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  1. Homesteader, MIL also, has said she doesn’t want to live in a center, because everyone is old. I guess, we show them as much love as we can, doing the best we can to make them comfortable. Snapshotmiki, my bump on the head is doing well. Minor headache and sensitivity to touch, but, otherwise, fine. The trip home was mostly uneventful, strong winds kept me on high alert. DH & a dear friend... replaced the outside washer hot/cold faucets, while I was in TX. The faucets were horrible, coated in lime, missing the handles. Turning the main water off was the only way to stop the water flow. They were originally installed in the 1950’s. Then, the guys replaced the kitchen shut off valve and installed a new faucet! DH had told me on the phone, they were doing “man things”. It’s so nice not to hear the drip in the kitchen sink. I was going to replace the faucet, but, had to wait until after my trip JIC something didn’t go as planned. Unpacked & ran some laundry, but, otherwise rested yesterday. I was surprised how tender my muscles were. Sun is up, birds are singing and I have a lot on my ToDo list. Time to get motivated..
  2. Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Day! Good Morning, It’s time to re-pack & head home. The weather forecast seemed fair, mid 50’s to start, 90’s by the afternoon, with minimal winds. Hoping everyone has a Blessed day!
  3. Lol WE2, sounds like DH’s comment, “...did you stop & get a burger on the way home....”. I figured we got the “art” part of the Culinary Arts Department. Sorry about your Dad & the water heater issue. Fine tuned MIL’s sprinkles and trimmed the hedges in the front of her house. Then, worked on trimming all the frost damage off her lantana in the flower beds. Removed and transplanted a bunch of the over growing aloe vera. Hid most of the sprinkler hoses, pulled some weeds before having to quit because I couldn’t get any more into her roll off dumpster bin. We went to the store, got her a bunch of supplies and DH’s sausage, that we can only find here. Dinner was What-a-Burger and we ended the day watching news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Live PD. Tomorrow I head home...time to get some sleep 🛏 💤
  4. Something like this? https://www.google.com/search?q=pyrex+ounce+measuring+cups&tbm=isch&source=univ&hl=en-us&client=safari&fir=k17_1HjuMMklrM%3A%2CAz-dCf89lWP1aM%2C_%3B5DDL5rs2x0RSpM%3A%2CCHckbw-bm7e5NM%2C_%3BHeEjgr-PXOLcDM%3A%2C21bdp65YHuG3SM%2C_%3BToTK_9BCUigHEM%3A%2CbhXgW7MXH-8jtM%2C_%3BVL-Zh8GQkqOfCM%3A%2C4-fFgbgoltIJnM%2C_%3BsYYa2-xf4nykfM%3A%2C1zPQb2rAm9T3SM%2C_%3B2UgRroymBiVDZM%3A%2CR8_thMSIqnXFtM%2C_%3BeM00fs83yQ5LiM%3A%2Ci5ViiQKTKYPDDM%2C_%3BfVaj2Al40zIFxM%3A%2CoI1L-j4TlvRCkM%2C_%3B-MzJGL6lbR3jbM%3A%2CqJ5FK4Wq6ImBlM%2C_&usg=AI4_-kQHKiIJ2OQ5APs0bJIVkoLEOVbL_g&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjDxaDsq-DhAhXhMXwKHWeiD3QQ7Al6BAgLEAI&biw=768&bih=985#imgrc=ba7UhtzPuuPeBM Here’s another one: https://www.vermontcountrystore.com/mini-measuring-glass-with-double-spout-set-of-2/product/75762?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid search&utm_campaign=pla&sourceid=7SPFGPLA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxP--36zg4QIVhKDsCh0gXAiXEAQYBCABEgL6aPD_BwE Target also carries 2 oz & 8 oz clear measuring cups.
  5. It is a great cause, Mt_Rider, helping the community as many ways as we can. The young lady that received last years scholarship, was there & introduced this years outstanding academic student who received it. I don’t know why, but this time at our meeting, I was acutely aware of the age of our group. At least half, if not more, are over 80, several are in their 90’s. I can’t help but hope, when I get to their age, I will be as active and alert. They are a great group of Ladies. Installed all the hoses and sprinklers, yesterday. Forgot to screw one together tightly & got soaked tightening it down, stood up from adjusting another, while watching where my feet were, smacked my head squarely into a large tree branch. I saw stars and fell flat on my back. I bet it would have made a hilarious YouTube video. I sorta quit for the day after that. Today, it’s fine tuning the sprinklers, hedge and frost damage trimming to do. Then, I need to get a couple of supplies. Time to get at it....
  6. Sarah, I found several measuring cups and spoons on-line... Amazon, WallMart, Wayfarer, Overstock, etc. all seem to have various options available. I have a 4 cup Pyrex measure, that is marked in ounces.
  7. Oh, I suppose the salad had chopped walnuts, sweet pickled onions, 2 leaves of lettuce, one spinach leaf, Gouda cheese, & I have no clue what the red sauce was, it was sweet & I didn’t eat it. I’m a stuffed salad person... After coming home, we went to the eye doctor for my annual checkup. No, I don’t need new glasses, really? No problem, he asked if I had any other concerns. I mentioned my double/triple occasional vision. He checked my corneas.... small cataracts attached to the corneas. Eventually, I will need surgery to replace the corneas. I guess I need to get busy and finish the artwork I’m working on. Sure explains a lot. Spent the the rest of the day, preparing to install Mom’s sprinkler system tomorrow.
  8. Unplugging my Win 10 overnight has resolved most of my issues too, TheCG. Poor iguana...people are mean... One Lady met us at our house, & we picked up the other Lady & headed to the meeting at the Culinary college. Caught a train & had to go around and arrived a few minutes late. We are usually really early. The young Lady that received the scholarship, cried. She said she is the first person in her whole family ever to go to college. And our lunch.... salad.... green chili stuffed chicken with a cream sauce on rice, with a couple fried onions, blanched beets, a lightly blanched potato stick & carrot stick... & desert... I’ve never ever ever seen a salad like that! They didn’t give me that desert, because I’m allergic to strawberries. I got a small piece of chocolate fudged creamed cake.
  9. Routers usually have a switch on the back, if not, unplug it for about a minute & plug it back in....automatic re-set.
  10. Glad you had a good day, Jeepers, hopefully your thumb will be ok. I made it to TX safely. Wind was an issue, but God was merciful and I missed the big storms that were moving in. Amen! Then, DH is fixing things at home, that I had planned to do when I got back home, mentioning it’s better if we are prepared. I can’t help but think he may be concerned. Time to get some sleep, MIL & I have meetings tomorrow.
  11. Annarchy

    Windows 7

    Awwww Jeepers, I understand. Can you believe, I still miss windows 3.0? XP was DH’s favorite. We still have boxes of games he used to play all the time. Technology keeps advancing. I don’t know what to say. I’m still using my MacBook Pro from 2005, no updates, but it still does the job without any issues.
  12. The history lost, that fire caused, is a sadness indeed.
  13. Mt_Rider, I haven’t noticed that. However, they seem to attract the tiny bugs, which doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s been keeping the bugs off anything around them. There is a smaller one, about 1 1/2 feet tall, that was covered in gnats like bugs, and the sparrows and starlings devoured all its leaves, leaving the stalk with a flower on top. Pulled a bit of Bermuda grass from the sprouting queens wreath. Some of the new vines are already over a foot long. Then, cleaned house the rest of the day. We ended the day having tacos & watching Live PD. Note to self: wear my glasses when pulling spices out of the rack... curry is NOT cumin.
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