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  1. Good Morning Everyone, Heading east to TX today... I hope everybody has a blessed day.
  2. The fire was out, but the water pressure was dropping ?!? I’d fill the empty 5 gal. water jugs & buckets. Finish by re-filling the hens water. Then, come in and check the net, using my phone, it’s a hot spot, if needed. Realizing the power isn’t going to come back on very soon, I get the generator out of the shed, plug in the upright freezer, fill the tub, & get working on canning most of the food. That would bring our sustainable supplies up to about 6 months. Our hot tub would give us grey water for flushing, worst case, we could filter it. Sirens in the background & brown tap water.... (DH said, when I read that to him.. “...that’s normal around here...”. Our town has a lot of winter visitor, RV parks & senior living villages, plus, the sheriffs office, jails & prisons.). I’d know the lockdown procedures, so that’s not an issue, I’d probably think, a senior needed help. This happening during the spring, is actually helpful. If, it was mid-summer, we’d have to take measures to keep cool. 80-100*F is still sustainable, higher than that, we probably have no choice but leave & find refuge, dependent on how long it takes to restore power.
  3. Temp reached 85* yesterday. DH said TX is in the low to mid 70* this week. I’ll let you know tomorrow.
  4. It went over 80 yesterday & today. The forecast says, dropping into the 70’s then 90’s next week.
  5. 4:01, MST....the transformer blows... It would seem, because of the difference in time, I’d probably be sleeping, I’d miss the initial outage. Power outages used to be regular. Since the power company installed metal poles, we rarely have outages. We have a transformer on our pole, then, I be immediately aware when it blew and need to grab the water hose to put out the fire at the corner of our property.
  6. It’s spring in the desert. Farmers are tilling and planting the fields, here. My garden plans are in the works. So far, I’ve only managed to turn & plant 1/4th of the big garden, and move some of the volunteer onions & camomile. The thyme has sprouted in the herb garden, but, the fava beans & peanuts haven’t yet. IDK if the peanuts will, I collected them from a bag of bird seed. My goal was to use them as pretty flowers and soil enhancements. It’d be interesting if any do grow. I pulled the the last of the carrots and need to harvest the beet greens, before I can finish turning the soil in the big garden. Another experiment I am trying, is allowing last years tomatoe plants to grow, after trimming them back. One of the branches rooted itself. When I was cutting the frost damage off, I cut the main stem to that branch and it seems to be growing much better. So, I will have 2 plants from one original seed. Lol. Of all the avacado seeds I’ve planted, one has sprouted this year. The 2 year old tree, in the lick tank is producing new leaves. Another seed is swelling and potentially it might sprout. The big test will happen when it gets hot, around here, whether they will survive. So many 1 year old avocado trees have died, once the temps rose above 105*. Trial & error, I keep trying. What are your spring garden plans?
  7. Strong wind all day yesterday, here. I suppose it’s because they say, the temp will be in the 80’s next week. 50’s to 80’s in 3 days...Seems every time the temp changes rapidly, the winds blow.
  8. DH had an auction to go to yesterday. I took advantage of the quiet time. Pinned the vining house plant back up on the ceiling. It’s starting to grow again and had outweighed the pins in a few places, especially where we’ve been re winding the new growth. Should be good for another couple of years, now. Cleaned out the upright freezer. A much needed job, I’ve been procrastinating. Embarrassed to mention, I found a couple things buried on the bottom, dated 2014. Definitely did not look good. Then, I managed to re-organize everything under the bathroom sink. The 1st aid pack needed refreshing. One of the rolls of tape had lost its stickiness. A few of the small hotel shampoo bottles were separated & half dehydrated. Then again, that’s a test for how long those things can survive & still be usable, they were over 15 years old. I used the Breck one last night and this morning my hair is all poofy, my straight hair looks like it had a soft perm. Waited for an important phone call, still waiting... Gave up and left my phone with DH and ran errands. By the time I got back, DH had received the shipment that was due in. He got himself a pedal kayak. I doubt I will want one. My lower body strength is gone. I sold my little ‘65 6V VW because working the clutch became very painful. I miss it. Anyway, he piddled with it off & on, while I chopped up the leftover veggies for another stir fry dinner. Note to self: DO NOT put hot (spicy) chili oil in a hot sizzling wok. Gassed us out of the house chocking. We opened the windows & doors, and sat outside for a while. Which... another note to self: watch the open door! DH went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and hollered for me to help. I jumped up, came into the kitchen, expecting to see a bee or bug, instead a hummingbird was trying to get back outside through the screen on the window. I went outside and removed the screen, it zipped away and we shut the door. Speaking of hummingbirds, I saw several different types yesterday. Full red headed greens, top red greens, red throat greens, red throat ring necked, blue throat ring necked, purple throat ring neck, gold throat ring necked, neon blue broadbilled, and, of course the females, more ashen in color, just to name a few. They are migrating and are everywhere. They have managed to empty the 2 feeders in 3 days, while, normally, it takes them a week. Getting ready to get back to it. Clear skies, so far, today. Slightly frosty this morning, hopefully my tomatoe plants are fine.
  9. Mt_R are you ok? News is saying 90-100mph winds.
  10. That’s it!!! Thank you, so very much! https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/213788-Anthophora-affabilis https://eol.org/pages/1046230 Observing them, I glimpsed their extended mouths and was going to add that to my search. One artical stated, the some of the bees can be specialized in what plants they pollinate. Which explains why they show no interest to any of the other flowers in our yard. I’m wondering if we’ll have enough hawthorn berries to make jelly this year. https://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/v3/eafrinet/bee_genera/key/african_bee_genera/Media/Html_eafrica/Anthophora_bees.htm
  11. Wow, Mt_R, glad that avalanche wasn’t near you. SnapshotMiki, when are you going to FL? I know you mentioned it, but, I forgot. WE2, your loop in the forest sounds so peaceful. Glad your surgery is done, Kappydell, now don’t do too much when you start to feel better. I know so many who have done that, & ended up worse. Furbabymom, hoping your little one is feeling better. Thank you, Homesteader, for your words of encouragement. I hope they get things settled for your Mom. I wish, “the services”, would go to MIL’s home. That would be a blessing beyond my wildest hopes & dreams. Yesterday, was a day of rest. Only did that which was necessary. Today, however, my list is growing. I’m going to try to get a head start preparing for my trip next week. I need to return several ice chest, her sprinkler system which we cleaned up, make her bean soup and get it frozen... included getting some supplies from the store, etc. With the forecast of rain, I’m foregoing working on the garden until I return. We’ll see, I have the bug.... and my trip is many many days away, lol. The thyme has sprouted in the herb garden, the transplanted volunteer onions are doing very well and I look daily, a couple of times, to see if the peanuts or fava beans are sprouting. .....and it’s beginning to lighten up outside.... gotta go check again....
  12. Now, they are saying two storms coming from California, supposed to drop 1/2 inch of rain and a foot of snow in the mountains.
  13. The day is probably coming. She 88 and living alone. She hates our small town, loves her big city, friends, clubs & local convenience. Hospitals, doctors, stores, etc. are all within a 5 mile radius. Here, you’d need to drive 30-50 miles, just to get to the hospitals, doctors or any decent stores. I just don't want to set it up for me, then, turn around & have to remove all my stuff, in order to move her in. It is what it is.
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