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  1. kappydell


    Yep, that old hail gets into the 'power wash' rain cycle often around here....Since the weather prediction around here is ALWAYS for scattered showers it makes it hard to know when to batten things down and when to leave them alone! Our front lawn is FINALLY GROWING!!!! YIPPEE!!!! We will have GRASS!!!! Today did not do much, but what we did was time consuming. A trash run to the local trash center (no pickup our here in the toolies, you haul it in yourself). The nice thing is that they have a special (low and sunk into the ground) dumpster for disabled folks. No killing ourselves trying to lift up bags to clear the dumpster sides! Naturally, there are plenty of folks using it that do not have to; it keeps the recycling center attendant hopping. We appreciate it though with both of our awful back issues! Got some more wood splitting done - the pile of splits keeps growing. I asked M, how much we were going to yet & if we were going to leave some to dry further to be split in the winter when the weather was cooler for working outside. "We're splitting all it it" was the answer. "I'm not sure we can get the splitter at a future date".....Ohhhhh. I'm tired in anticipation..... At least we are not trying to do it with a sledge hammer and a maul. Don't think I could handle that. Doc wants me to take some PT to try to get me to stand up straighter - I haven't for several years. The chiropractor helped, but insurance won't pay for it any more. Heck, my new insurance has refused to pay on a couple of things....a tetanus booster, for example. I hate my new insurance company, they have no list of things they cover or not. Makes it hard to plan out a reasonable health plan. Oh well.....
  2. kappydell


    Another (relatively) quiet day. Raining on and off, but the garden loved it. Saw the sleep doc today, don't have to go back for 6 months for sleep follow up. OK, next project the doc has is to get me some PT for my back. Not sure it will help - it did not before, but since my new insurance will not pay for chiropractor (which helped a lot) I guess I have to try omething. Maybe I'll get a physical therapist who knows something, maybe a hack. Only time will tell. Took some lettuce to my internist when we went in yesterday. She said it was delicious! After dinner did a little garden work with M. Put up a section of fence for the pole beans to climb up. We planted pole beans b/c they tolerate high heat & humidity better than bush beans, who 'sulk' and stop bearing when it gets hot. Besides, picking off the pole beans is easier on both our backs. Did some weeding and thinning. Harvested quite a bit of broccoli today - it keeps trying to bolt, but we keep cutting it. We'll see how long that will work. Harvested a bunch of Cos lettuce tonight. It is true that if you snap off the bunch but leave the roots it will come back again. I was wondering if that would work. Thinned the beets and kept the thinnings. I figure if they can sell 'microgreens' at high prices I can steam and eat my thinnings as 'farmer microgreens'. Got some of the purslane picked from the window box (they were selling it as a blooming plant!! Imagine that!! ). I've pulled (and eaten) lots of purslane as a weed, but somebody developed some with an orange flower instead of the old yellow one so it is suddenly a 'new' blooming plant. (I had to stifle laughter when I saw that). It still is tasty, so I 'prune' it regularly and nibble the prunings. Along with the fresh parsley and radishes I picked, I have the makings of one delicious salad of cos lettuce, parsley, radishes, and purslane for tomorrow's dinner. Then before it got too dark, we did a 'walkaround' and checked our other plantings. Asparagus is up, grapes will need to be trellised soon, blueberry bushes have berries already, and the plum, peach and apple trees are branching nicely. The Asian Pear is still sulking. Rhubarb and raspberries are settling into their planting places nicely. And - HOORAY! our replacement strawberries arrived! We can now replant what the deer ate before we fenced in the strawberry bed. So our micro-farm is coming long nicely.. Oh yes, we have grass coming up, finally, in the front yard! At LAST!!! Tomorrow I will need to harvest and dehydrate the first batch of 'heal-all (prunella vulgaris) for the herbal medicine cabinet. I have a nice pot of mint that needs pruning back, so I'll do some mint too. Just about any tea is nicer with a little mint added! So our micro-farm is doing nicely. Back to splitting wood when we get a break in the rain. We still have a couple of cords to split before we return the gas-powered splitter to our neighbor. We still have not figured out what to give him in thanks. Maybe when the tomatoes kick in (there are lots of blooms and little ones on the plants) he will accept some as thanks. We don't see a garden at his place, yet, though his wife saw ours and now wants one just like it for next year. We met a new neighbor who just bought a mobile home on a lot not too far from us. He stopped and introduced himself. That seems to be the way folks do it down here in GA....just stop the truck in the middle of the road and chat! He complemented us on our making the garden, felling trees, and generally improving our property. (Apparently this is not something many women do for themselves in this neck of the woods - the menfolk we've met seem very impressed by our labors.) He is working hard on his, too - we drove over and saw how much work he had done so far. It's looking very nice. I guess we are getting as much as we can get done finished before the weather gets really warm. Apparently 90 degrees is only a 'mite' warm (LOL) and it gets good and steamy around August. It should be interesting....
  3. kappydell


    Well! this week we had oodles of doctor stuff to do. Thank goodness my primary doc did the pap smear, so I can cancel the appointment with the snobby OB clerk. Yay! I took Dr. some lettuce - a huge head of romaine and one of "buttercrunch" bibb lettuce. She was tickled - she said she was wondering what she would be eating tonight (she eats at the office when things get busy) and now she could have a nice big fresh salad! She told me she used to garden, but has no time for it anymore what with running a sleep center plus her practice. (She is into nutrition, so she really appreciates fresh veggies.) With the weather warming, it is time to eat up the lettuce before it bolts, and plant those braising greens for the 2nd cycle. Tomatoes are blooming, along with the zucchini and snap beans. Oh darn, we forgot to put a fence in for the climbing beans to climb today....hopefully they will forgive us. The grass is starting to grow in the front yard. YAY!! We have rain predicted for tomorrow, intermittent showers. The best kind - it will help it soak in. I hope my strawberries will get here soon - the replacements for what the deer ate! We put up a fence, and have Irish Spring Deer Deterrent Bars near the other yard nibbles. I have not heard the fox screaming for a couple days - I don't know if she moved when the lot across the road from where she hangs out was sold, or is no longer looking for a mate. She's a pretty red fox, we've seen her twice. I Identified another front yard tree today (one we would NOT let the mobile home delivery fellows cut down as it shades one of our parking pads. It intrigued me as it has three different shapes of leaves - a 'regular' shape, a mitten shape, and a fleur-de-lis shape. Its a mulberry. Cool, another edible landscape tree! Mary says she does not care if the birds poop purple when they ripen, and it will help distract them from our berries and such. I'm am very pleased to have to many edible trees in our semi-forested lot! I also spotted a yarrow patch on the way to Walmart today. I like having that around for my 'cold killing ' tea and I need fresh supply this year. It loses potency a LOT after 1 year in storage. Time to break out the dehydrator! Besides, my sage, parsley, and mint plants need pruning. I have not found any catnip patches yet, have to keep looking. I'm sure its around somewhere!
  4. kappydell


    On behalf of the turtles....thank you, Friend to Turtles. Mary likes to joke with our friend about eating her pet turtle....her husband keeps calling us 'cooter-eaters' which we all giggle about. He get fed some fresh Romaine lettuce leaves when we go visit, with the admonition to 'eat up, you need to put on weight! Fred the turtle seems to take it in good stride, I guess he is a good sport. Today M & I split wood on the wood splitter the neighbor loaned us. It worked good. He came over after about an hour (it was 98 degrees today) and shoed us that the splitter could be tipped to work vertically. YIPPEE! Now instead of lifting 40-50 lb logs up to split them, we can ROLL those babies on, and SIT to split them and stay sitting while we tossed onto a pile, and put on another log. I think we got about 1 cord split before we got too hot (we were monitoring ourselves and each other carefully). The dogs stayed in the air conditioned house (they pouted) and we took a gallon of water along. We drank it...and wore it....and mopped our heads with it. M refused sun block and got a burn. I (experienced pale person) put on +50 sun block along with my wide brimmed hat. I will sleep tonight more easily than she will. Tomorrow, after church more wood splitting, picking of more romaine lettuce (we are taking some to our friends). I was astounded to see the grocery store selling one 'head' (if you can call it that) for $1.85. Now I really appreciate that garden!!! M also watered the new grass seed lightly, and our fruit plantings. The Asian pear tree has not leafed out nor shown signs of life yet, but it is still green/in-dead so we are hoping it is a slow starter. When we looked into one of our hollow stumps while discussing cutting them flat to the ground, we found an baby (pinky sized) black and orange snake. We instituted a look before you touch (or step) protocol since finding out how much snakes like woodpiles (and our first scorpion nest) so its a good thing, I guess. I have to google the snakes around here, since I don't know yet the local poisonous from non-poisonous ones yet. (Though I do know the black snake is protected and not to harm one.) Our friends went to the flea market to sell their wares. They made over $100, which was very good considering they were outdoors under a tin roof, no fan, in the back and the temperatures where they were sitting got to over 100 degrees. Compared to the others around them they were selling well. People seemed to take a shine to the picture frames, and her wooden wind chimes (those are what I drew scenes on the little rounds for) and her motto boards (as she calls them). They sold a couple of the American flags, and were commissioned to make a custom rustic frame. They sold most of their motto boards, which pleased them because they are very easy and quick to make. They are thinking of making some in Spanish for next week, because there were quite a few Hispanics there looking but not buying. Quite a few people took their cards, and said they were out of money (spent it all before they got to them, that is) and would return next week. It was an interesting trial run. Next week, they will o in two cars - one with the merchandise one with their 'comfort factor' items, such as box fans, chairs, a cooler full of ice and sodas, and lunch. So all in all they were gratified with todays market experience, learning a lot, and I am excited for them on their new venture. A couple evenings I will go over and draw on more wood for them to create with. It's gratifying to see them make something out of wood we would otherwise simply burn. Our doggie 'community' continues to evolve. Jack the energetic aussie has decided to be the guardian and big brother to the Chihuahua pups. He is so gentle when he brings the tug toy over to play tug of war with mini-sized (compared to him) Missy. He even lets her win once in a while! And when one of the little guys yelps because they wrestling got a little wild, he dashes over and checks for injuries on "his'' babies! Duke the min-pin plays with them too, but sometimes gets a little crabby when they get overly rambunctious (trying to filch his food, or toys for example). So we are kept hopping supervising the doggy horse-play.
  5. kappydell


    Tonight it was LOL at my friends' house - the fish sketches drew much comment. She saw my new sketches and we made up a couple hangings: one was "Lake Life" one was "Lets go Fishing" and one was a nautical theme (I never sketched a sloop before). Her husband liked the lodge sketches, they are 'guy' oriented. We will be prepping those for Fathers' Day sales, for tonight they were pricing & packing in preparation to the flea market tomorrow. I painted another 50 starts on another flag - I'm getting pretty good at free-handing those with the paint pen. A lot of the merchandise this trip was family & mom oriented. I was astonished at the prices they showed me on line for the wooden American Flags - $60 and up - they figure they will prices theirs for $40. I hope they do well - obody had such things at the flea market when she did their recon. Mary & I will feed & check on the dogs for them while they are gone. My safety glasses' frame snapped on me today. They were less than 1 year old, so Walmart replace them for free. When we bought we got a pair and a spare apiece. So no problem - just wore the spares until they originals were done. Nice... It was 90 degrees here today and humid. Normal summer weather. A neighbor dropped off his wood splitter for us to use, so tomorrow we will get started in the morning, break around noon, siesta until around 3:00 PM then split more before dinner. We have the splitter for the weekend. Trying now to think of something to gift him with (he has plenty of wood, so a share of that won't work) in thanks. Our neighbors are somewhat rough-hewn but they have the proverbial hearts of gold, and their children are far better behaved than others because they still believe in that old time child training tool....discipline! It is refreshing.
  6. kappydell


    Today I spent much of the day drawing little scenes on 2 inch wood rounds. My artist friend is getting ready to hit the flea market on Sat and needs extra hands. Good thing I can draw! I also painted 50 stars apiece on her distressed wood flags, 13 stars in a circle on one of them (that was interesting to lay out) and when I left for dinner I left her my brainstorming sketches in case she needed more ideas. Tonight I brainstormed with a "lodge" theme...bears, mooses, animal tracks, fish and pine trees...I will be dreaming that stuff tonight! Picked lettuce & chard for dinner. Oh! how nice the fresh stuff tastes! I'm sprouting celery "bottoms" in the kitchen to slip into empty spots as they occur. Its quicker than seeds & I can dehydrate it for seasoning. The fox was screaming again tonight; with the coyotes howling and some unidentified critter sounding off this place sounds like a ZOO! I didn't know Zoolander was an adjective until tonight.
  7. kappydell


    I didn't do much today, except try to keep M from getting heat stroke. She just loves to work during the maximum heat and sun hours between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. She keeps saying "but it's gotta get done' although I think it could wait a day or until the shade comes back to the yard. Today she spread gypsum, then fertilizer, then grass seed, then raked to cover it, the watered to help it stick down for the lawn. Then she watered the garden, changed the dogs swimming pool water, and she STILL wont sit down and watch the Voice, although she says she loves it. So I go and check on her often take her cool water, and offer sun block and hats (generally declined). Good thing I know where the aloe is for when she gets sunburned; I also give boffo back rubs (one of those unmarketable skills learned along the way). Oh, she sprayed for ticks in the part of the yard we tend to sit in when we rest from outside labors, so our tick pick-up rate has declined dramatically. We found some hum-dingers on the dogs though. Today a friend (our realtor) called us from Wisconsin to tell us that our old house hit the market and sold immediately. She sent pictures. The place is pretty, but it is sterile - he took all the personality out of it. Oh well, hopefully the new owners will put 'their own stamp on it' as the DIY shows call it. He tore out the garden, strawberry beds, raspberry bushes, the wild planted border, the 1050s brick barbecue, the clothesline posts, and all the rose bushes & lilies we had planted. He even took down the flagpole in the front yard, and covered the cedar siding with vinyl siding. That was the just the outside. I am SOOOOO glad we have re-planted again, we brought some of those things along to use here. I love my boondocks semi-hermitage. Jack, the wild pup, is astonishing us - he is settling down more and more, plays as gently as his klutziness allows with the Chihuahua puppies, and only gets frantic when he has to go potty, he thinks he is missing out on some food, or when he wants us to come check out something he things is wrong (the cat is crying, etc). We cant really call him "hyper-doggie" if he keeps this new trend up. He even lays calmly for hair-clipping and tick-inspections, which surprising, as none of the other dogs are as good about it.
  8. kappydell


    SCORE! Cut my first lettuce tonight - had a Buttercrunch and Romaine Salad. No chemicals! Just a simple sweet oil & vinegar dressing and instant bliss! I cut the romaine high, going to see if it is cut & come again. The main garden chore is thinning right now - the beets, the radishes, the carrots, etc; followed by checking/mending fences to keep the deer out. Asparagus ferns are up where we planted the root. Blueberries are forming on two of the three bushes. Orchard trees are starting to grow, except the Asian Pear, which seems a mite slow to get going. Waiting on replacement strawberries for the deer-browsed ones (new fence put in). Ahh, summer approacheth!
  9. kappydell


    I'm proud of myself today. Identified four more plants growing up wild on my property. One was senacea jacobaea, common name Ragwort. It looked like tansy from the car, but the blossoms were wrong when I got out & looked at them close up. It is a relative of Tansy (I want some because it is an insect repellant), but is used medicinally only externally (hard on the liver if eaten - poisonous, even). It is used as a wound wash, but probably more for dying, as you can get green, yellow, brown and orange colors from it depending on the mordant you use. The second was prunella vulgaris, or self-heal (all-heal). Now that's more like it, with a long history of medicinal use, and an antibacterial action, inhibiting the growth of Pseudomonas, Bacillus typhi, E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculi etc. Fresh or dried, it is harvested in mid summer for drying, and is experimentally being tried as an antibiotic and hypotensive. (Score!) The third, was a new one on me, wild verbena (verbena rigida) which has little use, but is quite pretty and deer resistant. At least that is what some sources say; others attribute many medicinal uses to verbenas in general, for irregular fevers, headaches, pain, asthma, reducing fevers, and externally as a wound healing wash. Hmnmnmn. Needs more research, but at least I have the latin name as a starting point. Then, since I seemed to be on a roll, I tried to look up the bush that has the interesting red blooms. Success! Its a Carolina Spice Bush aka Carolina Allspice (latin Calycanthus floridus Synonyms: Calycanthus sterilis). It is popular as a deer resistant landscape plant, and some flowers are very sweet smelling (mine are not super fragrant, but they do smell nice...kind of like Juicy Fruit gum!) It has some medicinal uses, but not to be taken lightly as it slows the heart down. But the leaves have uses as insect repellant (they smell lke camphor) and the bark is dried and used as a cinnamon substitute. I'm going to mark that one down as a 'keeper' in my wild area. Fragrant, deer resistant, butterflies, & drought tolerant are all good traits for an edible landscape plant! Cinnamon, hmmmm? Worth a try.
  10. kappydell


    DEFINITELY worth a try. Last night I heard the deer stomping around the yard. I think they are trying to bed down in the stacks of tree limbs we trimmed off our felled trees. It would be a nice place for them, close to water and all, so I can half understand. BUT those piles are being removed soon. Our dirt came! Well, half of it. So did the lawn guy, at last. He scheduled us for 7:00 AM. Phone message - he is running late, has to go pick up some equipment his employees did not bring back. New phone message- his employees left the equipment half-buried in a ditch, he will have to winch it out first, so he will be in later. Well, in short, at 2:00 PM he showed up. His first works? Where is the rest of the dirt? He had ordered two loads, we had one. So...he calls his dirt supplier. Oooooops; he delivered it to the other customer down the road. So the other customer got an extra pile of dirt (he had only ordered one there) and we will have to wait until tomorrow for that 2nd load. Plus wait until Mon for the landscaper to come back with the backhoe to spread it around, put in seed, etc. I feel sorry for his employee issues. We are about finished with the logging now. We were stacking logs on the far side of the property when the lawn man showed up. It looks like about 4 cords, maybe 5. Once the logs dry out some we will cut our artist friend some 'cookies' (slices of log cross section) of those with interesting shapes and especially the hollowed out ones. (She just LOVED those when she saw them! So we stacked it to catch the prevailing winds to dry efficiently. All that, and we don't have a fireplace! Good thing we like bonfires. One of the neighbors drove past when we started cutting, and offered to 'take some of the wood off our hands' but made no mention of money. Um, no. We worked too hard to give the stuff away to a near stranger. I'll say this though, there is nothing like throwing logs around to wake up the body after the winter doldrums! We discovered we not only have lots of ticks around here - we have scorpions! We stepped on a couple while picking up logs. Now I will be watching where I put my hands (scorpions) as well as my feet (snakes). M has 2 more trees she wants to come down, but first, we want to get the red-clay front yard dealt with. The landscaper told us that the sweet gum trees tend to re-sprout from their stumps, so we will need to cut them down to the ground then poison them, too. So now the plan is to get the deal with the stumps first, and cut down the 2 trees in the fall. Tomorrow I will start cutting lettuce, and we shall see if the Romaine is truly ''cut & come again". If not, I have 'braising greens' seeds to plant in that spot. M says "Plant what you like - I have what I want in there!" Fenced in the strawberry bed in anticipation of the new berries arriving. Other than those things, a slow day (Adding Irish Spring to my Wal-Mart list to hang by the fruit trees. ) I will get some when I pick up my med refills. Called & got an appointment to see a gyn-doc. My primary wants a Pap smear. Her scheduler told me "We don't schedule those, the doctor needs to make the decision as to whether to give you one. (What? They do not believe my primary doc wants one? Maybe they think I get Pap smears for fun?) She told me to bring in all my med bottles. I asked "the vitamins, too?" Yes; and they won't accept a list. So, like a little kid or a simpleton (not to be trusted to tell the truth) I will take the box of everything when I go. It should take them 30 minutes to write them all down, at the speed they type (LOL). I will take the list, too - as well as jotting down notes as to WHY I take each one, as nowdays they always ask. They must not teach nutrition in med school anymore (probably pre-empted by computer charting classes). The clerk struck me as smug and bossy; glad I won't be going there a lot - just to get my Pap smear, I hope. The back X-Rays my primary doc wants are a walk-in situation, I just bring the papers/orders. Same with the mammogram. Thank goodness. I don't have the time to make appointment after appointment and beg for necessary tests, just because I'm only the patient. (I prefer to think of myself as more than a practice dummy.)
  11. kappydell


    Oh, DEER! Had to fence off the strawberry raised garden because the deer ate the plants. Every last one. Good thing the nursery we use up in IL will still have them available. I ordered another bunch. AND PUT UP ANOTHER FENCE. Mary is also putting up the motion activated security light we got so it faces the garden. Hopefully the light will help chase them away. They left alone the asparagus plants, and the fruit trees, so far. We're hoping the posts they are fastened to will deter nibbling until we can fence off the tree area, too. Good heavens. I have to research to see if there is anything deer do NOT like. Maybe we will have to fence the raspberry/rhubarb patch, too as the berries are the thornless kind and, therefore, defenseless! Heard the fox screaming again around 3:00 AM. Must be mating season. A female live under the shed of the summer place across the road. She does not bother anything though, and keeps the rodents down, so we appreciate her as a neighbor, once we found out what the screaming was all about!
  12. kappydell


    Mt Rider, I agree with Jeepers. REPORT HER. There are quite a few folks in health care who are in it for all the wrong reasons, be it the pay, the opportunity to boss folks around (all the while sanctimoniously claiming to 'help' them) or because they couldn't get a job anywhere else. BUT! The first thing I learned (I worked in an ER for 10 yrs before I was a trooper) in the hospital was PATIENT RIGHTS ARE PARAMOUNT. Your parents are not unable to make their own decisions, so they are in charge, not the bully-lady. (She needs a serious attitude adjustment! There, I said it!) When my husband became very I know I had to constantly remind folks that HE was making decisions, not me, about his health and his desires. Several times the medical staff asked me to convince him to do something he did not want to do "for his own good" and I had to explain (holding my irritation in check) that I was there when they explained what they wanted to him, and he had already declined to do it and it was his choice, not mine. Sometimes the helper-types get a little overbearing in their efforts to do what they are convinced is the 'right thing'. I like to think they re not doing it on purpose, just getting over-zealous. You might have to act as their back-up advocate and remind folks just how things not only should be done, but WILL BE done. Its tiresome (I know that from experience) but it is also necessary. Your parents might not say anything about it but they deeply appreciate your help with this stuff (my husband quite surprised me by telling me how much he appreciated my advocacy when he was too tired/ill to keep fighting the bullying). Sometimes I get so mad ad those kinds of people....why is it they also seem to be the ghouls eager to legalize euthanasia, and lining up to harvest 'spare parts' while pushing sorrowful relatives to pull the plug on their loved ones. I, for one like to think they will be shocked in the next life when they are NOT rewarded for such behavior. Naughty of me, I suppose. Worked on another sweet gum, piled up more wood, got tired and took a loooong nap. Too long, woke up after M had made herself ham sandwiches for dinner. Oh well, I guess I was more tired than I knew. Still trying to get the APAP mask to work. Found a way to strap up things so there is no leak, but it sometimes gives me a headache and sometimes an earache when I wake up, so I'm having the rep stop by with as many masks as he has so hopefully we can find a better solution. The lawn man promises to be here at the end of the week, but we are getting quotes from another place anyway. I will be surprised if the first guy shows up, with his track record. The new puppies are settling in well, irritating the older dogs with their exuberance (as usual) but the older dogs now just growl a bit and let it rest. Wild-man Jack (the B & W aussie) is starting to be les hyper, but he regresses when he gets anxious. He is not as incorrigible as he once was, and he is starting to listen and focus better now at 16 months of age. (Finally! He is growing up!)
  13. kappydell


    I love the pics! Last night I sent my brother a bunch of them showing our progress from vacant lot - mobile home being put up - gardens being built - dog pen being put up - tree felling - and the last one I posted here yesterdays' garden shots. I miss my brother, he is a prepper and very inventive and good with tools & such. He always has good ideas for improvements around the place! We talk on the phone quite a bit. Today was a 'quiet day' (no trees felled today). We found a pull-behind aerator for the lawn at the local sears hometown store under $70. Went and got one and put it together, put a couple cinder blocks on top and took it for a test drive...errr....test tow. Works fine. Mary will aerate and I will come behind with the spreader of gypsum and we will loosen up this tight clay soil a little. According to the landscape people, three years of annual gypsum applications will normalize the clay quite a bit. OK, we will try it, gypsum is cheap. Then we planted the last of our fruiting plants - 6 raspberry bushes, a couple of rhubarb, and just for giggles three hills of cantaloupe in the berry -rhubarb area to let it crawl around and see what develops. The seed was a 'free' packet from the nursery that sold us the thornless raspberries. Hopefully the deer will leave them alone. I also put a day lily out on the edge of the yard to spread and go wild if it can. We will be getting an estimate on how much to fix the front lawn area - we are sick of waiting on the other fellow, who is dragging his feet for the last month. We even have a plan B to do it ourselves (we can rent a bobcat very reasonably, and our friend would dearly love to drive it around for us (he such a typical GUY it is funny). He has health issues, so we will not be expecting him to shovel or dig, but drive the bobcat? Oh, yessss!. We went out to eat at my favorite little buffet place tonight - under $15 for two, all you can eat - fish 2 ways, hush puppies, fried chicken, collards, cabbage, taters, mac & cheese (the yellowest I have ever seen), spaghetti, Salisbury steaks, coleslaw, mac salad, lettuce salad with all the toppings, cheese cake, banana pudding and peach cobbler. M says I am becoming a true southern woman, because I ALWAYS have me some greens! Hey, they are the first thing I go for, I like them so much. These were cooked without the bacon/fatback/ham, but good nonetheless. The only thing I cant do is 'sweet tea' ....there is such a thing as TOO sweet, and to me the sweet tea is too sweet. I might as well dunk my tea bags in the sugar syrup I use for canning! Oh well, they are good sports about bringing me Unsweet iced tea, so I cant be the only one down here who does not drink it. Still working on the APAP but am getting a bigger percentage of good seal nights (vs. air leak!! nights).
  14. kappydell


    I made up a saying to keep my blood pressure down when dealing with such bean-counting-bureaucratic-boneheads....."thank goodness for the bureaucracy, otherwise where would all these stupid folks get good jobs? " All I had to do was think it, and suddenly I was much more cheerful while sorting through the snarls. Still working on trees, they are good release for the frustration we are having over the front lawn. The grass guy seems not to want the job anymore, for the last month he has been not showing up, rescheduling, etc, etc. We have decided that he is not worth the frustration, we will just pay extra and get another guy. Then we go drop a tree, and throw some wood around - kinda like smashing things, it is a good tension release (almost as good as going to the range). Tonight at Wal Mart we had one of those stupidity 'events' occur in front of our eyes. We were picking up some new catfish fishing poles, and all through the back of the store was a group of teens PLAYING GUNFIGHT WITH THE AIR GUNS AND BB GUNS OFF THE SHELVES! No personnel anywhere in sight, obviously. Good thing we recognized those things they were playing with and that they were being STUPID or we would have been concerned, not angry (we were both packing, too....fortunately we are not the kind of gun happy ninnies that seem to be itching to shoot something or things could have ended badly all around.) Anyhow, we did notify the manager this was going on. Ooooooh! The look on his face! Oh well, Wal-Mart, dumb kids, no clerks....makes for an event of monumental stupidity. Makes me glad we live out in the hills a bit with other folks who are quasi-hermits, too. Garden is thriving, fruit plantings, too.
  15. kappydell

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Of course, but gotta grow the veggies first, AND dig out the canner from wherever it is packed from moving.....groan..... There is also a neat little veggie stand off the beaten path in my town, I need to go check it out. The raw honey is a real draw for me. I also found a stand that sells raw green peanuts (at an exorbitant price --- gahhhh!!) so I can try the recipe I have for canning boiled peanuts in the shell. They have to be tastier than the last batch I bought from a stand, which tasted barely seasoned. So not canning yet, but planning....does that count?

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