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  1. I got the new waterproof PaperWhite. Upgraded it to the 32GB with audio and Wifi and no ads. It's supposed to come preloaded and registered. It probably will because the last one did. I ordered it while it was still on sale last week but delayed shipping until tomorrow because I was out of town. I got a leather case for around $39.00 because the ones with cloth on the inside tear up my hands when I fold it back. I even found little slivers of fiber in my fingers. I'm saving back my other one. I'll trade it in next year for a Kid Kindle. Its going to be fun going through all of those books and sorting them into folders...not.
  2. Oh great! Thanks We2. I have some of that. I was thinking about something like Prilosec or Prevacid or something else. I don't really know much about reflux meds. Homesteader, I have Gas-X here. Edited To Add: I found some Tums and Pepto tablets here. Something should work.
  3. Sorry Ambergris. I didn't know it was a series type game. Well, with the radio looping I think eventually I'd get out the Short Wave Radio to see if I could find anything in English. The BBC is a good choice and they have a couple of stations. My computer stays plugged in all the time so there would be a couple hours of juice left in the battery. Enough to charge a phone and quickly look for any news. Humm, water is soon tainted? Indy house has a well but I'm not well (pun not intended) versed in how it works. You can operate them manually??? So after filling jugs for drinking I'd fill buckets for flushing. I'd do the same in Ohio. If grocery stores are only open intermittently then I'd skip them. I definitely don't need anything worth standing in line for. I can imagine people becoming aggressive when they can't just walk in and get their cigarettes and beer. I'll leave that for people who shop 1-2 times a week and starting to feel the panic of an empty pantry. I want to stay out of their way. I would still try to get gas. I can get to Indy on a full tank of gas. Ack! I forgot about an extra tank of propane for a grill. After driving by the grocery store and gas station to check things out, I'd come home and clean. Time, energy and water will probably be in short supply so I want that chore over as soon as possible so I can concentrate on other issues as they pop up. If it happens I hope I'm already moved and its in the summer so rain barrels will be filled. Euphrasyne said: "Mostly I'd be walking around freaking out about having to wait and trying not to 'accidentally' shoot MIL as she got in my way."
  4. Bunch of enablers in here... I ordered the new Kindle.
  5. Got my glasses loosened up and they feel better. Also got my receipt for when I paid for the eye exam. It was 'only' $65.00 but I need all the help with taxes that I can get this year. I also got my prescription. I'll probably get some prescription sunglasses on line this summer. They are pretty cheap that way...I'm told. I found a few other items that were missing from my grocery bag. I went over and told them and they gave me a refund of $9.00 +. That was a pretty big chunk of change to me. She said she would give it to me as a courtesy. Pffft. Courtesy? Really? Took my money and kept my food and they are going to do me a favor. I did have my receipt. I've been shopping there 28 years and never asked for a refund until now. I kept my cool though. Partly because I didn't realize it was close to $10.00. Got my last script of generic Ambien. Finally all of my med refills have run out so in 3 months I can get everything filled on the same date. I say that every year but somehow it never works out. I made a tax appointment online. I'm really getting good at this computer thing! Look out 20th century here I come. Two nights in a row I have been awakened with acid reflux burning a hole in my throat and gasping to swallow. They don't call it 'acid' for nothing. A rude way to wake up. I was going to pick up something at the store for it and forgot. I seem to only get it a couple of times a year. Thankfully. Bank didn't call.
  6. It almost got up to 50 degrees here. I saw my first robin today. It usually snows a couple of times after that. The ground is pretty warm so whatever we get, if we get any, shouldn't stick around. Famous last words?!
  7. At 8:00am my time I'm probably still in bed. I'm a night person. Whenever my power goes off I become very alert. I always think the worst has happened. But that's okay with me. I'm not necessarily afraid. Just ready to spring into action. The first thing I always do is grab my windup radio that is always tuned into my local radio station. If they are business as usual then I figure it isn't a massive disaster. At least not yet. I know the difference in attitude because of 9-11. If it is a major disaster I put the dirty laundry in the washer, fill water jugs and water bob and head out to the grocery store. That's assuming there is water. If there is no electricity at the store I might try another one close by. No panic there. I have canned goods etc. but fresh fruit and veggies would be nice. If there is power at the store then I'm loading up a cart. Mostly with meat and veggies that I can can. Then I'd try a couple of gas stations that are close to each other to fill up. The Jeep is always half full or over and I have 5 gallons in the garage. Plus what's in the riding mower. Then I'd get home and start cleaning the house anticipating a water shortage. Where I'm at in Ohio everything is within a 5 mile radius or less. In Indiana I'm more rural and would have to go about 15 miles to stock up. I AM going to be well prepared and overstocked (no such thing really) out there! Also, if I know it's a disaster situation I'd call son and tell them to get out to my house. Of course their gas gauges usually hover around the empty mark so I'd probably have to go get them. I'd take it all as a warning and better prepare and keep things topped off. It's hard while I'm in a transition period right now. I'm eating from the pantry now so I don't have to move stuff and there isn't much at the other house. I would find it VERY strange about the power outages across the state's (or lack of) and the timing even across different time zones. Sorry to say, but my first thought would be my own government was doing it since an EMP probably wouldn't be so selective. I would definitely take it as a warning of things to come.
  8. LOL. For some reason I thought about Kappydell when I saw that. She was interested in the Road Kill book. <--------- Kappy making sure it's plenty dead before she and Mary drag it home.
  9. LOL, would have loved to have seen that red head on her bed. Nothing like clean sheets, huh Abby Girl. I spent over an hour at the bank today. It seems like I lost misplaced my bank card. I wasn't too worried about it because I've been checking online the last week and there is no new activity on my account. Also it's not a debit card (my choice!). I can only use it at an ATM machine with a password and a $300.00 daily limit. Anyway, they tried FOUR cards to get one to activate. Two tellers, a manager and customer service on the phone AND over an hour later they discovered their system must be down. Sigh. They said they would call me whenever the system was back up. I'll give them until Wednesday because you already know my luck. They won't call. Then I went to the pharmacy and grocery store. Same place. One girl there kept denying me my list (two times) of meds I had paid for last year (for taxes) because I didn't have my drivers license. Oh yes, the dreaded Indiana license. I had the temporary paper but it was expired and I hadn't been to Indiana to pick up my permanent one. Son could have sent it to me but you know as well as I do that it would have been lost in the mail. A different girl was there and she printed out the list and didn't ask for any ID. Humm. Difficult girl was there at another register and said something to her and so then she asked to see my license. Oh no...Indiana and not Ohio! I explained I have two residences. I got a strange look but got the #$%^ paper. I must look shady. Got some groceries. The cashier was chatty. She forgot how much change she was supposed to give the guy in front of me and had to check his receipt. And call the head cashier to open her drawer to get the change. She chatted me up too and I finally got out of there. A couple hours later I wanted a sammich. No bread and no bag. She forgot to give me one of my bags. So I guess she is doing pretty well for herself trying to keep the change and other peoples food. Well, not really but I had my chops set on that sandwich. I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get a copy of the receipt from when I got my last eye exam, again for taxes. It seems like I lost misplaced that too. Also my new glasses are too tight. My own fault. I kept telling her to make them tighter. She did. My head must have swolled up since then because I can barely get them on and they hurt my ears. But it was getting late and I wanted to get home and get at that sandwich...
  10. Thanks for explaining about agoraphobia. I have some social anxiety but not nearly to the degree of agoraphobia. And I've never had a panic attack.
  11. Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook: 200 Irresistible Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes for Fast, Healthy, and Amazingly Delicious Meals https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072HQM1GZ Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 225 Irresistible Recipes for Quick, Easy, and Healthy Pressure Cooker Meals https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NADWC56 Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 5 Ingredients or Less - 100 Quick, Easy, and Amazingly Tasty Pressure Cooker Recipes for Healthy and Nourishing Meals https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072PSTSBL Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook: 150 Amazing Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes for Fast, Healthy, and Incredibly Tasty Meals https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XKLJL7R Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 110 Amazing Recipes for Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Pressure Cooker Meals https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LVYKEAC Instant Pot Cookbook 2019: 550 Quick and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Your Whole Family, Multi-function Power Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Everyday Cooking https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PBMKGBK Bugs for Beginners: the most complete guide to teach you how to cook edible insects: A cookbook with 75+ recipes and everything you need to know to eat a bug https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DQVZ5QH
  12. I got to Indy and spent a couple minutes with g'son and the rest of my big plans flew out the window. We got the stuff from the Jeep carried in and the rest of the time was spent playing with 'you-know-who'. Not one thing got put away or cleaned or painted. Sigh. Don't get me wrong...it was my choice. We discovered one of the toilets is leaking between the bowl and tank. Son can fix it. And the garage door wouldn't go all the way up this time for some reason. Son disconnected the sensor thing so the door worked but that will need to be fixed for safety reasons. He also got the awning thing removed that got shredded in the wind storm a couple of weeks ago. It really looked trashy with that thing flapping in the breeze. Neighbors were probably wondering what kind of Yaw-Hoos they were going to be saddled with. I'm hoping there is a replacement available for it. I would like for the outside sitting area to last another year or more before I have to pay for a new deck etc. I'm thinking a deck and a pergola in a year or two? Would love a screened in back porch but $$$$. D-I-L thinks she has scouted out a cheaper less expensive furniture store over there. Will check it out next trip.
  13. It was snowing in Indiana but some of the flower bulbs were starting to peek their sleepy heads up out of the ground at the house. A sure sign of spring on the way. I haven't seen any robins yet.
  14. Glad to hear you are okay Mt. Rider! It was snowing in Indiana today and it continued into Ohio as I was driving home. It won't last long because it has been warm and will be in the 40+ this week but sheesh. Ever since I hydroplaned and did a 180 in the middle of a street, I've been kind of skittish about driving on newly wet pavement.
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