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  1. Annarchy


    My computer did that last week. (I pulled the plug to turn it off. ) It didn't like it when I finally turned it back on. It told me it had to update before I could get my welcome screen. Computers.......
  2. Annarchy


    Update is done, everything seems OK.
  3. Annarchy


    I haven't done anything.... yet I do the update right now.................
  4. Annarchy


    Prepping to go to TX tomorrow. Most everything is ready, only a few little things left to do, like wash the car. DH has frozen meals, laundry is almost done, then, I will pack tonight.
  5. Annarchy

    Need to Prep Water

    ...because I failed..... Got a case of water bottles - 16.9 oz, from Sparkletts, two years ago, put them in the kitchen (on the floor - cement with tiles). Haven't used them and decided to take a few bottles for convenience sake. Big mistake. Drank 1/2 a bottle and began severe cramping, that lasted all day. I'm ok now. I won't do that again... Just a reminder, do not store on concrete and rotate it every year.
  6. Annarchy


    I did not catch fish, or sunburn, or too many waves from other boats. In fact, we didn't see a boat on the water until dawn, that was wonderful. However, the water was warm, warmer than my wet feet. I did catch a chill and my other fishing line. DH found a small 6 inch striped black bass barely alive, floating on the surface, we let it go and it slowly swam away. We've decided the water is too icky on that lake and are making plans to go to the next lake above it. Cleaner, cooler water and more bank area. Most of the shore line on Saguaro lake is large boulders and rocks. Not many places to pull over, if you need to stretch your legs. Glad you got some rain, Mt_Rider. It's amazing what a little rain can do. The little apple tree sprouted a couple of leaves at ground level. The movement on the water didn't allow DH's pictures to come out very clear, but it's clear enough. Also, here is the picture of the deer we saw the last time we kayaked.
  7. Annarchy

    Live before the computer......

    So true!
  8. Annarchy


    Left around 11pm to go kayaking. Didn’t catch anything, but DH got a picture of a bald eagle sitting on a rock at the waters edge, as dawn lit up the sky. Saw 7 falling stars and admired the Milky Way most of the night. I tried to to nap before we left, didn’t work out too well. Tired, going to enjoy watching the inside of my eyelids. 💤
  9. Annarchy


    Cowgirl, how did your dinner turn out? Bright clear skies today, with a light breeze off and on.
  10. Annarchy


    The rain eased up to a light sprinkle, checked my bucket, just under an inch of water, so far, in the last hour. Flying termites are beginning to come out. Ants should be next. Then the toads. Oh, first rain we’ve had here in months. 123 days since we’ve had any measurable rain.
  11. Annarchy


    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! 28 years! Very nice! I know what you mean about not seeming to be that long. It’s raining!!!!!!! Real rain, not just lightly sprinkling.
  12. Annarchy


    Wow, sounds like we are in a world of trouble when it comes to the medical/veterinary systems. It is another cloudy and humid day here. Awesome and beautiful change from constant clear skies and beating sunshine. DH said it lightly rained off and on most of the night. My bucket is wet with less than 1cm of water in the bottom. The dogs won’t make it easy to clean. They keep traipsing through the moist dirt. They’ve already put paw prints through most of the house. It’s OK, that’s what dogs do. Thanks Ambergris, neat idea. DH got these lights, white, green and red. They have a soft rubber outer casing. His kayaking buddies recommended them.
  13. Annarchy


    Under 90 and very very light sprinkles that evaporate as soon as they hit the ground. It’s rain! Making tortilla soup tonight. Tomorrow is house cleaning. I hope it loosen up my sore hip. Limping is a pain, can’t hardly walk, dang it. I think it was from the fall at the lake. Trouble sitting any amount of time too. Watering the lawn anyway.
  14. Annarchy


    Kappydell, our neighbor had some for years. It is invasive. If you have a way to contain it, it makes a great privacy screen. I’ve tried to grow it, but it is much too water needy. It is off and on cloudy here. Humidity is up. (Spelled it right. ) Sticky. Temp is only in the 90’s. Got a text from the neighbor Lady, who takes dozens of my excess eggs, asking if my chickens had “flown the coop”, around 6am. Nope, not mine. I picked them up, put the barrier between my coops and put them in. They immediately went for the food and water. Ungrateful girls pooped on me. Yesterday they were roaming the alley, I caught them and tossed them back in their yard, noticing their coop was tossed on some stuff in the yard. Sister was outside and said thanks, but tried to talk with me in Spanish. No comprendy, it’s a riddle... 🎶 I asked her if they still wanted them, she said she didn’t know but she’d ask. Henny #1 has already given me an egg. Awwwww. The mint I planted in the garden doesn’t look like it is going to live. The cutting I kept in the house is growing roots. The Greek oregano seems like it likes the heat and seems to be growing a little. Replanted watermelon seeds that the juvenile starlings ate. I’m hoping it’s not too late in the season for it. Time to get some more stuff done.
  15. Annarchy


    Ack! Jeepers, sorry you got that treatment. Sounds like our doctor office. The BBQ got up to 170*F today, about as hot as the car interior. Clouds are building up around the mountains and our humidity is climbing up. We’re staying inside. Water on the chickens as a swamp cooler for them. Birds are flocking in the shade of the trees and garden, doubt we will have any bug problems for a while. Slightly breezy, not bad. I fixed my sewing machine foot, it works, then, the belt broke, before I got a chance to use it. Sigh. Sewing a set of curtains to go on a Travis rod in the bedroom. Since the bed has a blue jean quilt, I made in 1990, I’m making the curtains out of old jeans too. Almost done. Making tacos tonight, quick, easy and not a lot of heat in the house.

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