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  1. Annarchy

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Left TX, it was 40*. Tucson was 74 and home was 72. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the moon eclipse tonight.
  2. Annarchy


    Home safe. Long drive, crazy people on the road. Time me to get some sleep ....... 🛏 💤
  3. Annarchy

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Windy, temps are supposed to drop, then, mellow out here in TX. Sunday, I’m hoping it’s fair weather for traveling.
  4. Annarchy


    We got the clear child proof plug protectors from WM because of our ferrets. We also had to get the wire harness tubes to protect the wiring on all our appliances, lamps, etc. Of course, Jeepers, you shouldn’t have to worry about your little one chewing on the wires. Today was getting the car checked out & an oil change. Looked at one of their Dodge caravans, it had everything we wanted, but it was black with a black interior & black seats. Can you imagine how hot that would be when it’s 115* out? Nope, not going to happen. And, just to make me chuckle, it had heated seats too. The car checked out fine. So, hopefully nothing is wrong. Picked up some 9 mil rubber gloves from Harbor Freight and then came home. Took mom to the bank, pharmacy, dinner & the grocery store, came home & took it easy the rest of the day. We watched the news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Last Man Standing, then, Live PD. The last call was a disturbance call, we couldn’t believe how many people filed out of that apartment and they were still coming out as they went to commercial. DH’s comment, “that wasn’t an apartment, it was a clown car”. His guess was close to 100 people. It was extremely windy today, the news said it averaged 45 mph with gusts up to 65. Whoosh! It’s supposed to calm down around midnight and get cold. Tomorrow, I hope to get some weeding done in mom’s yard. It isn’t bad, but the only green in her yard right now, are weeds.
  5. Annarchy


    Nice! WE2. The Chamber Installation meeting went well. The Director and the Mexican Chamber were there too. I subbed for our regular Lady, who takes pictures for the history book, while she got her new job with the Chamber for the next 2 years. They also honored our oldest members, 96, 95, & 98. They made the comment, ‘I hope I look as good as they do, and still wearing high heels..”. Lol. They are the sweetest group. Hilton served a little garden salad, rolls, chicken breast with a little cream cheese, saffron rice with sautéed onions & spinach topped with sliced carrots very lightly cooked. Desert was cheese cake with a strawberry syrup. (I’m allergic to strawberries so, I only had a little of it that didn’t have any on it). Brought the Ladies home & rested the remainder of the day. And, of course, mom watched the news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune..... and football replays... Tomorrow, I need to take the car in for an oil change and have them check to see why it is running rough. Not a big issue, but, I don’t need to be stranded an 100 miles out in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Annarchy

    A Chocolate Tragedy

    Their quote in one article was a “sweet” mess to clean up.
  7. Annarchy

    A Chocolate Tragedy

    An 18 wheeler spilt 40,000 lbs of chocolate in AZ... SIGH https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-traffic/2019/01/14/tanker-spills-chocolate-onto-interstate-40-near-flagstaff/2573956002/
  8. Annarchy

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Another fast moving storm coming in from the coast...
  9. Annarchy


    Made it to TX with almost nothing happening... First a double flatbed semitruck pulled out in front of me and drove 25 mph to the stop sign, he went through the 4 way, another truck went thru, and it was my turn, but the lady that sped up and got there afterwards, on the other side, decided it was her turn. She almost broadsided me, but my breaks worked. Then, a flat bed pickup pulled out in front of the line of traffic in front of us, and was going 25 mph... I saw no traffic coming, so I punched it to pass the 4 others in front of me.... oops.... an officer was attempting to pull over a car, who was only doing 20 mph. With them in my rear view, the very next intersection, someone was laying on the ground in the middle of the road...another person was trying to get her up & out of the way. Yikes! She seemed ok and she was smiling... really?! Crazy day. Soooo... tomorrow morning I am the driver to pick up Ladies for the Chamber meeting... time to get some sleep 💤. 🛏
  10. Annarchy

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Tonight is ribs & potato salad I made yesterday. Gonna take potatoe salad & “angeled” eggs for her, along with her bean soup.
  11. Annarchy

    Saying hey yahoo all


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