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  1. We had them here decades ago. Drought, goats, ducks.... well, they are no more. But while each one has an explosion of flavor...they are so itty bitty. Also here, only one in a dozen actually produced a berry. I think we might have a scarcity of pollinators up here. MtRider
  2. I've heard football, bicycle, equestrian, or motorcycle helmets. I think WE2 brought up this a while ago too. (?) Families need to remember that they have resources....by thinking outside the box. How's the tooth, Ambergris? MtRider
  3. You didn't.... Sheeesh, you are not having a great season right now, friend. MtRider .....gotta be super frustrating. Hang in there.
  4. Ambergris....that's the first time I heard of that technique ....when it wasn't related to syrup harvest, I mean. I began to look up WHICH trees would be safe to draw some water. If they are safe for syrup-making, they're safe for drinking their 'water'. various quotes: Sycamore trees (Platanus occidentalis), birches (the genus Betula), and hickories (the genus Carya) can also be tapped for drinking water that can be boiled for syrup. Black birch sap is particularly delicious. "I've made syrup from yellow birch, white birch and butternut trees There's Kahiltna birch syrup made in Alaska, blue spruce pine syrup from Utah and Georgian black walnut syrup. Although sugar maples are the tree of choice for commercial sugaring due to their high ratio of sugar to water in their sap, many other types of trees can be tapped to make syrup, including silver and red maples, hickory, birch, box elder, and walnuts MtRider
  5. Pick your own strawberries in MINN. I'd bring our DDs and nieces/nephew. Looooong long ago. Never heard of one THAT big, Kappy! Would be great fun....on a cloudy/not rainy day. Otherwise I'd be scorched! Our Farmer's Market in the mountains ...obviously transported in. But many come from within CO at least. But I stopped going years ago cuz of prices. At this point it's "Safeway and Pray".... Actually, Safeway has a Colorado Grown label on much of their produce tho. That only means it's transported less distance and supporting local. They do run an organic line .....tho I've never researched HOW organic that might be. MtRider
  6. Also can use the old CD/DVD discs instead of the pie dishes. They twirl and sparkle too. MtRider
  7. Ack....heat w/o power. Dangerous in TX and that region. If....WHEN.....we move to Maui.....my main goal will be to chose living where I won't die without electric. [MS.....dangerously heat intolerant] I'm gonna live in a house that's under lots of trees with long, overhanging branches. "Large canopy". Deep shade. Not under a palm tree or papaya tree. Or even the pine trees that are around here. Like the oaks, black walnut, and such in the Midwest. Saw an oak that could have held a small school's worth of rope swings. Amazing. Hope for sprawling out banyan trees, breadfruit, mango....and others in the tropics. One needs deep shade .....at least several feet between you and the juncture of sunshine/shade. ....Add tropical breezes that are usually present.... [That's non-alcoholic cuz alcohol doesn't cool ...except if wiped on externally LOL ] Wear wet long-sleeved white overshirt and soak my hair.... If you have deep shade and a breeze and water....there are ways to keep cooler. Extreme humidity will unfortunately cancel out a lot of the gains tho. Still air will be deadly. I'm thinking maybe we should start sending some of the general Post Hooey topics ...Water, wildcraft, fire making, air conditioning, etc over to the RURR Survival Library. Cuz it will include a combination of Olde Tyme techniques and modern but non-electric adaptions/materials that available now. There is a lot of old threads there already.... Drumrunner's entire collection is there. MtRider
  8. Wow...that's something to think about. Esp. for wood chopping, etc. Wedding band...ouch! Kept losing mine....x3...so I took it off. Outside twice in the mud and FOUND IT .....and once fumbled at airport security....was turned into Lost/Found and I claimed it. Watch bands are another thing that catches....and should release. MtRider
  9. Does anyone else in this world but us recognize that the Titanic has sunk? We're all at the bottom of an ocean of INSANITY! Whew, Annarchy! Goooood News DH tried to get truck's stick on floor to move. Changed hub locks. Rolled forward. I had an idea and hollered down: Try putting it in neutral. It worked. THEN we discovered what happened. Of COURSE it's DH's fault! He'd forgotten NOT to ever put it into 4-Low. When my dad gave me this old vehicle [that he'd kept in prisine condition] he told me not to...."it doesn't work". We still don't know what "doesn't work" entails but DH is reminded again not to do that ....and we have the reason for it to have acted wrong. Stay in 2 Hi and 4 Hi. They work fine. Thank YOU, God!!!! One stress off the system! Car hasn't SLAMMED again....DH avoided hitting either of the two spin-out spots this morning. Weird....too weird! Badly wanna know WHAT...WHY!!! My system is still BUZZING. I'm trying to keep all calm and let it rest. Eventually this stops. This is why I try to live life rather blandly. Ya don't wanna get this MS Overload Backwash started. MtRider ..... .....yeah, cruisin' in the SUNSHINE
  10. We had an awful day. The MS-in-Post-Surgery mode chose today to go crazy. Almost BUZZING thru my body and feels horrid. Jittery like .....I don't know what. Like descriptions of folks coming off drink/drugs??? Dunno how that feels but this is Emotions crashing all over the place. It's been a long haul since last Friday and it's disasters. But the latest disasters are about our vehicles. I tried to take the old truck out of 4-wheel tonite [after all this SNOW ....DH put it in 4 wheel to get up driveway last nite]. On the old models, have to unlock the front axle hubs and also move the stick on the floor from 2 or 4 wheel. The stick on the floor WOULD NOT MOVE. I walked down to put ducks inside for the nite. Walked up. Afraid of what might be wrong.....or .....DH might go out tomorrow and the idiot truck might cooperate nicely with him. DH was in town tonite with our newly-restored main car. And something is wrong with that too. [I'm so mixed up....I'm not sure if I told this or not???? ] When I drove the car home from shop yesterday, we chose to take highway cuz these roads are so sogged, they are like slick pudding. That's rare here! The back way is all unpaved/mud. But going 50 with the wipers screeching and flapping across my vision and snow pouring down..... DRAINED my energy! WAY too much stimulation to my damaged nervous system. Set up MS meltdown tho I managed to get home following DH driving my truck. Don't think I'll ever drive highway speeds again if I need to use wipers. Like driving a stake into my head....nearly physically painful. I drove car up our driveway and rolled into 2 MINOR holes. Couple inches of dirt lifted up and the 1 inch "hole" in front of that. Maximum 3" difference between bump and hole. But there was a very LOUD/SUDDEN retort sound when car went over that...... BAM! Scared the livin' daylites outta me...and then it did it again at the other bump. What in the world is THAT? Car has never done that. Should NOT do that bringing it home with all new suspension parts!!!!! Did it again this morning when DH drove it....so he knew what I was describing. Like it's bottoming out. ODD thing....he drove it to town and all around and ...nothing. So on Tuesday....we take it back in. How do you describe what is no longer happening? Sounded like he forgot one of the shocks....but it didn't do it after that? .... I HATE MYSTERIES! So aftermath was bad today. All that had driven my system into that UNcomfortable level. A sort of 'itch' that you can't scratch. Only more like a sonic squeal of a jet....that you can't hear, but feel. I tried not to do anything....until I encountered the stuck stick in my truck. Awful day!! Pray my system calms down cuz I realllly want to take my mom to restaurant....a quieter one where we can go at 2pm ....after the crowd. MtRider
  11. I've thot of the Clear Plastic Bag over leafy tree branch. Transpiration.... Solar still: I hope anyone looking at those instructions knows they have to leave a container OPEN, EMPTY AND UPRIGHT. The pic shows a full, sideways, closed container. Should be obvious but.... LOL....also wondered why they didn't just use the snow you can see in the first pic. [kidding] Here is a Wikipedia link for different types of solar still or transpiration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_still For another Golden Years topic...design of our adaptive devices: https://www.fastcompany.com/90338379/i-wrote-the-book-on-user-friendly-design-what-i-see-today-horrifies-me Gonna send....computer locking up MtRider
  12. Mt_Rider


    Rx.... More and for Annarchy and more and for MIL. Lawyer.....you'd THINK it would be pretty straight forward. But reality is.....everyone's a cheat. Go with that and be happily surprised if it turns out to be false. MtRider .... for the things that DIDN'T happen.....
  13. Ambergris.....that video is AMAZING! If I ever have a nice bundle of extra money....I would invest in books showing these sorts of things. My mouth dropped open when it showed the brick making. How cool is that! Wonder if adobe bricks would work for construction in Hawaii...humid, etc? We should have a whole thread on these pre-industrial ways and means. MtRider .....course I could do the video cuz I happened to be awake yet after 2AM when we have "free Internet minutes".
  14. If I could figure out how to post a pic...I would. Woke to 5" of snow.....and that's what stuck on the ground! Not so unusual for us in mid-May. But still.....it's been so warm this year. The road/driveway is already melted. That sloggy spot on the road is causing folks to SLOW WAY DOWN or loose their exhaust pipe again. Harsh Springtime for vehicles this year. Glad ours will have brand new suspension system. Quit making me nauseous - even sitting in back seat. But wow, costing us a hefty portion of this year's 'extra buffer'. Well, God always provides and we do have it right now to ransom the car. .......awk! Looked out window and ....it's snowing again. Haven't seen the sun in a couple days. Oh well. Colorado motto: We Need The Moisture! MtRider tosses a snowball at Annarchy and her tunes! * * * ....Koa LOVES snow, btw.
  15. Mt_Rider


    for Annarchy and MIL! MtRider
  16. Oye, Annarchy. You didn't need that! I about lost it reading your post, WE2. but .....and Nice to have family to share these times....and good times. Gooood news about the 2nd house insurance. Welllllll...... Got more $$$ added to the car bill. Mechanic found oil where it ought not be....meaning a lot more to replace.....AND PAY FOR. That bill is SIZZLING by now. If that's the end of it for a while, it's worth it. And we have no other choice.....soooooo... Mebbe tomorrow we'll have the car back. So glad we canceled doing the car .....the day before my surgery. It wouldn't have been ready.. HE had us covered.....cuz I didn't feel comfortable at all and asked DH to change the day. I have no idea how much snow ....yes, that's SNOW....has stuck but it's been SNOWING since afternoon. May....SNOW.....Springtime in the Rockies. MtRider
  17. OK, Mother. Let me see if I can describe our systems. Actually, because we know water is precious and vital here in the Arid West....and because power outage in rural mountains does happen, we've always got Plan A...B...C ready. Especially for water. This is also the land of massive wildfire. THAT...we could do nothing about but run... Worst case scenario...walk into pond....submerge as needed. Wear N95 even if wet. Hope lethal gasses don't drop into valley cuz N95 does NOTHING for gas. That was my plan years ago before I have a vehicle to EVAC if DH was in town at work. I've seen the ram device but have never quite figured out how it works. I kinda doubt it would have the LIFT for this job. It would have to be a multi-lift system and ....I've seen the price of those things. Creek....It's a small, step-over size creek that varies how fast it flows by season. Long ago my brother built us a wooden box that is about 2.5x2.5' ... a catchment from the large pipe running under the pond's berm and under driveway. Empties creek/pond water into the box and then overflows it...sending water downstream again. The idea was that the churning water would keep from freezing in winter. Mostly. ......a location I nearly broke my ankle during a blizzard one year...ice was further out than usual when I was filling. AND...LOL ...the muskrats sometimes take a ride thru that tunnel pipe. Salamanders too. Anyway, the box is large enough to dip our 5 gal bucket ...mostly for duckhouse water in this era. That would be our filling station Post-Hooey as well....right by driveway. The house sits 3/4ths the way up a steeeep ridge. Another house is at the top of ridge. The creek and pond are 300+ feet below the house level...not quite a vertical drop off. I'm afraid we would be hauling water up to house in vehicles for Plan A. Plan B would be wheeling jugs, juice bottles, etc UP that steep driveway on lil' red wagon, on sleds, on a large wheeled wire grocery hauler, wheelbarrows..... I think the grocery hauler would be most efficient use of our energy. I've wheeled around all of the above loaded and that's the easiest device on dry ground. Still do have the horses and if one could be trained to accept something trailing behind it...even if we walked the horse up the driveway. But more likely, horse could learn to carry multiple juice bottles [Ocean Spray] in my big saddle bags. I know that would work. I have a couple hundred juice jugs. Many are already in use but many are saved back cuz they are just so stinkin' handy. And easy to handle the weight individually...unlike larger jugs. Except for sledding on good snow surfaces, I don't think the dog would be strong enough. Too much friction on gravel ...and that steep. But dog CAN/DOES help to stabilize me as I walk up that driveway sometimes. Sled is attached to my hips and one hand on dog's body harness and other on ski pole for stability. Have several child's sleds and a larger/deeper ice fishing sled. Have used all of these for usual feeding items....so water would work too. Have brought duck water down in winter via these sleds in closed blue Reliance jugs. [cuz sometimes they tumble out] Have two 3-gallon and two 5-gallon. So far, we've always been moving water DOWN the hill in winter ...thru hoses to fill heated horse tank, and in jugs for duck's water. This moving water UP HILL is lots more difficult. And I think I'd be using my Katadyn Pocket filter so I'd fill FILTERED water into the CLEAN containers down at the creek. Some water would be for less sanitary things...mebbe. Have extra filter. No one wants giardia in the middle of a Post-Hooey. Initially tho, I always have lots and lots of those juice bottles, and other containers always filled with water. Rotate out. I don't fill the big blue 5 gal water company ones...unless we have Bombogenisis Blizzard potentially bearing down on us. Twice. I also fill before bad summer storms too. I even filled milk jugs this March....but I don't trust them for anything but a temporary fill. If I don't have warning....we don't always....I've still got a good start. Unlike in town, when the power goes out, the only water you can harvest here is from the pipes.....open the lowest point. Laundry tub faucets are lowest so pour last well water into jugs. Also hot water heater and water pressure tanks [a rural thing] ...but don't stir up the gunk in old tanks like ours. After that...it's off to the pond in our valley. As for rain barrels, CO just legalized that a few years ago. I kept all the old gutters when they were changed out thru the years. Water diversion is problematic at this house... so they restructured the gutters X3 in 20 yrs. Of COURSE I save all that. We currently have a French drain pipe to divert from one side of house roof. It's above ground ...cuz it won't stay buried! Floats up in our 'sand'. That would be easy to catch the water as the hill drops off right where it ends. Any number of containers would do that..just stick a tote or bucket under the end. We'd never do it now....no use for it. The other side of the house has a jury-rigged affair...TRYING to keep the flood waters OUT OF THE BASEMENT/garage. We can tap into that length of drain spout or extra gutter channel ....to drop over edge of berm into any container there too. Right now we're unfortunately catching rain/snow in a defunct hot tub. If we siphon that nasty water out with hose...AGAIN, BTDT....and cover it with the roll of plastic and a patch of landscaping cloth to strain out debris, it will hold a lot. Where it sits, the down spouts can easily route over there. Course none of this would be pretty like the WE2s have. BUT ....we don't get the amount of rain that most of y'all are used to.... However, it would be water we did NOT have to transport UP hill. In winter....ugh. Snow does not produce much water when melted [don't scorch it!] but that would be part of the plans too. ......geee, can ya tell I'm a bit compulsive about WATER? [...no tub in our house but I have 3 sizes of bag showers.] Seriously, I hope in all this, someone can catch an idea that might work for them. MtRider ....enter key just quit...
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    UNBELIEVABLE!! I'm so glad you're there, Annarchy!!! This looks like it's going to be an overwhelming mess. And then if insurance tries any hooha like Ambergris is talking about... You'll be there to kick 'em in the shins....so to speak. My mouth dropped open at the pic of A's house. Do they know what exactly happened with that battery?? He would be in shock. But neither of them was injured....but both might be "fragile" for a while. Are you able to stay in the house? .... or where? Praying for you all...including A. Poor guy. .....one moment can change everything. But the most important did not happen. Those two are fine. All will be well, eventually. MtRider .....sorry to hear of your story with insurance companies, Ambergris. Cheaters make me so mad!
  19. True, Ambergris. We have unique difficulties when it comes to water. a) dry, arid region b) mountains mean the well water level is down nearly 200' at our house. None of the hand-powered pumps will LIFT that many feet. I know a friend bought the Lehman's well bucket....but one would have to erect the olde 'roof and bracing' over the hole. Some sort of pulley/rope system to keep bringing 200' of rope UP that well pipe. Some way to wind the rope up neatly, cleanly between plunges back down for more water. The old winding winch system but not for the wooden buckets of old. Doable but it wouldn't be fun..especially old and having a million OTHER things to handle. But manually hauling UP hill from our creek/pond would not be fun either. Even with sleds or wheeled devices I keep handy. These hills are brutal to simply walk...let along drag pounds of water. Like the women in Africa that would spend a major portion of their days in pursuit of water. And I wouldn't even have a village of women to chat with along the way. Also still living here with 'one foot out the door' to relocate evenually....makes investing in expensive equipment less desirable. At least we DO have water within 'reach'. I think we'd have others from the neighborhood wanting to fetch from our pond too....which would be fine if they're polite. Those western water wars were not polite....but they were in mega terms for thousands of head of cattle. OTOH....no saying that someone upstream from us might not dam or divert our creek.... Many folks up here have poor water flow for modern water usage rates. So they install an intermediary cistern. The well pump fills the cistern first. Water used for house flows from the cistern. Gives that extra insurance so they don't burn out the well pump on laundry days. Literally! But the cistern must be buried to keep from freezing ...as well as the pipes. So any gravity type set up would have to include that detail. I've envisioned something here like my Grpa's wind mill. At the top of our hill....filling a cistern buried up there too. Then buried pipes to the house. ....and that's where my vision ends. Not sure how to deal from there. Grpa did send water to the house from the tank house. Instead of hills in FLAT Iowa, they had an elevated LARGE wooden tank and sent cold water from that to one brass spigot in Grma's kitchen. No exit plumbing....she threw the waste water out the back door. In a post-modern situation....Grma's one water spigot would be a huge luxury. I think I'd install a pipe with a valve to have some sort of exit plumbing....tho current houses DO have usable exit plumbing. ....and we are not even talking about "black water". But if you have enough water, toilets flush fine with a bucket. BTDT many times. Just don't freeze your exit plumbing. MtRider ....if we're in HI..all this concern about freezing things will be a moot point. More chance of algae/fungus tho.
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    Of COURSE you will run to her aid in her hour of need. And yes, she will need you. It will be a bloomin' MESS with the paperwork, etc. that picture looks just AWFUL!!! The man over there was okay too? Aiiiiiyiyi! Tell her of our concern and prayers...for you both. MtRider
  21. .......yes, welcome the lawn care company Do you think they'll be intimidated by a 6 piece band at their arrival? And a good to Mr. Jimbo Perv!!! MtRider
  22. Sheeesh, I'm disoriented today. Keep forgetting things. Jeepers, you might be able to take exercise ball to a bicycle place.....or an O.T. place to fill? Those are [well the one I have is] very heavy rubber material. It takes strong pump to inflate. It's not like vehicle tires of course, but I wouldn't try a hand pump. If you're careful, you could use the ones where you put in dollars for air. Pushing on it should tell you how much air ......or do the directions have a PPI designation? I have a ....bar bell sort of shape instead of the round ball. More stable....to imitate horse riding if I sit astride the thing. Haven't used here...no room for it. Up in attic area. But....it might be something I could use now that I'm getting old[er]. Sit next to something soft [like couch] that you can brace yourself for balance .....don't want another Jeepers ooops. MtRider
  23. Praying for WE2s today.... MtRider
  24. OUCH! No, ....not me. The car repairs are going to be painful. But this BRONCO BUSTING routine as we go down our roads, now has an explanation. DH asked car guy to check all suspension. Since riding, even in back seat, was making me disoriented and nauseous. Oh yeah. Shocks, struts and some other parts will be replaced. Rotors ...of which I only know involve the wheels [brakes?] ...are 'warped'? I drove the car only a few blocks but also as a rider, I told DH that SOMETHING is not right!!!! There was a definite SHIMMY/STUTTER when he braked. He's not a mechanical guy. More a medical guy. I don't have a lot of vehicle mechanical knowledge but.....I have a feel and ear for what isn't right. But....painful as this bill will be, it sounds like perhaps trips on these roads will now be less and Think we'll be a bit safer for these longer distances for medical appointments too. MtRider ...getting things handled bit by bit.
  25. We'll all be praying...... Sounds painful, TheCG. Jeepers is going to have suds flowing down the street, Twilight. But I have heard of that working. Sheeeesh...... .....reading all that Miki does makes me wanna lay down for a nap! You're an ambitious woman, friend! [I'm envious, of course.] LOL.... with our upstairs/downstairs being outside, we do try to accomplish everything in one trip when we go down for something. DH came up: Brought up the baking soda. Forgot the tube biscuits [great cheat for when you're exhausted]. Opened the dryer door but forgot to bring the dry clothes up. Just gonna be like this till we get recovered. DH was NOT NOT NOT having a good time on Fri/Sat either. But we'll get there. MtRider ....hope the car isn't too much $$$$$ It's been an expensive weekend already!
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