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    Drive safe Homesteader.
  2. It's been a LONG time!

    Hi Lady! It has been a long time. Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.
  3. North Korea

    That’s messed up!
  4. Flu 2018

    Blaaaaaa............ Nasty stuff. It's taken over 2 weeks to recover and we are still dealing with the residual cough..... Ick. Started after DH's relative insisted on hugging.... grrrrr....... We got home to notice a lot of people walking around coughing, not covering their mouth.... grrrr...... We got it by New Year's day...........
  5. Storm a’Comin

    Wow! It’s really windy, the temp has dropped and DH’s watch says the barometer is dropping like a lead weight. Thunder & lightning to the NNW of us. Usually, the storms that hit us like this hit the mid US with a vengeance. People are are dying in CA from flash flood and mud slides, are you OK MidnightMom? Mt_Rider, how have you fared? They are saying we are gonna get rain AND snow - in the mountains. Winter just hit..... oh! it’s now raining......
  6. Prayer

    There may have been some influence of Quakerism, however, in another book of his, he described his contact with them and the Puritans of that time period, however, he also mentions he did not believe everything they were teaching, instead he kept going back to the Bible to 'prove' what they had said. As mentioned by the editor, Bunyan was in prison because he refused not to speak to people about the Bible. (Public meetings.) When I read it, it seemed to touch on a few areas about prayer, (in my experience), that a lot of the churches do not cover. I thought I'd share...... I sincerely hope I did not offend anyone by posting it.

    Brrrrrrrr.... I hear the cold is going to stay with you all for a while. We had a lot of wind yesterday, with temps in the mid 70’s. This morning it was only 60 and cloudy. By sun up most of the clouds were gone. We even had to turn the AC on again. Harrumph.
  8. Being Proactive

    It's the first of the year, and many of us are setting goals, resolutions or just wanting to get more stuff done. I saved many of my notes from years of working and getting sent to 'productivity classes' on many occasions. Taking initiative, decision making and responsibilities are a few of the factors to consider. One of the first steps is to ask yourself, what you could do to make the changes you want or accomplish your goals. Take time to plan your activities, that will help you stay on tract. Analyze and outline the information needed to complete the project(s). If needed, contact someone who can help. Analyze your values, what's important to you, what you believe in, and how you see the world. Analyze how you spend your time each day. What's important or not important, urgent or not urgent. Consider the necessity of each area and the time you spend on it. Doing what's important and not urgent, will help you be more proactive throughout the day. There will always be deadlines, pressing problems or some crises, but prioritizing your values and goals into a daily and weekly plan, will aid to give you structure and focus to accomplish your tasks. Write it down, set a time frame, then, take the first step to achieve it. Is it a specific task or is it flexible? Take time to decide what you want to accomplish each week and plan your day accordingly, to be able to do it. Consider what is most important to you, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, your role in each category and schedule time for yourself. At the end of the day/week, analyze where you spent your time and what you did. Being realistic and prioritizing your tasks will aid in achieving the things you want to get done.
  9. Prayer

    J O H N. B U N Y A N 1628-1688 "I WILL PRAY WITH THE SPIRIT, AND I WILL PRAY WITH THE UNDERSTANDING ALSO"–(I Cor 14:15). http://www.biblebb.com/files/bunyan/prayspiritandun.htm
  10. Coffee....

    I remember getting up at 6 am when my dad got off work. Mom packed a 1/2 sandwich and dad would leave a cup of coffee for me. I was 4 years old. I used to drink a couple of pots a day. Several years ago, I had to cut back because when I didn’t have my quota, I would get awful headaches. Now, I have 3-4 cups in the morning, and a couple of decaf with DH.

    I’m sitting here reading and thinking, “...it’s ‘shut-in’ season for the north... our season hits us around May and lasts until September.... scrambling to prevent the outside temps from coming in and trying to keep the internal temperature regulated....”. IDK which is worse, heating bills or cooling bills. We are using our heater a lot this year. When we dropped to the 20’s, our floor got cold and hasn’t warmed up since. The ferrets are staying in their hammocks or on their lamb skins. Even the pups are spending most of their time on their beds. We were able to open the windows yesterday and air the house out, it felt excellent! The Spring cleaning bug has hit me. Sooooo much to do..... Today, however, I have to pay bills, begin the annual bookkeeping, take the rollout dumpsters out for pickup, tie a couple of yard debris bundles for tomorrow’s pickup, rotate the water bottles for Sparkletts, refill the chicken feed and water, and, if I have time, go to the store for water hose ends to expand the sprinkler system to cover the whole yard. Time for me to get to it. I hope everyone has a blessed day.
  12. Prayers for a Neighbor

    He passed away last night.
  13. Prayers for a Neighbor

    He has been moved to hospice with DNR papers.

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