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    Back down SOOOUUUTTTHHH!!!
  1. Prayers are being answered - my MO friend update

    Praying for a resolve very soon!
  2. Carjacked

    This is the answer you should have given me when I asked if you needed anything from me
  3. Health issues

    My friend-
  4. Electricity prices rising

    What p!$$3$ me off, though- Solar if ILLEGAL in most places, but this order is for the environment!
  5. *BPA free ^^ Sorry about the typo. I can't seem to type anything on this new laptop. Also, Ann, are you sure it was SS? I've seen the aluminum ones, and if it was, was it a thinner SS/?
  6. Jeepers, apparently when they went BA free, they started using another chemical that might be worse & they are still testing Nothing is safe anymore.
  7. What DAY of the week were you born?

    ME TOO!!
  8. Ornaments sent and received

    AW! Prayers coming your way, Snowmom!
  9. Recall rant

    "They" iz da gubmint :/
  10. Ornaments sent and received

    Got midnightmom's today. We love it!
  11. Ornaments sent and received

    The rec't says Sat is their expected arrival except the overseas one. That doesn't have a date
  12. Ornaments sent and received

    Mine also went out yesterday!

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