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  1. I don't know anything about Androids, iPads or iAnything. My phone is the cheapest phone from TracFone. $100.00 a year baby. I don't like to read on my laptop or my Kindle Fire's. I either read on the Kindle Touch or Kindle Paperwhite. 99% of the time on the Paperwhite. It's a 'reader' and that's what it does best. I really like the Fire's for things other than reading. I can do quick web searches and play a few games from the free aps. Especially word games to keep my brain active...I hope. It's also great for free movies and things from Prime. I don't care that much for movies but they do have lots of really great documentaries. Also free TV, Radio, etc. I bought the 8 inch and decided I liked it and got the 10 inch. I usually only use the 8 inch when the 10 inch is charging. The 10 inch is heavy compared to the Paperwhite. I have the tri folder for the 10 inch too. The one I got isn't all that stable though so I rarely use it for that. It's not that comfortable when you are in bed on your back propping it up on your stomach. It seems to fall forward all the time. It would work on a hard surface though. This is the one I got when I bought the Fire 10 inch: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07K2RVYMR/coliid=I2VPDHEKY8VL3Z&colid=YQT0IQ0PHQ8B&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it What I really like for video watching on the 10 incher is a stand. They have them for smaller readers too. I got this one: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00HFRYA7U/?coliid=I280QUC6N50OL9&colid=YQT0IQ0PHQ8B&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I'm thinking I'd probably like something like one of these pillow props to use for the reader while in bed since I do most of my reading in bed at night: https://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kindle+holders+for+reading+in+bed&sprefix=KIndle+hol%2Caps%2C221&crid=2Y2FONN4IQZR2
  2. Jeepers

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    My DIL made a jar of something called morphine in a jar or something silly like that. It's made with essential oils and coconut oil as a carrier. It's for topical use and supposed to be for pain relief. She made it for my arthritis in the neck. It didn't work BUT it does help with my burning neuropathy pain on my leg. It's messy and smells to high heaven, not necessarily in a bad way, but it does take away some of the fire and sting. It's solid until it hits the skin. I dab it on with a tissue or a makeup remover round thing. I need to get her recipe.
  3. Jeepers

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Ya know a long time ago I thought about ammo boxes but for some reason I didn't think you could buy them. Especially around here. A quick peek at Amazon proved me wrong. They have plenty of them. Who knew! I should have. They have everything. That's where I got the body bags. So, next month (if I don't forget) I plan to get a couple. One even said it was water and air tight. One had a padlock. They aren't real expensive either. Thanks Sarah. I'm sure you are excited to get your new leg. Hope all goes well for you and your adjustment period is fast.
  4. Jeepers


    Sorry you have a neighbor from h3ll Kappy. Doesn't it seem like we all have one of 'those'. I've had mine for 30 years. I can't stand a liar or a thief.
  5. Jeepers

    Gardening Through the Winter

    MARY! WELCOME! It's so nice to see you post. I love looking at all of the pictures of your garden and hearing about your adventures from Kappydell. I've gotten a lot of good advise and info from you guys already. You are very much welcome to post here anytime. Don't be a stranger. Last but not least...thank you for your service.
  6. Jeepers

    Got some news....with difficulties

    I forgot about the bereavement fare. I used it too when I went to S.C. to help take care of my cousin while she was passing.
  7. Jeepers

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Prayers for your MIL and safe travels for your DH. Not to be insensitive but he might want to take funeral clothes. Speaking from experience here. It happened to me once and I had to make a very fast trip to Wal-Mart. I looked and felt awful. Take it as slow as you can and do only what needs to be done. I was going to suggest staying with your folks but then remembered the animals. So glad your church family is an option. Don't be afraid to call an ambulance if you or your folks get down. Safer than you or your dad trying to drive! Will be holding you up in prayers.
  8. Jeepers

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Jeep started but it balked a little on the first crank. I had to use the 4 wheel drive to get out of the end of the driveway. Thanks snow plow guy. I fell in the snow. It was kind of funny actually. My mailbox is turned from the snow plow...again and I took ahold of it to give it a quick jerk and my hand slipped off and I went down in a big snow drift. It was nice and fluffy but cold! I looked like a big ole turtle stuck on its back flailing around. That's why I do outside stuff after dark when I can. I know me. There's probably a big 'snow angel turtle' out there. I'm not looking while it's still daylight. We have over a foot of snow. I put those marker sticks along the driveway so the snow plow guy wouldn't turf me. He buried them under the snow. I'm sure they are broken. At least they are old. Men! That's why I can't have nice things. Can't wait to move. Hoping and praying this is my last winter here.
  9. Jeepers

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Brrr. It's so cold outside. It's down to 4 degrees and I think I need to take the Jeep around the block. I don't think I've started it for a couple of days and it's been below freezing for last few days. I don't want go! LOL. But I'd hate for the battery to die even worse. What to do...what to do. Since I didn't have supper tonight and our Burger King is open until midnight and Taco Bell until 3:00am, I might as well make a night of it. Vanilla coke from BK and a taco salad from TB. It just dropped another degree. I guess I'll go before it gets in the minus range.
  10. Jeepers

    Got some news....with difficulties

    Ugh. Sorry this came up so suddenly.
  11. Jeepers


    Love your turkey jars. You sure have been busy this fall/winter. Ambergris, it's amazing what can be accomplished with a little bit of help.
  12. Jeepers


    Wow Annarchy...so glad you are okay! Quick thinking. Those beans look so good up there. I got a few errands done today. I keep forgetting to go to the bank until it's too late. I need to make a trip to the Dollar Tree for some readers. I keep forgetting that too. It's supposed to finally turn cold and snow late this weekend. I'm ready for it. I might go pick up a bag of those Cutie oranges though. I was putting together an order from Amazon last night. I'm still in the habit of waiting until I have a lot in the Wishlist before I order. Old hold over from before I had Prime. Anyway, I was looking at the plastic child proof things you plug into a wall socket. I want the clear ones. I found some and they were expensive. Can't remember how much now. But the kicker was if you wanted 'expert installation' it was ONLY an extra $95.00.Whatta bargain. I think I'll be able to figure out how to plug them in. Although it won't be a 'professional' job. I wonder what my insurance company would say if I asked them if I'd get a discount (fire hazard) if I get them professionally installed? I did find some reasonably priced ones. They were 100 for around $20.00.
  13. Jeepers


    I was going to run a few errands today but I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought better of it. My hair was having some kind of a special party going on on top of my head and the back was all ratted up. So tomorrow I'll shower early and try it again.

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