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  1. What a cool idea. Im glad SOMEBODY is teaching that stuff, clearly the public schools do not, considering what I read in the newspapers and magazines. I am weary of so called professional writers not being able to spell, use contractions or homonyms properly, and making up new words to sound intelligent. Use a thesaurus or a spell checker (or a dictionary if your spell checker is stupid) for pity's sake. At least know enough to do that much when needed! OK, I'm off the soap box. I did love the video.
  2. Yep, I got one of those calls too....this time it was the IRS going to jail me for unpaid taxes unless I sent money immediately. I told them I was disputing it and hung up on them. IRS uses the mail, not phone calls. I must be on the "old and gullible" list, LOL.
  3. Mt Rider - Today was a weird day. Caught a cold which showed itself yesterday; not too bad except I had trouble falling asleep due to coughing fits. That said, got up at 7:00 AM (reluctantly) and took the trash to the truck before Mary got up. Today was "payday" for social security, so we wanted to drop off our garbage on the way to Walmart for groceries (no pickup in the country). Checked the local stores' sale flyers, and holy Toledo, some good meat sales were on this week - Porterhouse steak for $7.98/lb; pork loin strips were 2 for the price of one; boneless country ribs for $2.95; etc. Their boneless skinless chicken thighs & ground chuck were also cheaper than Wal Mart (our lowest priced store, generally). We had just been talking last night about how food prices would probably go up due to the flooding (no feed crops planted yet, hayfields flooded; and had decided to get another small freezer for stocking up. So I ordered the freezer, and we bought our meat. We had been waiting for a good sale for quite a while, and M was impressed with the quality & service at that particular grocery store, one we do not normally go to (except for meat sales). They pride themselves on the best meat in town, and if you chat up the butcher you can often get a heads up on upcoming sales. Then when we got home, I let the doggies out the back fence, and they immediately barked and chased away a flock of buzzards. Much to my dismay, the buzzards were digging up where we had buried a kitty that got hit by a car. A couple of hefty concrete blocks took care of THAT sacrilege. Its been hot and due to get hotter this weekend - into the high 90s maybe into the 100s....summer has arrived, in spades. Getting up at 7 AM might work out better for getting outside work done early in the cool of the morning, like I was taught to do in pre air-conditioning days. Yep, I'm THAT old. The garden is producing lots of lettuce and I'm eating it like crazy to get it before it bolts in the heat, when the okra will take off. We are still waiting for the local nursery to get sweet potato plants in. We're hoping this weekend.
  4. omg, poor slugger. Mary got a wonderful dog years ago because the owner neglected him, and when she went over to remonstrate they said she could take him. Best dog I've ever seen. It makes me furious when people forget that to their pet, THEY are FAMILY and deserve it to be forever and loving. I'd be reporting it, don't wait too long. In this weather he needs a good source of water at least, lest he die of dehydration. Poor baby.
  5. I took a look at the "gardening with leon" videos on you tube. He has devised ways to make wicking pots in 5 gal pails using plastic water bottles, milk bottles, tide gallon size containers, soda cans, and such. One could conceivably make wicking pots totally out of recycled materials. I hope he gets this info out at his sustainable ag workshops to as many as possible. The pots work extremely well, and you cant beat a price tag of ZERO ! The pots we made from his original directions work wonderfully, and the plants inside are loving what we are serving!
  6. I just renewed membership in the seed savers exchange. They have the best info on seed saving at the family level that I have ever seen. And Jeepers, the white beets are cool. The only "odd" colored veggies I stay away from are the green tomatoes. I planted some green beefsteaks and could not tell when they were ripe! Tasted good though. But nobody I showed them to wanted to try the green tomato salsa I made, nor the yellow tomato salsa. No imagination! I thought they were pretty....
  7. Praying for you both, that Jesus will walk with you in love wherever your paths may go.
  8. Got up early today and have been dragging my butt all day. I made the mistake of telling my doc at my last visit I hadn't been sleeping well lately, and (being a specialist in sleep disorders) she went into doctor-mode and I am now keeping a sleep log, and setting my alarm early to try to tire myself out enough to go to bed earlier. The hard part is NO NAPPING. I end up doing things on my feet so I don't doze off while M takes HER daily nap. So far the most improvement was from getting a new CPAP mask. The nurses at "that hospital" ruined my brand new one by cramming the morphine breathing monitors' nasal cannula into it, tearing the silicone seal. I could not get a new one for 3 months unless I had $300 laying around. So I got out an old one and struggled along. It is so nice to have a new one - that works - at last. I nearly died laughing when "that hospital" sent me a "thank you for allowing us to take care of you" card. I guess they did not read their survey they sent, on which they earned the lowest possible scores - I could not give them zeros, like I wanted to. So I am in sleep prison. I have to go to bed at a certain time, wake up with an alarm clock, and no napping. No late night snacking, and no caffeine after 4 PM. Don't do anything in bed other than sleeping or sex (so much for reading to lull me to sleep). No pre-bed TV, or computer, for at least 1 hour before bed time. Get up right away when the alarm goes off - no "snooze alarm" lollygagging. Ugh. The frustrating part is, I've been doing this for 6 weeks, and I got the most improvement by replacing my CPAP mask. I feel like a little kid again, and not in a happy way. (sigh) I may as well go to food prison (diet) while I'm at it, can't be much more tired. The good news is that I don't get the crankies as much as I did before I started all this. I laugh more at life's foibles, rather than getting irritated by them. So maybe something IS happening after all. Picking radishes (planted another row), picked out the early mustard greens as they were starting to bolt, and started picking lettuce. Beets are getting to a nice eating size. And I did kill the aphids on the camillia bushes with a spray from an old Jerry Baker book, water, orange peel & dish soap, whirl in blender, spray leaves, wait 10 days, follow up spray. All gone now. We put newspapers down under the zucchini where it touches the dirt, to keep the vine borer moth from laying her eggs in the dirt. The idea is that the moth lands on the plant, laying her eggs down in the dirt just under the stem, then the larvae climb up on the plant and dig in. The newspapers make it impossible for her to put her eggs in dirt, and also blocks any larvae from finding the stems. It generally works pretty good as long as you keep newspapers between dirt & plant. I did a skim milk spray on the zucchini, as a downy mildew and TMV virus preventative - it works best as prevention. So far the garden has been fine. And I found my raspberry plants today - I thought they died last year, but they are still alive, just not very large. ditto the asparagus. I was tickled to see they were hanging in there.
  9. Yes, we noticed a lot of the produce was from Mexico even though they were supposed to be locally grown. And you do have to check the produce - they are not above getting you a box "from the back" and helpfully loading it in the car for you, that is not all god quality...ye old "bait and switch" never goes out of style. But we found quality was good IF you kept an eye on things....As far as being locally grown, I am guessing they are allowing imports of things out of season here. The quality & price was still better than the grocer's. I miss the old "pick your own" farms. I used to get grocery sacks (the paper kind, that hold half a bushel) of green beans, corn, tomatoes, etc very reasonably. I suspect that liability insurance got too expensive, because nearly all of them are closed down now. They were nice while they lasted...
  10. Back when I first found half gallon jars I wrote the company and asked and was told "the only thing we have tested in these is grape and apple juice" and they did not recommend them for other uses. At the time (back in the 1980s) only a few LARGE Amish families canned in that kind of quantity, and they were even phasing it out as the canning companies started discouraging their use for that. I love their roomy size though, and use them for dry stuff also with an oxy absorber. I do have an old canning book giving directions for converting processing times for half gallons, but it was pretty complicated, so I wouldn't use them except in direst emergency for wet canning, any more than I would use the even older canning book that I have (as a curiosity) giving boiling water bath times for meats & vegetables (YIKES!) Far better to be safe.
  11. Annarchy, my garden in Wis had starlings mowing down my plants as soon as they came up, until I did like my grandma did, and strung some strings across the garden, and suspended mini pie-tins hanging down from the strings. It looked very weird, but the birds did NOT like those blowing, flashing aluminum "things" hanging down about a foot above those seedlings. I used recycled aluminum foil pie tins from those 50-cent pies Walmart sells; and when I ran out bought a package of them in the baking section - I think it was a dozen little tins per package. As the plants got taller I shortened the suspending string to keep those tins up above the seeds until the plants were too big for the birds to make off with. So if you know anybody who likes those little pies, ask for the tins! And those self watering planters are absolutely freaking wonderful and work like aces! We're always scouting for large containers to make more, now that we've tried them! (Besides I have 90 feet of 6-inch drain pipe to use up).
  12. This week I went with a friend to the nearest "farmers' market". In Georgia, they have state farmers' markets, and they are HUUUUGE, at least the one we went to was. You shopped by driving u and down the aisles, looking at enormous displays - think 50 lb bags of onions, huge bins of produce for smaller amounts (under 5 lbs), and the like. They even had a section for landscaping plants, and garden plants. My friend wanted to buy boxes of strawberries, blueberries, apples & tomatoes in bulk to make salsa, jam and jelly. I must admit my mind was blown by the sheer size of the place. This was NOT amateur hour - many of the stands came in via semi. So I would say, this farners' market was worthy of the name - did I say the prices were about half of what the cheap grocery stores are charging for fresh produce. I was also able to purchase and try out a couple of vegetables I have heard about but could not purchase through "normal" channels....fresh habanero peppers and expecially the de-spined cactus pad (nopalitos? something like that). This morning I scraped the pads & sliced them and cooked them up. Surprise, they were delicious. So this one was a win-win. The only problem is that it is over an hour trip to get there, so we won't be going again for a while. I'm looking for closer ones....so far I have a lead on a stand that sells pecans cheap. (Under $10 a pouind is cheap around here!)
  13. How sad to read about the passing of your father, but how happy to think he is with Jesus now. I have heard of other occasions of people just before their deaths seeing "beyond the veil" so to speak. My husband saw (I believe) his guardian angel at the end, waiting to take him on his final trip. All I know is that he saw someone I could not see, and he asked me who it was. I asked him to describe the person and he got rather testy, saying he was 'right over there" just look for myself. I dropped the issue, now wanting him to strain himself, but afterward thought it might be his angel, whom he had dubbed "Michael". I will have to ask him when we meet again. So I believe you are right in discerning that your father was talking to his Savior. How comforting it is to us left behind!
  14. I ate the 2nd "thinnings" assortment over the last few days. Wow, those new greens are sooooooo good! We are also finishing the last of last summers sweet potatoes, and have one cabbage left from the winter garden. No worries though....our radishes should be picking size in the next few days. The turnips greens & lettuce are close too. This last week we finally actually planted the self-watering planters we made (six half-barrel size, and a couple repurposed totes). I planted one tote in "Stickless Wonder" yard long beans, and put a couple of rosemary plants in another. Mary emptied doggie Jack's wading pool (replaced it with a new one, no worries) and we moved to to a bare clay spot and filled it with new dirt-compost mix from our friend at the nursery ($20 a pickup truck load) and set one of our fountains in the middle. Then we planted it, too. I have been transplanting lilies - we had a tote we moved a bunch of lily bulbs in with some dirt and they all sprouted and are crowing one another, so we have lots of lilies planted around the place. Mary also fell in love with some 3-tier planters at Wal mart and we got two that now flank our front door. We get a little crazy this time of year in the garden departments! We also planted up a friends' patio planters and front yard (she has a black thumb, she kills plants) beds, and I got the go ahead to take cuttings from her beautiful red "knockout" rose to try to cultivate more bushes to plant around our property borders, just for fun. I have only rooted cutting from roses one time, and it was some years ago, but it was not all that hard, so I am optimistic. Mary is trying to get some kind of a lawn to grow in front of the house at least. Spring is FINALLY here! (and so are the ticks, bugs, skeeters and snakes)
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