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  1. I have used Aleve and it works as well for me as Advil. The only thing is last year the Dr. told me to stick with Advil because Aleve is very hard in your liver or kidneys. I don't remember which one she said. Much more so than Advil. Who knows. I'm not worried about that because I really don't take all that much. Some months I'll take up to 12 and some months none at all. Aspirin works well for me as long as I remember to take it on a full stomach. Otherwise it gnaws the devil out if my stomach. Something has to give soon. I'm in a lot of sciatic pain again tonight. Seems to be worse at night. I'm going to try that pain cream I have. Votaran. It's for arthritis but it won't hurt to try. I totally forgot about it. How can I be in so much pain and forget I have pain cream to try? My memory is getting worse. Or maybe just dull. If all else fails I'm not above trying some CBD oil. It's the non 'pot' stuff and legal in Ohio. It's derived from hemp and not marijuana here. I think our tobacco shops sell it. I need to do some Googling.
  2. I think I might be feeling a little better. It kind of comes and goes throughout the day. The thought crossed my mind it COULD be the Metformin I'm taking for pre-diabetes. I guess I'll know better tomorrow. I've had really bad sciatic nerve pain the last three days. Dang that hurts. I forgot about that super duper pain reliever combo of Tylenol and anaceed annaseeda anaceedametapropheen Advil. I don't have any Tylenol but I'm also about out of bread so I'll venture out to the store tomorrow. Tylenol doesn't work well for me alone. Actually I do have Tylenol but its stored away in a tote some place in the basement for "emergencies". Sigh. Sad, but its easier to go over to the store and get more than to fight that dungeon. Not much good being prepared if you can't get to the stuff. I was sad the new house doesn't have a basement but it might be to my benefit that it doesn't.
  3. Note to Homesteader, never ever say, "Honey, I think we could use....." 'Cause the next day half the wall will be G-O-N-E. Seriously though, you are so lucky to have a handy man and a forever home exactly the way you want it. I can't even imagine all the money you guys have saved by DIY. Me? Pffft. I'm still sick with the stomach crud. Its getting old fast.
  4. Thanks We2. I did get a bunch of boxes torn down to take to the recycle bin. I've been saving Amazon boxes but I don't need as many as I thought because I empty them when I go the Indy house and bring them home to reuse. Stomach is still upset. Sigh. I found some stuff in my med stash that is sort of working. As much as anything I guess. It's OTC called Nauzene Chewables. They sort of taste like Pepto. Not bad but not good either. I also broke out some Jolly Rancher hard candy to help keep my mouth from drying out. Plus I like them. If I'm not better tomorrow I'm getting into my Rx meds stash. Something like Zofran I think it's called. Rx stash is last resort before Dr.
  5. Hi and WELCOME!! Hope you stay and chat awhile. Congrats on that new baby coming into your family. You will be thrilled.
  6. Uh-Oh. Look out little Dee-oh-geez. Momma Annie is going all CSI on you! You'd better heed Dad's stern warning talk and stay out of that garden..Next will be the sharp pointy stick waving around in the air.
  7. Little Hooligans. No trip to the lake for them anytime soon. I know a couple of fuzzy butts who need a stern talking to. Good thing they are so darn cute! Mine used to dig up potatoes.
  8. I'm sure you are right about the anxiety part too We2. I don't often show it, but sometimes I feel like I'm being swallowed up from being overwhelmed. Always swimming upstream, yanno. I get plenty of gripes but no help from the gripers. Partly my own fault for not asking for help I suppose. Next year WILL be better. I always used to know exactly what to do and could get it done. Now I can do the major things but get stuck on the little details. Even my lists aren't helping now. I need to get back into the habit of doing at least six things a day. Even little things like hanging up a coat. Just six things get me in the mood to do more. I think low energy is an issue too. Where the heck did that go to? Pffft, I get needy when I'm sick. Maybe next week I can go to Amish country and get three or five little sticks of furniture for the Indy house. Kid size table and chairs. It's a start.
  9. Feeling just a tad better today. I feel waterlogged in the stomach area. I've been sick more in the past 12 months than I can ever remember. Plus it takes me longer and longer to bounce back. Nature of the beast I guess. Just glad I have plenty of soups, crackers, canned fruit and sodas here so I don't have to go shopping. I think caffeine is giving me a sour stomach too. I had a bottle of mocha frappiccino (sp) and later in the evening some iced tea and it really upset my stomach. I also think coffee and tea near bedtime gives me acid reflux. I could be very mistaken on both accounts though. It could just be the bug I have. Congrats on the outdoor set We2. Lucky Ducky. I have zero outdoor furniture. No problem since the wind ripped off the awning over the deck. Still not even a stick inside the new house yet.
  10. OOTO, what a fantastic idea. Crimony, why didn't I think of that. I live just under two hours from the world's largest Amish community and I go there every couple of months or so. I have bought all of my oak furniture, that I have, from down there. Everything that would fit in the Jeep that is. I can attest to the quality and beauty of their hand made furniture. And it isn't any more expensive than factory made either...at least not down in the Berlin, OH area. I'm getting so used to ordering online and at Amazon that I forget about mortar and brick stores. Oh heck yeah...I know exactly where to get a little table and chairs now that will be strong enough to hold even me. I'm kind is surprised I never even gave them a thought. .
  11. Ugh. I think I might be coming down with something. I was sick to my stomach twice last night. Pure acid. Now I'm just sore but still feel a little sick. I hate that feeling worse than anything. I didn't sleep a wink last night either. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. On a happy note, Mick Jagger made it through his heart valve surgery with flying colors. Not bad for a 75 year old. Tour postponed until July. Just thought you all would be waiting with bated breath for the news. Y'all did know about the surgery...right?
  12. Hummm. And one of the wealthiest areas in the country, LA California is one of the least audited. Money talks.
  13. I really like the half gallon canning jars. I use mine for sealing dried goods too. I noticed Wal-Mart has started selling them. I don't know how much they are though. Probably expensive.
  14. I saw the pupper right away but didn't know if it was Gunny or Grrr. Hawthorn berries are supposed to be really good for high blood pressure.
  15. True Kappy. Every once in a while I'd get a whiff of lemon. I really want some for tea but it needs to be in a container. Same with regular mint. Wow Annarchy that is a beautiful sight. Love the pictures. You are really taming that desert!
  16. Sorry you are having a rough one Mt.Rider. Hope you get plenty of rest to help you mend.
  17. That looks like something I'd be interested in for planting herbs. Planting herbs in the ground scares the stuffing out of me. I'm having a 30 year old battle with lemon balm that I'll never win.
  18. There doesn't have to be a real disaster for the price of food to go up. Just the mere talk of one is an excuse to raise prices.
  19. Slow and steady wins the race huh, Mr. We2! Last time I was in Indy son was on a roll teasing me. He said he had a new man all picked out for me. Without even thinking I said, "If he ain't handy I don't want him." LOL. Not is he gainfully employed, decent looking, Christian, clean, sober etc. Just Handy! It was all in fun because no way do I want a man in my life and the world knows it. It was sort of slow today. THANKFULLY, my mail box wasn't broken. It was laying all the way over on the ground though. I don't know how that post keeps from breaking. It's still wiggly in the ground but I stomped all around it so it should hold. I got my taxes all ready to be mailed. That was a heartbreaker. Darn. Then I got my two insurance bills signed up for auto pay. So now, all of my utility bills (2) and all of my insurance bills (2) will be auto paid. And the mortgage. When I get over there I'll do the same with my phone and internet bill. I think the only thing left will be the Jeep insurance and I just might do that one too. By signing up for auto pay on my supplemental plan, I'll save $2.00 a month. Plus stamps. I'll take it! Also If I get my meds at CVS (I think) or delivered to the house I'll save there too. This move is going to be so expensive so I'm nickel and diming anywhere I can. I'm going to try the Amazon Fire Stick over there instead of cable to see if I like it. I rarely watch TV and If I can stream Youtube on the TV I'll be happy. Plus one less bill. I've never had any bills auto paid except mortgage. But to tell you the truth, I've been forgetting about them and then I sit around wondering if I paid them. I have to get the checkbook register to make sure. Forgetting to pay bills isn't a good thing. Now I'm finally getting my ducks in a row and it feels pretty good. Or at least it will when they start the deductions in a month. I've also been misplacing things a lot too. I had a long list to take to Wal-Mart a week ago and got over there and forgot to take the list. I made the list right before I left the house and even printed it out. Hopefully, I can get another top kitchen cabinet cleaned out and packed up. I'm not sure what's worse, a Kitchen with not enough cabinet space or a kitchen with too much cabinet space that you keep filling up.
  20. Ack...I'm so far behind. I'll just pretend my lights and water are back on and I'm sitting on the couch popping Bon-Bons and watching reruns of Hoarders. I'm pathetic.
  21. I thought this was the neatest idea for teaching contractions. She uses old Lego Duplo blocks that her kids are finished playing with. The good stuff starts at 1:50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CHfUcuflkw She talked about running out of blocks but you could also use the other side of them for more words. Then take the two small ones off and try to figure out which side they belong to.
  22. I've been reading about the flooding in Nebraska. It's alarming.
  23. How can I get about 4 four inches of very light fluffy snow in the middle of the night and wake up the next morning to a mail box leaning on its side nearly touching the ground?. Because the snow plow drivers only know one gear. Fast! I just hope they didn't break off the post holding it in the ground..
  24. The flu around here has been brutal here this year. Also that respiratory crud that takes months to get rid of. I don't take the shot either. They said this years vaccine wasn't effective for the strain going around.
  25. I think our Wal-Marts are in pretty good shape too. One of those Penney's closing is in the county next to me. I don't shop the "fancy" stores though. I was thinking about a child's indoor table and chairs similar to this one: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01KZTJI4Y/?coliid=I253U7QFDGDQM4&colid=YQT0IQ0PHQ8B&psc=0
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