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  1. Stay safe Annarchy. Thanks for the update. That's a big one. RAIN! We have had nothing but rain. I can't believe how much we have gotten this spring. And it's still coming down. And more forecast to come this way. Poor farmers. Not to mention food prices. I went to Wal-Mart for some more ink. They finally got my kind in. It really set me back on getting my quilt patterns printed out. It never occurred to me to order online. Hopefully I'll get them done and put away this weekend. There's always a set-back it seems. I found a 4 in. binder that should hold them all at Office Max. WM was packed and I was second guessing myself going there on a Saturday evening. I only had a few things and the couple in front of me had a cart full. They let me go in front of them. Kinda restored my faith in humanity. Bing cherries are in season and I got a bag full. Once a year I splurge on them. Sometimes even twice a year.
  2. Jeepers

    Lose weight

    Awesome job Zzelle!
  3. Oh, good idea. Be sure to let us know how it works. I remember planting carrot seeds one year. Those are tiny little devils. And my eyesight hasn't improved since then either.
  4. My grandson thinks those little bottles of Gatorade is 'pop'. If he's hot and sweaty from mowing my grass he asks for a pop. Mom gets him a bottle of Gatorade. He thinks he's chugging a Pepsi. I'm a sneaky gramdma. I made up the little individual packs so I could use them when out and about. Just the correct amount for a bottle of water. Fail. Speaking of salt, my blood pressure is so wonkie I really have to watch it. But that's another issue. Should we, as a society, be concerned with all of the popular 'designer' salts because of lack of iodine? The colored salts are pretty and fun to grind but do they provide iodine? One word...goiter.
  5. Crimony girl, I wish I had known about that sooner. It would have made my life easier.the pages would have looked better too. I'm almost finished now. Only a little less than 100 to go. Thank you for the hint for the next project I manufacture for myself.
  6. I crave potato chips when I get a migrain. They have to be plain old white Lays. I made up some packets of the homemade powdered solution with some Tang and some with Crystal Lite for emergencies. Then I put them in an airtight container. Every single one of them drew moisture from some place. I think I'll make up some more with some Gatorade and vacuum seal them in a jar. I like the blue Gatorade.
  7. Yeah, when you are in your 90's you've got more important things to do than fiddling around with TP rolls. Sheeesh. Many years ago I had a reason to go in our landlords house. I can't remember why now. Probably to pay the rent. Anyway, on their kitchen counter/bar they had a huge plexiglass bee hive set up. It had a plastic hose going to the outside of the house. It was the neatest thing I've ever seen. I still remember it some 30 years later. He and his son were both eagle scouts so I'm sure they did a lot of fascinating things. The dad was a carpenter and could fix anything.
  8. I know. That water gets so hot. It's dangerous.
  9. I got my quarterly taxes paid today. Yuck. Somehow I ended up at Wal-Mart. I decided this weekend was the one I am going to get all of my quilt patterns printed out and in a binder. I got a box of paper just one step up in weight from the regular paper. Got some sleeve protectors and some ink. I figured I have about 160 or so patterns. Boy, did I under estimate. I got home and started counting them. About 330 of them. Some are two pages and some are three pages. Sigh. At least I already have them all cleaned up and edited each in a Word document. I got most of them from one site. I've got about 15 done but I'm waiting for my 'no jam' paper to get unjammed and the printer to reset. I should have thought about this when we were having all of that rain and stuck inside. It's kind of a boring job that requires constant attention so I don't get the pages mixed up...again. I talked to another cousin yesterday. She was complaining about how big the rolls of toilet paper are these days and how you can only get the big jumbo packs. She's not a city slicker living in an apartment with limited room. She has lived on a farm her whole life. Still does. And is in her early 70's. How she got this far in life, in the country, without a hoard supply of TP is beyond me. She would go into prostrations if she looked in one of my closets. Or the basement. I kept my mouth shut and just said, "Um-huh, I know". But I was thinking thank goodness for Sam's Club mega 45 double roll packs of Northern TP. 2-Ply. Looks like tomorrow I'll need to go for more paper and ink. And a bigger notebook. A really big one.
  10. Aw, Annarchy I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how deafening that quiet can be. You've had your share of heartache with your fur kids the past year. My heart hurts for you my friend and for Gunny too.
  11. All's well here. I hate Kindle's autocorrect. If I misspell a word fine. But they change words that are correct for a word they think I want to use.
  12. Interesting article. I've never heard of them either. I love onions. Those perennials look like something I'd be interested in.
  13. I love 'green onions'. Is that the same as Egyptian walking onions? Eventually the mint will take over everything. There is really no containing it when it gets its root system established underground. In about 5-10 years your neighbors will either love you or hate you.
  14. That looks like a lot of fun!
  15. Thanks. I had totally forgotten about the volcano model. He's out of school for the summer and doesn't quite understand the concept of summer vacation. Yes, the detergent makes it so they can't get back out. I think it forms some kind of film barrier. Or maybe it just kills them. They said use Dawn and that's what I happened to have had. I imagine any kind would work. I didn't have to put plastic wrap on it.
  16. I do that too Mt. Rider. I also do the baking soda and vinegar in the sink drain too. Lately I've had a bad infestation of gnats. I put out some vinegar and a squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid around the kitchen and living room and it really helps. I got a couple of packages of little plastic shot type glasses at the Dollar Tree and use them. I think they are supposed to be used at weddings and showers for nuts or mints on the tables. I use them, flush the contents every other day, rinse and reuse them. They are small, portable and cheap. I think I originally got them to use for catsup dipping for fries. They work better than a bowl because the opening is small and the sides are slippery.
  17. Thanks Annarchy. I'm going to get one even if I don't use it until next year. It's very humid around me. I'm going from the south end of one Great Lake (Erie) to the south end of another Great Lake (Michigan). I don't think a swamp cooler or dehumidifier would be of much use for me. I've seen pictures of tall fans that have a water reservoir that put out a mist. I'm sure they would be expensive plus they depend on electricity. My cousin lives in Arizona and they have the swamp thing. But they really like the misters for when they are outside. He is in Yuma. I'll bet yours feels so good Annarchy. I know I've been in the outdoor section of a garden center on a hot humid sweltering day and purposefully walked by their misters. I wasn't the only one either. It felt delightful.
  18. Oh darn Ambergris. Don't feel alone. I've done similar things too. Makes me question myself sometimes. They might not charge you for return shipping if you tell them that you ordered it by mistake and meant to get a more expensive one. I'm sure they have dealt with this before. When I've done that and the person bulked I reasoned it out by saying something like "I'm willing to spend more money and you are willing to lose a sale over shipping?" said in a nicer way than that probably sounded. Big companies like Amazon will usually eat the shipping if you appeal to their human side. It was an honest mistake. Tell them you are willing to buy the more expensive one right now but you can't afford the more expensive one of you have to pay for return shipping too. Tell them you aren't asking for a refund per se that you are willing to apply what you've already spent and make up the difference. They probably won't do that but it will show your sincerity. Assuming all of the above is true. It never hurts to try.
  19. Swamp coolers are pretty foreign to us upper/eastern/midwestern folks. I had to look it up. Dehumidifyer? I was thinking along the lines of non-elecrtic. In other words cheap. I can't take the heat any more. I'd be doomed without a fan of mister or something. I still have that Ryobi fan in my Amazon wish list. It might have to stay parked there for awhile though. I have a couple of those little battery operated fans but I'm sure they would eat through batteries. I want some sort of generator but now I can't afford one. Two BIG myths in life I've learned so far; 1. All fat people aren't jolly. 2. All old people aren't always cold. I'm speaking for myself here on both accounts. Just a little FYI
  20. Awesome deals We2. It stormed off and on all day here. It seemed like one went through and then another one right behind it. The mower guy hasn't been able to mow for a couple of weeks now and he sure isn't going to like what he sees. I can't stop the rain though. Sounds like a song title... "Who'll Stop The Rain" apologies to CCR. I'm really concerned for the farmers. And our food prices. Maybe even availability
  21. Anyone have any experience or just thoughts about a misting system? They could be fixed into a canopy, umbrella, pergola or eaves. No electricity. Just water. I remember my cousin saying they use them at open stadiums at ball parks etc. in Arizona. Of course they are industrial machines but I wonder about a small system just for a deck at home? Here is a sample of a do-it-yourself system I ran across Googling. It's from Home Depot. I'm sure there are many other systems. This is the first one I ran across and got kind of excited. This one is $16.00. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DIG-Ocean-Breeze-Evaporative-Mist-Cooling-System-BC380/204179098
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