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    I went to Toys R Us today. Everything I wanted was 10% + off. Not a huge savings but it was things I would eventually buy anyway. They had everything I wanted except 2 games that I've only seen on line. I'm going ahead and order them then pack it all away for when I move. My Jeep looks like a game/puzzle factory blew up in it. I've got stuff ready for grandson's room but no house yet. They weren't crowded at all but I went during the early afternoon. Nothing was really picked over yet. I probably could have waited another week or so. I saw a sign that said no checks accepted. And they didn't have any bags left. I can not find a little Philips screwdriver that is magnetized anywhere. I really need one bad. I went to my local hardware store and they sold me a little thing that magnetizes and demagnetizes tools. If I can just get it out of the plastic vault it's packed in I'll try it. I hate those packages. I've ruined more scissors trying to open them. Swung by the store and saw some German chocolate cupcakes. Sigh. I wanted to stay away from that aisle but my darn cart went there anyway. Luckily there are only 6 in the pack. I ate one and inside is a dollop of chocolate icing. Kinda like a lave cake. My eyes rolled back in my head a little.

    LOVE the pics Annie!!!!!

    You are so handy Annie!

    That is so pretty Annarchy! Especially since we have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.
  5. Kratom?

    I can't take Kava Kava because it is processed in the liver.

    I'm sorry you lost your bestie Momo. There was a spell awhile back where I kept reading about people I went to school with passing. A lot of us are between 65-70 so....
  7. Prayers needed

    Woo-Hooo. So glad for you!!! Yes, insurance is as important as the salary!
  8. Kratom?

    I'm so glad it is working for him!!!! Yes, red is supposed to be the best as an analgesic.
  9. Busy, busy, busy...

    Ya know, I always forget about phone people. Some of us (me) are still struggling with 19th century technology.
  10. Free US States Coloring pages

    Thanks OOTO. I marked it to go through later!
  11. Busy, busy, busy...

    for OOTO. I know that mortgage feeling. Hopefully I'll be trying to get one this year too. I have assets but very little income. That could really go against me.

    Glad you are doing some better Mt. Rider. Your beds look so nice Kappy! I have some bills to go mail and a very quick trip to the grocery store for perishables and then back home. It's freezing here and my neck is killing me. We are supposed to get more snow tonight. I'll be so glad when spring/summer gets here. I'm hoping it won't hurt as bad then. I'm very thankful that I am able to stay home with a heating pad and some Advil though. Darn, I dreamed about Keith Richards AGAIN last night. He was late for a concert and I was trying to get him there in a hurry. I hired a guy who was towing a boat and Keith and I were riding in the boat flying down the road with mud puddle water splashing all over us. Good times. It's never romantic. But Mick winked at me. I just had a thought. I'll be 66 on June 6th. 666. Oh wait, 66 on 6-6. Whew. 78 days til Social Security.
  13. Busy, busy, busy...

    Oh my Daylily...you certainly are no stranger here! You are always welcome! I type and delete sometimes too. If I have a looong post I'll type it out in a Word document so I can better get my thoughts together (in theory) then copy/paste it here later. What I do to post a picture is first put it on my desktop so it's easy to find. Then I try to remember to resize it in Paint. My pictures are huge...sigh. Then just drag it to that area below where you are posting where it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files". You just drag over it and drop. I think it was more complicated when we had the other program.
  14. Kratom?

    Yep. Follow the money. I'm saving mine back. I think I'll do another order when I get my tax check though. I have the red, white and green but I think I'll double up on the red. The next time I go to the doctor (2 months) I'm going to ask for a prescription of a gel med called Voltaren. It is supposed to work wonders on arthritis pain. There is also a generic form of it that I can't remember. I've heard it's kind of expensive but the tube looks big and a little would go a long way. There are also pills but I'd rather concentrate it on one area like my neck instead of it going through my whole system. Of course there is a chance she won't give it to me too.
  15. Toys R Us

    Figures. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check the prices of a few games I want and compare them to Toys R Us prices before I buy them. Will be easy to do online at Amazon and Wal-Mart etc. I'd like to get some Domino's and Checkers and Connect 4 too. And some beginner puzzles. Nothing very expensive.
  16. Toys R Us

    I just saw where Toys R Us is closing its US stores. Sigh. When they start having sales in my area, I'm going to buy some family games I suppose. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/03/14/toys-r-us-to-close-all-800-of-its-u-s-stores/?utm_term=.91646b6f00e2
  17. Toys R Us

    Probably hoping people will buy them online not knowing about the closing and then they expire. Or grandma or grandpa or auntie buying them once or twice a year and not knowing about the closing. Or so someone will buy them to give as a gift right away with the extra % discount. If I had a gift card I'd probably wait for a week or so to get some sort of a discount unless I had something specific in mind. I'll probably go next week to get some games to put away. Oh...it would probably be a good time to buy diapers too.
  18. Living with a sheeple is so frustating

    You're evil The CG. Insurance -------> He is probably like that because he knows you step up and take care of things. Short of a personal disaster, that's probably the way it will be. I'm sorry I'm not much help but know you aren't alone. Maybe let him see what it would be like to run out of soap, shampoo, tooth paste or toilet paper etc. a few times? When you are doing the hard work like lifting etc. do you ask him to help you? As for being out of your element in 'masculine' places...I used to be that way too a long time ago. I got over it fast when I knew if I wanted something I had to do it myself. I have some social anxiety so I know how hard that can be! The trick, for me, was to ACT like I belonged there. Hold your head up, look em in the eye ask for what you want pay and leave. Since I started doing that, I noticed I get a lot more help from the clerks. Most home improvement stores have women working in them now and no one sees a woman shopper out of place any more. In fact, most people really want to help you. It makes them feel good. It is hard at first but believe me, the more you do it the easier it becomes. You can do this! It will make you feel more empowered too to know you can take care of yourself if (God forbid) something happens and you only have yourself to rely on. I had to learn that lesson 2 years ago. I still struggle with asking for help and letting strangers in my house to do repair work that I can't do. But I keep trying. And after they leave, I realize it wasn't that bad after all. Anxiety issues. And a little secret, sometimes when a partner sees their other half growing and moving forward without them...they suddenly become more interested. Sometimes, we just have to accept them the way they are and know your interests aren't the same. Ugh, the running out of gas thing... drives me C-R-A-Z-Y. When my tank gets to half empty (not half full) I start thinking about getting it filled back up. I keep watching it to make sure it doesn't get to the 1/4 mark. Pffft, The CG would have a field day with me. Men! Gotta love em. Illegal to shoot em. Bless their heart. (Said in my best southern drawl.) I sincerely hope I didn't come across harsh and hurt any feelings! If I did I'll gladly delete this post.

    Another fault I have is I walk too fast. My body has slowed down but my mind hasn't. Well...that isn't a true statement. Sheeesh. Everything has slowed down, just not at the same rate. My grandma walked fast too. We'd ask her where the fire was. Not quite so funny anymore.
  20. Toys R Us

    Here is some more information. Gift cards will only be good for the next 30 days! http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/17/news/companies/toys-r-us-closing-questions-answered/index.html

    I lean on the "retail walkers" really bad too. I'm short enough (5'2") that I just sort of drape across the handle bar thingy. I've also become a "wall walker" in the house. Touching the wall as I walk down the halls. Sigh. I probably need to get address my balance issues. Maybe beginners yoga. Tai Chi looks interesting too. Suppose I need to check out the library's stash of DVD's. or maybe Amazon has an app for that? I saw a couple of older (my age ) people when I was in rehab and they were having them stand in front of the mirror and holding onto a bar and lifting each leg and trying to hold it up without wobbling around. Then they were supposed to let go of the bar. Then they had them close their eyes and try it. It sounds more dangerous than it was. That would be easy enough to do at home even without a mirror. I hate falling down. I always do it in slow motion so I know what's coming but I can't stop it.
  22. Kratom?

    Dang. That isn't my batch. My source came out of Missouri. Thanks for the heads up! Kratom is used by A LOT of addicts to get weaned off of opiate drugs too. Sort of like what methadone is to heroine.
  23. Toys R Us

    The shoe fit so I wore it.
  24. Toys R Us

    Guilty. Ya know, I waited for 65 years to get a grandbaby and what happens the very next year? Toys R Us closes down. That's my life in a nutshell.

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