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  1. Annarchy


    I wish pets would live longer too, Miki. The ferrets and ole Grrr are in their “Golden Years”. Tough on the heart, knowing what’s coming. Found a solution to tiny gnats in my potted plants inside. The gnats were eating the thyme sprouts as fast as they could grow. I rubbed bug repellent on the outside of the pots. It worked! The rose bushes are beginning to bloom and grow new leaves. Yeah! I didn’t kill them when I planted them. Today, I am hoping to find out what is wrong with the lawn mower. I think it’s a clogged fuel line. God willing, that’s all it is. Then, pull out my canning jars and prep them for the carrot and beet harvest. The sun sun is up and I need to get stuff done before it gets too hot. They are saying 106*F by this weekend. Oh, along those lines, the National Forest Service has shut down the forests, until it rains. Major fines if they catch you in there. We haven’t had any rain and the fire danger is extreme. We’ve had several fires already this year. Way too early in the season.
  2. Annarchy


    Cleaned house Saturday, took it easy Sunday, and got back at it today. Used the weed eater to whack down the alley, edge the garden and clear the grass growing between the bricks around the fire pit. Used the blower to clean everything off, instead of sweeping. Then, moved the water bottles up for the water delivery tomorrow. We keep about 20 five gallon bottles on hand, and we always use the oldest first. Watered the lawn and gardens, filled the bird and chicken water, and found that silly penny I was off in my checkbook. Calculator user error. Now, to get to work on a drawing that needs to be finished.
  3. Annarchy

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    The only other thing I can think of at this time, is, I always ask the cashiers to bag my stuff lightly, and if I have heavy stuff, I ask for assistance. There’s no vanity here, when it comes to having someone else do what I can’t.
  4. Annarchy

    Lastest Update 04/24/18

    Hopefully the issue is fixed now. Thanks for your help.
  5. Annarchy

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Deb2of9. Excellent ideas, everyone. You’ve added stuff to my list. A will, as Jeepers says, “Just saying...” Fold up hand carts and hand trucks for big things. Those have been a major help to me. I bungee cord a milk carton crate on them to carry my groceries from the car to the house. I first crushed my back when I was 11 years old. My doc gave me some sage advise how to keep going and survive into “old age”, #1 was, I was ordered NOT to lift anything over 5 lbs. “Really!?!” A gallon of liquid weights appx. 7 lbs. When I herniated a bunch of discs and developed osteoporosis, degenerative discs, & scoliosis, things got much harder to do. I learned, fulcrums & pivots, from a frail old man that was filling his truck with huge logs. Amazing person, he took the time to educate me. I, too, fill and empty my canner with a pitcher. Our bug out bags have wheels, but, we keep the vehicles going, full of gas and ready, because I would be hard pressed to have to walk. Especially in our heat. SIP, is our main course of action. Walking sticks are strategically placed in the yard. Extended grabbing tools lets me pick up things, so I don’t have to bend over. MIL loves hers. She keeps pliers in her silverware drawer for opening things and has one of those “as seen on TV” jar lid openers. Ear buds, head phones for talking on the phone or listening to TV. Some catalogs have inexpensive hearing aids. Yes, they ARE very expensive! MIL needed one fixed, and checked into a new set, over $8,000. Yikes! oh, geeze, Ambergris, I can’t wait to hear how your freeze dryer works. I want one.... Going to update my list.....
  6. Annarchy


    Indeed! Around here, you walk out the door mid day and the heat will whisk your breath away. Monsoon season has to be the worst. No swamp cooler works. Mt_R, hope you get some well needed rest. Sheesh. Today, I got up early, did my reading and went out to figure out what I needed to do. Replaced the chicken straw, filling the mulch bin, drained and refilled the hot tub, without turning on the motor. The motor heats the water, and this time of year, it’s nice to get into a ‘cool pool’. Collected a couple 1/2 pallets to stack our fire wood on. Picked the first of the tomatillos and fixed the chicken play pen. It’s just some wire fencing that I surround them with when they get their ‘out time’. I’d used it to block off a portion of the yard with it, and the dogs had wrecked it, disconnecting the sections. They didn’t like not being able to chase other loose dogs. One time, Gunny tried to jump over it, caught his back leg and fell on his butt. He didn’t do it again. Cleaned the ferret room, then went to WM for supplies we were running low on. Note to self, quit taking DH! He always wrecks my budget. LOL Coming home we had a vehicle following us all the way home. Someone DH worked with. He wanted DH to go to a retirement party. I’ll be watching Live PD to see if he’s on it. HA!
  7. Annarchy

    Is Paper Dead?

    Another one...
  8. Annarchy


    This got sent to me...
  9. Annarchy

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking about. One thing MIL prepped for her and I, reading glasses. +3-5. I need the 3’s for most fine stuff, sewing, seeing details and such, but the 5’s work for getting splinters out.
  10. Annarchy

    Update 05/22/18

    Lol Jeepers. It’s not you. I disabled them temporarily while we were fixing the glitches. I have one more thing to fix and then I will enable them again. Don’t feel bad, my eyes aren’t what they used to be either.
  11. Annarchy

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Awww, I would have met you in Phoenix. Shucks.
  12. Annarchy

    Update 05/22/18

    Thanks everyone. It seems things are back to normal.
  13. Annarchy

    Update 05/22/18

    Hi All, The last 2 updates has the board a little off. Emojis, profile pictures, signature pictures, etc. Please be patient, the issues are being worked on. Thanks, Ann
  14. I have been thinking how and why we prep. In the past, I prepped like tomorrow would be like today, but, as we all get older, what we did years ago isn’t realistic. Physical abilities determine what we can do and what we can’t do anymore. What tips/tricks do you use? How have you changed your ideals/wants/needs. I know I have begun to collect meds, pure foods, and oddly enough, cleaning supplies.
  15. Annarchy


    Oh, Kappydell, you are amazing, the amount of work you are doing. Wow!

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