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  1. We had another cold front come through last night. The high today is now 57F (it was 80F yesterday).
  2. Reasons why I life in Texas: I'm wearing my string shoes (basically, a sole that's held onto my feet by strings) again today. I want to get out into the camper tonight and make sure that everything is still good after some of the freezes that have come through.
  3. Oh, and I made the mistake of making my to-do list for the next 2 days at work last night. If you don't hear from me for a week, there's a reason!
  4. That seemed to be rather shortlived, luckily. Kiddo was good to go by 2pm, hubby's...well, he still hasn't fully recovered from the respiratory crud from a few weeks ago. Need to start forcing vitamin C and such on him.
  5. It's above freezing, and everybody down here is still whining about it being cold. The general consensus is that there's a reason we don't live further north.
  6. I wonder at what temperature that really goes into effect. Probably depends on insulation, your individual heating system, and 53 bajillion other things.
  7. 12-year-old has a stomach bug (vomiting, no fever). Hubby says he feels queasy (which, the last time he got a stomach bug that we know of, he had diarrhea twice and was done with it while I was throwing up for 3 days, so this does not bode well for me). The school says that it's going around and some kids have tested positive for the flu. I'm working from home today to try to not spread it further, and doing all the things to try not to catch it myself.
  8. Ran AV for a wedding and a funeral today. I'm tired now. Came home, the kids each have a friend over. There's no plan for dinner. At all. Pffffffft.
  9. I have a Surface Pro and love it! Euphrasyne, I'm assuming that it can't open Kindle books because Amazon likes to control how you use the Kindle books. Is that incorrect?
  10. I've changed all the color settings around in the Kindle app. I don't really go with other apps because I'm not willing to have to use Calibre on the PC every time I buy a new book. I have one of those things for storage on the iPad. I don't really consider them to be extra storage for it as they aren't something you attach in.
  11. Storage-wise, my iPad has 128GB. It's not expandable. I think 32GB is the bare minimum that they make them with anymore. I do have a case that folds around, but I hardly ever use that feature. You can plug an iPad into a computer and back up the pictures onto it. You can adjust the size of print in all the devices - computer, iPad, Kindle, etc. It's a function of the reading software.
  12. I have an iPad, a Kindle Paperwhite, a Surface Pro, and multiple phones. I've had Kindles, Kindle Fires, Samsung tablets, and other random toys. What do I end up reading on? The Paperwhite. I don't like reading from the color screens. The way that the screen for the Kindles is designed makes it where I can read for a LOT longer without my head hurting, plus it's a lot lighter than anything but my phone. The Kindle Fires just ticked me off because they're so locked in to the Amazon app store that they didn't function as a useable tablet for me and I couldn't access some of the apps I normally use all the time. They were basically just used for watching things. I didn't even like the resolution for cookbooks. It is a matter of personal preference, but I flat out don't like to read on a color screen unless it's something that I need color pictures for. Note that iPads do not have the ability to use an SD card, if you choose to go that route. I don't have a case that folds and stands by itself, but I normally have a music stand, cell phone stand, or something else available to put it on.
  13. Why do you think we don't see Superman anymore? No phone booths.
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