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  1. Prayers for Wormie and Mrs. Wormie.
  2. Good thing I drive 2002 Dodge pick up LOL plus someone is always home, and we track our packages so that we are home when they arrive. I have even had them delivered to work. No, no one is going to get access to my car or house. I am with Annarchy...trust issues.
  3. Let's see last night was hamburger steaks with grill onions and mushrooms with pepper jack cheese on top with asparagus and potato salad. To night hummmmm…. I have some left over pork I need to do something with so we are having taquitos and something not sure yet.
  4. Well my eggplant was not any good so we revisited an old recipe using Italian sausage instead of ground beef. Beef noodle casserole using Italian sausage of ground beef. It was ok but I like cheddar cheese better I had to use mozzarella since I was out of cheddar.
  5. Yes 3 days is more than enough time if we get stuck in evac traffic. It is only 16 hours to my sister I am allowing 72 hours. I figure once we get past Oklahoma City we will be ok. I am just worried if they close I-40 it will mean heading south towards I-20, which could mean detours if the fires are that far south. Or north to CO MrRider we may head to you LOL We have thought about heading north and doubling back behind the fires. Give me hurricanes any day. I can run from them I have plenty of notice.
  6. So I have been off work we have been trying new recipes. Tonight's was Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Peppers. https://thatlowcarblife.com/jalapeno-popper-stuffed-peppers/ I changed it up just a little, the recipe called for bell pepper but I had a pound bag of little sweet peppers and we used them. Served them with refried beans. Hubby loved them so they go in the menu rotation. Last night we had stuffed peppers also but they were Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers. https://belleofthekitchen.com/2018/07/13/chicken-enchilada-stuffed-peppers/ The only change I made was the sauce, I didn't have red enchilada sauce , I had green chili enchilada sauce. Hubby still liked them and the recipe will go in to the menu rotation also, but he wants me to make them with red sauce next time just to see what they taste like.
  7. Looks like I need to get busy planting short season crops and getting them stored. Because heaven knows what this summer will hold. This isn't the first time it has flooded in the Midwest and it won't be the last. This is just the first time I can't afford for the Midwest to flood.
  8. I understand why my area is targeted. I don't care what the IRS says. I live in ranch land and they will audit these ranchers in a heartbeat.
  9. I always said I would hunker down and stay in place. Well that was until we moved to the panhandle of Texas. I will weather tornados and hurricanes, BUT I will not weather a fire. I have a fear of fire and well I will flee in a moments notice personal items forgotten. I have seen just how fast those darn things can over take you. With that said I have been thinking about bug out bags. I ran across this link on Pinterest and thought wow, I can do that https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-MREsa-tutorial/ If I do it just right I can pack these in metal ammo cans and store in the camper. We have a small camper, it a bunkhouse we can pull behind the motorcycle or the car. It will go with us if we bug out. It has a lot of storage so I will be stocking it and then preparing for the worst. Water is my problem. I am not sure how I will haul water. Thoughts to ponder. So while I am on medical leave I am going to redo our BOBs and be prepared for fire. It will be small BOBs. I have to plan for a dog and cat also. Must invest in a vacuum sealer. I am thinking 3 days worth of food and water. We can be to family in Alabama in that time.
  10. I work at a hospital so we will be emergency management mode and I will there until the end. Will have to decided what to do with hubby. Leave him at home or send him to oldest son's house. Not really willing to leave our house unprotected. Crazy people out there and that will mean lots of looting. Hummm this calls for some major thought. Guess we play 20 questions tomorrow and bat around ideas for this situation. I always planned on us being together during a crisis but now that I work for the hospital that likely won't happen. Were is that darn tin foil hat.
  11. If you take Losartan you may want to check with your pharmacy and your doctor. I am Losartan BP meds and found out this weekend that there was a major recall. I have been playing phone tag all week with the nurse at the doctor's office trying to get an RX since I can not get my Losartan refilled.
  12. They are saying snow here Tuesday and Wednesday. Can you just please keep it, I am a down south southern girl and I don't like that stuff. They are not saying how much yet just 60% chance. I had rather have the rain. I really would. Yipee snow
  13. Ok for the trauma kit I have decided on an under the bed tote and I found drawer organizers to go it so I organize stuff. The tackle box will be our standard first aid kit. But I am thinking about getting a rolling tool box that had drawers and putting everything in it. That way I will have a large compartment to put bottles in and they will stand up. Next dilemma....get our savings back up and our cash on hand restocked. Having a man down and out of work 2 1/2 years is a test and a half.
  14. Sorry to hear about MIL passing. I know it is bitter sweet news. Prayers for the family. Hope the baby arrived safely and mom and little one are doing well.
  15. Be careful while he is gone. Praying for safe travels for hubby and peace and quiet, in other words not major happens, for you and your mom and dad while he is gone.
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