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    OK...will do! Today we battened down hatches due to incoming ice storms. We lose power a lot down here, because they don't replace the electric lines until they actually are brought down by tree limbs, etc. They take "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" ver-r-r-r-y seriously down here! So we have gennies in place and ready to go. I succumbed to temptation today at the dollar store, they had 25 cent seed packets. I cant resist cheap seeds! We got our carport finished today too. We could hold one heck of a party in there, it is huge. But that is a good thing, we can put two SUVs in there, plus there is an enclosed rear area for secure storage. So tomorrow we resume sorting boxes as to what goes where. Mary got her bed back, and I am waiting for E-mail info from Penske trucking (who leased our movers their trucks) as to their procedures with items left in the trucks. The mover, claims they just clean out the trucks and throw away anything left behind. I find that a little hard to believe....not without looking to see what it is....somebody somewhere has to have my 7 short wave radios.

    We found a couple of bearing nut trees....not money trees, but nice.....one of the nuts looks like a hickory, one looks like a small pecan. No leaves on trees, so we are having trouble with good tree ID. Still lookin' for the money tree....

    here wells are ok; id just have to get it checked out and hooked up again. maybe on our to do list, as our present funds are rather deflated right now. we are still lookin for the money tree we were told was around.....tomorrow the phone calling starts anew....check on my authorization for treatment....check to see of Fleetwood got a work order for our address (they have to fix a ceiling crack)...did my Christmas gift order that never arrived get resent?...ah, sweet mysteries of life!

    We need a happy dance emoji! Mary e-mailed the original movers we had asking about her bed, and they found it! I found the urns (whew! ) along with my safe and the firearms! Now all we are waiting for is the carport to go in, with the storage part at the back. We are putting things away in the house, still lots of boxes but starting to feel like home at last Mary was out blowing leaves and found some interesting things on the property - looks like we may also have a well on site, as well as that little creek in the back. There is also some plastic tubing with electrical wires in it, something was hooked up there at one time. Its kinda like redneck archaeology as we figure out who had what on the property before us. We already know we have two water hookup locations, one for each lot we bought. The exploration continues....

    Good morning! Finally got our Wi-Fi in so now am able to go online as desired. Expensive tho...Highes-Net is NOT cheap, but they were the only ones who come out here. Goy my 2nd chemo done, only minimally sick for 4 days, now feeling OK. Blood tests to keep track of white blood cell count next week, then the LAST chemo!! Hoooray! Have to make some rice krispy bars to give out - that seems to be the custom on the last chemo day. We are very sloooowly finding some of the stuff we thought was missing. My desk computer was in a garbage can set lidless, outdoors. Nice....don't know if it works any more or not. We had rain. The on site storage manager said the so-called movers sent to move us from the realty company were carousing all night, revving engines, yelling, etc. Professional lot, that. We are still missing my husband's urn. I am horrified for fear it may be in a landfill somewhere. Mary thinks she found her computer inside the storage shed. We have (still) a laundry list of missing and presumed gone forever items, but we are working on it day by day and lining up at attorney. Both our backs are giving us fits, and I caught a cold (sniff). BUT we are finally getting at least a small handle on things. Puppy Jack is now 1 year old, and he is being trained vigorously in "People are alpha dogs in this house". He catches on fast, so we will continue with " no jumping" and "be quiet". We love the little rebel.
  6. Getting Older Day by Day

    yup, prepping is different now. Fewer "things" more know how. Always looking to work smarter, not harder. A increased appreciation for the help of power tools instead of hand/muscle operated ones. And ..... an increased amusement with the new preppers who are seemingly because there are soooooo many folks overwhelmed with the doomsday hype. I try to insert a little common sense in there, before they get burnt out and stop trying.
  7. Coffee....

    Wow, do I feel old fashioned. Don't like Keurig coffee....mine is old fashioned, and black. Oh well....at least drinking coffee isn't such a big "no-no" anymore, LOL. The more I hear of researchers contradicting each other, the more I recall the old maxim...."everything in moderation". Wasn't that the Aristotle/Greek "golden mean" or some such? Works well for most things.
  8. Please pray for Old Pine

    Adding my prayers too....Merry Christmas to everyone.
  9. You're Welcome (Parody)

    oh heavens.... I'm housework impaired a bit, but that's FUNNY

    I cant believe it. The house went on the lot today - but the realtor said we should go for a third week (!!) in the RV park. At ANOTHER $250 a week. At this rate we will probably miss Christmas too - with all the gifts we bought for our friends buried in storage. We cannot for the life of us understand why OUR home takes so long, with this same realtor bragging to a common friend that she put 5 OTHER homes on their lots while we wait...and wait...and wait.... Then another indicent that made me go hmmmmmmm. Mary said one of the workers on our home asked if she and 'her wife' (me, apparently) were going to enjoy our new home. She was so shocked at his casual assumption that we are gay, that all she could do was answer "EXCUUUUUUSE ME??????" and give him a funny look. He did not repeat himself. Now I'm wondering if that might not be a factor in all our peculiar house delays.....foot dragging.....mysterious damages.....and apparently bad luck. That is soooooo sad, and it angers me. Who the heck do people think they are to judge us, even erroneously, and take revenge in such petty ways? Mary is so bummed out, she says she is tired of all the struggling. Me too. It makes me want to be a hermit more than ever!
  11. Pacemaker Needed

    I'm praying for you too, Midnight Mom. Hoping all goes well and you soon feel much, much better!

    WAY TO GO, AMBERGRIS!!! Nice acreage, and the place sounds verrrrrry nice! And room for critters! Our house goes on the lot tomorrow, so today we ran around and got electric & water service set up, for a nominal deposit at each place, of course. Then we get a call from the water dept, who reported that (LOL) they turned on the water and 'there is a leak' . Well duh, we told them there was no residence there! No plumbing. Of COURSE it leaks. Realtor said its part of the delivery to hook all that stuff up, and make sure it does not 'leak'. Doctors' visit went OK, too....my port got flushed, and chemo will begin again on Thursday, taking 'only' 3 to 4 hours. Now I have to find a primary physician in my area so I can get a mammogram and such. Apparently now I get the privilege of squishing my girls annually. How thrilling. Then to put the frosting on the cake, a friend of ours called in desperation asking for a loan. His wife has 3rd stage (and aggressive) cancer and may well die before Christmas, and he is facing forclosure on property (they have no insurance, and have been paying cash for cancer treatments). He got a loan from us - we had the money and we do not abandon our friends in desparate situations. He will probably pay us back, but even if he does not, we can afford (at least right now) to perform this act of mercy. He helped us when we needed it, so now we return the favor. I am still amazed (albeit horrified as well) at how quickly some families turns their back when things get tough, but are right at hand when there is something in it for them. Our friend says that his wife's adult children (from a former marriage) are already discussing who will get what from Mom's things, but won't come see her while she yet lives. How tragic.

    Had Mary shave my head today. It looks much neater that way. then after breakfast we went out and cut down some trees on our lot. We are getting pretty discouraged; it has been one thing after another with this move, and we were supposed to have a house on site a month ago! This time the rain made things too soft and slippery to move in something as heavy as a mobile home. So we consoled ourselves by cutting down leaning trees, dead trees, and too-close-to-each other trees. There is a certain satisfaction in cutting down trees when you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. I stacked logs, toted branches, and helped lift & prop up the working area when extra clearance was needed for the chain saw. Mary is the chain saw handler. I also had my weapon at hand in case of snakes. The good news is that today it did NOT rain. Our forcast is for more than a week of dry weather, so the mobile home setting is tentatively scheduled for Tues or Wed. I'll be at the Dr (and maybe chemo ) on Tues, so I might have to miss the excitement. We will have to pay for another week of the RV park and more propane (it is not so warm we can do without heat). I was amazed - Atlanta got 10 inches of snow - quite respectable as blizzards go, except they are not used to such things. Many folks without power, even now 24 hours later. Good weather to make a pot of chili on the grill, and play Monopoly by candlelight. Dodger showing his support pre-head-shaving..... I don't quite look like Uncle Fester......but it sure is different. One of the cats has volunteered to sleep atop my head on the pillow to keep my noggin warm.....Nice Kitty.....

    Snow missed us...we got more COLD drizzle. Bought new washer & dryer for new place. We are HOPING for mid week as it will take time got the site to dry. Mary has new chainsaw, we are trimming trees, cutting out those too close to each other, crossed limbs, etc. Extra site prep....

    Wow, Ambergris! So glad you were able to cancel. I suspect you would have found living in that neighborhood 'less than optimum'. Today when we made our report to the Sheriff's dept on the damage to our RV, he said "you are moving to sunrise drive?" "yes, why". "No neighbors, hope you ladies have guns in case something happens". "We have lots of them." Hmmmmm. We told him I am retired LEO, and roommate is former DI from the army. "They y'all will be OK out there". LOL. He did not understand that for me, anyway (less so for Mary) the isolation is one of the things I LIKED. He was a very nice fellow. We got good news, the house can be put on the lot as early as Friday, unless we get the forecasted rains on Thursday and Friday; then it might be Saturday. We have also met with our car-port supplier, as he will be able to put it and our shed in once the house is there and electricity available. Sooooo things are coming along. The pets are so much happier to be 'at home' in 'their' RV. Its the same one we stayed 6 months in last winter. So they are no longer stressing from the moving, then the travel, and I must admit, I'm also much more relaxed now. Dang, moving was quite the odyssey.....

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