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    LOVE the pics Annie!!!!!

    You are so handy Annie!

    That is so pretty Annarchy! Especially since we have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.
  4. Kratom?

    I can't take Kava Kava because it is processed in the liver.

    I'm sorry you lost your bestie Momo. There was a spell awhile back where I kept reading about people I went to school with passing. A lot of us are between 65-70 so....
  6. Prayers needed

    Woo-Hooo. So glad for you!!! Yes, insurance is as important as the salary!
  7. Kratom?

    I'm so glad it is working for him!!!! Yes, red is supposed to be the best as an analgesic.
  8. Busy, busy, busy...

    Ya know, I always forget about phone people. Some of us (me) are still struggling with 19th century technology.
  9. Free US States Coloring pages

    Thanks OOTO. I marked it to go through later!
  10. Busy, busy, busy...

    for OOTO. I know that mortgage feeling. Hopefully I'll be trying to get one this year too. I have assets but very little income. That could really go against me.

    Glad you are doing some better Mt. Rider. Your beds look so nice Kappy! I have some bills to go mail and a very quick trip to the grocery store for perishables and then back home. It's freezing here and my neck is killing me. We are supposed to get more snow tonight. I'll be so glad when spring/summer gets here. I'm hoping it won't hurt as bad then. I'm very thankful that I am able to stay home with a heating pad and some Advil though. Darn, I dreamed about Keith Richards AGAIN last night. He was late for a concert and I was trying to get him there in a hurry. I hired a guy who was towing a boat and Keith and I were riding in the boat flying down the road with mud puddle water splashing all over us. Good times. It's never romantic. But Mick winked at me. I just had a thought. I'll be 66 on June 6th. 666. Oh wait, 66 on 6-6. Whew. 78 days til Social Security.
  12. Busy, busy, busy...

    Oh my Daylily...you certainly are no stranger here! You are always welcome! I type and delete sometimes too. If I have a looong post I'll type it out in a Word document so I can better get my thoughts together (in theory) then copy/paste it here later. What I do to post a picture is first put it on my desktop so it's easy to find. Then I try to remember to resize it in Paint. My pictures are huge...sigh. Then just drag it to that area below where you are posting where it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files". You just drag over it and drop. I think it was more complicated when we had the other program.
  13. Kratom?

    Yep. Follow the money. I'm saving mine back. I think I'll do another order when I get my tax check though. I have the red, white and green but I think I'll double up on the red. The next time I go to the doctor (2 months) I'm going to ask for a prescription of a gel med called Voltaren. It is supposed to work wonders on arthritis pain. There is also a generic form of it that I can't remember. I've heard it's kind of expensive but the tube looks big and a little would go a long way. There are also pills but I'd rather concentrate it on one area like my neck instead of it going through my whole system. Of course there is a chance she won't give it to me too.
  14. Toys R Us

    Figures. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check the prices of a few games I want and compare them to Toys R Us prices before I buy them. Will be easy to do online at Amazon and Wal-Mart etc. I'd like to get some Domino's and Checkers and Connect 4 too. And some beginner puzzles. Nothing very expensive.

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