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  1. 37,365 acres burning. They now predict it wouldn’t be contained until the end of July. And have stopped the water drops, saying they need crews on the ground to continue the water drops... I don’t understand that at all.
  2. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    I’ve done the same thing before when I’ve glanced at a recipe. A processor or blender would probably work. I’ve seen them use both to purée it.
  3. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    The ingredients in the recipe you posted, says raw cauliflower purée. I’ve seen a few Tasty.com videos where they purée the raw cauliflower. Interesting recipes.
  4. 34,351 acres and 0% contained. They are now doing helicopter water drops, to slow the fire down, protect structures and power lines. I read an article this morning, that said, they don’t except it to be contained until July! Cleaned house yesterday, then, Gunny had company. Jackz got a little testy, typical dogs trying to see who’s boss. They’ll figure it out. The temperature has been 110*+ most of last week. I noticed the soil pulling away from the cement, even though we water every day.
  5. Yes, Mt_Rider, we have our evac plans in place. AZ has always been a tinder box, so we have been prepared for that event, for over 30 years. A couple times a year, we review our procedures, to be on the safe side. Years ago, before they replaced our power lines, we had frequent power outages. If it rained, the power would go out, if the wind blew, the power would go out, if it was a beautiful sunny day, the power would go out, lol. Not a laughing matter during the heat of the summer. BTDT, and we are very very grateful it doesn’t happen very often anymore.
  6. It isn’t coming our way, thank God! I took that first picture from the edge of our town. There is a lot of flat desert between us, but still, there is a lot of under brush tinder. Here’s the latest screenshot, where you can see the area effected, almost...the orange highlights
  7. Alternate plans for no electric... insulation on the windows, fill the bath tub to wet towels, and turn on the misting system. As DH said, like they did in the old days. Finished making seat seat covers for DH. He seems pleased with them.
  8. 13,000 acres now. They didn’t want to use water or slurry on it, because of the “pristine” landscape. Really?!? Now, they have had to close down Saguarro & Canyon Lakes. Someone should get in trouble for letting it burn. They say it’s headed for Tortilla Flats, a popular, historical visitor center. Messed up.
  9. Fire season has started. The excess rain we had this spring caused a lot of under growth. This one, less than 35 miles away, is already over 5,000 acres.
  10. Annarchy

    Lose weight

    Excellent! Keep up the good work.
  11. Thank you all for your condolences. We scheduled “company” for Gunny yesterday, he seemed to have a good time. His ‘buddy’ played ball, played with his ropes and ran circles around the yard. Grrr never touched toys, a ball, maybe 10 times, his whole life with us. It is extremely windy today. I am hoping it doesn’t affect the wildfires too much. The closest one is less than 30 miles away. All of the fires burning here were man made. And, they had to quit fighting one of the fires, because of a drone was being flown around it. Frustrating..... We were planning a day at the lake for Gunny, but with the wind and fires, we cancelled it. Safe & “dry”. We could use some of your rain, just no flooding.
  12. I’ve always bought Morton Iodine salt. Mom always bought it too, as far back as I can remember. She advised us that it was good for us.
  13. Good Morning, We spent last week cleaning house, taking the area rugs out & washing them. One had to be discarded, it was over 20 years old, between the ferrets and pups, it was too damaged to salvage. DH re-organized his office, after we removed the rug and scrubbed the floor. To my surprise, I found a small area, in the cracks of the tile, that still smelled like the skunk Grrr ate. The garden is doing well. The few radishes left in the garden are flowering, hopefully I’ll get some replacement seeds for next year. Our area has been averaging above 100*F. It is definitely summer now. We are watering the yard daily to keep it looking nice. Mt_Rider, you made me laugh with your TP story. I don’t know how many times that has happened to me. The worst timing for that to happen, is in the middle of the night when it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I really like that idea with the seeds, Homesteader. I’ll try it in the fall for the winter garden. It still baffles me, out of 50 corn seeds, soaked and planted, only 4 grew. It is time for me to get motivated before it gets any hotter outside. Lows are in the mid to high 70’s, as soon as the sun crests the distant mountains, 80’s and before noon, it’s pushing 100 already.
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