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  1. mommato3boys

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Be careful while he is gone. Praying for safe travels for hubby and peace and quiet, in other words not major happens, for you and your mom and dad while he is gone.
  2. mommato3boys

    4 requests

  3. mommato3boys

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Sarah sorry to hear about your leg. You are in my thoughts and prayers. My mother lost her leg also, so I know some of what you are dealing with. We have crutches and a cane. I want to get a quad cane to keep around since the cane we have is not adjustable. My grandfather made it for my dad when he hurt his back YEARS ago. I have it more for semimetal reasons that for emergencies. I have decided to get an under the bed plastic container and get one of those drawer organizers to use to organize the rolls of gauze and other stuff. I hate having to dig for something in a tense moment, when I can't lay my hands on it panic tries creeping in. Then I will have a minor boo boo kit with band aids and such, then a medicine box that I can put up out of reach of the grandbabies. I wouldn't mind finding a file box and getting a little combination lock and putting the medicine in it. I would feel safer that way. I did find sutures online and will be ordering some after the first of the year. Found a suture stapler too; hubby and I are batting around the idea of getting one of those also, but for now I will just depend on super glue and butterfly strips. Also looking for a good eye wash, that is one thing I do not have in my fist aid kit. Oh we have eye drops but I want a good eye wash, you know the cup that fits over the eye and sterile water to wash the eyes out with. Need to add eye patches. How did I miss eye care geezzzzz. Another thing I need to build is a pet first aid kit. But that will be another thread, not gonna mix the two.
  4. mommato3boys

    Chat Box

    Thanks Annarchy, now I won't worry and will quit trying to adjust the page.
  5. mommato3boys

    Possible RA

    Yes the prayers are definitely felt. They are what are keeping me going. I did apply for a job with a different hospital within our network. It is in south Texas down near McAllen. We will be three hours from the grandbaby and youngest son. Plus we won't have such cold weather 6 months out of the year. Praying that I find favor with the powers that be. The good part is I won't loose any time towards retirement.
  6. mommato3boys

    Chat Box

    Is it just my laptop or does everyone's chat box chop off the right hand side? I even switched the background back to default and it is still chopped off.
  7. mommato3boys

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I am glad everyone enjoyed the card. When I bought them last year on clearance I did not realize they were 3-D I just thought they were cute and they said Merry Christmas. I got Midnightmom's and Pauline's today. That makes all of mine.
  8. mommato3boys

    Possible RA

    The NP called me yesterday and we chatted. My test come back negative but she is still referring me to a rheumatologist. She said that with just osteoarthritis I should not hurt all over the way I do, that osteo would be localized to say a knee or shoulder etc. But if it bends it hurts from my toes to my fingers. My wrist, shoulders, hips, knees, toes - like I said if it bends it hurts. My fingers are so stiff in the mornings I can't bend them. It is noon by the time I can type more than 50 words without errors. I cannot go barefoot any more I have to have warm feet or I can't walk. So as soon as the insurance approves it and I can get an appointment I will go see a rheumatologist. Hopefully I will get some answers.
  9. mommato3boys

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    All government offices always close when a there is a presidential funeral. Today was Papa Bush's funeral.
  10. mommato3boys

    Overprotection: help or hurt our survival?

    I think this is like the germ control we have done with kids. Geez let them get dirty and eat dirt. It builds their immunity system.
  11. mommato3boys

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    Got Snowmom's today - love it.
  12. mommato3boys

    If it hit the fan today....

    So today I officially started over stocking. My deluxe sample box from Harmony House arrived. Hubby and I talked about and this is what we are going to do for right now is just buy sample boxes and small pouches. The sample packs from HH are 2-3 ounces which will make one or two meals for us. More if I make soups or casseroles. Now I just have to get organized. I am going to try something different, in storage - I am going to use metal ammo cans. 5 gallon buckets are too bulky to store. The ammo cans will slide in to small tight spaces a lot easier and they are air tight.
  13. mommato3boys

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    I have a question for all of you... Do you have one first aid kit our do you have a "minor" first aid kit and a "trauma" first aid kit? Right now I have one big fishing tackle box and I am thinking of pulling all the "trauma" stuff out and making just a trauma kit and a first aid kit.
  14. mommato3boys

    If it hit the fan today....

    Mine were not in airless buckets. I had stored mine in plastic jugs. I still have a #10 can of pintos I have not opened. They came in a LDS starter kit. Maybe if I had stored them in airless buckets they would not have been so hard. Anyone have input on this?
  15. mommato3boys

    If it hit the fan today....

    Ambergris thanks for the tip about the baking soda soak. I do soak my lima beans in baking soda water but never thought about soaking red beans or kidney beans in soda water. I will have to try that. I agree with jeepers I will can most of my dry beans from now on. It is frustrating to come in and realize you forgot to turn the crockpot on and the beans are not done. I will keep some dry but will make sure I can them before they are a year old. I found that they are a bugger to cook.

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