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  1. Twilight

    Is this true....pet grooming deaths?

    If you count only groomers.. their numbers are shocking. Carelessness if you want to call it that.. walk off and leave a dog on the table, head up in the high choke position, panic or moves and falls off the table. I have heard about these for many years. Petsmart , I have seen people working with the dogs that definitely were not well versed in what they were doing.
  2. Twilight

    Need lots of prayers

    You do have indeed.com for job checking? Praying for both of your men, mommato3boys and Becca_Anne
  3. Twilight

    Housework For Children

    Depends on the child. We took turns dusting the corner shelf loaded with fragile bric bracs when were 5 and 6 years old. But some children are clumsy and this would not be a task for them. Daily emptying trash , working in the garden, helping with canning, sewing, making bread or cookies with supervision in all tasks until they can be trusted to do it well. Clearing the table and washing dishes . All household chores can be delegated within reason.
  4. Twilight


    Jeepers , sound like you are really getting things done.... Not sure I am because I start but don’t think I have finished anything yet. Because as my day started it is continuing. Washed a load of clothes, the seeing my scrub brush , got down on my knees and scrubbed the porch and part of the wall. Came in to rest and read a book from Gutenberg.org had a late lunch , started in bathroom and it still is not finished. Went back out and scrubbed on more of porch wall. 92 degrees so it is a pleasant task! Washed the broom and mop so waiting on them to dry....
  5. Twilight


    Methinks this is going to be one of those days...... Up at 4a.m. breakfast, straightened bedroom, went to bathroom started cleaning...before I finished washing blinds, the cat wanted out. I went out with him, taking empty jars to laundry room, brought dried towels in and folded/put away, took trash out, where was I ? I guess back to the bathroom. My longtime wanna be buyer has said maybe as early as the end of of this month but for sure before the end of the year... not that I would have to be out that quick but...........
  6. Twilight


    Jeepers You go girl !!!! They are really going to miss you when you leave !
  7. I might be wrong but this not the first hurricane in the area. They being wild and born there I imagine they know how to hunker down. There may be some lost because horses can also be stupid or rebellious.
  8. Twilight


    Thank you all, yes I am sure most of us have pets and have lost them in the past. My hurt is more the helplessness I feel that I could get no help for her. I do not know your feelings about puppy mills or commercial breeders, but if you want a good veterinarian live in an area where there is a major dog population for the best care!!! I now live where there are the poorest choice anyone could imagine! Sorry Mt_Ryder bad neighbors are hard to take....have been there! Start smiling really big....they will wonder what you are up to. ...try it it really works. Do not let them see you upset... that is what they are looking for! Kappy hang on tight.. all of you in the path of these storms not just Florence but all the rest behind her be safe!!
  9. Twilight


    The tarps are excellent for use in many things and last indefinitely. Here they are called billboard tarps. They used to cost $40 at Branson. I think there is a place in Ohio selling them but I think they were asking $80. They are incredibly heavy and depending on the size of the billboard is the size the tarp will be divided usually by 4 but more on those signs. WE2 I think you are the only one on here to know my dog Joy. I buried her Monday.
  10. Twilight


    WE2 glad to hear your surgery is over. I did not know they were still doing the near and far vision . So many people talk about the colors they can now see! Sorry about the vein problem.... Well Jeepers those baskets can be filled with the soft or small things you are taking on your next trip. They look like they will stack...be great to keep in the Jeep!
  11. Twilight


    My yard man charges me $60 for my two acres, which includes lot of weed eating.,... My little 90 year old friend 1hour SW has to pay $75 , weed eating $75 extra . Maybe you had better get some sheep.....
  12. Twilight


    Sorry you are having problems!!!! As far as the knee pain..are you walking different? Is your back pain putting stress on your walking? If my foot doesn't stay straight or I start walking on the side of my foot..I can have savage knee pain. Getting one or both under control , no knee pain! Take care of yourself!! You are loved! I know what you mean...I bought an expensive love seat 25 years ago. It has lasted beautifully and is worth reupholstering but at my farm sale it would not even bring a $1. So I moved it up here and it is still good. Today people would rather have faddish stuff which is cheap and they can throw away. They also think of germs. In other words they do not want to work..........
  13. Twilight


    Jeepers, have been thinking of you. Moving after living in a house for many years is a challenge!!!! May I suggest you do this. Get a notebook with an attached pen or pencil and either different colored tape or stickers. Write down what each color means...move/keep, sell, give away, trash. Go through each room tagging articles. Everything on the shelf with same decision, tag the shelf only as it all goes to same place. Maybe you want numbers too, as easy to move or very heavy. It would be helpful also to tag as to which room in new house. Your house could sell tomorrow.. here the day of closing is just that , you are moved out by that day. Please make it easy on yourself, we want you to enjoy that new home...
  14. Twilight

    Fast/not deep mode affects... all things?

    Well it got saved and has now popped up!! Here it is if it makes any sense. As far as cat and dog, the cat will simply not go out until daylight and comes in before dark. If necessary he stays in all day as well. The dog has been sick so much she no longer has a clear mind. I really need to make a permanent decision in her situation. ________________________ You have a wide variety in your post! Just so you know..I was raised without a TV and have read many books of all types including, history...nothing better than the Bible for ancient history. I have read enough books to know that the internet and probably the TV have many answers that are far from factual. For that matter, back in the days of the Spanish American War, the yellow rag was invented. ...... so truth started sliding a long time ago. I have read many ficton books based on the truth that would give much food for thought. I have read books over several times and found the author has some deep "food," for those will read with an open mind . Today's advertising is filled with ..shocking!, rare! ,warning!,you can't miss this! this will change your life!! etc. None of this prepares a mind! If we allow this to be "truth" we will not have the ability to function when the time comes. Having the chance ( and taking advantage of it) to learn our own needs of survival is imperative. KOA saw heard something she did not recognize... Yes something else for you and she to learn...I probably would have taken my gun to see..... Right now I know ,but not what, that something is worrying both dog and cat. If it is too near the cat will stay in the house day and night, the dog will not go out...😒. I have seen a panther, neighbor saw a bobcat here, there are coons, foxes, grey wolves, and bear tracks , what else? Sorry about the rat.. hope it is the only one.

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