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  1. ArmyOfFive4God


    So, today I finally got out & did a survey of our land. We just bought the house in May. I was sick for more than 2 mos this last fall, & have been so busy, unmotivated & sick that I hadn't planned much of anything. We figured out where we want the garden, where we're running fencing, what plants & beds need to go & where we're putting some of our bushes (berries, grapes, etc). I'm also still working on broth, the jerky is finished & jarred, laundry is going & best of all - we started REVIVAL week at church!!!
  2. ArmyOfFive4God


    I'm running a brothel. I have broth ready to be washed & labeled. I have broth ready to be de-ringed. I have broth cooling, in the canner, warming on the stove, cooking in the Instant Pot & bones roasting in the oven. Yup. I'm running a brothel.
  3. ArmyOfFive4God

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    That's probably a good idea for barter.
  4. ArmyOfFive4God

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Well, duh.
  5. ArmyOfFive4God


  6. ArmyOfFive4God

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Weird to you all or weird to society? LOL! I'll go with maxi pads & tampons, but that's normal around this forum. HAHA!
  7. ArmyOfFive4God


    My middlin' joined the TNANG in June. He had to finish school to be able to ship out. He ships out on the 21st. Please pray for him.
  8. ArmyOfFive4God

    4 requests

    Praying for your upcoming appointment. Glad to hear of the other improvements!
  9. ArmyOfFive4God

    Prep PDF's

    Can you load them to something like Google docs & share that? I know some frown on that, so it's just food for thought.
  10. ArmyOfFive4God

    Prayers are being answered - my MO friend update

    Praying for a resolve very soon!
  11. ArmyOfFive4God


    This is the answer you should have given me when I asked if you needed anything from me
  12. ArmyOfFive4God

    Health issues

    My friend-
  13. ArmyOfFive4God

    Electricity prices rising

    What p!$$3$ me off, though- Solar if ILLEGAL in most places, but this order is for the environment!

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