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    Lol, Jeepers. My father was a carpenter. I’ve always enjoyed working with wood. Ha, I can see it now, crooked corners, splinters, and not squared. It took months, after replacing my countertop and sink, to find and fix the leak in the drain. Really irritated me it was such a simple fix I missed. Took apart the hard drives of our old computers. We found 2 extremely strong magnets in the drive boxes. Oddly, the piece of metal it is attached to, is not magnetic and the magnet has no effect on the metal side. I accidentally got my finger pinched between the two magnets and it cut a good 1/8 inch slit. And I thought you weren’t supposed to get a magnet near the hard drive?!?

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I planted the apple seeds in pots from the pies I made, I have 3 little apple trees. Hopefully, when it gets hot, we can put them in the house, until they get big enough to handle it.
  3. Shamrock?

    Nah, not sorrel. It looks like a clover, and it was close to St. Patrick’s Day. No such luck. I spent several hours looking for the answer, before I finally found it.

    We went to Home Depot and picked up 4 10 foot long 2”x 10” boards, so I can make a new waterbed frame. The one that fell apart, that we fixed-temporarly, creaks constantly. I plan to make a headboard for the new one too. So, for $60. I can make one that would cost us $400. if we bought it premade. Plus, I am hoping to make a new cutting board with the excess that will be cut off. We got some ideas for replacing the bathroom sink. We think we can use the terra-cotta tile and the Marzi round vessel sink we got from the neighbors house. Dreams... I will have to do all the calculations and get all the materials before I start that project. Tomorrow, DH wants to take the dogs to the lake. It’s supposed to be 90*. Meh, summer is here in the desert.

    Sounds like you have a plan, WE2. Pulled a couple of beets for a couple of neighbors. They were 4 inches in diameter. Wow! Here’s the big garden, 8’x16’. It has (top left to right clockwise); onions, potatoes-if they sprout, zucchini, tomatoes & more onions, carrots, with one spinach plant-the only seed that sprouted, the empty space was supposed to be cabbage but nothing sprouted, a tomato plant, beets, 4 more tomato plants, and tomatillos. I used some of the bricks I got from the neighbor to replace the slump blocks surrounding the fava beans Andrea sent me. A few camomile plants, which Christy sent me from Europe, have sprouted from last year. I want to fill the holes and transplant them alternating holes with garlic and camomile. We shall see. In the background is the celery from last year, growing like a weed, Christy sent me that pack of seeds too, but only one plant grew, however, when it went to seed, the seeds went everywhere. I’ve given away celery plants and have dried 2 quarts. The piquine chili plants are next to the fence, I am hoping they start to grow again, they like hotter weather. I have thyme and mint in pots on the porch, because when summer heat hits, I will be able to bring them into the house, instead of watching them shrivel and die when they are planted. Nothing spectacular, but it is better than I have ever been able to do in the past.

    Glad the tornado missed you, Momo. Scary.
  7. Prayers needed

    Excellent! Last Thursday, I was reading a newspaper and thought of you. It was a quote from Billy Graham, ‘When God closes one door, He opens another.’ I had a feeling that you would get another job quickly. Congratulations, may it be everything you hope for.
  8. Busy, busy, busy...

    Daylily, is it a smartphone connected to your internet? If it is, you can use it to post your pictures by clicking the “Click to choose files” in the editor box. We all get busy sometimes and real life clogs up our days, so don’t feel bad about it. We enjoy it when people come back and let us know how they are doing. I am hoping that we can liven up MrsSurvival, so our members (and new members) would come and interact more. Like you all, life keeps me more busy than I would like. MIL & DH both tell me to ‘slow down & take it easy’. I’d probably have more time to be here and do the things I need to. Lol

    Thanks for the offer TheCG, but EL Paso is a lot out of your way. MIL is at the base of the point of the Franklin Mtns. And only about 20 miles from NM. Someday I would like to meet up with you for lunch, tea or coffee. I overslept this morning and started the yard work later than I wanted. Pulled weeds, trimmed hedges and began slow watering the raised flower bed. Went out to move the water and saw a squirrel on the fence above the area that was being watered. I thought it was probably just getting a drink. I moved the water and went back in the house. When I went back out, I noticed the water hadn’t reached the area I was trying to get. As I got closer, I discovered why. A 3 foot deep hole had opened up. Turned out to be about 3-4 feet wide. I had to fill it in. Hope there weren’t any other squirrels in there. I bet I looked funny, wearing a dress with a shovel in my hand. Got it done and mom & I spent the end of the day watching Live PD. Tomorrow I go home. Strange, this trip has flown by. It seems like I’ve only been here a day or two, and I wasn’t able to accomplish everything I wanted to. Awwwell, that’s life.

    Hope you feel better soon MtR. My goodness Kappydell. I’ll bet your pets were highly upset when you didn’t give it to them. Mil & I got up early for the CoC meeting. By the time we got to the meeting, the wind was blowing hard. The news said 55 mph. The city looked like it was covered in fog, but it was dust. We did a little supply shopping then went to dinner at Golden Corral, her favorite place. Tomorrow, I need to take the car in for a check up. It stalled on me twice after I gassed up in Lordsburg, NM. I just want to make sure that it isn’t going to leave me stranded on the trip back home. Last month’s trip home was terribly nerve racking. Around Texas Canyon, it started to shake, getting worse by the mile. I pulled off the highway and checked the tires, but everything seemed to be fine. By the time I got home, the shake was real bad. I took it in and they told me the radial belts had detached inside the tires. The new tires are working great, I just don’t need it stalling on me. Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I have a long ToDo list.... including changing the clocks. I’ve been off an hour all day, and mom has been teasing me. Lol
  11. Shamrock?

  12. Shamrock?

    Found it! It’s Oxalis stricta, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxalis_stricta and it is edible.
  13. Shamrock?

    I have been trying to find out what plant this is. It is edible (hasn’t killed me yet, lol) and sour. It’s bulb is round/oval and spreads like a weed. Every year, it dies when the temps exceed 100+ but resprouts every spring. It highlights the aloe and irises. Any ideas?
  14. Prayers needed


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