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  1. Annarchy


    Field Trip Day Picked up one Lady and met the rest of the CoC group at the Woman’s Club. There was about 60 of us. Very nice turn out. We boarded the busses and headed to the Hobson Farms, an 100 old family farm. They call it Jardin de Milagros (Garden of Miracles). It is an outreach ministry designed to furnish healthy, garden fresh vegetables to people who do not have enough to eat. They support the food pantries, by distributing an excess of 500,000 pounds of food annually and they provide produce for The Mustard Seed Cafe, a “Pay-What-You-Can” community cafe, where we had our luncheon. The cafe is run completely by volunteers. They had two small groups of children come in and help bus our tables. All part of their education program. The farm works with the university to help “food-insecure” people become more self sufficient, through education, providing jobs, counseling and other resources. I spent the bus ride sitting next to and listening to a Legislator that represents the region and is an Older Adults Legislative Advocate. Informative day to say the least. Last night I was so tired, I couldn’t go to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock was around 2am. Then, when I looked again, it was almost 7am. I panicked because we had to be there at 9. Hopefully, tonight I will pass out and sleep well.
  2. Annarchy


    Slow start today. Rain began 30 miles from the house and continued off & on with heavy winds most of my drive. Got a sweet text when I stopped to gas up that warmed my heart. Hit about 20 miles of heavy rain, most vehicles slowed to 35-40. There was thick black clouds moving in on Lordsburg, which I was blessed to miss. The cashier said it was supposed to be constant through tomorrow. DH said it rained about an inch at home. And to think, yesterday it was clear skies and 105*F. Time me to get some sleep, need to get up early in the morning for the meeting tomorrow and we need to pick up one other Lady.
  3. Annarchy

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    WOW !!!!!!! That’s canning at its finest! WOW! You rock Lady!
  4. Annarchy

    presidential alert

    I turned off my alerts.... we shall see. DH’s phone screeches all hours for amber and weather alerts anyway, so it’s just a test to see if I can bypass it.
  5. Annarchy


    I’m in awe, I wouldn’t know where to start, if I had to pack -n- move. Last time I had to get rid of so much, I wish I’d saved. No room in the truck to take most of my stuff. Today has been, checked the garden, there’s a baseball sized watermelon (or cantaloupe) IDK which. Planning to turn it all under/over because another gardener had a gathering, down the road, and they were working on preparing his garden for winter crops. Still prepping for my trip on Wednesday, still have to wash the car and pack, but it’ll go fast. Air frying hot wings and tater tots outside for dinner. We are still over 100*, so I am not cooking in the house. Worked on updating DH’s Dragon Box for a while, and decided, because HE hit “factory reset”, he needs to send it back to re-install the operating system. I did what I could, but it wasn’t enough. It needs an update that won’t install, and I have no idea why. If’n I had instructions, maybe. But the company has a stranglehold on that info. Maybe I’m just missing something. I still need to update our other FireStick, but Netflix has 3 movies I want to play for Mom, Duck duck Goose and Next Gen are cute animated movies, if she doesn’t have football on all day. ‘‘Tis the season. And then, we have a meeting to go to on Thursday. Turned my computer off and it wanted to connect to the box. I might connect it to Dh’s computer and let him download what he wants. IDK, we shall see. Time me to turn the wings.... Hoping everyone has a great day/evening. .....updates...... tomorrow I need to update MrsS. Hopefully, it’ll only take a few minutes. I can hope.
  6. Annarchy

    presidential alert

    “....Users CAN’T opt out...”. Hmmm...
  7. Annarchy


    Took the dogs to the lake Tuesday, they needed a dog day out. They slept most of Wednesday, while I worked on hand sewing a replacement backing on Gunny’s bed. The felt type backing material shredded. Luckily, the cover I am working on was from Grrr’s old bed. When he got a new, smaller one, I put all the stuffing from it into Gunny’s. Yesterday, MIL called. Drama.... Her ladies had come to pick her up for one of her meetings, the driver got out to unlock the back doors and the car rolled backwards. The driver got a bad cut on her hand and will need reconstructive surgery and grafts. The other Lady, broke her big toe and collarbone. Mom was still locking her house door when it happened. She was quite upset because of all the blood on the driveway. Today, I hope to get most of my trip preps completed, (Note to self: make Mom’s bean soup.), along with cleaning some things, to get a jump start on tomorrow’s house cleaning. It’d be so much easier if Gunny wouldn’t take dirt baths, then, shake as soon as he gets in the house! We shall see how much I will be able to accomplish. Kappydell, DH & I are opposites. He crashes around 3-4 am and I get up around 4-5 am. We spend the afternoons and evenings together. He worked the midnight shift most of his career and his mom says he was always a night person. ((((((Twilight)))))) for your loss. Are they still working on your driveway, Mt_R? Hopefully, fixing the ‘levy’ will divert all the water away from you. How are you doing with your move Jeepers? I can’t imagine what it is like. We’ve been here around 40 years. I look around my house and shake my head just thinking about it. Nice to to hear your surgeries went well and you are seeing better, WE2. Miki, congratulations on your weight loss. I hope all your tests come back normal. Time me to get motivated, the sun is up and we are looking at it getting up around 105*F today.
  8. Stay safe everyone.
  9. Annarchy


    We went kayaking Thursday night. He wanted to go Wednesday night but said he was too tired. We got to the lake around 1:30am. I prepped my yak as usual, but poor DH was in slow motion mode. He got his fish finder hooked up, then started having a bit of trouble, dropping things, snagging things, he forgot Gunny had chewed on the fishing pole he wanted to use, his line on the other pole got tangled, he had to replace his batteries for his hat lights, and more... then as he walked past the back of the trailer, we use to haul the yaks, he bumped the license plate and it broke off! Cheap plastic + intense heat/sun = broken. I told him not to worry about it, we’d fix it in the morning. I put the plate in the front window JIC the Sheriff checked, when I parked the truck. The wind picked up and we could hear the waves crashing into the dock, hoping it would calm down as the night progressed. Our plan this time, was to cross the lake and fish the other side. Eventually, we cast off and headed for the other side. It was an adventure in exercise and maneuvering, without being blown in the opposite direction. I paused by a large rock in the lake to bait my lines, when I looked up, I had been blown quite a distance out into the lake. Lol, back to the ‘rock’ I finally was able to get the bait on my lines. By then, DH mentioned we needed to find shelter from the wind. Around the bend was a little cove, which worked out perfectly to block the waves and wind. I nick named it “Comfort Cove”. We spent the rest of the night circling around it. DH said his fish finder was showing a lot of nice sized fish about 6-8 feet deep, so I set my poles around that depth. A little later, DH comes over near me saying he had a rattle in his yak. Yup, sure did, sounded like a marble rolling around every time he moved. He searched relentlessly, rattling, banging around as he removed everything in his yak, trying to find it. I was attempting not to giggle, when my line jiggled, but, poor DH was having such a hard time, I figured it was just a snag. As he put everything back in, and moved away from me, I decided to check if I had any bait left. At first, I figured I was snagged, and the tip of my pole bent as I tried to reel it in, yup, a snag.... not! The line started reeling out. I actually caught a 2 1/2 lb. large mouth bass! Shortly after that, poor, frustrated DH, just wanted to go home. On my way up the boat ramp, I found a wire tie, PTL, He provided what we needed to re-attach the license plate. But, when I got into the truck, I had to roll the windows down immediately. Ya know those green mosquitoes I mentioned last time? Yeah, they were swarming inside the windows trying to get out. They gave DH a hobby as we drove home, smacking them on the inside of the windows. Morning pics of Comfort Cove.
  10. Annarchy

    Pepper jelly recipe

    Andrea, I have been thinking of you a lot lately. Christmas! So not ready. The pepper plants we planted in the spring, survived the summer heat and are beginning to flower.
  11. We got MIL one for Christmas and installed it for her. Good info.
  12. Annarchy


    End of the month balancing books, house cleaning, dodging intense dust storms that left sand dunes in every thing, and dusting repeatedly. Took time out to fill out an application for an USGS lifetime disability forest pass. We have the annual pass, but the other one would be nice. Tired 💤
  13. Annarchy

    Busy, busy, busy...

  14. Annarchy


    for you, We2. Your description of that mechanic and all the time he took fixing it, really makes me wonder.... I agree with Jeepers, make him produce detailed receipts. We went night kayaking yesterday. I got up around 11:30 pm and we got things packed in the truck. As we were about to go, DH went to get something he’d forgot. The De-oh-geez were howling in the house. Yeah, I bet the neighbors just loved to hear that at midnight. The dust was so bad, the car lights coming at us, were halos of reddish brown. By the time we got to the lake, the dust was minimal. DH took a flashed picture of our kayaks and the flash made the dust in the air look like snow. We shoved off and worked against the wind. Around a couple of bends in the shoreline, the wind completely stopped. Amen. We headed to the area where no motorcraft are allowed, and DH spoke up and said, “Turn around!” He was in the midst of an overgrown waterweed raft, struggling to get the weed off his oar, while attempting to move his yak off of it. I could see the float of weed in the pale moonlight and steered clear. Then, the bugs became a problem. Swarms of green mosquitoes, some would bite, most didn’t. I have no clue what they are, but, at first light of dawn, they were everywhere, floating on the top of the lake, and covering every inch of our yaks. Even on my oar. No wonder we didn’t even get a nibble, the fish are probably stuffed to the gills with them. We finally gave up, packed everything back, and came home.
  15. Annarchy

    Fast/not deep mode affects... all things?

    Wow Lady, that’s quite the adventure. Reading... it puts me to sleep. DH, on the other hand, speed reads, all the time. His Mom said he was dyslexic, she put him in an experimental speed reading class, and he excelled. He can read a paper back book in one day, and remember every little detail. His choice is fiction. When it’s a technical problem, he’ll ask me to read it and translate it in common words. I enjoy technical, nonfiction. I am a very slow reader, taking the time to absorb the details, re-reading paragraphs and sentences, to make sure I got the info right. I am constantly ‘waking’ my devices while reading. I even changed my ‘screen saver’ times. However, age is perplexing. Now, I must keep a copy of things, so I can reference it when I need it. Remembering things is really becoming an issue. Unless, DH asks me if I will still love him when he has Alzheimer’s? THAT won’t leave my memory, yet. Lol. This is age of devices, smart phones and computers, seems to be encouraging the skim reading, IMHO.

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