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  1. Not getting much done today....started out swell, slept well after taking the melatonin & lemon balm my doc recommended. Went out and thinned the early veggies, saving the thinnings for a spicy fresh mini-greens salad (mustard, radish, collards, turnips) after washing well. Went in to make pancakes and noticed my migraine aura was starting up. WHO GAVE ME PERMISSION TO HAVE MIGRAINES????? Fortunately did not amount to much - just a foggy feeling & auras for a couple hours, a barely noticeable headache, then poof, gone. The pancakes were good. Started to keep a diary to try to figure out what is triggering this weirdness. The food garden is in, planting flowers now. Peonies are going to bloom in the shallow pot we had them in while trying to figure out where to transplant them. Pretty - the rose is blooming in its' pot, too. We got some trumpet lily seeds last spring, planting them this year. Should b e a show stopper - they grow 6 feet tall! Now THATS a lily! This was a trumpet lily at our Wis place.... Happy today because one of our outside kitties returned after being missing about a week. He is limping, but otherwise seems OK and much more content to stick around. I was worried about him, he was AWOL thru some pretty nasty thunderstorms. I suspect he will stick closer now so he can shelter in the carport with the other kitties and eat regularly. Welcome back, Puppers!
  2. My first spring "picking".....mini-greens for a salad (also known as thinnings by us old timers). Mustard, collards, radish and turnip thinnings. Nice and spicy!
  3. My dollar tree pots from last year wintered over nicely, too. I want to get some rosemary in its own pot though - the lemon balm is crowding it out! Pushy! Today M said she had to get more dirt. Oh? I thought we were nearly done with planting. Nope. She want to recycle our pups' wading pool into a large flower bed and get the dogs a new pool. It should hold quite a lot! Planted our shed pots, so our vertical garden is up. It only took 4 minutes for a passing driver to stop and compliment us on it. A new record! Tomorrow we will plant the 3-tier pots for either side of our front door. And M thinks she has an idea where to plant our camellias.
  4. half gallon size..they fill them full of decorative things and sit them on the mantle...
  5. Got my surgery - the hospital was pretty third world as far as nursing care. Didn't know the place was BYOA (bring your own aide). Never go back there again. They actually called me to take a survey about their nursing care....they got all "very dissatisfied" ratings. Never going back there again. But on the plus side, when I had my follow up MRI (yep, under that semi again, lol) they made me a personal disc of my own on for a fee ($10 was not too bad in my opinion to have my own copy). I'm starting my own personal medical record with copies of all my lab tests and imaging films as well as their interpretation. Should make getting a 2nd opinion SOOOOO much easier, should I want one.
  6. We are only putting things in pots we have already planted in other pots and that have shown a liking for them - mostly flowers and such, though my rhubarb will be in the shade because rhuby-babies do NOT like it hot...at all....in fact some sources I have checked have mentioned growing rhubarb as an annual (?!?) in very warm areas. Intriguing.... The other large self waterer I managed to claim (M grabbed of them for flowers) for my Asian yard long beans.....I've located a supposed "dwarf" variety I want to try. Picking off 4 foot tall plants beats trying to pick off an 8 foot vine. The one I have is called "stickless wonder"...we will see about that....I hope M likes them, because she loves snap beans and they all give up when our summer temps of 90+ become a daily event. It would be nice to just switch gears and eat the yard long beans instead - they supposedly thrive in the heat. So we just gotta try them. If they work well, we will plant lots more, break out the tallest poles we have, and I will can them up. Looking for old totes around the house to re-purpose for self watering planters for herbs, too. We need more rosemary (makes a wash both healing and flea repelling for our felines).
  7. They are, but I love them too. Most people I have asked in the local Wal-Mart are using them for decorative crafts. Not my cuppa tea, but anything that gets Walmnart to carry them might not be a bad thing....
  8. Today we took advantage of no rain and worked on improving our red-clay front "lawn'. Mary tilled in some scratches, then we broadcast grass seed, then I raked to even things out a little, and straw over everything. Don't know if it will work, but it will not hurt to try. Two of our dogs got 'fixed' yesterday so we are TRYING to keep them from jumping, but its hard. They are used to jumping up & down off laps, etc. The garden is up. We've added quite a few new planting places, besides putting the planters up the side of the garden shed again (remember last years' "vertical garden"?). ;One of the seed sources I found for southern-acclimated cultivars is closing. The bad news? They carry lots of open pollinated, regional but relatively rare seeds. The good news? Send in an order, get an equal value in free seeds of your choosing. So I am trying to stock up on the many kinds of southern peas he sells, as well as the tomatoes & green peppers acclimated to extremely hot and humid conditions. Other regional specialties I am stocking up on are various kinds of mustard, collards, and turnips - more 'southern' staples. I will join the seed savers exchange this fall and try to get seeds out to as many other people as I can, trying to keep them from disappearing altogether. I will also be saving seeds....especially those I have not found other sources of (Floradade & Floradel tomatoes, for example; Edisto cantaloupe is another. ) It seems every time I find something I really like and can use, it gets discontinued. Grrrr. Tomorrow more doctors. At least it will be MY doctor, and close to home. I'm getting sick of "medical commuting", no matter how much of a tax deduction it gets me (and believe me, I deduct every mile, every expense.....)
  9. Mary & I put together our six self watering planters. Not terribly hard work but time consuming since I am only half a helper (grimace). We spaced them along the front of the house BEFORE putting in our soil. Put one on the east side of the carport where it will get shade in the late afternoon, since rhubarb does not handle our heat very well. Hopefully it will like it there, since I really don't want to have to grow it as an annual. We still have LOTS of 6 inch corrugated perforated drainage pipe but as we find cheap totes we can also convert those to self watering pots. I found the seeds Mary was looking for so now it is just a matter of deciding what goes where. I have lots of lilies to transplant, so I may dig in a row of "food" dirt and dput them into the ground. Oh yes...we planted out two peach trees last evening, too. Hopefully these will make it where the original one did not.
  10. Love those pics! Tired tonight - went to see a cardiologist to see if anything needed to be done regarding an aneurism found via a CT. He said no, surgery not required. Will monitor it, come back in a year and we will see if it is growing or not. Since Im already on BP meds & cholesterol meds, nothing further needed. Cool. After we got home & ate our pizza, we went & got supplies to make those wicking pots - plus bought MORE pots, Mary liked them and wanted more. Since our soil is crappy as a growing medium pots will be our way of working around it. The only thing that was expensive was that perforated drainage pipe (6 inch) since I could only get it in a 100 foot length! I can make a heck of a lot of pots with that much! We will be looking for totes on sale in the future, as they will also make nice big wicking pots. So we bought the components today (pvc pipe, landscape cloth, drain pipe) and a jigsaw to cut same. Then we went back to tractor supply and got some more of the pots Mary liked, and some straw to mulch our attempts at a lawn. When we got home, we got to talking about flowers we wanted. She was delighted when I showed her the seeds I had saved from last year that were exactly what we had discussed putting in - 5 foot tall trumpet lily bulbs; Perennial wild flower mixture; Nicotania (she was unable to find it in the store) and Four O Clocks (can you tell we like nice aromatic flowers??), more peonies, and the like. The garden centers are getting very picked over and those things were certainly not around this year. I sure was glad I had saved them. Our garden is sprouting up all over except for some of the warm weather lovers (string beans). I was surprised to see the melons and squash coming up with gusto; and the radishes are actually going to be thinning size in a week! (My mouth is already watering, LOL) I am waiting for a seed shipment from a place called the seed kingdom. It is a place in TX and the owner is retiring (that figures, I just found him). He was the only place carrying the Floridale and Floridade tomatoes that are high heat and humidity tolerant, as well as an amazing collection of various southern peas and other hot weather vegetable cultivars. He is offering his customers a 2 for one deal - send in an order of at least $45 and then they will match it with $45 (or however much was spent) with other seeds you choose. Needless to say I ordered more seeds of things I did not want to lose - $98 worth - and ordered the free ones as well. I hope to share them with the Seed Savers Exchange so his open pollinated cultivars do not disappear altogether. If anybody wants to try out some hot weather adapted seeds let me know and I will let you know what I have. Tomatoes, southern peas, mustard greens and the like. Very old fashioned stuff.
  11. but I bet it smell wonderful when you mow!
  12. glad to hear you are on the mend. stomach flu is rotten.
  13. I did leave a message for a cattle farmer selling hay on our local "yard sale" site, asking if he had any tubs he would sell me...We will see if I get a reply. We did buy some more large pots (18 inches tall, 24 inches diameter) because Mary wants to plant our perennials in them. We will put along the front of the house to replace our mismatched pots of flowers. Now I'm talking her into making wicking pots, so they will stay watered. She says watering is relaxing to her and she enjoys it....I tell her she can still water the raised bed gardens and ground-planted items, just touching up the pots once a week or so.....plus they will stay watered if we take a trip. She is 99% convinced.
  14. How timely! I just bought a tub for my rhubarb ! and I have lots of coffee cans saved! All I need is landscape fabric for wicking and some Styrofoam to loosen up the garden soil we have, and I can try a self-wicking system! Thank you-thank you-thank you for the video! Will have to keep my eyes open for more tubs to use for a few other herbs and such.
  15. Annarchy, mulch is something we are planning to do with our paths, too. We got a wood chipper, so when we take down a tree we can chip the branches, then mulch our paths. Since we have red clay everywhere, we figure it should help with the mud issue when it gets wet as well as a way to cut down on how much we have to burn (it seems like such a waste). I imagine our dogs will be rolling in it and scattering it around, it seems to be ingrained in dogs, LOL. We have to figure out how and where to plant our shrubs now, it is all gravel where we had planned to put them. Ugh. Clay on top of gravel. Perfect if I was a rustic potter....or brick maker....not so hot for growing things, LOL.
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