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  1. How can I get about 4 four inches of very light fluffy snow in the middle of the night and wake up the next morning to a mail box leaning on its side nearly touching the ground?. Because the snow plow drivers only know one gear. Fast! I just hope they didn't break off the post holding it in the ground..
  2. The flu around here has been brutal here this year. Also that respiratory crud that takes months to get rid of. I don't take the shot either. They said this years vaccine wasn't effective for the strain going around.
  3. I think our Wal-Marts are in pretty good shape too. One of those Penney's closing is in the county next to me. I don't shop the "fancy" stores though. I was thinking about a child's indoor table and chairs similar to this one: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01KZTJI4Y/?coliid=I253U7QFDGDQM4&colid=YQT0IQ0PHQ8B&psc=0
  4. I made a quick trip to the store this evening. It was pouring down rain but I had the umbrella and was in the mood to go. About 2 hours later I walked by my window and thought, "Hum, its awfully foggy out there." I took a better look and it was snow! Lots of snow coming down. It looks like there is already 3 inches on the cars next door. That was a surprise. I wish I would have taken my bills over to the mailbox while I was out. Hope it melts soon.
  5. What a shame. It really makes me sad. Since my K-Mart closed I've missed them already a couple of times. I had to to drive a couple of extra miles in both directions to get what I needed. Not to mention the time and bigger crowds. I always try to support the most fledgling stores but it seems like the big shoppers were only going for the Out Of Business deals. That sort of rubbed me the wrong way too. I took advantage of the sales but I was a regular customer too. I shop a lot online but it is mostly items I can't find locally. Since Toys R Us went out of business I buy most of G'sons toys on line now or at Dollar Tree. I don't buy toys at Dollar Tree per se but I have gotten a lot of good deals on crayons, paints, play dough, coloring books, chalk and room decoration charts for the walls etc. Oh and tons of flash cards. I know a lot of people don't like Wal-Mart because they are such a big corporation but FOR ME the bottom line is they pay a ton of taxes, and they hire my friends and neighbors who wouldn't ordinarily have a job. Or insurance. They usually have what I need AND they donate to Service Dog Project. I still miss Boarders Bookstore. It was a nice place to go in and shop around. I have a Barns and Nobel about an hour away but it isn't the same. If I can get anything locally I do. But its sad to say that probably 70 percent of my purchases are from Amazon. Not necessarily from ease of shopping but because of availability of merchandise. I haven't ordered my groceries online. I still want to squeeze my tomatoes and Charmin too. I want to buy a small table and chairs but I've only seen the wooden ones online. Sigh. I want to see them I person to see how sturdy they are. They will need to hold a baby butt and a grandma butt. For books, you can't beat Ollies. It's a junkie store but they have tons of overstocked books and CHEAP.
  6. Jeepers

    Hey Miki

    Hope you are having a good time in FL. Hope hubby is doing well also. You are being missed around here!
  7. Concerning the battery, I was downloading a lot of books into the new Kindle from cloud and a notice popped on telling me to plug it in. There was 10% left on the battery. So I'm guessing you really are supposed to charge it up before it dies.
  8. FYI. I forgot to add that I thought that you could only deduct an eye exam from your taxes. Not so. She took off the eye exam and the glasses. So that deduction went from $65.00 to over $200.00+. I do have to itemize though so not sure if that makes a difference. There are online places where you can send in your prescription and get glasses cheaper. I'm going to try that to pick up a spare pair and some sunglasses. Then hopefully deduct them from next years taxes. I'm NOT recommending this place but it's where I plan to try because I THINK they have a 15% off on your first order and free shipping if you sign up for emails. Easy enough to unsubscribe later. I'll let you know if I do and how it worked out. I'm still hopeful for the laser eye surgery again though. https://www.eyebuydirect.com/eyeglasses#attrs=women
  9. I went to Wal-Mart to get some of those cloth boxes that fit into the bin organizers. I bought two of them the last time in was in Indy but still needed the bins. Son can put them together before I get over there again. They are for toys for 'you-know-who. Mostly building blocks etc. that I got for 60% off when my K-Mart closed. He loves those Bristle Block things. I plan to leave a couple of the cubby holes empty for books.There is one small area that was used for a second dining room/dinette room that I wasn't sure what to do with. I'm making it into a play room. Or rather more like a toy storage area to keep the rest of the house tidy-ish. Probably a little table and chairs. Who knows. Then I swung by the car wash and hosed the Jeepster down. It was filthy. Some of it was road salt so it really needed to come off. Its 14 years old now and only has a couple of rust spots on it up under the rear window. I'd like to keep it that way. I suppose keeping it in the garage has helped a lot. It's certainly not because I've kept it clean. Then home to make some spaghetti for supper. I plan to clean out and pack up another lower kitchen cupboard tonight. Also that area over the refrigerator. There are two small cabinet up there that nobody could ever reach. Except for me on a chair. So I'm pretty sure it is stuffed with treasures I haven't seen in 30 years. Same thing over the stove. So, those three areas are on my to-do list tonight. I think I'll take a quick trip over to the library (right behind my house) and get a couple of books on CD to help pass the time in the kitchen. The paper recycle bin is on the way and I have another load to dump off. Two birds...one stone.
  10. The water seems to be pretty much back to normal. There is occasional spurting like there is air in the lines. That shouldn't be happening. It tells me they are still working on the water. Now I'm wondering if our water supply was compromised in some way and not by a natural disaster. I'm still not comfortable with it. I'm either boiling it or using the Berkey. The radio guy said our water supply was running low and we need to conserve. Well, since my water comes from Lake Erie, I don't think we are running low. Unless we are giving our water to someone else? If that's true then I'm okay with it...as long as they are 'friendly'. I'll just say it...I suspect that someone tried to poison our water supply. I noticed I'm going to have to deal with some laundry soon. I have a bucket and one of those washer plungers. Tonight I'm going to make up some of that homemade powdered laundry detergent. I've had the ingredients here for some time but just kept putting it off. I have plenty of the commercial detergent but making my own will give me some 'busy time' plus it's low sudsing so hopefully it will be easier to rinse out of the clothes. About the only thing I have a large amount of is tee shirts. I've taken to washing my undies out every night and my bra every other night in the bathroom sink. It really helps to keep the laundry tamed. The tee shirts are heavy and won't be pleasant wringing out with my weak hands. I will probably start wearing blouses soon. The weather is warmer plus they are thinner and easier to launder. I won't go into the bottom half of my wardrobe. Around the house I don't wear any. I can not stand anything around my knees! Especially when I'm sitting. So its almost always undies and a blanket thrown over me. I always have a pair of elastic top shorts handy for quick pull ons though. Not sure what I'll do when it comes to towels and sheets. When the sheets get too soiled I'll start sleeping in the twin bed I have here. Smaller linen. I'm still sleeping on the couch a lot. Not the most sanitary night after night. I need to start using bed linen on it. I've been using the same towel so far. Our radio station is starting to get back to semi normal. They broadcast from 6:00am til noon. Then they are on from 6:00pm until midnight. I'm not sure why. I suppose to save energy. It's pretty much the same thing all the time. Either conspiracy theory call ins or know-it-alls who don't really know any more than the next guy. Electricity is sporatic too. I'm getting so used to it being off that I don't notice when it comes on anymore. One thing I did do is to go around and unplug everything incase of a power surge frying my appliances. The only thing I have plugged in is one small lamp, a small counter top fridge and the radio. If they get fried, I can live with it. I heard from son and they are fine. They will probably go get the MIL this weekend. He works plumbing, heating, cooling IRL. When they need him they call him in. Its been pretty steady. About three days a week. No more emergency middle of the night calls. Mostly plumbing issues or new house construction trying to get a head start while things are slow. DIL is taking turns with the other office girls each working two days a week. They supply companies with tanks of airs and gasses and stuff I don't understand (IRL). It will be nice for MIL to be there to watch our G'son if mom is at work and son gets a work call. Most of the call was spent with me talking to G'son. I feel so much better now. I heard a helicopter fly over three times today. Normally that would mean police, news, or most commonly a Life Flight. With our gas situation I'm leaning toward the military. Police are busy on the ground, not much news or traffic tie ups to report from the air and let's face it, a life flight isn't going out for anyone unless the person is 'important'. People have become expendable when it comes to medical issues. I feel like if you are over 40 years old or under 10 years old, then you are on your own medically speaking. IMO I hear the guy next door (the good one) messing around in his garden. Digging and planting I suppose. It's amazing what you hear when its quiet. And "The stars at night are big and bright...." I'm still missing ice for a cold drink and my heating pad for my back. I think I'll go dig out my portable ice maker from the basement while its still light outside. An hour of electricity will give me enough ice to last out a day. And will really boost my moral.
  11. Thanks for the input ladies. I'll go with the daylight. I really do need the light. Plus if it turns out to be too harsh I'll get the soft light ones for lamps. Or give them to my son. I've had the CFS bulbs ever since they stopped making the regular incandescence bulbs and I still haven't had one blow out. I'm more concerned with saving money right now than a blowout.
  12. I'm also thinking the daylight ones. These look like a sno-cone with the line half way down too. I will have some very high ceilings in the living room so I'm glad they last a long time. Now that I think about it, I think the ceiling lights are on the ceiling fan. There are two skylights but that won't help at night. And there are about 6 lights recessed into the kitchen ceiling. I think I'm going to have to get a 'cherry picker' for the riding mower to reach things in that house. Gonna have that John Deere tricked out buddy.
  13. I thought that too. I really don't understand it. It all happened when we got that raise in January. I think they decided they gave me too much. I'm going to let D-ex see if he can figure it out. I could go down to the S.S. office. But the wait is always so long and packed. I need to get out some papers to try to find out how much I was getting before that 'raise'. Today isn't a good thinking day for me.
  14. I had something similar to that. Mine was a little clunkier though. I couldn't stay out from under it. I would start with it over my lap and then I'd slowly start to slide down. It was so gradual that I didn't notice until it was sitting on my chest. Winter was worse because I'd get all tangled up in my gown trying to sit up enough to slide it off of me. I'd fall asleep and go to turn over and there would be a desk, a gown and laptop holding me down pinned to the bed. Mine had a fan a USB port and a little gooseneck light. I'm surprised that fan didn't try to suck up my gown and strangle me to death. I don't know why it didn't like me.
  15. I thought I was using LED light bulbs all this time. The swirly ones that look like Dairy Queen ice cream cones. Now I don't think that's what they are. I think I've been using the CFL ones. Sigh. So, now I need to know about wattage and brightness as evidently I don't know a thing about light bulbs. My electric company is a country REMC and they will sell their members LED light bulbs cheap. I can get up to 30 a year. I like a fairly bright bulb. I'm going to copy/paste what their website says. My question is...anyone know the difference in brightness between the 60 watt soft white and the 60 watt daylight bulbs? Does the soft white give out the same amount of light only not quite as harsh? I do reading and crafts so I do need good lighting. At $1.00 a bulb...heck yeah I'm buying. As a courtesy to our members, you can purchase five types of Energy Star LEDs at the REMC office: 60-watt equivalent, 10W, 2700K (soft white) — $1; 60-watt equivalent, 10W, 5,000K (daylight) — $1; 65-watt equivalent, 8W, 2,700K can light (soft white) — $2.50; 40-watt equivalent candelabra-$3.50; 100-watt equivalent, 15W, 5,000K — $2.50. Members can purchase up to 30 bulbs per calendar year under the program guidelines. They also have a free membership card that offers all kinds of discounts at local stores. I'm probably not interested in most of them (I printed out the list) but I'm going to order the card tomorrow anyway. But wait...there's more. They will come to your house and do an energy audit. FREE. I think I'm going to like that Hoosier country livin' after all. Who knew! Moral of the story is whom ever you do business with, check out their website. I just went on my electric company's site to sign up to go paperless and found this stuff out. Oh, and the tax is included on the bulbs. They really are just $1.00.
  16. You know you are in for a rough day when you go in to pick up your taxes and the first thing your preparer says is, "Well the good news is you made more money this year." You know the bad news is about to follow. It did. Yes, I made a little more money because I went on Social Security. And yes, I did cash in some stocks. I had to to get the down payment for the Indy house. I didn't see any of that money. It went straight to the mortgage company. BUT, now I have to pay taxes on those stocks AND capital gains. Crimony! I could have cried. My day just keeps on getting better. I got home and there was a letter from Social Security. My heart drops a little every time I get a notice from any government agency. They miscalculated my S.S. payment. And not to my advantage. They over paid me by $135.70 in both Jan. and Feb. So they are dropping my monthly checks by $135.70 and I'm only getting $28.00 for the month of Mar. and Apr. each to make up for the loss they caused. Fortunately, I didn't go out and buy that expensive furniture I was eyeing. But what if I had. It's called fixed income for a reason. Except mine wasn't fixed at where they said it would be. I was counting on that money to help fix up the Indiana house plus I didn't expect to have to pay so much extra in taxes. That's on top of the quarterly taxes I already paid on both state and federal. I'm okay just peeved at the government right now. Taxes kill me and I feel like I just took a pay cut. Which I did. I don't trust anything any more. 'They' can give it to you one day and take it away the next. These are the sort of things I prepare for. Not zombie attacks. Although I'm sort of prepared for that too.
  17. My DIL was older too. First baby and she was close to 40 years old. She did wonderful and so did baby. He was small at birth but he has caught up and is a happy healthy almost 3 year old. But I sure do know your worries. Breathe easy now little momma.
  18. I got one of these for the Kindle Fire pad for $36.00 https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HFRYA7U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There is another one without wheels for $30.00. I'm not sure if it holds a reader though. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00HFRYAGQ/ref=psdc_3015412011_t2_B00HFRYA7U
  19. I try to not let mine go dead before I charge it. I've never had to reset it when it did though. I was told that you shouldn't let your batteries go dead. Back in the old day you were supposed to but not any more. The 'newer' batteries in devises now are programmed to have a certain number of dead to life charges. Once you use them up your battery will go kaput. I can't remember where I read that but I'm going on the assumption that it's true. I like my Kindle's charged anyway. I put mine on the charger about every third night and let it do its thing while I sleep. Or if I fall asleep with it, as usually happens, I'll charge it when I get up. I keep an eye on the little battery icon and try to shut it off before it dies. I've had my first Kindle Touch since the Christmas of 2011 and the battery works like new. I read with mine propped up a lot. Usually in bed lying on my side. I have a couple of holders but a pillow or a stack of anything behind it will work too.
  20. Same here TheCG. Some I couldn't even finish. I'm not at all sorry to see them go. There for awhile I seemed to be getting books where English was obviously a second language. Pfffft. Maybe even third. The author's name looked American or at least English and you wouldn't know until you got the book. Thankfully I'm too cheap to pay for many books these days so I've never lost any money on them.
  21. I'll post it here again if I see it free. But I'll PM you too Mt. Rider.
  22. "Red sky in morning"....is exactly how we used to say it too. Uh-Oh. I just heard a gun shot back in the woods behind my house. I didn't hear any talking or yelling so I'm assuming someone is already out shooting deer. We have so many of them here. They walk right up to my front porch in herds of 5-6. All ages and sizes. I'm not necessarily worried about someone hunting as I am about a stray bullet from a city slicker. Goodness...can people be that hungry so soon? Or are they just panicking? My neighbor, the ogler, has a pretty big pool half full of water. They drain over half of it in the fall in preparation for the winter freeze. I wonder how long before people start to raid it? If he denies them will they come back at night and fill it full of holes just for spite? Yes, people will do that and more. I put my food from the fridge out in the garage to keep it cool. But it's warmed up enough that if I don't eat it tonight or in the morning I will have to throw it out. Its just some milk, butter and some fruit etc. I've been eating from the freezer for a couple of months so all that I lost from there was ice cream, popsicles and some things that were probably freezer burned any way. I wish I was already in Indiana. It's not fun sitting here alone even if I do have supplies. I miss my fan for sleeping noise. My wind up radio helps with the white noise a little. So far, our radio station has decided to give short updates on the hour and half hour between 7:00am and 8:00pm. They are allowing call ins on the half hour. It's a big station. Thirty eight states and half of Canada. Seriously. It's comforting to hear other voices out there. Some yahoos are saying it's an alien invasion. As in from outer space not from Mexico. I'm waiting for the Zombie crowd to chime in. I miss ice. I really want a cold drink with ice in it. I might be getting depressed.
  23. I don't qualify for any credit unions. The only fees I have to pay is if I don't pay my credit card off in total at the end of the month. I always pay it off! If I can't afford it...I don't buy it. Unless it's an emergency of course. I get free checks and a free safety deposit box. I get points for everything I spend on both credit cards and checking account. Credit cards, Master, are issued through the bank. I can either have cash deposited into my account or get a gift card. They have lots of gift cards. I've probably gotten over $400.00 in Wal-Mart gift cards in the last two years. I'm coming up on another $100.00 soon. They range from $25.00 to $100.00 depending on how many points you have. I get cash back on the Discover card and fuel perks from my grocery store/pharmacy. Last year I noticed I saved around $150.00 in gas. I'm all about free. Especially if its something I already use.
  24. Darn. If I see it free again I'll PM you.
  25. I'm still without power. I do have water but I'm boiling it to wash with and using my Berkey to filter drinking water and teeth brushing. It isn't a steady flow though. I'm keeping everything filled up including the water bob and the washing machine. Fortunately it isn't a front loader. I had the windup radio on but the radio station is shutting down so their gasoline for the generators can be sent to the Cleveland Clinic and to University Hospital. I don't buy it. I'm thinking a radio station as big as WTAM has natural gas generators. The same with our hospitals. We have BIG hospitals here. IMO someone else wants that gasoline. I finally got a hold of son at 3:00am. They went to the grocery store the day before the outage so they are good for another week or so if they are careful. DIL's mother lives about 30 miles away and has 1/4 tank of gas. I told them if they try to go get her to be sure to siphon her tank. Her father is in the hospital (in real life) so he is being taken care of better there than if he was at home alone. Son and I were only able to talk about 10 minutes and then we were cut off. I had a feeling that would happen so I told him to just listen while I talked fast. We usually have long conversations ending with G'son and I talking. It was all business this time. I filled up the Jeep the day the power went off. I had to wait in line for about an hour but it was worth it. Things hadn't gotten crazy yet. I am staying put for safety reasons and to save that gas. I will go get family if I have to. If I drive about 60 MPH I can get there using about 3/4 of a tank. I have 5+ gallons to take with me and will siphon their gas when I get there. Son has been driving the company van so they have been able to save what gas they have. So, as it stands right now, I'm good with food thanks to all the canning I've done in the past. Everything that will hold water is filled and I have lots of candles and kerosene lamps with fuel for light and a little heat if needed. It is way to quiet around here. Eerily quiet. I'm in a very safe neighborhood but one neighbor and I don't get along. I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch with one eye and one ear open. I miss my Indy family and worry about them but hopefully this will be a lesson in preparing for them. I'll bet one thing...grandson's potty training will be accelerated. Hope they had plenty of diapers on hand. Annarchy, I know people will laugh but when 9-11 happened and they told us to get plastic and tape, I did. I'm keeping it too just for reasons you said. It's better than nothing.
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