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  1. Rheya

    Stormy Sunday

    First off, I am praying for everyone. Life never seems to be fair to good people who deserve it and it makes me mad. I didn't do much today myself. I ended up working today, which is wierd since I have never had to before. Eh, I'll live. My life hasn't been all that great with all the wedding plans and trying to make peace with my fiance's family who incidentally hates me. My pack with all my survival stuff in it isn't on the safe side with everything I will still have to put in it, but I guess I'll figure it out. I am praying for everyone! Ciao.
  2. Rheya

    Ah... thursday

    I guess I am gonna submit to this diary fun as well. I hope that is ok. I haven't had too much going here. I MAY end up getting fired from my job! I guess there are always other ones out there until I finish college, which will be awhile.... There is always work, you just may not like it right? Now I have typed myself into oblivion, (tho it isn't that much typing) and I have to finish getting ready to head on back to work. *sigh* Oh well, tis a necessary evil. Ciao!
  3. Rheya

    When would y'all like to have a live chat?

    Hey that sounds like an awesome time to chat for me! I'll be there!
  4. Rheya

    new to the group

  5. Rheya


  6. Yikes.It's things like this that not only wake u up, but make u scared to bring ne children into this world! At least it scares me... At least I think anyway.
  7. Rheya


    Thanks SO SO SO much you're all so kind!
  8. Rheya

    When would y'all like to have a live chat?

    I'd love to know when too. I am a nighter since I work all day, so let me know and I'd love to join in as well.
  9. Rheya


    told me about this forum b/c he is on Glock Talk. This is an awesome place I have to say! Thanx so much for the welcome I am too honored! Feel free to send me private mail and whatnot! Ciao!
  10. Rheya


    I am all the way in Novemeber. Yup, Novemeber 16! Happens to be my fav number too... tehe. I am new as well. I was reffered here by my husband who is on Glock Talk and heard about it there.
  11. Rheya

    why, why, why....

    I wonder myself why that happens. Sounds like your kitchen came out nice. What things do you plan to add decoration-wise? Oh, and yes, obviously I am a newbie... *blush*

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