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  1. We freeze a half-full water bottle that's sitting straight up, then turn it on it's side. If the water is still in the same half, no problem. If the water is now on the half that's laying down, problem.
  2. The soap is a surfactant (I think that's the right word). It basically breaks the surface tension so they fall down in rather than staying on the surface.
  3. If I seem incommunicado for the rest of this week and next week, it's because I'm heading out for a conference on Sunday so I'm trying to get everything ready this week.
  4. We had wild storms coming through last night. Luckily no hail damage to the vehicles. Had a tornado watch/warning a few times. Probably need to get somebody out to check the roof. Some of our electric outlets seem to not be working now (I did flip the breaker and check the GFCI outlet). Hoping we don't have to call an electrician.
  5. I already have to introduce an app and a people software to all the folks up at church. I am NOT trying to explain more brand new technology any time soon.
  6. I get calls from local numbers, and I'm worried about blocking them since I work at a church and my cell phone number is out there for the church members to call if they need to. I've gotten a few calls from people who say they've missed a call from my number, and explained to them that it's scammers making it look like they're calling from a local number.
  7. Y'know, I'm kind of glad to have a weekend of peace & quiet while the kids are at their mother's. Makes car shopping a LOT easier.
  8. I should probably try that, along with the collagen I started adding back into my coffee today.
  9. When I lived in Austin, the only time I breathed clearly was when they accidentally put me on triple prescription antihistamines. Yes, yes, I definitely have seasonal allergies. I should argue with those more, apparently.
  10. It's occurred to me that all my joints are acting funny here the last few days, not just my wrists. They're just the worst. I'm guessing it's because I've been eating too much crap lately...
  11. So...did the weed-eating last Sunday. Wrists hurt for a few days, then then didn't bug me. Woke up Sunday with both hands just numb. No pins and needles like they went to sleep. Just no feeling at all when I first woke up. My wrists have hurt ever since. I think I'll be sleeping with the braces on tonight.
  12. I do believe I'm in between lengths as well, but I'm in between regulars and longs, and none of the stores out here want to carry longs!
  13. I tried to find new pants today. Pfffffffffffffft.
  14. In case you were wondering: I got distracted by other things.
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