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  1. Your cast iron looks so nice! I know you've worked hard to get it in such beautiful condition.
  2. Jeepers


    SilverScript is what I have. I pay exactly $24.00 a month. I've had it about 2 years now. The amount is kind of close but still not correct. 8 scripts @ $5.00 ea. = $40.00 x 3 month = $120.00. Maybe some of the drugs are in a higher class rate. Probably the Ambian. If I remember correctly, I could get a little discount if I filled them at CVS (SilverScripts preferred pharmacy) but I get fuel perks at my grocery store that add up to more than if I switched over. Also, I think I will save around $2.00 a month on the monthly bill if I get on auto payment and a little more if I have them delivered. I'm going to do all of that when I get moved. If I do it now, before I actually get moved, everything will get mixed up between the insurances and Social Security computers and it's not worth the hassle that I KNOW would happen. BTDT. Ya know, with a little more calculating, (fingers and toes helped) the $174.00 divided by 3 is really only $58.00 dollars a month. It just seemed like a lot paying for it for 3 months at a time. And I did get a lot of meds. Guess I should stop complaining before I look at the whole picture. P.S. I have lost 5 pounds so I'm hoping that will kick start me on my way with my future med costs too. P.P.S. I might be getting those discounts confused with my supplemental Medicare plan. Crimony, you need a financial advisor and a Philadelphia lawyer to navigate anymore.
  3. Jeepers

    Gardening Through the Winter

    LOL We2. What's you got growing up stairs girl? Duuuude. Kappy, I always use fat wood to start a fire in the fireplace. It catches really easy and stays lit until the other wood catches.
  4. Jeepers

    Chat Box

    I don't see all of the chat box either. On the laptop I can't see it all even when I use the full screen. I can't see it all when I'm on the Kindle Fire or the Kindle Fire pad either. No sliding the screen over option either. That's why I never use the chat box.
  5. Jeepers


    Not sure why I pay $24.00 a month for prescription insurance. Granted I got a lot of meds filled (8 counting the arthritis gel) and for three months at a time but I still had to pay $174.00 tonight. And at this time of year I should have met my deductible. Maybe I'm being unrealistic. I can only imagine what it would cost if I didn't have the insurance. Or maybe it wouldn't have been all that much more if I didn't have the Rx insurance. Wonder if I'm being taken? Wish I could get off some of these meds. Things will change next year when I have to get new doctors etc. I just hope for the better.
  6. Jeepers


    Oh my goodness. That is a perfect Christmas picture. She cooperated very nicely. Good job little Miss Abby-Girl.
  7. Jeepers

    9 incisions, Ouch

    Hope they got them all tamed down at the sane time so you will only have one recovery time. Hope this makes you feel better soon!
  8. Jeepers


    Momo, I don't have a clue why mine goes up or down. The change happens so fast that I'm usually not even aware of it. Then other times all at once I feel faint and get on the floor so I won't pass out and fall. Then I take my BP and it's normal (for most people) but a good reading for me is too low. That happened just a couple of days ago.
  9. Jeepers


    Apples look so good! I can hardly wait to start up my food processing again next year.
  10. Jeepers

    Revamping the car kit.

    Those look nice! All the gloves I find any more are so thin. I bought a pair of mittens last month that feel so good on the hands but they are kind of short. Good for driving and shopping around but I wouldn't want to have to depend on them.
  11. Jeepers

    Possible RA

    It sort of sounds like fibromyalgia. I hope you get relief soon. Sending gentle hugs.
  12. Jeepers

    Remembering Pearl Harbor

    You have every right to be proud.
  13. Jeepers

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    My goodness. I wasn't even aware this was going on.
  14. Jeepers

    No TP required

    I have 2 huge totes full of smashed (for more room) T.P. stowed away. I'm not afraid to buy more if I suspect a shortage of some kind. I'm not trading in my soft warm paper for a cold wet stick any time soon. I'd still like to see what toilet paper looks like after using a bidet. Even the video of the girl with the apple and peanut butter didn't wipe off the apple after she sprayed it down. I wanna see.
  15. Same here We2. My aunts and uncles were expected to correct us kids and the neighbors looked out for us too. The town I grew up in was Mayberry-ish. Today it's drug infested. I still read the newspaper on line and I'm stunned by all of the drug arrests there now. Serious drugs like meth and cocaine. It's so sad.
  16. Jeepers

    medical testing - ugh

  17. Jeepers

    sickness bags

    I don't have Ebay but I did buy some from Amazon a couple of years ago. I was thinking chemo or flu. I hate feeling nauseous worse than anything.
  18. Jeepers

    Canning Pinto Beans

    I only can with great northern beans instead of navy beans. They are just a tad bit bigger and they hold their shape a little better than the navy beans.
  19. It's called helicopter parenting now. Hovering around our kids. I'm on the fence. I agree about the germs. I think kids should get dirty to build up their immune system. On the other hand back in my day we didn't have all of the super germs and virus' they have now. And penicillin cured most of what ailed you. MRSA. Aids, Ebola, Bird flu, Paploma virus were all unheard of. We didn't have all of the evilness either. It was there but you knew who to avoid. We didn't have the violent movies and video games putting ideas in people's heads back then. Now days they are like how-to torture manuals. Violence in cartoons was the worst thing we saw and we knew it wasn't real. That and 'raslin'. No such thing as day care or day care molesters.Sigh. Never heard of a school shooting. Worse thing happening was some boys smoking out behind the school. Seriously. We used to be gone all day long without our parents seeing us until supper. Our curfew was when the street lights came on. Even other parents can't step in now because of lawsuits. If we raise our kids today like our parents raised us we would be hauled in by the CPS for child neglect and abuse. It's a different world so, personally, I don't think we can raise our kids/grandkids in the 2000's like our parents did in the 1960's.
  20. Jeepers

    Canning Pinto Beans

    I agree with Twilight. I was surprised by how much they thickened up in the canning process even after I had pre-cooked them. I wouldn't want them to be like condensed soup after canning them. I think they would be too thick for the heat to do its job to safely can them. You want them to be sloshy in the jar. The books say to fill a jar 1/3 the way with 'solid' and 2/3 with liquid when canning soups, stews etc. I do about half and half. But that's just what works for me. I've never canned beans where you put dried beans in a jar and top with water then can. I know there are some people who do but it isn't recomennded. In my experience, dried beans are just too unpredictable in the amount of water they will or won't soak up in the jar. JMO.
  21. Jeepers

    No TP required

    I bought some of those little glow in the dark triangle things you put on your wall switch. Just so I could find the switch in the dark to turn it on. What I didn't realize is that they have to soak up so many hours of light before they will glow. The wall switch going down the steps is around a dark corner. Didn't work. My bedroom is plenty light. It's going around the sharp corner in the dark that is the issue. Anyone tried those little nightlights that hang on a toilet that are motion activated?
  22. Yep, Mt. Rider. Just try to bloom wherever you get planted. Family is the best reason to move. Either toward or away from.
  23. Jeepers

    Canning Pinto Beans

    I can beans with ham and bacon is pork...right? I wouldn't can them with thick slabs of bacon. I'd chop it up. When I can my chicken veggie soup I put about a third of a cup of cooked chicken in each pint jar and it isn't too much. I think with bacon it's mostly because of the grease issue. Would I do it? Yep. In fact when I can beans again I'm going to use bacon grease in the insta-pot when I pre-cook them. Be sure they are plenty soupy though. I canned some ham and beans one time and didn't use enough liquid. They were okay but the stuff in the bottom of the jar was too thick. I could still shake them up but just barely. Not the safest way I like to see my canned food. For safety reasons, I like my ham and beans to be sort of like the consistency of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. They did thicken up too much in the canning process. Lesson learned for me. How long will they keep? If canned properly with a good seal and stored in a cool, dry, dark place they will be good for a number of years. Nearly all up-to-date canning books say to use your home canned food within 12-18 months now. I think they are being conservative for a reason. CYA. And to be fair, that's how long they will last before they start to break down and start to lose some of their nutrients and texture etc. I finished up the last of my bean soup a few months ago. They were 4 years old and tasted just like the day I canned them. I usually try to use my home canned food within about 4 years but I'm not afraid of 5 year old food I've canned. But I'm a rebel with a cast iron stomach and not a foodie.
  24. Jeepers

    No TP required

    I had to laugh about it later. It was such a shock at the time. Who misses the toilet stone cold sober? I wasn't really hurt. I mentioned to Annarchy in another post about my bones. So far they have taken a lot of punishment from falls. Scans says they are still strong. Although they sure do ache a lot. I must not have had an 'accident' or else I would have remembered that...and reported it here.

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