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  1. Black cohosh gave me such violent headaches I was in a fog. Thanks for your comments on soybean, Jeepers, people sold on soy products , can believe no wrong in them. In my estimate, soy is good for neither man nor beast!
  2. Twilight

    My Library Thinks MrsS is buggy

    Friday eve through Monday morn I came up with blank page. I have an ASUS tablet with Jellybug .
  3. Twilight


    103 this afternoon
  4. Twilight


    The momma is not being able to find food and not producing sufficient milk. She may have been an indoor cat and not know how to hunt or what to eat outdoors. Also panicking because of the strangeness.
  5. Twilight

    Summer time emergency? Drowning.

    In my preteen years I was caught in an undertow, I made no cry, I was pulled down ,let go, pulled down twice more but I did have my arms above my head. Someone grabbed me before my hands disappeared. An adult checked the area and was surprised at the strength of that current. We did not return to that area for swimming!
  6. Twilight


    In nursing homes the residents have had to give up their pets. After I was given permission to bring Joy into the assisted living home....the joy was boundless as people reached out to pet her. The result ....... they murmured and complained until the home brought in a dog. It made so much difference. The residents became calmer, why should anyone be surprised? As we become older we do not become another species, we are still human and have the same likes and dislikes!!!!!!
  7. Twilight

    Cleaning a Canner

    I use white vinegar and just pour some in maybe 1/3-1/2 cup but my AA is big enough to double stack pints. If your jars come out cruddy you did not put enough in, or vinegar is not what you need.
  8. Twilight

    Cleaning a Canner

    Vinegar is a must in my canner water. But using vinegar also means that the canner must be washed remove the acid. Soda can be a good scouring agent by applying dry to cloth or sponge.
  9. Twilight

    But....the GPS said to turn here!

    Yes some people believe everything the internet says too...... Thank God for a brain that works!
  10. No matter how much testing is done ,it still boils down to the doctor's diagnosis, correct or not,and the correct dosing of the medication and the needs of the individual person.
  11. Twilight

    Public Health Alert For Pork Product

    Excellent advice!
  12. Twilight

    Watch out for those wood ticks

    Mother, Lumabean, Snowmom, updates on your Lymes disease? Do hope all are going better. Samento is an excellent herb.....
  13. Interesting! I was checking online to see what kind my DS takes and not word of this warning showed up! Dogmom I hope your DH will be OK!!!
  14. Twilight


    I will send you 2 heirloom tomato plants if you want to add to your patch?
  15. Twilight

    Fraud problems

    I know when mine was copied the first time. I used it for my motel room and the clerk kept it longer than she should. 3 days later it was used in Illinois at Wal-Mart for over $200. My credit card company took care of it . I do not know what happened within weeks of getting a new one. Debit cards can strip you as no ID is required. Credit cards can be stolen or compromised . And there are some places that will not take cash......

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