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  1. pjadams

    Trying to "keep it together"...

    I'm there with you! My oldest joined the Catholic church and decided to become a nun (all in the last 2 years). We went from having her at home full time to...just completely gone. She's in Wisconsin staying near and working at the convent where she hopes to be accepted. I had just started adjusting well, and she said she's coming home (next week) for a very short visit. I'm hoping this balance I've reached will hold after she leaves again. It's tough.
  2. pjadams

    Decisions, decisions

    LOL! I would not miss the Dr. for even good food.
  3. pjadams

    Pray for my Hubba

  4. pjadams

    Saying hello

    Thanks! Glad to be back!
  5. pjadams

    Saying hello

    Reintroducing myself since I don't have a clue when I last posted. YEARS, at least. I am now a gramma, a lot heavier, a lot older, a lot sicker. Not much else has changed; still prepping. No one else I know is. And I don't understand why they aren't. But then again, I seldom tell anyone "outside" that I am, either. The only thing in my preps that didn't survive the years are the vacuum sealed kidney beans. They could serve as bullets, but nothing could make them serve as food again. Thinking about researching the internet for a kidney bean shooter.
  6. pjadams

    Stored beans question

    Nope, they broke my food processor and I don't have a grinder. But there are suggestions listed here that I haven't tried yet, so I will. Thanks, everyone!
  7. Been a long time since I stopped in. I'd lost the link even. It's nice to be back. :-) Now that I got back in, I have a question I've had for a long time. I still have a lot of sealed buckets of wheat berries, for which I'm thankful. I know they keep. But I also have a lot of buckets of dried navy and kidney beans (yes, from Y2K - so 12 years old! LOL!). I tried several times to use them, and even have left them soaking for days and cooking much longer than normal, and they just don't soften. Haven't found yet anything online that would advise me on this. I tried grinding them and it was like trying to grind bullets. Tried pressure cooking as well. Are they just a lost cause? Huh....I bet they won't even compost. If no one has any ideas for me to try, I guess I could make bean bags and stuff them with beans. BOY, would they be HEAVY! :-D

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