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  1. TheCG


    Safe travels!
  2. TheCG


    There's wet stuff! Quick, forget how to drive and remember that 4WD means you never lose traction! It's drizzly out today, but not 3-5 inches like it was 2 weeks ago.
  3. TheCG

    Vanilla Beans

    Has anybody made vanilla "sugar" with something that was NOT sugar? I'm thinking about trying it with Swerve.
  4. TheCG

    Pepper jelly recipe

    We tend to use an erithrytol/stevia blend instead of sugar, using the same quantities, but I'm not sure how the preservative qualities would compare.
  5. We picked up some basic bigger emergency batteries that were clearanced for $50 each at Tractor Supply last year at the beginning of December. Ours don't have the AC or DC plugs, but they can charge anything USB-powered and have connections to jump the car. We have 1 for each vehicle, 1 for each of us, and bought each of our dads one for Christmas. I'd love to get one that has an AC plug - hubby sleeps much better with a fan!
  6. TheCG


    They were doing ultrasound on me when I was 17 or 18. The lady asked me if I was a virgin, then told me, "Well, honey, I ain't gonna be your first."
  7. TheCG


    This is a stay-home-and-get-stuff-done weekend. Cooking up a storm, have vacuumed most of the house, have the last of the laundry in the washer. I'll have to go in to do a bit of work tomorrow afternoon, but that's it. This whole having a real job thing sure does make it hard to get things done around the house...not that I was getting them done as well I should have been before I got a real job!
  8. TheCG

    Busy, busy, busy...

    So you're doing like the owl in your user picture? Pop up, see what's going on, and you're off again? Drop by any time. We'll save you a slice.
  9. TheCG

    Old Pine

  10. TheCG


    I've walked through with the little colored dot stickers you can buy at the office store and put dots on everything I wanted. You could do it the opposite way as well, and put it on everything you want to get rid of (and use one color for the junk guys, another for stuff you might sell, another for things somebody in the family wants, etc.).
  11. TheCG

    Embedding a Topic is Broken

    Spiffy. I was using Old School V4, if that helps, but I'm sure you already know that. Thanks for all you do!
  12. TheCG

    Embedding a Topic is Broken

    So which one are you using that everything works fine?
  13. TheCG

    Embedding a Topic is Broken

    So, basically, the theme I'm using made the imbedded link go boom? Good to know. Thanks!
  14. If you have wifi, then yes, your modem is what is known as a gateway and is providing the routing function. Not such a big deal for y'all's purposes, but when I worked tech support for Xbox, we were growling on those things on a regular basis because they wouldn't let the Xbox traffic through. I wonder if they've improved that?
  15. TheCG

    Recall Quaker Oats

    I wonder if the organics have to be hauled on separate equipment the way stuff that's actually gluten-free has to be, or if that could be another point of contamination. Interesting.

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