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  1. Storage-wise, my iPad has 128GB. It's not expandable. I think 32GB is the bare minimum that they make them with anymore. I do have a case that folds around, but I hardly ever use that feature. You can plug an iPad into a computer and back up the pictures onto it. You can adjust the size of print in all the devices - computer, iPad, Kindle, etc. It's a function of the reading software.
  2. I have an iPad, a Kindle Paperwhite, a Surface Pro, and multiple phones. I've had Kindles, Kindle Fires, Samsung tablets, and other random toys. What do I end up reading on? The Paperwhite. I don't like reading from the color screens. The way that the screen for the Kindles is designed makes it where I can read for a LOT longer without my head hurting, plus it's a lot lighter than anything but my phone. The Kindle Fires just ticked me off because they're so locked in to the Amazon app store that they didn't function as a useable tablet for me and I couldn't access some of the apps I normally use all the time. They were basically just used for watching things. I didn't even like the resolution for cookbooks. It is a matter of personal preference, but I flat out don't like to read on a color screen unless it's something that I need color pictures for. Note that iPads do not have the ability to use an SD card, if you choose to go that route. I don't have a case that folds and stands by itself, but I normally have a music stand, cell phone stand, or something else available to put it on.
  3. TheCG

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Why do you think we don't see Superman anymore? No phone booths.
  4. TheCG

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Just want to check, since you'll be there by yourself - you do have somebody to check in with who is not your hubby or parents, right? Somebody who, if you don't answer the phone a few times or contact them at a certain time, has the ability to come check on you?
  5. TheCG


    Sounds about like a standard morning commute out here, some days.
  6. Go here (from a computer), log in, and quit retyping everything (unless you just want to): https://read.amazon.com/notebook If you have highlights that are pages long, it starts complaining and cutting them off, but if you're just doing bits and pieces, it's fabulous.
  7. TheCG

    Merry Christmas!

  8. 1) You can search for title, author, or partial title. 2) It naturally organizes them by when you last opened them on the Kindle. HOWEVER...if you reset it or start with a new Kindle, it will "forget" and go by purchase date. 3) You can make it show the front covers or a list. 4) It does not download it again to have it in a collection, it just adds a "tag" so that when it searches for that collection, it pulls it. 5) I haven't found limits to the number of collections, but I'm sure there are some. 7) PDFs and azw format. However...you can create a pdf in Open Office: https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-PDF-File-with-OpenOffice This shows some ideas on how to manage collections: https://www.epubor.com/4-ways-to-create-and-manage-kindle-collections.html#method6 Ignore everything after the first 3 (from the Amazon website, from the Kindle itself, and from the Kindle app on PC).
  9. The Paperwhite I'm using now is the last generation (I think). It's actually the one I bought for $25 at a pawn shop. I need to figure out where I've stashed my backup. It, uh, probably needs charged. My first e-reader was the original (I think) Nook, but I switched over to Amazon pretty quickly.
  10. 1) The Kindle uses what it calls Collections. You cannot put a Collection inside a Collection, but you can have a book in more than one collection. "Homesteading" cannot contain "Gardening", but a gardening book can be in both. There are a few authors that I have Collections for, but their books are often in more than one collection. 2) Sending documents to the Kindle - the Kindle has its own email address. You can enable it to where you can email yourself documents, such as PDFs, and it can convert them to its format so you can resize them and such, but it screws up by doing things like putting in page numbers and formatting weirdly. You can send things over to the Kindle directly from the computer, but it won't go through the conversion process. There is also a very dangerous extension where you can send web pages to your Kindle email address to read later. I'll try to take pictures of how all 3 appear on my Kindle.
  11. Oh, if the ads are a sticking point in your decision - buy it with ads, and if they annoy you too much, you can pay $20 later to have them removed.
  12. Exactly. There are ads on the screen when you're not using it and ads (across the bottom) when you're looking through your list of books, but NOT when you're reading. I've never found it worth it to pay the $20 to get the ads off. I don't think you'd be able to edit on a Paperwhite - the keyboard is generally for searching for books OR leaving yourself notes in it. The plug is a standard micro-USB. We've used a LOT of different ones on ours. I've picked up covers for $5 on clearance before. I just ordered a new $10 one off Amazon.
  13. Yup, I want 32GB on my next one. And my translation is that I don't need to worry about charging it while I'm gone if it's less than 5-6 days. I generally read on 4-5 during the day, unless I'm outside where it's bright. If I get really into something and have free time, I can half the battery power in 2 days going through 3-4 light novels.
  14. Yup, Overdrive is my friend. Now, something that really blew my mind (don't look until you're over the overwhelm, Mt) is the Library Extension in Chrome and Firefox. When I look at a book on Amazon or B&N, it tellsme if it's available from my local library in either hard copy or digital!
  15. My trigger finger is getting itchy over the new ones. They've made them waterproof and with the capability to do Audible books with bluetooth headphones (which I won't really use, since I play them from my iPad). I might decide to go with a 32GB one without the cellular connection for $160 (-20% for trading in my older one...once I find it). But I don't NEED one.
  16. 1. When we say it connects to the cloud, it uses a wifi connection. 2. When I say mine has a cellular connection, it doesn't require a cell phone - it connects to the network all by itself, and there's no extra charge beyond the higher purchase price. 3. I can download books on my computer and transfer them over. I can also transfer PDFs, but keep in mind that it's going to show the whole page at once and not necessarily be as easy to read. 4. http://bestereaderreview.org/how-to-use-a-kindle-guide - goes through a lot of basic info 5. If you want my phone number, send me a message, and I can talk you through or figure out whatever you're trying to figure oout.
  17. TheCG

    survival medicine books

    I have the first edition. I should probably get the updated one. Definitely worth having.
  18. TheCG

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! (It's still the 12th day of Christmas, so it's totally on time)
  19. My Kindles (regular and Paperwhite) have never heated up. At all. Ever. They're pretty light, especially if you just keep them in a sleeve when you're not using them. I keep mine in cases because, well, they go in my purse and go everywhere with me. My Paperwhite currently has 190 items on it and 263 MB free. According to its specs, it started with 4GB. I have over 5000 items in the cloud. As long as I have ok wifi, I can download pretty much anything within a minute. The ones in the cloud don't really take up space. I wouldn't recommend the Kindle tablets for reading on - I've had 2 of them, thinking I'd replace my Paperwhite, and keep going back. Stuff with pretty pretty pictures are pretty much the only things I read on my computer or tablet these days - everything else is on my Kindle. Featurewise - I lovelovelove the backlit screen on the Paperwhite. It makes it so much easier to read at night without having to keep lights on. We live in the boonies and have crappy internet, so my newest one (yes, I keep the old one as a backup) has the cellular capabilities. I actually picked it up at a pawn shop for $25, if I recall correctly (and our pawn shops pretty much always have Kindles, and no idea which models they are).
  20. TheCG


    1. I stuck to low carb for about 3 months, did fabulous, then I've slowly gone more and more off the rails and I'm right back where I started. 2. Yeah, nope. 3. Still working on it. 4. I'm working a job that I love and am good at.
  21. TheCG


    Yes, the correct pronunciation of macchiato is mock-ee-otto.
  22. TheCG


    The article you posted was from 2017. Mom and Dad have stopped have stopped to help at one of the big accidents on the way to or from Phoenix before the emergency responders got there. I think it messed with Mom than she wants to acknowledge. Try this one: http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/2018/12/21/i-closed-both-directions-near-pichaco-peak/
  23. @Ambergris said she was having problems with posting stuff like this, so I said I'd figure it out after coffee. OK, it's during coffee, but close enough.
  24. TheCG


    Worse news. He did NOT put things back in that were full of water. Things that collect water just happened to be sitting underneath where the shell is cracked and it's leaking. So, things to be done on the camper: Fix plumbing leak in indoor shower Fix plumbing leak in outdoor shower Say to heck with fixing the water heater Fix leak in outer shell across front compartment Sew up canvas where it's separating at the corner of the dinette Kilz the crap out of front compartment where water has been leaking
  25. TheCG

    poverty cooking

    Note: I am reading this thread, and DID NOT just buy a bag of potatoes. But I might while I'm at the store!

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