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  1. Twilight

    Is it me or...

    If you are moving out of state it is canceled anyway.
  2. Twilight

    Is it me or...

    Jeepers I am not sure downloading is permanent from the library. Here depending on checkout..two or three weeks and it will disappear on your kindle or whatever you down loaded on.
  3. Twilight

    Free US States Coloring pages

    These would also make a beautiful quilt!
  4. Twilight


    Any of you veterans or spouses, if you have not gone at least yearly for checkups or whatever, they will drop you and then it doesn’t matter your service record or rank you will be jumping through lots of hoops and sending mountains of paperwork.. the same papers you already sent.. but apparently if you do have a claim, if the hospital turns it in it is out of your hands and in the VAs.
  5. Twilight


    Congratulations on your quick thinking Kappy! Glad you were not hurt which if you had gone down the ravine..... Also that you researched, jumping out of gear. Looks like there would have been a recall!
  6. Twilight

    Winterizing An Air Conditioner

    Bringing wood into the house was the problem. I am supposed to have a furnace in this week. I will use it as I need it. I do hope the stiffness will go away. For now putting small wood in the stove makes me wonder..... putting heavy wood in is next to impossible. Yes I love wood heat!!! But I will not have to worry about winterizing a furnace ...
  7. I do not even look at the Farmers Almanac any ore...
  8. Twilight

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Apple grape jam + and ginger syrup. The ginger syrup did not set, but it will be excellent in recipes calling for ginger. It really has a bite to it. Interesting addition to coffee.....
  9. Twilight

    Winterizing An Air Conditioner

    Please keep the cold air out there. It is 35 here and although some people say that fall is over, I would rather think it has just started. I am only now to the place where I can bring in my own wood. I have given up getting a furnace,have requested it too many times and they have not responded. Wood is cheaper, more comfortable, but also more heavy.
  10. Twilight


    My big dead oak tree was cut Monday and 4 1/2 cords salvaged. I think it took them twice as long to cut due the metal in the tree. Tuesday I picked up a load , about 1/2 rick of chunks etc plus three bags of good kindling. Then it commenced raining. Today I unloaded the wood on the patio. Then this afternoon I gathered three cartloads of small limbs for the brush pile. May have that much more for tomorrow. It was 80 Monday, 70 Tuesday and started at 65 today and is now 57. Sounds like we may get more rain this weekend from Annarchys hurricane.
  11. Twilight

    New Canning Book

    I have canned no less than 100 lbs of chicken. The 10 lb bags I buy are not really quality but I can them for the cat. I have no texture change ...it is between baked and fried in taste in my opinion. Some times I skin sometimes I don't but I do leave the bone in.
  12. Twilight

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    I am so sorry this has happened to your mother and your own health concerns. I hope you have a good hip surgeon. One thing today is the severe reduction of pain medication. Some doctors will not prescribe or listen to pleas of pain meds Prayers lifted for all.
  13. Twilight


    My DD sautéed her sweet potatoes, gently with gourmet herbs. Said she would never bake another.
  14. Can’t say I have ever seen a fork or knife ....has anyone?
  15. Twilight


    I assure you I have no like for black walnuts. They are not meant for bad backs. On the farm there were two trees but they were not a lot of trouble. These trees shed branches about like some dogs shed hair. It has been an almost daily task picking them up. The taste is ok in cooking, but I had rather buy the few shelled ones I want! This is the first year I have seen the maggots in the husk, so that is the reason the squirrels have left them mostly alone. They are smart little buggers.

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