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  1. kappydell


    Everybody has those things they save for when it gets cold. For me it is baking - when it gets cold I start baking bread, then often go on to pies, cookies, and what have you, as well as making something in the crock pot for "instant" hot chow. And hot chocolate, naturely!! Those habits die hard. I guess its my way of eating with the seasons.
  2. kappydell


    MARY GOT HER DISABILTY!!! 70% (around 1400/mo tax free) More importantly she got her back pay for 19 months. I am so proud of her - and very flattered that she asked if it was alright, before she spent a chunk of it. The story: When we moved we gave our boat to a friend who had always yearned for one. No biggie. But Mary has always loved boats, so we resolved to buy one when we got to our new home. But with the disastrous move, all our allocated funds got eaten away. So when her back pay arrived, Mary wanted to get a used boat. OK, no biggie. She wanted to pay for it outright, so as to avoid more monthly bills. OK with me, wise move. Then we discussed the kind of boat. Agreed on that too. Now the teary-eyed part - our dear friends down here (always ready to help us, always have our backs without question - don't find friends like that anymore) had to sell their ski boat because they needed funds for emergency medical bills. They were hearbroken, and so were we - we could not help with the money. Well, Mary asked them to come along while we looked at boats, due to their expertise (well, more experience than us, anyway) and they were delighted to do so. We looked at pontoon boats - easier to handle, get on and off, and nicer to fish from. They love pontoon boats. So we picked one big enough to hold all of us. It was nice to see how excited they were for us, and they also offered their now-empty boat house to keep it in, saving us putting it in and out every time we wanted to use it. Then Mary sprung it on them (and me)...the boat was to be all of ours, to use as desired. You should have seen their faces when she handed them a set of keys! (I thought we were all going to cry.) So today, Bass-Ackwards goes to her new home. We are SOOOO excited!! A cardinal came by and sang to us, and D said (kinda emotionally for a guy) "That's Mom, coming to see the boat...she always wanted a pontoon but never got one"
  3. kappydell


    Today turned out to be a reorganizing day. Mary went out to burn some pine needles she raked up (fleas & ticks winter over in them so we are eradicating the accumulation of years of neglect this spring). I decided I was sick and tired of not being able to find anything in our pantry anymore, plus going thru totes of canned goods we removed from the motor home to find vegetables that I could not get to (or find) in the pantry anymore. It took 8 hours, but I emptied 4 totes, reorganized the pantry, moving things around for efficient recovery of things we use more often, and incorporating the scattered items from the motor home. It looks nice now, and I was able to free up some extra space by consolidating the Christmas baking supplies & equipment - I even washed the cookie cutters again before packing them up! Before surgery we will have to reorganize & arrange the spare room (bedroom #4) so we can find things in there without prolonged searching. (Remember Hee Haw?...well instead of pickin' & grinning' we say to each other..."Im searchin .,....I'm cursin") The carport is on the agenda as it has a closed storage area in the back that needs to be made workable. When we moved everything got higgledy-piggledy, so now we are fixing that. When I got done with the pantry, I made dinner (hamburger gravy over baked potatoes) and we discovered that our oldest dog is having dental issues because he had trouble eating it. So I made it more soupy and he fell to with a will. Then it was meat processing time. I skinned & defatted 20 lb of chicken thighs, packed them in meal size packages, and with Marys help took a load of the resulting 6 pkgs of chicken, 3 pkgs of pork steaks, 2 pkgs beef steaks, 4 pkgs (1 lb each) ground chuck, and 2 pkgs of turkey thighs out to the backup freezer in the carport. We took out one of the hams to thaw and cut up on Wednesday, deboning and packaging in smaller packages (mostly for scalloped potatoes & ham, and omelets) to save space. I picked up some split peas last week. I see split pea soup in our future. We want to have supplies in place before my surgery so Mary does not have to struggle carrying groceries alone. We also want to get all the spring jobs that require lifting & toting done ahead of time as well. Don't want to wreck Marys back doing it alone! I think I earned my recliner time tonight.
  4. kappydell

    Venezuelan Civil War

    I hope they will be able to rise up and take back their country, and their lives. I am watching them closely, as they could be forshadowing our future if the wrong politicians get their way. The harder they press to disarm the poplace the more I wonder what they have up their sleeves.
  5. kappydell

    medical testing - ugh

    Good news - Im cleared for neck surgery. The cardiology test showed NO issues...in fact, doc calculated the percentage of likelihood of a "cardiac issue" at...0.17%. That is pretty low, so she said "go ahead"! Plus she loved the veggies and is making them last....she said she will get at least a weeks worth of meals from them.
  6. kappydell


    Today we did a lot of the "happy dance". M got her VA disability letter, looks like she will get 70 or 80% disability. Nice, since her social security is rock-bottom and does not last long. She has always felt bad about not kicking as much in the kitty as I was able to, but hey, as long as there is enough, its all good. She will also be getting 19 months back pay. I am also happy not just for her, but for my budget -- it was getting a little tight since we bought the pickup truck (the plan was for her to pay for it when her disability came in, and I was filling in). Our taxes are done and filed - hopefully get a couple bucks there, too. So we are dancing the happy dance over our easing finances at last! I got my cardiology tests back on Friday - as I expected, it was a nothing-burger. When doc input the info into her calculator for a "risk assessment score" the probability of me having a cardiac issue with surgery came to 0.17%. So she OKed the neck surgery for me at the end of the month. The big "polar vortex" freeze did NOT kill the garden, which we covered with tarps before it hit. Fresh greens with breakfast!!! All in all it was a very encouraging day. Mary is looking into used pontoon boats. She wants another fishing boat, but something stable enough to take wheelchair clamps just in case we need them in the future. (Where we lived in before, originally next to lake Michigan, the charter boat captains would get together and host a fishing outing for vets from the local vets hospital. They followed up with a fish boil, cooking all the fish caught in the "official" Door County way. Needless to say, we always volunteered to help with that stuff and it was loads of fun, even for us "wheelchair pushers"...I think I will encourage those wheelchair clamps.) A pontoon boat would be just the ticket.
  7. kappydell

    Making the Best of Basics

    I got my first copy of it just after Y2K and actually made the home made vacuum pump sealer they mentioned in it. Were the auto salvage fellows ever puzzled when I went to them for parts! I had to make a copy of the plans and show them. The contraption worked, too! but now we have oxygen absorbers, and other consumer sized vacuum pumps so it is rather redundant now. L)OL - we called it "wankenstein"......
  8. kappydell


    I am SO GLAD I am not in Wisconsin anymore (sorry northerners). Keep warm and watch for frostbite! We covered the garden completely to try to keep this latest winter blast from killing things. Fingers are crossed now, its all we can do. The deer are coming by more and more for corn, this is their "hungry season". So we stay inside (raining & snowing) and plan our upcoming growing season.
  9. kappydell


    Jeepers, I refuse to buy jar lables anymore, and the office ones leave a residue....if they stick....so I just coy a page of them I made up myself. They are small enough to fit nicely under the strip of clear packing tape I use to put them on the jars. They come off clean, the tape keeps them from getting wet and illegible, and I can put anything I want on the labels. Cheap, too. An occasional roll of packing tape from Wally once in a while (Chainsaw Mary keeps borrowing the tape, lol). Lately have been using the generic ones, because I have been jarring up odd assortments of stuff from dried herbs to rubber bands (they stay stretchy longer). Labels generally are like this (sorry they are kinda cock-eyed, they don't copy-paste so good). BEANS, SNAP 08-18 REHYDRATE BY BOILING WATER SOAK OR SIMMER UNTIL SOFT. FROM GARDEN, CULTIVAR “CONTENDER” BUSH EGGS, PICKLED 12-10 JACKIE CLAY’S RECIPE PRESSURE CANNED, SUB DILL FOR PICKLE SPICE RICE, WHITE LONG GRAIN P + s IN 05-12 USE 1 C RICE + 2 C BOILING WATER, SIMMER 20 MIN FOR 3 CUPS RICE BEANS, DRY BUSH TURKEY CRAW FROM SSE PROLIFIC BUSH, 18”, 120 DAYS TO DRY. HOLD SHAPE WHEN COOKED MILD FLAVOR (D LIKED) HOMEMADE SHAKE+BAKE Good on chicken or pork; rinse Meat, drip dry, shake, bake on Ungreased pan @ 350 to 400 Potatoes: coat dry wedges w. oil then shake & bake alongside
  10. kappydell

    medical testing - ugh

    Well, that stress test was the easiest one I've ever done. But I thought it was odd that I felt nothing. I got the injection and was told I would feel a flush. Nope. They kept asking if I was out of breath. Nope. Just laid there, bored. No heart rate raise that I could tell, no nothing. Unless something shows up on the before & after contrast x-rays, I don't even inow right now if it worked. Hopefully the absence of any discomfort was a good sign. Then off for an echocardiogram aka ultrasound. Getting into position hurt more than anything else, as I took no meds the morning prior. Oh yes, getting up at 5 AM hurt some, especially without coffee. My body kept saying "Hey, what happened? You promised we would never have to do this again!" On the plus side, my doc was delighted over the veggies. It took a fairly large box to carry them all, and she kept pulling out bag after bag to see what was in there. Like Christmas!
  11. kappydell


    Ooooh, tht is beautiful, Homesteader
  12. kappydell


    yesterday was social security check day for me, so we did some shopping. First to Wal mart yesterday, to get critical items from our end of the pay period shopping list. Got everything on it except the meat, we go to another store for most of our meat. The turkey thighs we got there turned out so good we wanted more, plus they were having a steak sale. Their steaks and pork are superior to wal-mart's so wait for sales and get them there. That was fitted around all the tests doc wanted before she would authorize my neck surgery and those took 5 hours total. So after fasting since 10 PM last night, and being in "test mode" until 3PM, well, a stop at IHOP was definitely in order! So we were running all OVER the place. The good news? We found new chains for Chainsaw Mary's saw, and bought strawberry plants, raspberry bush transplants, rhubarb crowns, and a bag of seed potatoes. Then we RAN for the checkout line to save the budget (literally) as I have no willpower when it comes to planting things, LOL. Tonight we go over to a friends house so I can use her sewing machine to tailor the scrub pants for Mary & I to wear this summer. we like them, they are comfy for when it gets hot.
  13. kappydell

    medical testing - ugh

    Oh goodie. MORE tests. Today I got an EKG for my pre-surgery physical. Ugh. Doc says my wave form looks like I had a heart attack in the past - a little one - yep, a cardiologist told me about it years ago, said not a problem, just take 1/2 baby aspirin every night. Then told me I didn't need to come back, as I didn't need her. So I figured OK, not a big problem. Ditto the heart murmur I've had for years & years. Dr. B wants a stress test though, so tomorrow at 7 AM I go get one. What the heck, its been about 10 years since the last one. I hope it does not prevent me from neck surgery though. The neuro doc said it was kind of important to unpinch the spinal cord. Mary is having a fit - I am trying to reassure her that it is not as bad as all that, after all her dad had open heart surgery & cardio problems and lived into his 90s. And if I did have a heart attack it was such a mild one that nobody noticed, including me! It's not working very well though, she' a worrier. We did go and pick a passel of veggies for the doc though. Our area is known for having not enough Mds, so we want to coddle her a bit. Besides, fresh veggies make her eyes light up with pleasure. So doc is getting lettuce, broccoli, collards, mixed kales, spinach and a nice head of cabbage. Enough for her to eat for a week or share with her grown daughters. I'm eating so many greens my last blood test actually showed high folacin levels - but doc said it was not only not a problem, it was a plus.
  14. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    Cmon down! You can stay in our spare bedroom while you look around for a place to live! Taxes are cheap & if you are over 65 you get free college tuition at the state colleges. (I told M the other day I should sign up for a political science class and argue with the professor all term, since it does not matter if he fails me for it. It would be fun to play devils' advocate, and drive him cray-cray.)
  15. kappydell

    Gardening Through the Winter

    that sounds MUCH better than I cut myself shaving....which is all I can think of offhand. Or I got into a political discussion and lost my head? Tonight I picked my doc a "produce package" - all the garden weathered the lows beautifully, so now we are picking like the dickens. From left to right: lettuce broccoli mixed kale, collards, spinach and a head of cabbage. We see her at 7 AM tomorrow, so we thought we would surprise her.

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