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  1. So.....we have vehicles and land line phone? We're keeping in regular contact with my folks....hoping to hear their electric comes back on soon. They're glad for the water we advised them to pour on that first "pre-alarm" day. They're going over to the Senior's Center for meals and can refill their water jugs from a tank parked there. The lady bringing that in fills it from her spring. It's a small tank that sits in her pickup bed. Lotta those rigs around here. Also....folks recharge the batteries on their O2 machines. So far, they're ok. I know of two folks in our area that might invite us to dine....and we might accept. One is close enough to actually walk....UP the ridge. We don't have "city blocks"....or even "country blocks". Every road around here is a bit circular and angular. Neither of the aforementioned neighbors would have trouble canning their freezer food. Besides, we're still freezing every night and snowing again tonite. Any lunatic that has that block party idea to eat everyone's food, would be told we're eating potato chips and the last of the hot dogs. 'Course no one comes up this driveway.... Fortunate the full horse water tank only gets slightly icy overnight without the heater to keep it above freezing. [.....and gollllly, InRealLife that breaker keeps tripping and same is true. Going to have to restring Romex down to barnyard area or at least dig into drifts and see where this line is shorting out. For REAL!] As for more "weather" coming....I can see on my altimeter-used-in-high-altitude-as-barometer that SOMEthing is coming. Air pressure is lowering. We'll keep in touch with the "upstairs" neighbors but they don't have land line. From up there, they have cell and a wind-up recharger for batteries. {psssst, do they have cell service?} We both have 2-way radios tho. Haven't pulled pellet stove out yet....would be a BIG job to put it back in if this thing blows over. Just using oil lamps to warm and winter sleeping bags at nite. Good thing it's nearing spring. MtRider ....yeah, have a cook fire area set up outside too.
  2. We're snowing graupel here...... MtRider .....I'd realllly rather have more melting...
  3. Weather is GLOWERING today. It's done it a few times since the Mega pseudo-Cat2 'hurricane'. So far we haven't received further moisture in any form........so far. MtRider
  4. First, I'd call Ambergris to find out what's going on..... I'd call my folks who also have a ground line. Assess their situation. They have a fireplace....little used. No genny. Basic amount of food. Remind them to put fridge stuff in snow and Snow in the freezer. Also...make ice tonite out on your deck by filling containers [lots] with water ....which is now running clear. [but don't trust it to be drinkable] Store lotta water....BUT I already would have told them that yesterday after the first blackout. They'd likely fill up 3 bathtubs now. Remind them to get out the grill and cook anything that needs cooking! Everyone will likely be doing that so it's still safe. Cook ALL of it and put it back in insulated freezer with ice/snow. Hmmm....are the bears awake from hibernation around here? Been abnormally warm [except bombogenesis] Maybe. Tell them to watch out for bears. They see them in village way more than we do. We have enough space between houses for them to avoid us. Hang up hoping that ....what am I saying. There is no hoping with transformers blown. My dad needs O2 all day/nite. He won't die like he's underwater....but he won't be having much oomph. Both would probably need to sleep on an incline to breathe better at nite with no O2. We're not going to see electric again for .....ever? We'd be doing same food processing at our house. Have Coleman stove - until fuel runs out. Have other means. Probably make a rocket stove from the unused paint can I bought long ago...and other cans. In back yard close to back door. Put dead branches in nearby goat yard. Collect now while the sun shines. Wonder about the neighbors.... MtRider
  5. No kidding. I'm still stumbling around trying to DO what I read I can do.... And wondering how I got on this page and how do I get back? Doesn't help that my brain/body is still recovering from the MegaStorm and all the physical labor! So much gets put on hold.. It's light enough. I like the non-slick feel of it....tho I've done a couple of juggling acts already. MtRider
  6. 8AM eastern.......6AM Mountain. Yep, I'm sleeping. I'm trying to remember if anything in the house sounds an alarm when power goes off. Yeah....we'd be woken up rudely by the battery-backup multi-plug device for computers/modem/etc. Well, sort of awake. But because this had happened yesterday and power was out for 40 min.....I had already refilled all the water precautions I did last week [for the Bombogenesis STORM]. Yesterday I would have been grabbing more juice bottles....tho hadn't yet dumped last week's water except the buckets in bathroom to flush. Refill those. I would have really stocked up on water yesterday. Including filling the horse tank and more for ducks/goat/dog. Creek is likely open in places...or could be broken open for animal water. Have Katadyn pocket filter if need be. As for food, we've had a chance to pick up more food [people/animal] since the STORM that kept us home for days. And of course we've got enough anyway. Would not go in to town or village. Just switch over to mode until we find out any different. Speaking of data, besides getting up and wandering outside to look this direction and that, I'd be getting the wind-up, AM/FM/SW radio out and try to find data. That could take a while but we'll hear that loop...telling us nothing. Well I'd be on the phone [we have land line with Princess phone back-up] to call folks and such.....IF PHONE EVEN WORKS. As for the transformers.....well, they are out a ways. There is a collection of them down the road to the north which we can't see from the house. Fortunately, we're still really wet! [see Bombogenesis STORM]. Once initial power surge is done, the rest will fizzle and we might not even notice. Unless the transformer lid is blown off. IF that happens, clear, carcinogenic oil is sprayed all around with that explosion. [ask me how I know...slid thru that stuff once!] Not sure we're close enough to the source for that to happen.....waaay down the power lines. Since it's been two days in a row, I'm suspecting a computer virus has been planted. Esp considering so many patterns: of timing and of missing the largest cities. At this point on Day 2, we have no power if everything blew transformers. We have phone but no well water pump, no lights, no furnace/pellet stove, no appliances but lots of snow for refridge and freeze. Have backups for most of that...for a while. IF it lasts long, we'll have to tear pellet stove out of the old fireplace and restore that. NOT easy and we'd delay that for days.... WOULD we have Internet satellite? Have fire ....correction ETHERNET blue wire to directly plug into....what? Cuz modem needs electric. Keeping an eye on the smoldering elect poles in our area....... WOULD that cause a back flare into the house...where things are plugged in: running or not running? I think we'd go check. And a NOISY radio unwinding .....playing the radio loop in the background while we wait for more data...... The wind-up radios make loud groaning noise as they unwind! MtRider ....cool game, Ambergris!
  7. Which did you get, Jeepers? Mine arrived by UPS guy hours before the MegaBlizzard started. Didn't get a chance to even open the box till yesterday. DH got me hooked up to our wifi and I began a Collection: Cooking. Then I downloaded a half dozen books from my stash of ten thousand. I got the 32 instead of the 8. No brainer for me. And since I've drowned 2 of 3 phone sets in the washing machine....I got the waterproof one. Also no brainer. Spent hours reading the instruction -- on the device. Bookmarked where I'll have to go find that again to remember what I read. Still not done reading the whole thing. But just before bed, I read a little of one fiction book. MtRider
  8. DH was able to shovel the sunny side of the parking area up top. ....Course there is spotty snowshowers in this week's forecast. But getting down to dirt again is good! A lot has melted from hillsides. I took this day off too. By tonite I'm feeling much more normal. It's been quite a lot of physical labor for days and I was all done in! Glad we had sunny days ...give a chance to catch up. MtRider
  9. You'd think folks bright enough to discover these tricks could get a real job and make millions.... https://news.yahoo.com/kidnapper-calling-daughter-apos-iphone-100004594.html MtRider ...be wary out there, friends!!!
  10. Well finally yesterday, DH was able to drive his car down the driveway.....go to town to get cell messages/a few groceries. Also made it back up....the second attempt. I'd used the time he was gone to clear snow from where he parks - lot of deep snow all around his car. Then scraped a path on the steepest part of the driveway....so if he didn't make it back to the very top, we'd have a safe path to carry stuff. NEEDED THAT! Only made the hill until the steepest part. Can't believe how many directions the car faced as he "swam" up the gushy snow/ice. Later he backed car down and shoveled a second drive-path for the wheels and improved on mine. Let sun work on it and then he could make it back up to parking space. Today he went down and up in morning. Late afternoon --- lot of sunshine -- he tried to position car to go down the driveway again. It's a tighter-than-right angle right turn to go down driveway... with a drop-edge. So you have to pull forward/back/turn/back/go.... But that wasn't gonna happen....just kept sliding in circles. Well YEAH! He tried it when the 6" of snow is all greasy with melt under it. Morning and nite....after it gets cold again... are the only times he'll be able to maneuver up here. I'm not bringing truck up till this top is fully melting. ....again. Today.....I was flattened! It all caught up and this was indeed a Day of Rest! HE has a pretty good idea with that, dontcha think? MtRider
  11. Um......spring gardening plans? MtRider
  12. WE are fine....... The electric stayed on. Satellite dish ....I could brush snow off with a long-handled thing out the living room window. The other part that points at the dish had ICE......and that shut down our Internet. Including news and weather and my DOPPLER. Was thinking of a ladder and my hair dryer..... The storm did NOT miss us..... Thankfully, we had only our usual IMPRESSIVE WINDS...but they came from BOTH the North and the East....which messes up the horses shelter. We NEVER get wind from the east cuz that's our high ridge! AND....we got double the snow that was predicted for us... We're veterans of blizzards from the Midwest: Iowa, Minn...and Colorado plains. We've dealt with 2+ FEET of snow on many occasions. This was a "mere" eighteen-wind-blown-inches. BUT WE WERE YOUNG THEN! AND...dear W did TRY TO PLOW OUR DRIVEWAY..... Tried to run UP the drive and plow down. On the 3rd unsuccessful try, he got stuck backing down. Ground is no longer frozen. He never got UP. So we have one vehicle down near road ...where he did successfully plow. Remember why I said we do that? This IS NOT OUR FIRST RODEO. The car is up here, stranded on the other side of very deep snow for......300 feet? DH and Koa walking down and up for feeding. Drag sled with duck water. {good grief, the hose for horse water is under all those DRIFTS...HIGHER THAN 18".} We'll wait till spring.....which we were having, actually when WINTER did an encore. Remind me to tell you of the CHAOS with the horses.... "All's well that ends well" ....Caroline Ingalls ....but speaking of "rodeo" Thankful we were not out on the CO flatlands out east. They've got a MESS. Trying to sort out abandoned cars. Found 2 folks ...one died/other recovering from severe hypothermia. The blizzard we survived with LOTS of horses down there decades ago....quite a number of people died. Tons of livestock died. I haven't heard any other deaths so far, in THIS storm. MtRider ....tooooooo tired for more. We're still buried EVERYwhere...
  13. Well....I saw the price marked down so I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. Arrived today in the middle of the PREP FOR ODD STORM day. So it's out of the shipping box but still all wrapped out. It's late and I won't be able to even look at it til we know this storm stuff is passed. But....I'm excited to try it out. Brain needs to be working.... all new to me. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DATA AND INPUT. Hopefully more folks were learning from this thread too. MtRider
  14. Well actually there ARE anaerobic bacteria and such. But it does eliminate a lot. ============================================ Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that do not live or grow when oxygen is present. In humans, these bacteria are most commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract. They play a role in conditions such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, and perforation of the bowel.May 14, 2017 Anaerobic bacteria: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/003439.htm ================================================= MtRider
  15. We did a HUGE amount of prepping for this storm. I think we'll miss most of the effect....that low is near the Kansas border out in the plains. But... we're still in the zone for some snow/WIND. The biggest worry is losing electric due to some branch or tree falling on electric lines somewhere.... So we got heaviest winter sleeping bags from my truck..then moved truck down near road. Out of way for snowplowing. Washed up duck eggs cuz we're out and didn't have time/energy to go to store. Also will run out of milk and such. So we're adapting. Pulled up some cans of evaporated milk...also have condensed and dry milk. We'll live. Had to find the bucket that held some of DH's things....I found it right off - where I put it when I ORGANIZED last summer. I LOVE ORGANIZATION! DH baked bread yesterday so we're good. I need to bake the bacon tomorrow morning....elect. stove too. Poured water for animals in basement - 3 five gallon jugs, a spare bucket and the Reliance jugs. Upstairs I poured in two buckets in bathroom for washing/flushing. In kitchen....lots in juice bottles which is one of the reasons I save ALL of them. Also my bedside 7-up bottles for drinking water too. And for pet water. Also have katadyn filter inside. Moved the coleman stove and the Buddy heater upstairs. The fuels are kept a bit away from house so got some Coleman and propane and lamp oil I'm thinking for general lighting, I'd rather use non-flammable lights but ....oil lamps produce heat. Pellet stove and furnace are electric. Big Dietz Jupiter oil lamp is at-the-ready. .....OH... we do have a kerosene heater for basement too. IF we'd be in danger of freezing pipes. But we've been very warm and tho this ODD storm will drop temps a great deal, it won't be here long. Glad I just thot of that option. Busted pipes would about drive me over the TENSION edge. Not about this storm but .....life has just been ONE THING AFTER THE OTHER in the past 3 years. We're so tired and some things are escalating with folks. They're struggling with health and such. They might get more snow/WIND than we do. Hopefully this is all just another dress rehearsal. We're only on the edge of a Winter Warning zone. For animals we spent a great deal of energy dumping sand/grit in the horse shelter. The hillside has deposited melted water into that shed and it's ICE. So we covered it with dirt/grit. Thot DH was going to collapse. I brought energy bars and we took a break for him more than me. But got that done. Got trash pick up started today....and had to figure out WHERE to put the big thing. Didn't fit into the horse trailer so we put it into the old truck. So close to road and no outta sight. Might just chain it to the gate posts. ??? Something to think of another day.... I think we're set for power outage. And now computer is acting up so I'm going to bed.... MtRider signing off.
  16. NOW.....we're looking at a RECORD BREAKING LOW PRESSURE CELL ......like.... in all of history. This MEGA-LOW is going to go thru Lamar, Colorado and at that point will be tossing rain to the east. Because the LOW pressure system is circling counter-clockwise, it will continue in the circle, drawing down cold/snow from the north .....over the Rocky mountain region. [That's us...I think...cuz it's such a big thing, I'm not sure it could miss. ??? Actually, because this thing is a MONSTER....it's affect will cover several states. Weather guy explains: " 972mb over Lamar, at Noon Wednesday would likely be the lowest barometric pressure on record ..... The wind that follows Wednesday afternoon and evening, will be INTENSE! " Lamar, CO is on the border of Kansas.....no where near our mountains. But they're explaining that 972 mili bars {I think that's what mb stands for} --- is equal to a CATEGORY TWO HURRICANE in pressure. My mom caught an estimate of 8-14" of snow.....which would be tragic for us in our condition right now --- but it wouldn't be record-breaking, certainly. In our YOUNGER years, we've hand shoveled the whole danged driveway of 24" of snow. Could not do that now..... MtRider ....aiiiii yi yi!
  17. A nationwide flour recall was issued on Monday for specific five pound bags of Pillsbury flour. The Federal Drug Administration alerted consumers to the recall via Twitter. "Hometown Food Company announces voluntary recall on select Pillsbury Unbleached All Purpose Flour products because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. The flour products were sold through a limited number of retailers including Publix & Winn-Dixie. Do not eat," USDA Food Safety tweeted out. The recall impacts more than 12,000 cases of the product. Salmonella is a bacteria that sickens about 1.2 million Americans and causes 450 deaths each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Food is the source for the overwhelming majority of the infection, which typically causes diarrhea and fever. A picture of the LotCode/Best If Used By Date of the impacted products is at the top of this article. Item Name: Pillsbury® Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5Lb Case Item Code: 0 5150022241 3 UPC Item Code: 0 5150022241 6 Lot Code: 8 292 or 8 293 BIUB Date: APR 19 2020 or APR 20 2020 As of March 8, there were no reports of illnesses tied to the recall. "We apologize for the inconvenience this caused and are offering replacement coupons for your product," Home Town Food Company wrote in a release. "Please call our 800 number (1 800-767-4466). We remain committed to producing the high-quality products you expect." MtRider
  18. Yeah, Miki....what Jeepers said! Doing today? Not much. But bored DH made bread. If he does that, we can afford a trash pick-up service that we just signed up for. WAAAY cheaper than bringing bags in ourselves. Whew....that was a worry we'd been trying to solve. Annarchy, they're calling our weather this week "unsettled" ....how's that for ambiguous? Today was cloudy, then sunny. Their forecast was the reverse of that. Who knows how it will go. MtRider
  19. Kappy....been praying for you this past week. Soooo sorry to hear of your bad experience. The CPap OR meds doesn't really make sense.....does it? How does your doc say the actual surgery went? Sure hope that turns out to be everything you're hoping for!!! WE2....yeah, I can almost smell the springtime in your post. We're oddly spring-ish here......for about 19 more hours. Then Well, since the ground is warm, almost all that heavy Dec/Jan snow has melted. So it's gonna be soggy/slushy snow off and on for the next several days. I'm reading that CO had a lalapalooza of an avalanche today. Vertical drop of over 3,000' and about a mile wide. Unfortunately it took out thousands of trees and will leave a denuded whole mountainside open to massive water erosion. An unoccupied house at the bottom had barriers and still stands but chimney gone and windows blown out. No one was in that area. After-the-fact pics are mouth-dropping. We may have some rain torrents come down our ridge but not avalanche....whew! MtRider
  20. Our goals are modest. Keep available for my folks. Keep our head above water. Try to organize bit by bit in house, etc. Say goodbye to each animal group as they die of old age. Wait for the next era of our lives to commence. MtRider
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