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  1. I packed a little more and got the Jeep loaded up again. I'm headed out to Indiana tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm planning on Monday but I suppose it will depend on if I get some furniture and if I do when they can deliver it. I'm thinking about bedroom and dining room because I know pretty much what I want. Simple stuff. I NEED living room stuff though because now the only place we have to sit is on the floor. I'm not sure what I want though. I guess I need a replacement canvas canopy thing for over the deck area too. I'm scared. I know its going to cost me a fortune this weekend. It will be cheaper to buy new than to hire someone to move my ratty old stuff I have here though. Sigh.
  2. The same person who did the contractions video did a review on this set of book. I thought they were pretty neat so I ordered a set. G-son is way too young for them but I think I'll enjoy them in the mean time. Julia Rothman Collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiNBVF0OIts https://smile.amazon.com/Julia-Rothman-Collection-Anatomy-Nature/dp/1612128521/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Julia+Rothman+Collection&qid=1558667287&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  3. Would have, should have and could have. 'Kinda' bugs me too.
  4. Sending up healing prayers for Mt.Rider
  5. Oh that makes me so mad! I'd go ahead and report her. At least he'll be see to. That's animal abuse. I think they have to keep the reporters name anonymous.
  6. I'm sorry Zzelle. That's scary. Sending up prayers.
  7. Cool Annarchy. I figured they might. I can see an advantage over the red ones. The red is rea!ly messy and stains so bad. I thought it would be fun to pickle some of the orange ones just for a change. I like colorful fruit and veggies though. I think they have more something (I don't know what) in them. Antioxidants maybe? It's probably all in my mind but I heard it somewhere.
  8. Dang Ambergris, what does tobacco juice taste like? Are we talking about hard core Red Man's Chaw or 'a little pinch between the cheek and gum' Skol. That minty stuff smells kinda good. Especially the wintergreen stuff my cousin Jack uses. I always smell him before I see him. In a good way. It's usually at a funeral so anything good smelling is a plus. Curious minds... Pickle juice ain't half bad. I really like Lays Dill Pickle potato chips. So that could be a plus for me. I'll let you decide about the baccky juice though. I'm assuming non menthol. I wonder if people in the olden days Sat around the campfire singing Kumbaya and drinking kombucha? I hate when my mind goes to those places. ADD at its finest. Squirrel!
  9. Well, I wouldn't have guessed that. My opinion, without giving it away, is that it looks pretty dangerous to me.
  10. So glad you got to.meet up with your family and got a break from the past couple of weeks. I'll bet your mom appreciated it too. I'm busy being lazy today playing a.dumb farm game on the Kindle Fire. Dang thing is addictive.
  11. I bookmarked the site for next year. They have some unusual varieties. I like the idea of the cylindrical beets. Sure make canning them easier. And albino beets? Who'd a thunk it.
  12. That is terrible OOTO. Anarchy "they" are pinging your cell phone as you go through those towns and getting your locations. If Amber alerts and weather alerts and reverse 911 calls are robo calls then they should.have their own frequency or whatever it's called. Then only emergency people could use robo calls. Crimony, at least make the scammers dial the phone.
  13. Good observation Mt.Rider. People don't care about anyone's property these days. Look how they treat their own. I'd also be concerned of a lawsuit. Little Johnny gets a scratch or stun by a bee on your property and it becomes your responsibility. Maybe harvest yourself and sell that way.
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