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  1. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    that sounds MUCH better than I cut myself shaving....which is all I can think of offhand. Or I got into a political discussion and lost my head?
  2. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Chainsaw Mary says thank you for the warm welcome. Today she was out raking pine needles. They harbor fleas, and our dog dodger loves-loves-LOVES to roll in them. Then he cant figure out why we chase him down for a flea bath (he acts like such a martyr)! Tomorrow we have doctors appointments, so I can get cleared for neck surgery (I joke abut having my throat cut) Making up a good tall tale to explain that new scar will be fun. I've already got good ones we made up about vampires (to explain the shoulder scars - I ducked & it missed); about my cancer scars (six) from the robot assisted surgery (that was a BIG fight over a parking space); my hip & knee replacement scars (gators); still thinking about what to say about the neck scar. Now what kind of tall tale would be fun? Hmmm. My last surgeon laughed out loud when I told him about making up spectacular tales because after all, every scar tells a story. Might as well make it a good, spectacular, leg-pulling, whopper.
  3. kappydell

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Last night was a small roaster of scalloped potatoes & ham; tonight was pork steaks & broccoli. M says all she wants with those is "homemade bread". Errr…..OK. Makes dinner easy & makes it worthwhile to bake that bread fresh a couple times a week. Our latest successful "new" food was crumb coated potato wedges - I had extra home made shake & bake so while the oven was on anyway, rolled the potato wedges in oil, coated with "extra" crumbs (I always have extra crumbs left after doing the chicken) then into the oven to cook with the chicken. Worked very well - I like crispy crunchy crumby foods. And I did not have to waste those crumbs! I also have discovered that my homemade bread makes crumbs almost the same texture as panko, as long as I toss it in the blender while it is stale, not dry. So I now have even more reasons to bake lots of home made bread! Besides, I love browned crumbs, aka "poor mans parmesan". Makes me a crumby cook, you could say.
  4. kappydell


    Wow, just did some catching up in this thread. Seems to be canning season...hopefully I can get to my (packed) canner when we pull the big freezer out of the shed where we have stored it the last year. Finally decided to get rid of it - 15 cu feet, and too big to get in the house, and we were always "losing" things in there. So we set up the small one we pulled out of our motor home instead. Easier for us two ladies to move, we don't lose track of contents in there, and we will get another one the same size when we want more room. Easier to conceal, too, if need be from prying eyes, as they are table size. A nice tablecloth and there ya go. AND they are much easier to get in the mobile home! So at church on Sun I asked our priest if he knew anyone who could use a large freezer. I'd rather donate it to a family than to Goodwill, who are developing a reputation around here for being snobby to poor folks they are asked to provide clothing and household goods for. They won't let them take whatever they want/need from their store of DONATED items....just the stuff they cant sell for money. That ain't my cuppa tea and not what I donate things for. I like this particular priest, he has what they call "a heart for the poor" and he walks the walk. He like to hunt, then butchers the meat and gives it away to poor families. One of my penances once was to donate to the food pantry. He knows the local homeless folks by name, on sight, and stops to chat with them, helping where he can. When a parishioner took him out to lunch, he gave his to a beggar they ran into. He once joked from the pulpit that instead of going to Chick Fill-a he liked to "go out" to the wal mart deli - more bang for the buck. My kind of guy, so I figured if anybody knew a family who could use a big freezer it would be him. I was pleased to see his eyes light up, and he said he could probably find someone who could use it. When the weather gets a little dryer, we will pull the freezer out and set it up in the carport so I can sent him a pic on his cell phone. If he can find a taker, we will borrow a friend's trailer and deliver it if needed though I would not put it past him to have someone lined up to pick it up, too. Our church is not rich in material goods, but folks help one another. So they get the freezer and any other things they might want as we unpack and trim down our belongings. Yes, I know I can sell them online, but here there are many scammers using it to scope out future burglaries. We already have enough on our hands with the neighbor who is stealing our firewood (yes, again...this time he also took some longer tree trunks we had trimmed for building our rustic fencing & steps. We know his truck, and with a friend we are planning a surprise for his next firewood pick-up. We will cut more wood and leave it temptingly out where he took the last batch, with our co-conspirator waiting in the dark with his Doberman on a long lead. The dog is a service dog and would not hurt a fly, but sure looks and sounds scary. Hopefully that will let him know (without getting him arrested and starting a p___ing match that we knew what he was up to and he should stop. Hopefully. Another neighbor is trying to lure the deer we feed, into his yard with a doe bleater, so he can shoot it for menacing his non-existing garden. d**m poacher is all he is, and if I hear gunfire I WILL call the authorities for poaching. No need for that crap. The deer season is months long here, he is just too lazy to actually go hunt. He'd rather sit on the back porch, drink beer and shoot one from his lawn chair, not paying much attention as to season or legality. Heck, he's even too lazy to shine them and run them down with his truck! Oy, some people! He's one of the "wave at as you drive past" neighbors, NOT a "get to know" neighbor. Now you know why we consider hiding our freezers important...and also getting to know our neighbors and their.....errrrr….. foibles. M & I saw the "super blood moon" last night. It sure was pretty, and yes, the moon did turn red (with a pretty bright blue band around it) at full eclipse. It was worth sitting outside for. The garden is all covered up to ride out the cold snap at night, hopefully with flying colors. I'd hate to lose things that are just getting to picking size!
  5. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    We are learning this. Have to try turnips this upcoming winter. Didn't care for them much grown in the heat, too cabbage-core-y and hot. I might find a new veggie to love!! Besides, I have an interesting recipe for turnips....kraut! I did not get pics of the kohlrabi, but those are something Mary & I used to wait for each spring eagerly. Soooo good as long as they grew in the cool temps and soooo strong if it got warm. We have a couple rows tucked in this garden though, and those stems are starting to swell! I'm looking forward to finding the heal-all patch that came up wild last March. I want to transplant some into a location on our lot, to avoid losing them to someone mowing them down (not realizing their utility, and not recognizing their odd beauty). That side of the yard is too close to our crabby neighbor to leave them to thrive on faith alone. We are getting some fairly cold weather this week, and especially this weekend. Tarps are on stand-by! Mary is reading this as I type and sez hello. She is eager to get out the chainsaw and get started while it is cool yet. She offers firewood, if you need any (but the freight charges might be a trifle steep....)
  6. kappydell

    wallmart horror stories?

    My green-grocer....at long as they last that is...pics today, next week heavy frost. We will see what we can cover & save.
  7. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    I just HAD to take some January pics of the winter garden. On Sunday, extreme cold (for this area) is predicted with lows of 26 degrees. We will cover the garden, and hope for the best, but some things might get nipped. So I took pics for posterity. You can see the broccoli and cabbage are ready to go, also the spinach and lettuce are ready to pick. (We have friends willing to take our "excess" ….LOL....why did we know that would happen? On to the pics! This is the full garden shot.....then the individual veggies (how many can you identify? Last are the upper yard shots, showing how we cleaned up the upper yard (and the brushy beyond, which is this years project.... Two beds - working on figuring out how to put a high tunnel over them plus another narrower bed. broccoli, kale, lettuce, spinach, collards....oh my! Next picking of broccoli Brs Brussels sprouts, two plantings. the bigger ones have teensy sprouts starting on the stems. Morris heading kale. The stems are where we made lower leaf pickings...they kept getting taller & taller.....like palm trees LOL Cabbage in foreground, then spinach, two kinds of leaf lettuce, carrots & finally beets. I need lots more radish seeds to succession plant next winter; the radishes were especially sweet grown in the cool weather. Mixed kales - some "ragged" some smooth, some red..... Georgia collards on the left, heading collards on the stems, "blue" collards on the right (dk green with red veining) Now for the yard shots.... We cut out lots of brush & trees between the bigger ones to improve air flow..... You can see the brushy, puny trees in the overgrown area that we will clean out this summer. That concludes our garden tour. People driving by stop and compliment us on it. We had a lot of fun with this winter garden, hoping we can save it ALL thru the 29 degree nights coming up!
  8. kappydell

    Container Gardening

    Actually, I never thought of that! Wow, what a great idea! you can bet my new $1 pots will have their holes in the sides. Note to self....get more rosemary plants in the spring. They are a good flea wash for the cats & soothing to their irritated skin (allergies to flea bites). Unfortunately those deer that we like to watch carry fleas & ticks big time!
  9. kappydell

    wallmart horror stories?

    ???? why hamburger? as for the others I'm picking my own, cant beat the gardens' prices!
  10. kappydell

    wallmart horror stories?

    I see I'm not the only one who disliked Wally-world. At least we have a different wal mart if we drive the other direction. M likes the super center, I do NOT, that is the one with all the problems. At the smaller one it is not quite so bad. I am looking for other places to shop. Kroger is nicer but their prices are high and their clerks could not understand what sprouting alfalfa seeds was all about even after I explained it (LOL). I see there is a different chain store in the other town, maybe I'll get my clipboard and do a price survey there. I do like their meats though, if I wait for sales I can afford to buy there. The local Aldis is out - it had same prices as Walmart, far fewer selections, and the lack of service was irritating, especially as they kept touting it as a virtue. Paying to use a cart and having to provide your own bags (or pay for theirs) was aggravating to me. No cripple carts and their push carts were the wrong height for me to use as a retail walker (you know, drape myself over it reasonably comfortably for support). The "Food Depot" was what I call a typical "poor neighborhood store", ie, fewer items, mostly off brands, very few basic foods, lots of pre-packaged foods, and the prices were the same as anywhere else was charging for name brand items. It did, however, carry some fascinating ethnic Ethiopian foods, but being imported those were REALLY pricey. Produce was poor and expensive. No-go there. The clerks were really nice, though. The local dollar tree stores selections for food were mostly hot dogs, highly-processed foods & impulse purchases. It was such a poor selection I was amazed. I'd love to go see the "Giant Johnson" (grocery store) but it is far away and I cant stop giggling every time I drive past. A "Giant Johnson" when I grew up was a slang term for a certain portion of male equipage, so the giggles kinds of take over every time I see that huge sign on the side. I don't think I could keep a straight face long enough to do a good food survey. Maybe Ingle's will have decent prices. The search continues..... I don't mind going to a couple places to get what I need. I wish the IGA hadn't closed, I always loved those stores. But the owner retired a d Wal-Mart dominates things in these small towns. I kinda wish we had a Save-a-Lot. I shopped there in Alabama and they were OK. Prices were good, and their house brand coffeecake mix was addictive. They also carried decently priced canning supplies! The quest continues.....(cue the "raiders of the lost ark" music...)
  11. kappydell


    Oh my! You ladies are getting so much done I can tell spring is approaching! We are starting to slowly "pick down"/harvest the winter garden as the veggies mature. We need to make room for spring stuff. So a friend of ours got some gorgeous broccoli (we kinda sorta planted some for her, since she does not garden but loves the stuff). I am cutting the spinach row permanently as I harvest for my every other day greens - instead of just the outer leaves so it can recover and make more I am cutting the whole plant off. Ditto (but a little slower) on the collards and kale. Lettuce is also getting cut, as it is getting impatient to bolt from those few days we had that were quite warm. That's OK, I'm leaving one for seeds, the others I'm getting before they bolt. Im eating prodigious salads! We have more broccoli and cabbages that will be cut over the next month, and the kohlrabi stems are starting to swell. I am looking for the early seed packets for green onions. No luck yet, but the local nursery has camillias for sale and we both want some to put in. Where we thinned the trees on our upper borders, we are thinking of planting an understory of shrubs - lilacs won't grow here but camillias will. You can bet I'll order my tea Camilla (maybe two) too, putting them admidst the ornamental ones. Our fruit trees have NOT been nibbled by deer (hooray) and only the peach has died, but it did so last summer. The most enthusiastic tree is the plum, it is branching out like crazy. M is feeding the local deer, she likes to watch them. We will see, if feeding them corn helps keep them from eating other things. So far it has been working - they seem to prefer the corn. (We shall see if they eat this years' strawberry re- plants) Tonight we saw the fawn eating with a doe and two yearlings - we have a red cover for the spotlight so they don't spook as much when we light up the area. We are also VERY grateful for auto deer whistles - they save the deer from running in front of our vehicle all the time. And they are running around a LOT lately. My brother delivers papers in the wee hours of the morning, and also swears by them for multiple kinds of critters. He cherishes the ones we sent him (he cant find them in the stores up north). For "work" today we started clearing the small trees & brush to make a walking path down to our lower yard. We are saving the smaller-trunked trees to make a rustic hand-rail (de-barked of course) for our "wobbly" days, and when M's VA disability comes thru we will get a chipper and chip the rest to mulch the path. I may even stoop to using a herbicide on the walking path to kill those blasted thorny green-briar vines as they are pretty thick down there. But we will try mowing them first. My requisition for the garden from tax refund this year is a compost tumbler - one with a crank to make turning easier - and tall enough to unload into the wheelbarrow or a short wagon. M's is to replace the mini-tiller we use in our raised beds. We are also planning a third raised bed, as we need more room. Our frogs are singing and due to the rains the creek is high now. So spring is definitely in the air! I go for my pre-surgery physical next week. I should be there for my birthday (how rude of my body!) but I will just consider getting my neck fixed my present this year. I want to be able to get around for yard work.
  12. kappydell

    wallmart horror stories?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one having "issues" with Wal-Mart, just a recent person. Got any stories to share? I actually let them have it on one of their surveys ….so much for me ever winning the drawings for free shopping card from Walmart, LOL. My issues - no clerks to be found; no checkouts without long lines, and not even self checkouts without long lines; products not available; prices missing from shelves and scanners that do not work; no cripple carts available due to no vetting over who is using them (little kids? reeeeely???) and folks leaving them outside in foul weather (damaging them, and certainly expending their battery charges); drug deals in the aisles; and when you CAN find an employee they are soooo politely incompetent; ATM always out of order. That's the short list. Tonight I added to it....item in store as promised on internet for $5 only they wanted $55 claiming the only one they had came with extras I did not want. "Its all we got". I actually said to the clerk "Wal mart is starting to suck" for trying to bait and switch their products, and she said "Yes, it does". So no employee loyalty, either. any bets on how many more stores will be closing? I'm sort of beginning to miss K-Mart, but they killed them.
  13. kappydell


    Today, since we finally got a DRY day, we went & picked up the little freezer from our friends' porch where it was kept after we loaned it to their kids during a power outage (they ran it via generator). I scrubbed it out so it looks brand new and we moved it to the carport in the most sheltered spot. Now we can put any overflow from the house into that freezer again. Not the biggest freezer (the 15 cu ft one is buried in the shed still) but still a step ahead. I'm so glad, now we can take advantage of meat sales (Got some spiral sliced ham at 50% off...$1.65 a lb on Jan 2nd, for example. We bought three hams. The first one is already cut up, slices bagged for scalloped potatoes & ham; small schnibbles cut into smaller cubes and loose-frozen for scrambled eggs, fried rice & the like; any fat trimmed off was frozen to put into baked beans and to flavor greens; and the ham bone (pretty nekkid by the time I got done trimming) is in a bag for ham broth when we get a hankering for split pea soup to eat with fresh rolls. We make that ham go far! Now we have two more and I am happy. There was also a sale on steaks at another store, so we got few extra packages, along with one of those bulk 10-lb packages of chicken thigh quarters. I will be happy to skin those & freeze them up tomorrow. Three cheers for freezers! As for tonight - one of our favorites - liver & onions (yes, again).
  14. kappydell


    We had a female police cadet who was being told she would have to drop out because she was getting shin splints from the running. I remembered that calcium was recommended for cramps in a book I had read and passed that info on, along with the suggestion she get one that had magnesium too (Adelle Davis had recommended half as much magnesium as calcium, so she started taking 1000 mg calcium with 500 mg magnesium and it solved her shin splints in a week. I was surprised it worked so fast. Don't know whether it was the calcium or magnesium or the combination but it worked. (She graduated. )
  15. kappydell

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