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  1. I'll check into the different locking systems. I do have a keyless pad on my garage door here. It came with the garage door opener. Neither son not I could e we figure out how to program it. It runs on battery so you'd have to make sure the battery was charged for it to work. Son and DIL had a keyless system on their door and hated it. They took it off. I can't remember what their issue was. I'll ask them.
  2. Crimony, I thought I posted this a few.days ago and just now found It still in the Kindle. Sigh. Thank you Mother. I am. I'm in Ohio now and all of the sudden (it seemed) my son and husband up and left. It didn't really happen like that but it feels like it now. Anyway, about the time I decided to get a smaller place here, son got married and a year later had my grandson. In Indiana. It only made sense to move over there. I have no family here but I do in Indiana. I finally found a house in Indy that I could afford and could work with. Now I have a two story house with a basement, two attics and a garage that I've been living in for 30 years and it is stuffed full of stuff to go through. I'm soon to be 67 and have a bad back and neck and too stubborn to ask for help. Maybe stubborn isn't the correct word. I've lived alone so long and depended on myself that I don't expect help. There is a lesson in there somewhere! I do really appreciate the best wishes and support I get here though. Son says how much the baby misses and wants his grandma and I feel guilty that I'm not moving faster. DIL doesn't say anything but I know she is thinking what the heck my delay is. My Ex (who lives out west and happens to still be my best friend) keeps asking why I'm not moved yet and why I'm not moving faster. He thinks I should hire a dumpster and pitch everything and start over and let the house here go for what ever someone is willing to offer. Seriously. That makes me angry, guilty and stressful. I fire back but I'm still left with my feelings. I am doing the best I can. It will all work out in the end I know. But the happy journey is more like a solo trek.
  3. I like crime stories too. Especially true crimes.
  4. I like this guys idea of watering system from a rain barrel. It could be better if his garden was closer to the water supply. His water has to travel quite some distance through the pipes. I understand how some things aren't possible though and you work with what you have. I really like his 'manifold' set up better than a soaker hose. Also his hint on how and where to place the holes. And also his spigot advice. See the "T" pipe coming from his downspout at about 1 min. into the video? I think I'd try to put a "+" pipe on there. That way you could cap the bottom for normal use when filling the barrels and then uncap it and put on a regular downspout when the barrels are full or for winter use. I'm not that handy but in my mind that could be an option. I also noticed his barrels are up on two layers of cement blocks with pavers for stability. I mentioned that in another post. I saw that in another video and liked it. It looks nice too. It's around 30 sec. into the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-emq0cxhtU
  5. I somehow deleted this video. Sigh. This guy talks about using Wal-Mart shopping bags. The ones you can buy. He says they are normally about $2.00 but if you ask, they have some thinner ones for $.50. I don't know about that because I've never bought them. He's guessing they hold about 5 gallons. I've been watching a lot of gardening videos lately and I've noticed a lot of people are using the Wal-Mart bags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiwpRT0laXE
  6. I like this guys ideas too. There are two different videos in here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QyOeC8SEKo Oh brother. What a mess. I almost deleted this whole thread by trying to delete this post! There are two different videos in here. I was trying to delete/re-enter the last video so it would post as a link. Oh my, what a horrible feeling. I did delete my post above this one...somehow. But I'll re post it below this one. Sheeesh.
  7. You're welcome. It looked interesting to me too. I haven't read it yet I just wanted to get it posted while it's still free.
  8. The Senior Season: Design an Inner Bucket List - Make the rest of your life the best of your life ! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GZ68LKV
  9. Mt. Rider, do you have to do all of that pre-op rigamarole that Kappy did? Or will you find out on the 1st.
  10. About the only thing I have time to read these days is non-fiction. DIY, home repair, gardening, landscaping, organization, canning, health issues etc. You know the real hot steamy juicy stuff. Most of the time I've fallen down the rabbit hole known as Pinterest and Youtube and can't get up. I can spend hours there before I know it.
  11. Not much happening today. Got all of my bills in the mail box for another month. I swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things. Mostly perishables. And that darn Snapshotmiki. She mentioned fruit salad in another post. I started craving fruit! Melon, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and a banana followed me home. I suppose I should thank her though. She saved me from a BK Whopper. I got so hot in the store. I just had a light weight jacket on. But boy did that air feel so good when I came out. I would have taken my jacket off if I hadn't been pushing the cart. I got home and fired up the computer and noticed the temperature outside. It was 38 degrees! Its raining now. Hope it doesn't snow. 2 and a half year old grandson just called me on the phone. Dad dialed. He asked me what I was doing. LOL Dang, I didn't expect that. I was going to try to explain I was posting on Mrs. Survival. But I got all flustered and told him I was reading a book about three little pigs. I'm such a liar. Get the hand basket ready Satan.
  12. Oh my dogmom. Those are the ones I have in my Amazon wishlist! I had the 7 gallon option though. I'm going to change it to 10 gallon ones. I was thinking about tomato plants and sweet pepper plants.
  13. I was keeping accessibility in mind before I bought the Indy house. As I've aged I want to be close to emergency responders. It's in a country subdivision with about 15 or so houses in a cul-de-sac with each house on an acre. I plan to make friendly with them in case I need them. I'm not so far away from a good size town that fire, police, ambulance etc.can't get to me quickly. It's a country setting but I can get to the town that has everything in about 10-15 minutes. It's also about 5 min. from a major highway so easy/fast access for emergencies. Living alone, that's important to me. I'm considering getting a medium size above ground pool next summer. Physical therapist said I would benefit from water therapy and I have an almost 3 year old grandson who would love it. Not to mention a good source of stored water. Son said he'd help maintain it. So, I'm thinking about it. I need other things first though. When I finally get moved over there I want to get all of my door locks re-keyed so one key will lock or more importantly unlock all the doors. There is a front door, back door, door from garage to house and a side garage door and a door to the other garage. I'll hide an extra key outside too. I don't intend to ever get accidentally locked outside. I think I'll be too far out for grocery stores to deliver. But Wal-Mart has a deal where you can order and they will have everything ready for pickup. Son and DIL live near there and could easily pick up the food and bring it to me. And there is always good old Amazon. I feel like I'm going to be starting all over. And I sort of am. But that can be a good thing too. I can downsize and clear out some of the useless stuff I have weighting me down and concentrate on getting the important stuff built back up. It's time I got my house in order. Literally and figuratively.
  14. PB2. That's it. Thanks. I'm sure vacuum sealing and then freezing would help a lot of things from going rancid. At least slow it down a lot.
  15. LOL TheCG. Yeah, I probably should have said, "You can throw it back in their face that they refused to be a part of the decision making so their opinion means nothing now." I was trying to be nice. I don't always do nice very well.
  16. The place I'm buying in Indiana has a garage built beside the garage attached to the house. I suppose the guy wanted a workshop. The side door of the house garage directly faces the side door of the detached garage. There are only a couple of yards apart. A breezeway could easily be built. BUT by local indiana law, that would be considered an extension of the house which would increase the square footage and the property taxes would reflect that...a lot. Even though it would be from garage to garage. I read that in my homestead act rules. I also can't have any business run from my property and receive the homestead act benefits.
  17. Awesome start! Another good thing about container gardening is that you can elevate the pots for easier accessibility. An elevated platform as simple as cement blocks. You could walk by or even wheel by to tend to them. Just be sure the surface is something you don't mind getting stained from soil drainage. We2 I saw a video where a guy leveled an area, spread out a layer of sand, put down a layer of cement paver slabs, added 2 layers of cement blocks *and topped it off with another paver. He put his rain barrels on top of that. It was basically 2 cement blocks high plus a couple of inches, but the base was nice and sturdy and attractive. I suppose you could go 3 blocks high? *Now that I think about it, I think he put cement pavers between the two layers of blocks too.
  18. On the up side We2, if they don't show up then they can't complain about any decisions that are made.
  19. Mt. Rider. Some stores are so big now it's easy to lose your shopping buddy. My son is notorious for doing that. Sometimes it seems like he does it on purpose but I know he doesn't. We usually each have a cell phone so we can call to find out where the other one is. I'm sure others do that too because I can't remember the last time I heard the service desk announce over the intercom. "Mr. Smith, your party is waiting for you in the checkout area ".
  20. I mentioned grow bags because I just saw a video on them yesterday and I put some of them on my Amazon wish list. I put the 7 gallon size on there. Most of them are either 5,7 or 10 gal. so I figured 7 gal. would be a good compromise. Any thoughts on the best size for grow bags? I'd like to have one of those soaker hoses hooked up to a water barrel. Don't know if there would be enough force for the water to come out though. Probably not?
  21. I'm going to be doing a lot of raised bed and container gardening next year too. I can still get down with the best of them. Getting back up is another story though. Wish I had more advice but I'm going to be new to it too. I do watch a lot of Youtube videos. I like the idea of raised beds. Especially the taller ones. Make sure they are narrow enough to reach half way across from both sides comfortably. Any tools you need can be small hand tools. You can get little seats with wheels on them so you can sit and roll around the garden. Think skate board style. I've seen where people use grow bags and even one of those small hard plastic kiddie pools.
  22. I'm like We2. I used to want land and to be left alone but as I've aged, I now know I need people available. Lets face it, no matter how good of shape you are in, when you age some of your strength and stamina just naturally goes away. Not to mention balance and health issues. My back is shot so I'm only good to do any chores for a half an hour at a time tops. That's on a good day. Mother, I think you have done a great job making your home handicap ready! I think it's important to have those things in place BEFORE you need them. As far as animals, perhaps a very small flock of hens for eggs or even a few rabbits. Both for meat. A large shed would be more than enough room for both of them. With a fenced in run for the chickens. Think small. If you put it close to the house, you could have a ramp or even a flat walk way or breezeway leading to it. But in a real SHTF situation, there are other alternatives to protein such as beans, dairy, nuts, eggs and more that I don't know about. Oh, and peanut butter. You can get the powdered kind now for longer storage. I got some at Wal-Mart. I don't remember the brand but I think it had the number 2 on the label. It was in the regular peanut butter section. By the way, Bette Davis first said, "Old age ain't no place for sissies." She was right.
  23. Jeepers


    Ask away Mother. If no one has an answer maybe we can find one. I'm soon to be 67 so my prepping has shifted gears too.
  24. Thanks Miki. It won't hurt to go have a look see. I need to go out tomorrow to mail bills and to the paper recycle bin anyway. I'm going to check out Old Time Pottery. That store is under rated IMO. The name doesn't help them. They have very little pottery in there.
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