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  1. Prayers needed

    No, different company. I worked for a church before. The job offer came from the local hospital. I also had an interview with the local community college but haven't heard from them. I signed papers for a background check with the hospital yesterday. Now I wait.
  2. Prayers needed

    I have been offered a job! The pay is like $5 less an hour but I will get 40 hours a week, I won't loose my vacation/ sick time if I don't take it and best of all INSURANCE!!!! Waiting on a call from human resources to schedule when I can come in and fill out the paper work for the background check and all the other paper work it takes to start a job. Hopefully they call this afternoon. Would love to start Monday.
  3. Prayers needed

    Ambergris, thanks, already been down that road with a former employee. It is different here in Texas.
  4. Quick update

    Thanks Mt_Rider. Praying they are all well and on the fast track to recovery.
  5. Prayers needed

    Thanks. Today's interview went well. It was with the local hospital. Next week's interview is with the local community college. Pay is about the same at both places but the insurance is cheaper with the hospital. Just praying for God's direction and waiting impatiently
  6. Quick update

    Have I missed a post? I was wondering how Wormie and Mrs. Wormie were doing, has anyone heard?
  7. Prayers needed

    Well hubby has been out of work for 2 years now. Working on getting him on disability due to detrition in his back. He has no padding from L3 to S1, it is all bone on bone. He can't sit, stand or walk for long periods. Nor can he lift and anything over 20lbs. It has been a struggle, we lost our house and are so far behind on bills it is not funny. I was managing to keep a roof over our heads and the lights, gas and water on but....I lost my job Monday. IT was a relief believe me. I have worked in a VERY STRESSFUL situation for the past 2 1/2 years. It was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hated going to work. I held my breath all the time the boss was in the office. Could only relax when the cat was away. But everything was my fault, I could do nothing to please and everything I did was wrong. So It was a relief to get the boot. I actually had a job interview scheduled at the community college for next Wednesday before they fired me, but I have another interview in the morning with the local hospital. Just asking prayers for a job quickly. Because I worked for a nonprofit so they are exempt in the state of Texas from paying into unemployment. So I won't be able to draw unemployment benefits. Please pray for a job quickly.
  8. Christmas Ornament Exchange, 2017

    Pauline I got yours today and I Snowmom's Saturday. Love them both.
  9. Christmas Ornament Exchange, 2017

    I got Snapshot's yesterday. Love it!
  10. Freeze-drying at home

    Maybe next year I will ask Santa for one. This year I am getting a new water heater
  11. Christmas Ornament Exchange, 2017

    I got mine from Annarchy too. She has been peeking in my ornament boxes. LOVE IT!!! Mine are in the mail but since today is Veterans Day they are still sitting here in town. Everyone should have theirs by week end.
  12. With Some Warning - Short Straw

    I was telling DS1 about this and he told me to send him the link, he has an account on here. And he would read over mine again and help me fill in more of the security sections. I may copy mine off and continue the story. Oh this could be fun bring it up to date and all.
  13. Amazon Key

    Uhmmm no not happening. This is why I have packages delivered to work. Or track them online and since I am good friends with the UPS driver here make arrangements to meet him at my house. No one and I do mean no one unless I pushed out out of my whowho gets a key to my house.
  14. With Some Warning - Short Straw

    I had forgotten about this. After rereading it well, I have decided to add a pellet cooker to my stash. We have a friend that has one and we made cookies on it. Oh it is a hefty price tag but if I can cook on it without the taste of charcoal or having to buy propane then I think it might be a good investment for those "no electricity" times.
  15. beans, beans the musical fruit

    OMG let me tell you how I spiced up canned pintos. At the church where I work they have Wed nite dinner. Well the cook called in sick and it was Wednesday. So the pastor and I came up with Mexican Stack. Which is basically taco salad. So I ran to the store and bought everything needed. I got the bright idea to make charro beans and cilantro lime rice but couldn't find everything needed for the beans. So I though well what I have will have to do. Here is what I used... 1 #10 can pintos 3 cans of fire roasted tomatoes 1 onion diced 1 bunch of cilantro diced ham (bought a small pack of sliced ham and diced it) 5 fresh jalapenos (deseeded and diced_ lime juice from one lime. 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoons chili powder 1 tablespoon cumin Put in the crock pot on high for 3 hours. They loved it. Had lots of calls for the recipe today. I am thinking this would be great using dry beans and a ham bone. Cooking on low all day. Serve with cornbread and you have a meal

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