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  1. Annarchy

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    It’s our Christmas tree this year.
  2. Annarchy

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    Here’s a pic. I love them all. Thank you.
  3. Annarchy

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    Snowmom’s, I’ll try to get a pic of mine. But, I sent everyone a different ornament.
  4. Annarchy


    Yeah Lady! Hopefully you will have the equipment you need. I’m so excited for you. I’m feeling like I need to refresh my ‘help’ systems. Walking sticks are everywhere I may need them at home, but, when I’m out and about, it’s tough. I find a wall, a table, shelf or anything I can lean on or against. When my legs give out, it’s tough. Such is life.
  5. Cast Irom dinner tonight. Eggs, over easy. Pancakes on the griddle. Hash browns. Sausage with a weight to keep them from shrinking. DH wanted breakfast for dinner.
  6. Annarchy

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Sounds like you have a great plan, Kappydell. Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing about all your successes. Your comments about the plant lights, brought back a memory. 30+ years ago, I gave my little brother a ziplock bag 1/2 full of jalapeños, rolled up to squish out the air. He left, got pulled over, the officer saw the baggie and thought he had scored on an arrest, until he opened the bag. Lol. My little bro shared his bounty and was let go. The 2 tomatoe plants in the front of our house are laden with tomatoes. The one in the backyard is covered with large cherry tomatoes. The jalapeños are needing to be picked about once a week. The beet leaves are flourishing too. I’m seeing volunteer onions sprouting. There are also 2 tiny cactus growing now. Too small to identify. It would be awesome if they are strawberry cactus. Years ago, I spent hours, finding and harvesting some, out in the desert. Only got a handful but I recall I planted a couple. My luck, they’ll turn out to be chollas. Oh, and the avocado I planted in the lick tank of mulch, is growing like a weed. Even sprouting a new set of leaves, even in the cold weather we’ve had. I just hope next summer doesn’t kill it. I’ve planted every.single.avacado seed, watched them sprout and wither up and die in the heat. I found a tiny tomato sprout in the lawn, in front of the chicken coop, transplanted it into a pot. It’s now about 2 inches tall and surviving, next to the avocado tree. I transplanted all the volunteer camomile into a pot and it also looks like it will survive. Hoping to turn the soil in the garden and plant, after Christmas.
  7. Annarchy

    Possible RA

  8. Annarchy

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    Pauline's ornament came today. It's 3D. Very pretty. Thank you all.
  9. Annarchy


    Cooked a roast on the firepit. Pulled a bunch of paperwork for research & refiled it. Cleaned the cast iron pot the roast was cooked in. Ran a load of laundry. Went to the post office and bank. Went to the hardware store for a few air filters. Got the Christmas cards ready to be addressed and sent. And, now I'm going to take it easy.
  10. Annarchy

    Chat Box

    I’m not sure, Mt_Rider. It doesn’t mess up on my tablet, usually. Depending on how I hold it. The tablet pushes the Chat Box down to the bottom of the main page. Haven’t checked it on my phone. Add it to my ToDo list for tomorrow.
  11. Annarchy

    2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received

    I’ve got all but one. Our post office is slow so it’s not unexpected. It will probably be there tomorrow.
  12. Annarchy

    Chat Box

    Yes it is. IDK why. I tried to fix it a couple of times and gave up. I’m grateful we still have a chat box. If there is something cut off you want to read, you can click on the Chat Box Tab, next to the Activity Tab. I’ve done that a few times. There is another option available, having it across the top, just above the list of topics. But, Darlene would need to give the Okay for that.
  13. Annarchy


    Done for the day. Awwww, Momo, hope things smooth out for you. My DH has been turning up the heat too, because he’s been cold. I’m not sure why but, for now, I’m not gonna ask. I like your attitude, homesteader. So many people don’t have a clue what goes on in the areas around them. I still need to set up the live trap and catch the rodent that’s hanging around the mulch bin. We got a pint of dried spiced apples from the 6 leftover apples. And a couple puff pastries for desert in a couple of days. I’m not a sweet eater, but DH loves them. Lol, I’ll make 2, he’ll have both.
  14. Annarchy


    Thanks twilight, ours isn’t on the list. Got the leftover apples dehydrating. Small pieces are for puff pastry. House smells like Christmas. Lol House is clean. I’m tired.

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