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  1. 4 weeks from TODAY, we get to see our SOLDIER! He broke down on the phone Sunday, & his selfie was not a fun one (as they usually are). I miss him so much, but I know he misses us more, because where he's at makes homesick much worse. Please keep praying for him!
  2. Guys, please pray for Wormie & Mrs Wormie. She has suffered a stroke, & as they can tell, she won't be suffering much longer. Wormie is not in good shape. He loves this woman & has fought for her for so long. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers. I'm hoping to go see them this week & will print out your prayers to take to them.
  3. Guuyyys, he's graduated basic & is now on to AIT! 63 days until we see him, provided the Army doesn't fiddle with graduation!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9ytc24sky4gpVINPhZeBA
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/nz-life-leisure/69305038/null
  6. I spoke to my boy on Sun. He said he wasn't feeling well & thought he had a fever. He called Tue. regarding tax stuff & said he had strep & bronchitis & was on 4 different meds. My momma heart!!!
  7. Do you think the newer metal ammo boxes are as "solid" & "protective" as the older ones?
  8. What did you do? Tell it to "SIT! Lay DOWN! ROLL OVER!!" ??
  9. I don't keep acidic stuff past the exp. in tin cans, but I have no problem keeping them in tetra pak. Tomatoes & pumpkin type items eat through the lining of the can. From what I read awhile back, tetra pak was better for that & no BPA.
  10. He did NOT see his shadow!
  11. Thanks, all! I should have said "The Army screwed up again (this wasn't the first time they'd even messed up dates for him- they had also scheduled him for something else on a federal holiday ). I'm no stranger to the military. It's all I've ever known since birth. We have a long history of serving in my family. Having your own kid go in is another ball game, though. I know he'll be fine. It's just momma that's not. He's miserable right now, & while I KNOW he needs the kind of tough love I can no longer give him, I still want to hold him. I also know communication will get better as he gets situated. Bluh! LOL... I'm still looking forward to hugging him again! <3
  12. You guys are the best. He actually was dropped off on the 22nd (The Army screwed up- oops, it's a holiday- ). Both of his flights were cancelled after sitting in an airport ALL day. They put him in a hotel that night, shipped him out the next day. I got his scripted call at 1:32 am of the 24th. We got letters from him today & later a call. I've been in tears a lot again today. I know this too shall pass, but can you guys pray for ME, too? My momma heart is in so many pieces on a roller coaster.
  13. So, today I finally got out & did a survey of our land. We just bought the house in May. I was sick for more than 2 mos this last fall, & have been so busy, unmotivated & sick that I hadn't planned much of anything. We figured out where we want the garden, where we're running fencing, what plants & beds need to go & where we're putting some of our bushes (berries, grapes, etc). I'm also still working on broth, the jerky is finished & jarred, laundry is going & best of all - we started REVIVAL week at church!!!
  14. I'm running a brothel. I have broth ready to be washed & labeled. I have broth ready to be de-ringed. I have broth cooling, in the canner, warming on the stove, cooking in the Instant Pot & bones roasting in the oven. Yup. I'm running a brothel.
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