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  1. Ferrets were a joy, while they were young. We are done with them now, passed the responsibilities on to another person involved in ferret rescue. Yes, I do miss the pond. Wondering if I should start another. But with the dogs, IDK if they’d stay out of it. They both love the water & Grrr loves to chase minnows at the lake & river.
  2. Wings & Things Garlic Parmesan wings Hot wings Tater Tots Celery sticks Ranch dressing The air fryer got a workout.
  3. The 75 gal. fish tank I used once, was nice. I had minnows in it and algae eaters. They kept the algae under control, and the plants grew excellent. I didn’t use a pump, just syphoned some water out with a hose, sucking up the crud on the bottom, & refilled, about once a week or so, to water my indoor plants. The heat, 110*+ overheated the poor fish and I gave up that idea. The mini pond I had for over 10 years, had large goldfish, an algae eater and minnows. It also had lots of edibles in and around it, including water cress & cattails, but the neighbors tree roots punctured the liner I used. (Remembering that, brought back a smile. We saw something on the porch, went out to discover one of our ferrets had escaped. He was ‘dancing & ooping’ running back & forth between the porch & the pond! He was trying to catch the fish, then, he’d run around in circles because he was soaked. ) I’d like to start another one some day, it was always so peaceful to sit and watch the life in & around it.
  4. Report it!!!! AZ has a law, no animal is to be kept outside all the time on a chain or kenneled without shelter from the elements, food & water. TX has a bill in progress for the same. It makes me furious when I see the way people treat their animals. We’ve watched many ‘outdoor’ animals die in the heat. I know, I can’t change the world... sorry..... rant off......
  5. I guessed wrong too. The mountain roads here have no shoulders, very sharp hairpin blind turns. Extremely dangerous.
  6. Albino beets, they taste the same as the orange and red ones, several grew in my garden last year. I just finished harvesting the seeds today.
  7. Annarchy


    No worries, WE2. It’s an experience I won’t forget. Her roof & attic are finished, her neighbor sent us pictures yesterday. They are replacing the windows today and installing her new AC/heater. She is pleased, with an exception. DirecTV sent her 6 new receivers! Good grief! She only has 3 TV’s. And the boxes were fine and did not need to be replaced. So...she’s waiting for the return labels to come. She said she told them if they send her any more, she’s going to cancel her service. The insurance company deposited enough for her to be able to pay for most everything, they stated, any other amounts incurred will be reimbursed after all the work is complete. I’m keeping a close eye on that.
  8. Got home safely Wednesday afternoon. 101* between Phoenix & Tucson, 99* at home. Explained everything to DH. After the adjusters comment, that he wanted to re-assess the damage & talk to the contractor, next Monday, I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything. Most of the roof repair were already completed. Re-installed the misting system on our porch swing and barbecued a couple of steaks and corn on the cob, but I didn’t feel like eating. Got on the scale Thursday morning to a surprise, I lost 10 lbs.! Now, to keep that weight off. Lol. Washed most of my luggage, it smelled like smoke. Grrr is fading fast, we are having to wash the floor many times a day, poor baby. He seems alert and not showing any signs of pain, except when he tries to get up & walk. We know the reality of the situation..... Gunny tries to cuddle him, but Grrr doesn’t tolerate it. Made some french bread, for the first time, it came out rather well. Then made French dips for dinner, using the leftover meat. Today, I have to go to the motor vehicle department for tags, and renew my license picture. The letter said my pic was over 11 years old. So what? My license is good until 2026. Maybe it has to do with the new program they are doing, to make the DL’s airplane compliment. Then, I need to stop and get some chicken food and some supplies for the house, on the way home.
  9. One of those calls, was my own number....how’d they manage that?! Gave us a good laugh for a moment. The “Do not Call” system doesn’t work. We’re on it, but the calls come in constantly. We’ve been curious about the calls that come in after driving to TX. Most of the calls come from towns we pass on I-10.
  10. Annarchy


    Oh, the AC was running when the aluminum coils with Freon exploded, sending slivers of metal into the whole unit. No way are we gonna try & turn it on, as the adjuster kept suggesting.
  11. Annarchy


    Exactly! Boy, did the adjuster get on my last nerve today. Lawyers said, until they don’t pay, then, they can help, gave me valuable information to approach the insurance company with. Mom has the full, expensive coverage, full replacement NOT full cash value policy. Meaning, they have to pay to repair all the damage, without depreciation. We went to the insurance office, asking for a printout of her complete policy, not the brief description they send at policy renewal. It’s supposed to be being sent in the mail. Then, we talked with them about the “depreciated” amount they sent her to get the work started, stressing she’s 88 y.o. and living with no heat or cooling and she’s paid the contractor over half of the first deposit, to get the work started and that the AC people require 1/2 down and the rest at completion, but they can do it in one day. And she doesn’t have that kind of money. We had a conference call with the adjusters supervisor, gave them copies of the estimates and copies of the printed photos I took. You should’ve seen the Lady’s shock in her eyes when she saw the pictures. Just as I pulled back into the driveway, her adjuster called. I unlocked the front door and went to take pictures of the work the contractors were doing on her roof, when she called me over, after yelling at him, “What am I supposed to do, go to h*ll!” & handed me her phone. That joker told me he hadn’t received the first AC estimate or the 2nd. I went off. We watched him, 4 witnesses, take a picture of the original estimate paper, $10,000. I sent him 2 texts with the second estimate $8,500. And sent him a text of the contractors estimate AND the contractor talked with him and sent him the proposed estimate!!! I asked what he wanted, stop the people doing the work until he got his act together and allowed payment to get her AC back on? In the mean time she has a heart attack, cause she’s without heating, in 90+ heat or 50* cold..? I told him, “That tells me what type of person you are..” Amazingly, even though, I explicitly told him to remove my email from the system, I got an email saying they’d made another payment. The insurance office took care of mom when she had the car accident, and know her and her age. The agent tried to assure me that they would make sure everything was paid quickly, and they said they understood I left work to help her get this fixed. They had to help her up from the chair and into their office and back out. She is really getting frail. So.... I will be heading home tomorrow morning. Some things came up that need my attention. Mom has this situation well under control. God willing. Otherwise, I be back after I get the other issues dealt with.
  12. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    You’re already doing good, zzelle. I have faith you will find a plan that works perfect for you & yours.
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