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  1. We backpacked for years. Most of our emergency supplies are backpacked ready. Except, IDK if I’d go far with a pack on.
  2. Mmmmmmm........numnumnum....sounds delicious Mother, thanks!
  3. Glad you liked it. His “duck”... I found it while diving the river. It had a water bottle in the back, but had holes in it, so, I cut up a bunch of corks & filled the bottle, stuffing the last one in so it wouldn’t come out. Gunny only gets to play with it when he is in water.
  4. He has a very expressive face! Except today, he’s depressed & down because DH left and hasn’t come back yet...! This is Gunny’s first time alone without DH.... Time for some major spoilage.
  5. Granola? What’s the recipe? Our BBQ is registering 250*F daily. Aluminum and plastic sheeting registers 200 *F. Seriously, I really don’t need to use the dehydrator in the summer, but would like to make some stuff. Hopefully, I’ll process the deer meat into jerky this week while it’s still extremely hot outside. Kappy, as long as it has minimal chemicals in it, it should be fine.
  6. I was trying to work on it. Got overwhelmed, looking in ancient threads, remembering people, long gone, distracted, and such. Duplicates, trying to make sure I gave credit to those who posted the recipes, then, no one seemed interested and I put it aside. It’s still on my computer...... sigh...
  7. Sorry, Ambergris, neither do I. If you are having trouble logging in, send a “Contact Us” note, and I will get it via e-mail, reply, & might be able to help you log back in.
  8. He certainly didn’t mind the heat after all that. We gave the small wading pool to the neighbors dog. He likes it too.
  9. In... and ...out... and... in... and out...
  10. “.....duck, duck, ....whoa! That worked!... got dad soaked....” He is the most playful and loving dog we have ever had. E73DD019-6946-4CE3-B19C-3FCE2250CCDC.MOV
  11. Coming in full tilt.... 99BF0B4A-F3E1-4D0B-8AE3-5FE483792757.MOV
  12. Gunny found the joy of the larger wading pool. He’s playing catch with himself & his water “duck”. 7FB5F852-098A-44AA-A496-DF37D018B064.MOV
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