. So glad she's not dealing with a total loss like A. MtRider
  3. Annarchy. Lose 10#.....I know well the weight loss thru Helping Elders In Crisis. It works rather well. Too busy to even know it's happening. Keeping it off is the trick. And I know about having a dear furrry critter very close to passing while I was at my folks'. I didn't quite make it back in time--missed by a couple hours. But it couldn't be helped. Glad you're there for Grrrr. Prayer continues for MIL and The Situation!!! I'm FINALLY feeling MUCH better today. Still can't figure what was going on. Low temp means it probably wasn't an infection. The swollen glands and sore tongue, jaw..... dental problem? Teeth don't hurt. Don't have wisdom teeth. And heating pad applied to the jaw/neck helped. Along with our usual immune boost/C's. Applied the heating pad for an hour before I went to bed and slept thru last nite. That's always good. Still must watch stamina....running so low on that anyway. We'll see. Might get to see my cousin....might not. They went early to a tourist must-see this morning. Haven't heard yet .... I'll be keeping distance, in case this WhatEver is contagious. MtRider ....glad ya found Abby's stinko source, WE2. Whew!
  4. Fees and permits that are totally arbitrary.......and that sounds like a reason to be PREDATORY rather than helpful for those folks in the midst of huge misfortune? MtRider
  5. We "lost" my dad for a while today. He was and is fine....sort of. The rest of us are gonna be in the funny farm soon too tho. Due to that incident, I'm "feeling better" cuz of running up the adrenaline. That comes with a price I certainly wouldn't chose to pay right now. Not sure how much he'll be playing his games tomorrow but I hope I'll be able to visit with my cousin. They're only here a couple of days. MtRider ....this life is getting a bit twisted right now, eh?
  6. Had not heard that, Midnight. But it's beyond totally insane. .....it smacks of evil purpose. I've noticed that when we keep saying how" insane" laws or regs or rulings are....and how "stupid" the people in power are [be it private or govt] .... It's turning out that they have been STUPID AS A FOX. Those who fight for "frogs" are Useful Idiots for someone... So who really wants to profit from Paradise? I really hate cheaters! ....so sorry to hear the folks of Paradise are getting this travesty. Can anyone fight the likes of all the Darth Vaders in the world? How are the folks doing in your area, Midnight. From that earlier monster Carr fire? MtRider
  7. YUK....I'm feeling realllly weak-lousy right now. Waiting for DH to come home. My pulse rate is going down to 66. He can take my BP. NOW WHAT? Not a real good nite but better than the one before. Throat gland still swollen on R side only. And I'm missing out on meeting with my cousin and her dd. ....prayers appreciated. Shoot, going on an on with this. Added: DH home. BP is within my normal low range. Ate protein....and improving. Ack. Not used to being this type of 'sick'. MtRider
  8. Thanks y'all. I've been wondering if I picked up a 'bug' while at the Women's clinic for the Post Op meeting? We never get microbe sick. I'm throwing everything at it....Immune boost, REAL Vit C, etc. Glands on R still swollen/sore. Well I can't have mumps....had 'em already. Whoa Miki! What a score on the treadmill. WE2....using that air fryer and the multipot devices...that sure wouldn't heat up your kitchen much then, would it. Gonna hafta keep an eye out, if I ever get to a thrift store. Jeepers.....a no perv summer! MtRider ....not feeling great but not terrible either, thankfully.
  9. We don't have caller ID so I'm not sure either, Sarah. Sure would be nice to keep the garbage outside. Hmph! We've been on the usual Do Not Call lists but some things weasel thru any legal....semi-legal gaps. Getting a lot of robot calls "from Microsoft" or some such. Hmph! ... I unplug phone when I go to bed and plug it in when I'm ready to take calls in morning. My only [partial] defense. But it means my folks can't give us an emergency call in the night....should something happen. I told them to send the Sheriff's dept out to wake us. They'll do that. MtRider
  10. Ugh, had a rough nite. Unsettled stomach. Swollen throat glands -- not good. Finally got to sleep at 1am. Woke at 5am and was up for couple hours. Ate stuff to keep something in my system. Woke again around 10:30am. Then I felt more rested but more than unsettled.....rather slightly nauseous. DH made some biscuits. Had that and 7UP. Taking all our usual herbal/nutritional to go into combat with microbes. USUALLY that will ward off anything for us. HOWEVER, this is NOT a usual time for us. My temp is 97.5* When I'm sick or physically strained, I often go lower in temp. I'm in bed and not moving. 'Off kilter' when I have to walk. I have a cousin Jn coming in late tonite for a visit tomorrow and Fri. She and her dd have a room in town near my mom. They want to see her and ask about my mom's late big brother...their dad/grpa. My mom has lots of pics and stories. She's the last of the siblings, tho she has one more cousin older than she is. Both my cousins are trying to see her before it's her time. Jn's sister, Jo and dh came in March but Jn was sick and missed the trip. Was nice to meet them. And I want to meet Jn too. We haven't seen each other since we were children and she was much younger. [ LOL ...still is much younger, of course....meant I played with the older cousins.] So I hope whatever this guk is....will clear up. Since temperature is down - not up with infection, it's likely to be all that huge post-op fatigue setting in. We'll see. MtRider
  11. Just a warning from our experience: From what I've heard, privately passing some extra harvested food would be good. Or selling it. Having anyone you don't know VERY WELL, ripping things indiscriminately from your fine gardens....bad idea. Even friends. My gardening buddy tried to offer to her church friends. "They don't know how." "They don't have time." "They don't know how to eat turnips, raw peas, squash." They this and that ...and only one family shows up. They failed to pick the area she showed them. They picked the area she wanted to grow for next year's seeds. And she wasn't charging them anything. UNBELIEVABLE but true. She invited DH and I. I'd gardened with her at her place a couple years. We scrupulously follow her directions and try to do some weeding and such for her as well as pick for us. Right? Of COURSE you'd do that. Not of course. MtRider ...would it have been this way in the First Great Depression?
  12. Mt_Rider


    Oh good grief! This whole thing can make you sick to your stomach just reading your reports, Annarchy! .....Uh well, I actually am stomach sick today or else reading this would make me Whew, lil guy there almost makes me dizzy to watch him hopping mad. Seriously....how do folks wade thru all these barriers without help? They're in some degree of shock.....whether they are 38 or 88. Profit is not about slitting someone else's throat. That is not profit. Yeah, need another hopping mad guy. God, Your divine help is needed. Annarchy must return home, at least for a while. Make sure the sharks have no way to reach her dear MIL while she's gone. Give Annarchy and MIL ....and A....Your peace and PROTECTION. Set Your very own guards around them. Cuz evil is trying to undermine righteousness here. We know You do not stand for that. Thank You for Your own words that we are to protect the widows, orphans....most especially them! Most especially them! Deal with those who are not doing that! And please send cooling breezes so MIL does not overheat in TX. MtRider
  13. Awww, poor Wormie and Mrs. Will certainly be praying for them. Big hugs. MtRider
  14. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/social-security-impostor-scam-apos-114102652.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_14 I got this call a few wks ago. I hung up, of course. How can people fall for these things?????? SS office would never be calling you. You have to BEG them to call you! MtRider .....just be careful out there, friends.
  15. Something about this really bugs me. Gives me an ITCH! Soooooo.....since I mentioned a "prepper fiction story" I'm starting something. If you want, go see it down in Fireside. Join in my UNreality scenario. Add your own. http://www.mrssurvival.com/topic/54904-compressed-populations/ MtRider .....SOMEwhat related to this thread.
  16. OK....so this discussion took place nearly a year ago. Read this article. Cuz THIS IS EXACTLY what I thought was so threatening when I began this thread. Yes of course. We're all the tough, rural preppers....ready for hardships. [more or less, right?] BUT the REAL ISSUE .... is the magnitude of THIS CONCEPT. The power companies can no longer afford to provide SAFE service to rural areas. Seriously remote is one thing. But do the Santa Annas blow strong thru the farms that supply veggies/fruit to the nation? If so, this precedent does not bode well for any of us outside of the IMPORTANT [read: large population] cities. .......The Step Further...... and then the NEXT Step Further..... IS the next step to simply force everyone into the conglomerate urban areas because it's cheaper/easier to "supply urban areas" ??? Will ....someday.....the provision of electric power dictate where we all live? I'm not at all sure about the theories that claim that. But if I was writing a prepper fiction story, this certainly would be a good start. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/05/california_descending_to_third_world_status_with_emplannedem_electricity_blackouts_for_up_to_a_week.html Midnight, Dogmom, others...this is your state. Are you hearing this or something else? MtRider
  17. sorry...I have no idea. MtRider
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  19. Miki....how are your goats doing? Haven't seen a pic of them lately. My last solo goat does better than expected alone. She hangs out with DH and dog when they go for their walks. Hangs out with horses....the idiot big horse lets her share his hay pile. Old nasty one ....won't. Good thing she was already inside her high-fenced goat yard this evening tho. Koa was in there too...they share the run-around space. Koa WENT OFF...and I grabbed a lead thrower and ran up to see what she's doing THAT type of barking about. Never did see but from the caliber of bark, coyote, bobcat, MtLion? Something significant. Goat was tucked under the shelf inside her house....waiting for her guardian dog to handle the situation. WE2.....ewwwww. Stinky dog that loves to live indoors just broke the rule! Eeeewwwwww! Annarchy...glad you and MIL had a good time.....and good timing! Our trip over to 'the city' worked out fine. Saw doc and he gave the news we expected.... Called/texted the news to family/friends. Then trailing our way back, we stopped at the tiny place we found a couple weeks ago.....for gyros and their salad. Ate some there and have some tonite. Stopped by the vehicle wheel alignment place that DH is familiar with...used in the past. Would have been super great to get in today but ...he has appt. for tomorrow. [I'm staying home!] Have to do that after all those suspension replacement parts. AND THEY ARE RECONSTRUCTING OUR HORRRRRIBLE ROADS TODAY. Road equipment around here are so scarce, we call them 'dinosaurs'. But a specialized one spent quality time on OUR little road. Gee....maybe the alignment will actually hold for a while???? When they do the main road....it's going to hold up traffic. It's used a lot and one deep HOLE had to be coned. Of course some idiot has already run over one cone. MtRider .....VERRRRRRY VERRRRRRY TIRED but
  20. ...that this crazy stuff will back off and leave you alone already!!! MtRider
  21. Today....Sunday..... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you ladies who have children. The usual way. The official adoption way. The unoffical adoption way. The "Borrow a Kid and Make a Difference" way. Lotsa ways to be a mom to someone. Even if that someone is no longer a child. Mentor youngers. Be mentored by elderlies. Makes things go better for all of us. MtRider
  22. I take a chaste tree product for menopause. I looked it up -- pretty! And "forgetting" is becoming an Olympic sport around our house. ============= Chaste tree has been used to treat menstrual cycle problems and pain, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause. ... Chaste tree is claimed to help treat painful breasts (mastodynia). In European herbalism and medicine, vitex extracts are used for uterine fibroid cysts. They help boost breast milk supply in new mothers. ============= ....this didn't post yesterday [Sat.] ??? but is ready to post now [Sun.] ........ [so Saturday] was much calmer with only a few shakes and several blank-brain moments. Improvement.... Today..Sunday... we made it out to eat with my mom but it was a STRAIN and we canceled further plans to galavant around. We'll take her out again next week. MtRider ....likely I didn't hit "Submit Reply"
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    Lose weight

    That worked so well for you, Midnight!!! I like the martial arts aspect too! Low carb is the sort of diet DH and I both respond to well. ....but right now, it's not worth the effort. Too many other ISSUES in our lives. But I've come down a little more after hospital adventure. Likely 5# of water they put into me. Wanna know a really fast diet? Go take care of ELDERLY parents when one comes home from hospital....hip replacement. Did I mention a 3 story house and my designated bathroom was basement. Three weeks......13 pounds. I'm sure I should come up with a name for this diet..... MtRider
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