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  1. Jeepers

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Ohhhh. That looks so good! I'd like to start some blueberry plants next year. Indiana has very good blueberry crops. Sometimes they open up the fields and let you pick for free. At least they used to. I'm wondering if it would pay for me to use my space to plant them.
  2. Jeepers


    Canning looks yummy!!! Funny how we all start thinking of the same thing at the same time. I was just thinking about making some laundry soap too. I got a nice big jar at Old Time Pottery a couple.of weeks ago. I was going to wait until I move but I think I'm going ahead and make it up and tape the jar closed with duct tape. I got my flakes at Wal-Mart. I like them because they are white and already...flaked. I'm going to make the detergent instead of the liquid goop right now because of storage issues. I still feel about the same. Sometimes I think should cancel the doctor appointment but as soon as I do I'll probably get sicker. I'm going to go ahead and go. It will give me a chance to get out and get my errands done and maybe, finally, get a winter coat.
  3. Jeepers


    I hope you are feeling better Mt. Rider! I pray you don't get what I've got. It hangs on. The snow plow guy called and will be plowing again this year. That's good. I fell asleep and didn't get to go do my errands. Whatever, I'm just rolling with the flow. I think the "Dog Butt Whiskey" knocked me out. Miki, you had a great find with the jars and lids! I'm terrible with house plants too. But I'm going to try again when I get moved, to add some oxygen to my bedroom with a plant or two besides my bed. I think I over water. Kill an with kindness...literally.
  4. Jeepers


    Feeling pretty much the same. Just upper respiratory tightness. I've drunk enough hot teas and cold juice to float a battleship. Thanks to the Keurig I've had a good variety of liquid to choose from. Snow plow guy called today. It's a go for another year at the same price. He is a nice guy and does a great job but he just comes too often $$$. Hopefully next winter I will have a new John Deere with a snow blade at a new residence and I can take care of myself. It's going to take some time getting used to a much smaller house but having no stairs inside will be so good on my back and knees. The neighbor issue will be resolved when I get out of here too. I've waited 66 years for a forever home so I'm pretty sure I can make it work. I haven't been truly happy and settled in my mind for decades. I'm thinking I'm finally setting down some roots. It's just been a slow process and "others" don't understand why I'm not moving faster. Oh well, that's their issue to deal with, right? I think I'll go run some errands today and get the stink blowed off. As my granny used to say. I still need a winter coat and some of those little Cutie type oranges sounds good. Maybe some dark chocolate? I also have a big kitchen bag full of fabric to donate to Sal. Army if they want it. And another bag full of shoes. Some of my unworn shoes became gummy and tacky feeling. And some of my purses fell apart inside. Like the glue didn't hold the lining together. I'm pitching all of those too. So with my regular trash and Salvation Army, I should be dumping off about 6 kitchen size bags from the house. It's time to recycle my papers so they can get gone too. Now, if the only thing I bring back into the house is a winter coat I'll consider it a successful day.
  5. Jeepers


    I still feel about the same. My throat isn't as sore so that is a big plus. I'm still coughing (unproductive) and I still wheeze sometimes. That sort of bothers me. I called the doctor today for an appointment and they said the earliest they can see me is next Monday the 19th. I'll either be better or dead by then. Maybe that's what they are counting on. Keep the sick ones out of their office. Yeah, I'm grumpy. D-ex just called and I told him if I feel the need, I'll just go to one of those Ergent-Care type places. I think my insurance covers it. Even if they don't I'll go if I feel like I need to. Actually, I think I'm just being whiney. Wheezy, Whiney, Woman. I just called my bank in Indy. They forgot to order my checks. Son has been making trips out to the house for over a month looking for them. This is the third time they have messed me up. And Wal-Mart won't let me make an eye appointment online. Disgruntled. Oh, and my snow plow guy hasn't called this year either. I might have to look for another guy. I called him but he hasn't returned my call. I told that to D-ex and he said, "Move." Not a wise choice of words today.
  6. Jeepers

    Is it me or...

    It's that way here too. I just want to download stuff occasionally to keep my card active after I move.
  7. Jeepers

    Is it me or...

    That's really sad about your library Annarchy. Our library is rated at the top in the nation and I'm really going to miss it. I need to learn how to download some of the books just to keep my card active. I don't know how good the library system will be where I'm moving to. This reminds me, I still have my grandma's old treadle sewing machine in the basement. It's probably rusted up by now but that would be a good project for son and I to work on next winter. I think I remember the bobbin and shuttle were missing. I have a lot of researching to do on that old machine. It's one of the old Singer machines where the head doesn't move to fit into the cabinet.
  8. Jeepers

    How to Survive Without the Internet Library Set

    Thanks Sarah. Couldn't access it without power but for right now it looks very interesting. There's a lot of old time historical events I know I'd really enjoy reading.
  9. Jeepers

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    I can up some half pints too. I like to throw a jar in a tuna noodle casserole.
  10. Jeepers


    Hee heee. Cap'n Jack is a hooligan! I think I might be getting better. Must be a virus of some sort. Usually with the flu i get intestinal upset but I don't have that. Thankfully. Headache, sore throat, muscle ache, bones ache, low grade fever, chills, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, cough and wheezing. If I was a horse... I never cough so this has me bothered. I also don't wheeze so that's new to me too. I thought I heard the computer making a funny noise and it was me! Dang. I have all I need here at home so I don't have to go out. BTW, Theraflu Sore Throat tastes horrible. Tastes like a shot of dog but whiskey. Oh wow, look what KIndle auto corrected! I wrote 👕o-t g-u-t whiskey. Now it looks like a tee shirt where it's supposed to say "rot" "Rot" "Gut" "Whiskey". Dog butt whiskey probably wouldn't taste too good either though. I give up. I HATE Kindle auto correct. I'm going back to bed.
  11. Jeepers

    Old Man Winter Cometh

    Sicker than a dog! I just clicked on for a minute to check my mail and Mrs. S. Must be the flu of some kind. My head is killing me, my eyes are sore, my glands are swollen, throat feels like razor blades in there, stomach is upset, muscles ache and so do my bones. Back is breaking (nothing new) I have a fever and chills. I'm sneezing and have gone through nearly a box of kleenex. Oh and a nasty cough. I alternate between the heating pad and the fan. I'm miserable! On the plus side..we had 11 new puppies born this week end at SDP. One is just as cute as the other. Squeeeee. That will keep me occupied between naps.
  12. Jeepers

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    I add celery in my soups and stews when canning. I just put them in the jars with the other veggies and process them. I process them as long as the longest item needs processed. Usually the potatoes or the meat. I can my veggies raw. They are soft but still hold their shape and flavor.
  13. Jeepers

    another non-electric clothes washer option

    Thank you! I never thought of doing it that way. Makes sense though. Will definitely be doing it that way.
  14. Jeepers

    Is it me or...

    But I digress. I give fair warning above my non-existent avatar. LOL ADD, OCD, WXYZ....something shiney... SQUIRREL! I do the copy/paste to Word too. I have all of my canning recipes in the computer, on an external drive and printed out. I especially like them printed out. I just grab the notebook and start right in.
  15. Jeepers

    poverty cooking

    Also a good reminder to have some dehydrated tomato powder on hand. Have a jar set aside with tomato powder and some spices in it and just add water.

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