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  1. TheCG


    Worse news. He did NOT put things back in that were full of water. Things that collect water just happened to be sitting underneath where the shell is cracked and it's leaking. So, things to be done on the camper: Fix plumbing leak in indoor shower Fix plumbing leak in outdoor shower Say to heck with fixing the water heater Fix leak in outer shell across front compartment Sew up canvas where it's separating at the corner of the dinette Kilz the crap out of front compartment where water has been leaking
  2. TheCG

    poverty cooking

    Note: I am reading this thread, and DID NOT just buy a bag of potatoes. But I might while I'm at the store!
  3. TheCG


    Some of the aromatherapy groups I'm in won't even comment on using essential oils around pets, except for don't do it unless you're working with an aromatherapist who has specifically been trained on using around pets. Their livers apparently don't metabolize things the same way as ours do (kind of like there's a LOT of essential oils that should not be used around kids, but certain brands push using them on everybody because theirs are SO pure that it's safe - NOPE!).
  4. TheCG


    We set the pop-up camper up today. The front hatch on it leaks. I'd (with the help of the 11-year-old) taken everything out, laid it out on the grass to dry, then had the older kid put things back in. HE PUT THINGS BACK IN THAT WERE FULL OF WATER! We set the camper up today and now have the heater and a fan running inside it to dry it out. I just...arrrrrgggggghhhhh!
  5. TheCG

    Winterizing An Air Conditioner

    Winter: the time when you wear a jacket over your tank top and wear jeans or pants instead of shorts.
  6. TheCG

    Can You Live without a Refrigerator?

    There's definitely a lot of them out there. I wonder if the venison sausage seasonings would go well with pork. And I refuse to give Penzey's any more money after their founder basically said that if you didn't vote the way he wanted you to in the last presidential election, you should be on your knees groveling to your relatives during Thanksgiving. That's not appropriate no matter which side you agree with.
  7. TheCG

    Can You Live without a Refrigerator?

    Double Post
  8. TheCG


    I'm technically part-time, but that's not happening any time soon. How the crap do people who work full-time (or more) with small children survive? I'm barely keeping up with the big ones!
  9. TheCG


    WE2, y'all were about 3 hours away from me at Palo Duro.
  10. TheCG


    I made a big pot of chili. It's definitely a chili day.
  11. TheCG


    Our low is 42. Our high is 44. And I still have to bundle up and go to work. I never took my hoodie off yesterday. I need to figure out appropriate cold-weather stuff for the office, because I'm going to be cold.
  12. TheCG


    I should make a new batch of elderberry syrup tomorrow and start dosing him with that. I've got thieves and Eucalyptus oil going in the diffuser. He flat out refuses any kind of sinus rinse. I *might* be able to get him to do a bit of saline seeing as how he's on his third nose bleed for the day... (pretty sure he's not willing to stick coconut oil up his nose, either)
  13. TheCG


    Hubby has the sinus crud, so I'm going to get to hear him whine for the next few days. I'm managed to stave it off with eucalyptus and hippie voodoo (read: diffusing essential oils) so far. I refuse to allow gunk to accumulate in my sinuses, as it's a very quick trip to sinus infection & bronchitis for me. I still figure that respiratory crud is what's going to get me in the zombie apocalypse.
  14. TheCG

    presidential alert

    On Android: Go to Messages, then hit your settings menu (mine is 3 dots in the right uphand corner). Hit Settings, then Emergency Alert Settings.
  15. TheCG


    'tis the time of year when I decide that breathing is probably overrated.

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