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  1. Jeepers

    Vanilla Beans

    Same here Becca_Anne. I still have some beans and I think I'll make some more too. I have enough to make about a gallon of sugar and some extract too. That will last me for years. That sugar is so good especially in tea. I love the taste of real vanilla.
  2. Jeepers

    Long time away

    So glad you are feeling better. I know you are beyond relieved that your children aren't being effected! You have a great attitude. No reason to think they will be later in life either. At least you know what to watch for so they (and you) can stay monitored and on top of things.
  3. Jeepers


    Our high didn't get out of the 60's today. Not that I noticed. I stayed in all day. I made a couple of long over due phone calls to family and not much else. Lazy girl. I found a web site with a lot of free printables on it for making a homemakers binder. It looks really nice but the site is not user friendly. Everything is scattered out with a bunch of links. And my computer is S-L-O-W. Also, why do people who offer something for free or for sale, seem to hide the link? I've spent so much time on the computer today waiting to open another window and searching for hidden links. I suppose I shouldn't complain since it's free but making a link bold or red would be nice. At one time I had 7 windows open going from link to link. Guess I'm not only lazy today but also ungrateful. I'm all about lists and binders right now and this one looks like a pretty good one. Nice it's mostly black and white so it will save on ink too. I'd like to get my life and home organized. I like the idea of a monthly planner in it too, to remind me to change furnace filters and close the crawl space vents and winterizing etc. And a list for spring cleaning and summer stuff. I need visual aides these days. http://strangersandpilgrimsonearth.blogspot.com/p/diys.html
  4. Jeepers

    Housework For Children

    Oh my, that was such a long time ago for me. We lived in small apartments when son was little so there wasn't much he could do. I remember giving him chores he liked to do and usually it was along side me. I let him help me fold clothes like socks and wash cloths etc. I did make him pick up after himself. Put toys away when he was finished with them, leave the bathroom like he found it after a bath and things like that. When he was older I told him if his clothes weren't in his basket and turned the right side out, I wouldn't wash them and I was only doing laundry once a week. I wasn't working at the time so I didn't mind doing it but I wasn't going to hunt them down. He was always busy in Jr. high and high school with sports and school work so I didn't have him do much. I'm sure if I had been working away from home at the time it would have been different. To be honest, I come from a different generation where moms did the housework. And as a rule, boys didn't do housework. Sad but true. I wouldn't be that way now! My 2 year old grandson puts his dirty laundry in his hamper every night. They have a routine where dad strips him down and throws his dirty clothes around his room and g'son goes around and gets them and puts them in his hamper. He thinks it's so much fun. He also likes to throw things in the trash for mom and dad. He 'helps' his dad work on things around the house and 'helps' with yard work with his little play lawn mower and play leaf blower. Those aren't really chores yet though. I guess I'm not much help after all. I found a couple of websites that might be of some use though: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/parenting-challenges/motivating-kids-to-clean-up/age-appropriate-chores https://mom.me/kids/5995-how-many-chores-should-my-child-do/ https://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/chores-for-children#1 And it's good to see you back!
  5. Jeepers

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    That's awesome Motherearth!! Do you have a link to your radio program? I'd definitely listen even if it's a replay. (OOPS NEVER MIND, I JUST SAW IT IN ANOTHER SECTION) Are you using Ball lids or Tattler? I'm thinking of buying some generic lids from Lehmans and wonder if they are just as good. Welcome back!
  6. Jeepers


    Thanks Twilight and Annarchy. It is daunting. Especially doing it all alone. And being here 30 years. And going smaller. Everyone is so busy lately. Annarchy you sure do a lot of nice things for other people.
  7. Jeepers


    I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart today and they were putting out Christmas decorations. Pffft. I picked up 2 bath mats while there. They are nice. They are made from memory foam and feel good. Also some hand towels to match. They weren't a set but they matched perfectly. Not that it really matters. Gonna need a couple of shower curtains too. Two bathrooms = twice the stuff. I was going to crochet some bath mats out of rug yarn. I may still do that when I get moved in and have more time. Although they can be sort of slippery. Might need to rethink that. I forgot to mention that I did get the plastic baskets from the Dollar Tree last week. They didn't have all 3 colors so I got 2 aqua blue and 1 lime green. Actually, they look pretty festive together. The sand toys did fit in one. I finally got the big walk-in closet done. There is still stuff in there but it's hanging clothes that I have hanging up with trash bags over them and a couple of boxes of shoes and a bag of purses. All ready to be moved...whenever. I also got everything in the master bath packed up except for the things I use every day. Everything else is packed up in 2 small totes that fit under the sink. AND yesterday I got half of my dresser emptied and packed. I got another 2 trash bags full to take to the Salvation Army. I swear I don't know how all of these clothes got here. Oh yeah, normal clothes and fat clothes . Except for the big closet, I really can't see where I've made much of a dent yet.
  8. Jeepers

    St. John In Exile

    Thanks midnightmom. Here is a working link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSKrNefY28w The Youtube version isn't as clear as the Amazon Prime one. Same one though. Still, a good watch.
  9. Jeepers

    St. John In Exile

    This isn't a book but I'm not sure where to put it. I just watched a one person play staring Dean Jones. Wow. He came a long way from The Love Bug! It was called St. John In Exile. It was about John of Patmos recalling his times with Jesus and the other disciples. It is very powerful beautifully done 2 act play laced with a little inside Christian humor. If you have Amazon Prime it's totally free! It might be on YouTube too. I'm on the Kindle and can't look it up right now. I can only do one thing at a time on this thing. Anyway, it's a wonderful play about Jesus you might want to check out.
  10. Well that's a thought. Kind of like instant rice.
  11. I'm going to have to eat about twenty pounds of pasta this weekend. I better get off the world wide web and get that pot o water a boilin'.
  12. Welcome home long lost van !!!! She is looking great. Glad to guys got good health reports. Might want to wait on the glasses anyway. Your eyes might need some adjusting time. Don't know if that's true but maybe. My eyes needed time after I had laser surgery. And glasses are so expensive to have to replace too often. Yes, God is good! I'm so happy for your son too. Sometimes it just takes time and patience. I know you gave him a good foundation that he is falling back on.
  13. Jeepers

    Grey Cat Garth

    Way to go Ambergris!!!
  14. Jeepers


    I mowed the grass today. Neighbor came running out with the phone up to his ear looking at me like he was calling the police again. I didn't make eye contact. I mowed like I always do. Grass got in his driveway. Not even a cups worth. As normal. I was out there for over an hour. No police showed up. Either he didn't call or they told him to go pound salt. Today was trash day and he kept making trips out to the curb. Again I didn't acknowledge him. I have great peripheral vision. He really needs my attention badly. He put the driveway on the property line so he can expect a few blades of grass. I'm not changing the way I mow my grass. He does not intimidate me. That is what makes him the maddest. Narcissistic bullies need attention. Luckily, I know that and don't feed him.
  15. Jeepers


    Mt. Rider, I saw two words in that link. Keith. Richards. Yessssss! I just knew we were soul mates. I've always been a late nighter. I can remember way back in elementary school having trouble falling asleep. I'm an extreme night owl. I could be one of those people who go to sleep at 10:00am and get up at 7:00pm. My body loves that schedule but society doesn't. Those hours don't include banking, post office, pharmacy, shopping, hair cuts etc. By the time I'd get up and shower etc. those places are closed. Plus it's dark out and not the safest environment for a single old woman. Caffeine doesn't really effect my sleep either. I can get my sleeping pattern to 'normal' for a couple of weeks but my body goes right back to where it wants to be. Annarchy, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident your MIL's friends had. What a horrible sight that must have been. Miki, I know what I'd do. Your doctor told you to take the lower dose so that's what you should do. However... Since you've already been on them with no issues, me...I'd wait. You know your body and what lies ahead. But don't go by me! I'm a crazy rebel.

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