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  1. for your health regarding former diabetes for peace in your home....and for the little one coming along. MtRider
  2. Isn't a slur exactly, tho it's no compliment. ......'useful idiots' is an historical term. Allegedly points to Lenin as it's origin but that's disputed. I've heard it refers to those who naively support one govt-type cause or another without real information. Often backfires since the cause they support will not, in the end, support them. "Useful Innocents" is another similar term. In this case in Venezuela, ruining the masses of people with collapse, starvation, etc might make them helpless. ....until they rise up anyway. Just the shock of living an ordinary modern life and having it collapse around your ears.....must take some time to figure out. I hope the PEOPLE take back their country and begin the long haul towards restoring it. Hopefully without too many onerous 'strings' attached to any aid they get. MtRider
  3. All sorts of goooood news for the Kappy/Chainsaw Mary household. Even the garden is happy and still growing! Y'know, I hope our culture moves more to the idea of older folks combining households and getting along. It's getting way too expensive ...and lonely, for folks alone to make it financially. Boarding houses used to fill that niche. MtRider
  4. That is fantastic news....and great 'odds'. Praying this surgery will free you to be more able than you are already. Restore hand and other movement!!!! MtRider .....mebbe I should bring my surgeon veggies?
  5. This was a modern professional country.....cuz they have Caribbean oil!! You can have all the resources in the world and still turn into a 3rd world country if the leadership does all the wrong things. That means it could happen here too. What's making me nervous is their current prez/dictator is giving away some of the oil rights to Russia. I don't think even "Uncle Hugo" even did that. Somehow China is also very interested and involved but I'm not clear on how/what..........the why is oil, of course. And the U.S. ......... ??? They need to revolt. They need a revolution that is done by the people...not propped up by other powers and then left in the dust after they take their cut... MtRider
  6. Jeepers: https://www.familyhandyman.com/smart-homeowner/things-to-do-when-you-move-into-your-new-home/view-all/ https://www.houselogic.com/buy/moving-in/things-to-do-when-moving-into-a-new-house/ In case you haven't heard of some of these. ?? Hoping for good weather tomorrow......getting hay dellivery in the morning. 40 bales so we don't have to lug 3 up onto the roof rack. BUT...we have to sled the bales over to the hay shed.... MtRider
  7. DH's sister finally got MIL into a respite care facility. Once there, the staff realized that she's indeed close to passing and needs 24 hr staff. She's conscious sometimes. Mostly sleeping. O2 levels are dropping. Will likely be days...few. And his sister's dd is having a baby today. Or...trying to. Sent her home again last nite. As we thot, one passes and another is born. I hope the joy of baby will bring up the mood as there is mourning too. They are out of the terrible cold tho. MtRider
  8. Regarding using the cat litter for it's silica gel: https://www.freshstep.com/contact-us/product/ ==================== "Fresh Step® Regular Clay litter contains a high-quality non-scoopable clay, fragrance and borates. Fresh Step® Scoopable litter with the power of Febreze™ uses a proprietary technology containing premium scoopable clay (sodium bentonite), limestone, activated charcoal, fragrance and an antimicrobial agent (borates). Febreze is developed specifically for the product application, and it is designed to be used in litter and safe for your cat. Fresh Step® Crystals is made from silica gel, a porous substance that quickly traps liquid and then allows it to evaporate, and added fragrance for even more odor protection. Read more at https://www.freshstep.com/contact-us/product/#8r2fSSZCjFkjeu9d.99" =========================== The Fresh Step Crystals formula does include "added fragrance" ....which may or may not be any issue... I keep and reuse any of the silica packets from various packing stuff. We get a lot of tiny ones inside bottles of herbs/nutritional products we use. They can always be dried out after they've absorbed....in the sun or warm oven. In our arid climate, it hardly matters cuz they don't absorb that much. In humid climates, they might become 'loaded' and occationally need to be dried out. ??? Interesting tho, for dehumidifying purposes .....and I wish I would have known about this product for my cat in her later years. We just use plain clay and her scent got a lot stronger as she was aging. MtRider
  9. The crud is still hanging on but DH is getting good sleep. Unfortunately he wasn't able to rest a lot today. I woke with a knotted muscle in my back...severe. So he adjusted me when he woke up. I did Nuprin/heating pad till then and it eased a little. So he fed critters by himself. I turned water on/off to fill water tank while he was in barnyard handling that end of the hoses. Then he went to the village....we forgot to grab wood pellets on the way home yesterday. And he checked mail, etc. Too many things we need constantly this year: hay, pellets, etc. He's resting now, finally. I still have a 'rock' in my back...wearing me out. Was it the long ride to the city yesterday? Hours in car. Nearly shrieked when I got out of bed. Don't need another drain on my system. MtRider ...plus I'm back to having hot flashes... Hmph!
  10. I remember Midwest winters. Didn't call it a Polar Vortex but....sounds a lot like it. DH helped his sister in MN get a new battery and got it installed for her. Hope it's holding up to this stuff....doesn't have garage either. MtRider
  11. RIGHT? DH flew out of Minnesota....the initial center of this monster....the very day it was descending! In contrast, we went without our coats in the city today. Weird, huh? Homesteader......I do know the story of being SENT to a particular place that is for a mission. We're still here on the mountain due to my folks still being here [in CO and on planet Earth]. Of course we're here. Someday we won't be tho. Stay warm and safe. Harsh for the bee situation. Cowgirl....stay safe inside and OUTSIDE. Chores during extreme weather....of course we're going to do them but it takes more planning and alternate methods for the good of our critters and ourselves. We're still dealing with drifting snow cuz the wind is blowing. They had to use BIG dirt movers to remove drifts from the highway today. Glad to hear Jeeper's jeep is still running. Yeah....if you don't have animals to maintain, stay mellow with book, fireplace. Less chance of tripping or something. On severe weather days in our childhood, our folks wouldn't let us run around....cuz we couldn't get out to a hospital with deep snow till roads were cleared. Had to be sedate and play table games or such. My lil bro and I did dress up in so many layers inside that drafty house that we looked like we had muscles like Batman/Robin. So we put on towel capes and played, carefully, our imaginary roles. Haven't thot of that in a long time. ......make desiccant, WE2? I always save them from pill bottles and such. [never the used-up O2 absorbers] Also use the moisture-absorbing crystals [polymer?] you use in gardens, potted plants. Are these cheaper then? I took a look at all the vids you could see ...if we could view them. If I'm up past 2am we can use any amount of Internet we want. Free time period from 2 - 7AM. Looks so very interesting! What I did today is reported in Psssst. It was exhausting but GREAT results today. DH should have rested to continue getting over the 'bug' that has gotten him, but had to drive me. The next two days we can mostly rest. Need to fill water tank for horses tomorrow in sunny/warm weather. I pulled the hose up out of drifting snow tonite. But mostly we'll rest. He's doing pretty good now tho. Sleeping well. Coughing some. He just had too much strain all at once. [his mom is declining....as was expected] I'm pretty well done with the 'bug', having not really succumbed.....but it's not totally chased away yet either. Persistent 'bug'. Shoooo! Go AWAY! MtRider ....a good day for us
  12. Which edition are they on by now, OOTO? I've got the 10th and I just went to check. There is no Medical chapter in this one. MtRider
  13. Whoa, Annarchy. Glad he wasn't armed and more stupid. He decided to do the right thing...with your coaching. Might have safe the idiot's life. Glad you're all right. Makes a greatly reduced dinner party anticlimatic. More snow and sun and snow...SHUN SNOWERS! That's what we have. .....but not Y'all in the path of that Polar Vortex, prepare and stay safe! DH and I are both doing better today. No hot/chill today which was the worst symptom I had. Still chasing this 'bug' down the road with our herbs and such tho. My hands tremble and are NOT cooperating. Can barely type two words without multiple errorrooorrrrs. MtRider ...this too shall pass
  14. Keep both colors in there. For when you NEED to be seen.....and when you do NOT.... MtRider
  15. If anyone has a "salad shooter" or similar efficient carrot shredder device.......shred Zote, Ivory, or Fels Napha soap bars with that. Then just wash soap off thoroughly. It is just soap. I can go thru a whole bar with several turns of the handle on my Family grain mill....veggie attachment. Not the knuckle scraper kind. My recipe for laundry soap is 1 cup of each [Oxiclean, borax, washing soda, Biz]...and 1/2 bar soap. Jeepers, if you've never tried it, you might have to experiment both at your current house and when you get to the new one. Different water drastically changes how different recipes work! MtRider ....that's ginger/lemon tea I'm drinking tonite!
  16. Stay safe everyone! MtRider .....arctic vortex coming down?
  17. Yes, WE2....and as often is the case, when the pressure is off...adrenaline stops, you can come down sick. DH came home feeling ill....began as he traveled home. I have taken the immune herbs thru this week. Last nite and today...we're in an all out battle to ward off the microbes. We're winning. but it's still a struggle. Did AM and PM chores together today. Too much for just one right now. Drinking lots of fluids. Garlic in the stew. Nice warm oatmeal to start the day. Neither of us has upset stomach at all. Not sneezing and little minor coughing. Running humidifier full time ....and the pellet stove. Feeling much better...then later feel all tired and wiped out. We'll have to keep up the battle a day or two more before we're clear of it. I have appt. at doctor on Wed....do not want to push that back. Think we'll be ok. We haven't actually fully succumbed to anything in years. Not expecting to this time either. We do have some 'weather' predicted thru nite and tapering off by noon tomorrow. Heard the blast of wind hit the house a half hour ago. But still 35* I threw a lot of sand today...cuz of melting on our pathways. Only one location of thawed, loose grit and took some down in a sled to dump in a flooded area. Just a mess with that right now. Lot of manual work. MtRider
  18. That looks like a good idea for having car trouble! LOL.....do you know that the "Yellow Vest" movement that began in France used the Yellow Vests as their symbol cuz ....everyone has them. That's because they are legally required to have in each vehicle. It's a good idea, of course. But it became a part of the protest of Government Interference. And that gas tax that penalizes rural folks....who feed the nation. Pffft...idiots who don't know where food comes from! I've been wearing a blaze orange vest as I do chores and esp when I walk dog on road towards dusk. AND always have my headlamp. A friend long long ago bought me the vest for when I rode the horse. It's still getting use. MtRider
  19. I can relate to after my bulk cooking on Wednesday. At least I didn't have to make anything else this week...except oatmeal and eggs. Didn't even want to look at the mess until got a bit of energy this evening. Hey....it's only me here. The dishes will wait. And now they're DONE! And I still have a bunch of leftover stuff ....good cuz this energy problem will take a while to restore. MtRider ....DH is baaaack!
  20. DH is saying that he never wants to see frigid Minn in the winter every again. It was below zero all day and nite while he was there. And he and his sister were working on her vehicle....changing batteries, etc. ....yeah, now we remember how VERY SUBZERO COLD EVEN IN DAYTIME it used to be in Minn!! It warms up here when the sun shines. MtRider ....which is why we're starting to have a horrid ICE problem ....again... Melt/FREEZE/Melt/FREEZE
  21. DH is home Good thing. Each day I was getting less able to do it all. This morning I started out a few steps to walk dog on road for her business trip. Backtracked to add one of the many sticks I use for walking....in addition to my usual ski pole. Took a few more steps and ....forget this! R leg was lugging along like it was some ole fence post. Plan B: take her by car to the dead end road. She runs outside the car and I hang on to the retractable leash out the driver's window. This has always been our Plan B....like back when I pulled the ligaments in my foot.. Used Plan B a lot then. She's happy cuz she really gets to RUN...and then hits her brakes waaay faster than I do. Thankful for the retractable leash. I took an extra nap this afternoon. That HELPED. Stamina is very short but I was able to walk her a short ways tonite after finishing other animals. Then....I finally did up all the dishes, pots, pans from cooking on Thurs. Just hadn't had it in me till now. Whew! Made up a frying pan of spaghetti noodles, sauce, sausage, and layers of cheese. Heated in oven.....till DH gets home. Made up two small salads for us. The code words are: CONSERVE ENERGY! This I have done....well enough. DH arrived and is VERY drained. For a lot of reasons, of course. It was a very good trip - and hardest trip. But he was in the right place at the right time. His mom perked up for a couple days and then began to 'diminish' again. Not sure how long now.... One never knows. But they both enjoyed and appreciated his visit. I'm so very glad he's home ...and the dog is over the moon that he's back where he belongs !!! MtRider ....THANK YOU ALLLL for encouragement and prayers!!!!!
  22. Glad there is more good news than bad news, Ambergris! Even in sunny FL..... stay warm enough with the cats! Today was warm-ish. 35* with little wind. I wasn't out except to feed X2. Fell asleep at the computer in bed....woke when my hand fell off keyboard. And good thing - it was getting late. Late = dark and COLDER. I hurried and got back in after sunset but while you could still see. If all goes as planned....DH will be home tomorrow nite. MtRider
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