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  1. I need to get my tinfoil hat on....

    From what I gather, it was much ado about nothing. Something like 20 people showed up in Portland and read manifestos. 50 were reported doing the same in Cleveland. No one else in the other listed cities reported anything out of the ordinary.

    Yesterday was wood splitting day for me. Plum wore myself out! Got a lot split (thank you Lord for that hydraulic splitter!) Today was Orthopedic visit day, involving a 3hr drive round trip. Diagnosis? Tendonitis in my foot. Pred pack for 6 days and reassess.
  3. MrsSurvival 10/13/17

    Good job folks! Is there some way the old posts could be archived in an accessible form? Separate server or cloud maybe?
  4. Please pray for Old Pine

    Hope that getting a new PM will make your life easier and more energetic. Prayers for Gary with all that has been plaguing him this year...
  5. PBS Genealogy show

    And Larry David has southern slave owning, Confederate ancestors...thus so does that old Commie, Bernie Sanders! But the Antifa will never confront him about it...
  6. Thursday is the annual North Texas Giving Day, and a 501c3 dog rescue that I personally support, is participating in the event. The rescue is Texas Independent Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, aka TIRR Rescue. Here is a link to my blogpost about the event, and it includes a link for those who feel led to donate. Anyone can donate--you do not need to live in North Texas to donate. Even if you choose not to help financially, if you would be so kind as to share the donation link on your social media pages, and with your friends? It would be a huge help in getting the word out. Giving Day Link Thank you!
  7. HOpefully the owners, Kimba, have things like hurricane shutters (aka plywood sheets) to bolt over windows etc to help preserve the structure.
  8. Just a heads up to any of our folks on the east coast\ Current tracks show Irma growing into another major hurricane, and heading toward the east coast/Florida. Keep an eye on this storm, and have your preps and plans in place and checked! Keep your gasoline topped up too.
  9. Hurricane Harvey

    Glad everyone is safe so far.
  10. Hurricane Harvey

    possible cat3 at landfall tonight. Up to 3ft of rain possible in places over the next 5 days...
  11. Hurricane Harvey

    Harvey is now a hurricane, and is expected to strengthen to Cat3 or 4 by landfall tomorrow. Landfall looks to be along the Texas coast near Corpus Christi. Forecast is for it to stall inland, causing catastrophic flooding, expecially Houston which is basically a paved over swamp anyway. (Worse than TS Allison they say). IF you live along the TX and LA coast or lowlands, please plan accordingly.
  12. Pacemaker Needed

    HOpe it all goes well for you. The PM should help.
  13. Events of this summer....aieee!

    Wow, MTR, I missed this thread over the last few days! I am relieved that DH is doing better, having that new machine around will be good. I hope you are able to get some rest too. You both need rest and time to heal/recover. I'll keep you both in prayers, esp for God to provide some help around the property to fix fences!

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