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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Annarchy! Greatly appreciated. Oh those starlings. Dirty Birds. That's what they do. One year we had a garden at my in-laws and all the way down the row of the green bean plants, the stems were snipped off and on the ground. They didn't even eat them or carry them away for a midnight snack. Thankfully, it was early in the season and we were able to replant. We really needed that food that year too. I'm on my way out the door and headed for K-Mart and the Hobby Lobby in the county south of me. Hopefully K-Mart is still there. I'd like to stop by the craft store and see if I can find a clear narrow case. I know Hobby Lobby is a craft store but I imagine they are expensive on that stuff. Anyway, I'd like to try to plant a few carrot seeds in it so you can watch the roots/carrot grow. I know you can buy them for that purpose but they are very very small and expensive for what they are. Or maybe go to the pet store and look for a 1 gal. aquarium. Possibly Old Time Pottery. They have all kinds of neat containers and bowls for cheap. Too bad our Dollar Tree is so small. Then swing by and get my Jeep E-Checked. Probably won't have time to get the tags. Hope they don't give me a hassle about having an Indiana drivers license trying to license a car in Ohio. But you know how it goes with me. The thumb that I stubbed into the side of the car door looks so ugly. The bruise is dark black and follows the nail across underneath right at the end like where you would clean your nail. It looks like I have dirt caked up all under there. But, I'm not going to lose the nail so I won't complain...much. Usually my errands are near each other or in a line but today they are going to be spread out so I'd best get going. I could use a hair cut BAD but that would entail washing it first and whose got time for that crap. Perks of living alone and shopping in another county. I'm starting to look like cousin Itt.
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    I've seen that happen on blooper type Youtubes too. A dog puts it's paws up on the door inside to look out the window and steps on the door lock. I was guilty of doing that with my dog. I'd put her in the car and shut the door then walk around and get in on the drivers side. I didn't know any better or how bad the consequences could be until now. Then again she was a beagle. If I put her in the car on her side and shut the door with my door still open, she'd be down the street before I could get around to my side. Poor training on my part.
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    I GOT THIS IN AN EMAIL FROM CARLENE JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER. I cleaned it up a little. Not for language but for spelling and punctuation. She’s a mess. She uses caps because of her 81 year old eyesight. Regarding Summer--With Black Dogs--And Sunlight--And Parking Lots--And Hot Top: YOU HAVE TO THINK FOR THEM. RECIPIENTS MUST BE REMINDED YOU MUST NEVER STOP TO TALK TO ANYBODY IN A PARKING LOT. YOU WILL OVERHEAT AND/OR KILL YOUR BLACK DOG. BETWEEN THE HOT TOP AND THE BLACK HAIR THE HEAT GENERATED IS UNBELIEVEABLE. EVEN WITH BENTLEY AND HIS SPOTS, THE BLACK AREAS GET SOOO MUCH HOTTER THAN THE WHITE ONES. THE HOT TOP IS CERTAINLY HOT TOO. BEND DOWN AND FEEL IT. YOU HAVE SHOES ON--THEY DON'T. PUT THEIR HARNESS ON IN THE CAR AND WHEN THEY JUMP OUT, GET MOVING RIGHT AWAY FOR THE BUILDING OR EVEN CEMENT WALK. DO NOT STOP. THINK OF THEIR PAWS. THEN OF COURSE YOU NEVER LEAVE THEM IN A CAR ANYWAY. BUT, I TELL EVERYONE, NEVER BE IN A POSITION OF HAVING YOUR DOG IN THE CAR AND ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS SHUT. WHY? WE DID HAVE A RECIPIENT HAVE HER DOG JUMP IN THE CAR. SHE SHUT THE DOOR AND THEN FELL HITTING HER HEAD. LUCKILY SHE WAS NOT KNOCKED OUT. BUT HAD AN AMBULANCE BEEN CALLED THEY MIGHT HAVE HAULED HER AWAY NEVER NOTICING THE DOG IN THE CAR, THUS KILLING HER DOG. SO WE JUST DON'T. HERE'S THE ROUTINE: 1. DRIVERS DOOR OPEN. 2. BACK DOOR OPEN. 3. LOAD DOG. 4. SHUT BACK DOOR. 5. GET IN DRIVERS SEAT AND SHUT THE DOOR. (ME: in other words...shut your door last!) GET INTO THAT ROUTINE. NEVER BE IN A POSITION OF BEING OUTSIDE THE CAR WITH YOUR DOG IN THE CAR AND NO EXIT. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE UNTIL IT DOES. I HAVE BEEN VERY LAX ALL WINTER ABOUT LOADING DOGS HERE. I WATCH AND ALL THE TRAINERS AND WALKERS ARE NOT DOING THAT. WELL TODAY STARTS A MADENING PROGRAM. I THINK I WILL WEAR A WHISTLE. HOW MADENING WILL THAT BE? IT WON'T BE MADDENING AT ALL IF YOU ALL DO IT RIGHT. IT IS NOT A STUPID RULE WITH NO LOGICAL BENEFIT. I WAS REMINDED WHEN GOLDIE MADE CAROLINE EMAIL THE MESSAGE. FROM CAROLINE TO CARLENE: I always remember your caveat to keep one car door open, so that the dog can get out and help you if you need it. I always keep the back door open until I get into the car safely (there is an open/close button in the driver's side door). The other day when I was leaving school, I told Clark to load up, which he did right away. I then went towards the driver's seat, but I lost my grip on the door handle and fell to the ground (not hard). I called" Clark! Come!" He peeked around the back door and saw me on the ground. I could almost hear the "how did you get down there? You were upright 2 seconds ago!" He hopped down and dutifully helped me up. I got in the car and he loaded up (again), and we went on our way. But I was so glad I kept the hatch open! Clark and I have been doing well. Almost the end of the semester! He has been working hard to help me to classes and to run research participants. We are getting our steps in, and that is so phenomenal that we are still walking together without other support. (ED... IT HAPPENS MINUS A WHEELCHAIR )
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    Bentley and Sizzle at the Boston Marathon a week or so ago. 1. At the starting line. 2. Guess where Carlene is?
  5. I'm so sorry you guys are going through the dementia issues with your parents. I only had one parent growing up and she died when she was 38 years old. And I'm an only child so I don't foresee me having to deal with it. Other than possibly myself. I watched my grandmother go through it though and it was heartbreaking. But then again she had daughters to make her decisions and I was spared that. It's funny that you mention it. Just last night I finished a book about an Alzheimer patient. I don't know why I'm so drawn to those books. It seems to always fall on the daughters shoulders to take over. Some women are stuck in the 'sandwich generation." They work away from home, still have children in the home and have parents to take care of. Bless them. Each and every one of you have my heartfelt prayers for wisdom to know what to do, patience to follow through and peace of mind knowing you are doing the best you can in a difficult situation.
  6. Naw Miki, moving is so slow when you are old and all alone. I had errands planed for today but didn't get many of them done. I think everything is closing down. The Lube Stop close to me is closed. So I went to another one about 10 miles away. It was good because the last K-Mart in my area is just up the street from Lube Stop. Got to the Lube Stop and its gone too. There is a different brand in there but I went in to get my oil changed anyway. They are lousy.They didn't check anything except what was under the hood and the air in the tires. Lube Stop oiled your doors, checked all of your lights and would change them etc. They also did E-checks. Bummer. After that I went less a mile up to K-Mart. They always carry a brand of shorts each summer that I love. Thin-ish denim and around $6.00 each. Well guess what? That K-Mart is closed down too. I only know of one other K-Mart about 20 miles from me in another county. It's by Hobby Lobby and I've been wanting to go there anyway so I'll try them tomorrow. I don't even know if that K-Mart is even still open. So, because I had to wait so long to get in the bay to get the oil changed and was on the other side of town, I didn't get my Jeep E-checked, new tags for the Jeep, trash recycled or shorts. I also wanted to get a ball hitch installed on it from U-Haul. Wonder if I need an appointment to get a hitch put on? Tomorrow is another day but its supposed to rain all day with storms.
  7. I might try it when I'm closer to the move. I don't want to take myself totally off the internet yet. I know me. It could happen...easily. So far Mother Nature has done a good job of resetting it. And what's that old butter commercial say, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." And the old John Anderson song, " If it ain't broke don't fix it. " Or the old Rolling Stones song, "You don't mess with perfection." Okay, I just made that last one up! But it fits them and it's true nonetheless. They would probably switch out the word "mess" with a different word. I guess I'd best leave the song writing to them.
  8. Beautiful presentation. Glad a person who really needs it and will appreciate the scholarship won. That warms my heart. I slept most of the day away. I think the shopping trip yesterday caught up with me. Brother.
  9. That would probably be me. I don't know how to turn my router off and restart it. I've heard people talk about it. The only time mine gets messed with is if the power goes off. It must be a "self starter" unit.
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    Windows 7

    Sarah, I hope you are doing well in the health department and that your new leg is a perfect fit!
  11. Glad you are safe in TX. Lots of storms in the south. Especially this time of year. Ya know, I don't think I ever turn my Kindle off either. I do get a screen that says, "Waking Up" when I open up the cover. Maybe that's the difference. When I close the cover it puts it in a different mode. Who knows. I can barely operate light switches these days. Productive. That's a good word for my day. People are getting more and more insane. Today in a town in the county north of me, a man (49 years old) got into an argument with a manager at a Perkins restaurant. He pulled an iguana out of his shirt, swung it around his head by the tail and flung it at the manager. Think about it. A man sitting in a restaurant with an iguana in his shirt. Next thing you know he is yelling and swinging it around his head. Those things are huge! Last report was Copper the iguana needs surgery to mend a broken leg and is not doing very well.
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    Windows 7

    I didn't get a notice. I happened to have seen it on a pop-up thing when I clicked on a Youtube video. Something about my cookies needed emptied and how the end of Windows 7 would no longer be supported. It was just by chance that I saw it. I don't know how I get into half the stuff I do online. Show your DH this link I just found. Big Sigh: https://www.lifewire.com/windows-7-end-of-life-4161085
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    Windows 7

    I'm probably the only one left using Windows 7 but I just read where as of January 14, 2020 Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 nor offer any updates. Sounds like a long way off but it's only 10 months away. That means no customer service and no virus ware updates available. Their answer to the problem is to buy a new computer using Windows 10 because you won't be protected out on the World Wide Web when a new virus comes out. Wonder what about the people who bought extended protection plans or extended Norton etc. plans? I still mourn Windows XP.
  14. Oops! LOL I've had to hold the one and only button in for awhile too. It does take a long time (in my opinion) to restart. I was going to suggest going up to the top where that little gear is, I think it's for settings, and hit the restart area in there. If all else failed I was going to suggest doing the same thing only hitting the factory reset area. You'd probably have to reregister and reload everything again though. I don't like the factory reset. It scares me.
  15. I had a great day today. I went down to Amish country. I found a little table and chairs that I liked. The table and two chairs in my Amazon wish list was $80.00 with a 3 star rating. The one in Amish country was $120.00 but it's solid oak and all put together. I was able to get two chairs instead of four so that helped with the cost. I don't know why I was thinking about four chairs. Two will work out just fine. I was also thinking about a square table but when I saw the round one I knew it was THE one. I never thought about a round one. It's sturdy. Being round will save a little room too. They even shrink wrapped it. But wait there's more. For some reason they were having a no tax day. I don't know why but when I saw the sign on the window I was hoping they had something for me. Dumb luck. Plus they gave me a really nice heavy tape measure to celebrate their 30th. business anniversary. I went to a quilt/fabric shop and got out of there without buying anything. Whew. Next stop was Lehman's. I almost bought another tube of canning jar lids but they are $89.00 now. It's probably worth it because there are a ton of them in the tube but I didn't want to pay that all at once. That would be great to go in halves with someone. Or even thirds. I still have a tube of them unopened and the thought crossed my mind that they could possibly go bad over time. The rubber part. Don't know. I paid $75.00 for them last year. I opted for a couple of wooden toys for you-know-who and a couple of sticker books. I stopped off at Wal-Mart and picked up a couple of things I needed. Mostly cleaning supplies etc. I got a battery powered screw driver. I have a lot of kitchen hardware to change out plus an under the sink trash can caddy thing to install. I know my wrist isn't strong enough to do it all because I had to have son take one of the pulls off for me. Oh, and some blueberry peeps. And finally some bread. I stopped at Barns and Nobles. Another Whew. I didn't buy anything there either. Then up the road to Michaels where I got some more tee shirts. They were 3/$10.00. They had some pretty colors. Then I topped it off with a To-Go from Olive Garden. They gave me a free coke while I waited. Today was just my lucky day. So, all in all it was a very good day. I got what I needed but didn't talk myself into buying anything extra plus I got a good price (no tax!) on the furniture. Sounds like a lot of stores, and it was, but they were all in a straight line and none of them out of my way. Then it happened. Of course. I stubbed my thumb into the side of my car door when I was getting out. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. It pushed my nail up and back. My nails aren't long. Just a little past my finger tip. Or rather thumb tip. My nail bed is all bruised under the nail with a white area where the nail bent. It still hurts. Hope I don't lose the nail. Won't that be lovely.
  16. What a nice picture! Looks like a good time and good food. Nice memory maker too. Sorry your garden had a washout Miki. Glad you hadn't got it all planted though. I heard where there were some strong storms in the south this weekend. Hope they passed you by. Tis the season. It seems like every year the week of every Good Friday has a tornado someplace. Heads up girlfriend.
  17. Your herb garden looks amazing. So pretty. Love the sign. My patch has a wooden gate on it and someone stenciled, "Plant Manager Wanted. Apply Within."
  18. Wonderful news about your DH getting a local doctor appointment Snapshotmiki. Oh yum We2. I'll bet apple and raisin would be good too. That's what I thought it was at first glance. We got lots of rain today so I stayed home again. Stomach has seemed to settle down now and so has my back. I'm babying them both though. A quick trip to the store this weekend for some bread, milk, eggs and bananas will last me another fortnight. Fortnight. Guess who has been watching British shows again.
  19. Crafters use all sizes of Mason jars. It's kind of my style. The only thing I've ever heard of being canned in them is homemade grape juice, water bathed. Basically some grapes in the jar with water and I think sugar added. Personally I wouldn't do any canning in them. They are pretty tall for a canner and they hold a lot of food, especially for one person. But they are perfect for vacuum sealing food. Noodles, rice, crackers and cookies and about anything dry. One of them would be the equivalent of two quart jars. That's the way mine came packaged too We2. I do have one setting out on one of my end tables though. Inside it I have one preemie diaper, the first little 2 ounce bottle I ever fed him with, a little shoe, a pair of little socks, the first pacifier I ever gave him, the first spoon I ever fed him with, the first toy we ever played with, well you get the idea. Oh and my first little 'grandma' Christmas ornament. And the first little bitty McDonalds happy meal French fry package we ever got. Beside it I have a picture of him. Thankfully my son and D-I-L amused me. Sigh, that jar will follow me to the grave.
  20. Ketchup on fried potatoes and onions? Lawsy, a girl after my own heart. Fried a little crispy just this side of burned. Oh yeah. Drool.
  21. Agreed Homesteader. It did say he was in China so sanitation and his nutrition could have already been compromised. Not judging...just saying. MERSA is horrible. Similar to the flesh eating disease. Or are they the same? My cousin's husband got it in the hospital after surgery. He nearly lost his arm at the shoulder. I mean like a week away. When he was finally let out of the hospital, he had to come home with an IV that a visiting nurse had to tend to every day for another month. Scary times. His surgery site wasn't anywhere near the MRSA-ed arm. I wouldn't be afraid to garden. Just use proper hygiene. And wash your veggies (even the ones you grow) well before you eat them even if they are organic. Not to mention bug and bird maybe mice droppings. I'm thinking of all the times I've taken a salt shaker to the garden and ate a tomato right off the vine.
  22. On my. How awful. I do believe it though. Lots of nasty things live in the soil. I know anthrax is pretty healthy on farms. And prairie dog poo carries the plague. I read where they can be a problem out west if they get into your garden area or for kids playing in the dirt. That poor guy looks like he has MRSA. Kinda makes aquaponic gardening look better and better, huh. All I know for gardeners to do is wash wash wash your hands and keep your tetanus shot up to date. I'm not a big proponent of vaccinations but personally one tetanus shot every ten years is one I won't skip. JMHO.
  23. Glad Mr cut down the tree. When I first saw it I was afraid you had a storm roll through. I've heard mulberry trees can get pretty nasty...and sprawling. Miss B is sure looking spiffy. Seems like a long time since she has had a road trip. I'm feeling better. In the stomach at least. I slept most of the day and didn't get to the store. I looked up CBD oil online for local places to buy. Yep, smoke shops carry it and boy is it ever expensive! Sheesh. I did find a place to buy online that I trust. But again...it is so expensive. That's the one bad thing about it not being regulated. It isn't regulated. I don't like some government regulations but sometimes I think they can be a necessary evil.
  24. I noticed Ball is making some jars plain with no writing embossed on them at all. Mostly because of crafters. That's one of the reasons I like the Kerr jars. They have 3 sides blank. It's so hard to label a Ball jar.
  25. I have a CD of my last MRI too. I downloaded into my computer and then sent it to my external hard drive for safe keeping. I don't know how it is any place else but here, if you want a copy from the hospital you have to pay for it. I don't know how much. BUT, if you tell the hospital to send it to your doctor's office it's free for them. Tell your doctor that you want a copy and they make a copy for you for free. Since I had to go in and sign a release form at the doctors office I told them I wanted a copy of it after the doctor looked at it. It's worth a try. Don't hurt to ask. It worked for me. Free is good. I'm building a medical notebook too. It seems like every time I go to the doctor I leave with a file of every detail of my visit. Gotta put all those papers somewhere. Might as well start yet another binder.
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