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  1. zzelle

    Naked Gardening Day...

    My neighbors would not want me to be outside in the buff that is for sure I would scare them all.
  2. zzelle

    How to raise boys that read

    My children love being read to. They also love to read to their mommy and daddy.
  3. zzelle

    best spyware and adware

    I had the free AVG spyware on my computer it crashed my computer along with a new virus called security suite.
  4. zzelle


  5. zzelle

    To be 6 again...

    my husband would have done the same thing
  6. zzelle

    One for you, One for me....

    too funny
  7. zzelle

    The right words, the right time...

    too funny
  8. zzelle

    St. Pete and the Cowboy

    too cute
  9. zzelle

    Twas the month befor Christmas

    soo very true
  10. zzelle

    The Bagpiper

    too funny
  11. zzelle

    Free Obituary

  12. zzelle

    a Christmas Funny -( I fixed it!)

    too cute
  13. zzelle

    Christmas in DC

    funny but true

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