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  1. Dee

    Old Pine

    Oh Carol, I am so sorry. You're in my prayers! Hugs to you!!!
  2. Dee

    2018 Tornado Season

    We're fine here. They were about 100 miles from us.
  3. Has anyone read "The President is Missing" by James Patterson. It's an intense read and will remind you why we prep. Made me start thinking and planning again.
  4. Dee


    Homey, did you or anyone else here get blasted with this 12" of snow? First an inch or so of rain after raining all day yesterday and then a foot of snow on top of it. Yikes, this is NOT what we wanted to see!!!
  5. Mine is/was the same way. He doesn't care what I do but he's not into worrying or helping. As to the gas tank he says, "You don't need gas until you run out". YES, he has run out many times. However, he's old now and doesn't want to walk and has finally figured out it's much easier to keep gas in the tank than to walk a mile or two for gas and a mile or two back to put it in the car. With age and bad knees came a little common sense...FINALLY!!! LOL
  6. Dee

    Busy, busy, busy...

    It's the same with me Cat. I was here for so long and shared what I could but now I don't do what I once did which makes me not even know how to help others. If only we could get back to what we had but so many have scattered to the winds. I wonder where all the "oldies" are and how they're faring.
  7. Dee

    Please pray for Old Pine

    Great news about Gary! You guys have a great Christmas Carol!!!
  8. Dee

    MrsSurvival 10/13/17

    Good work Annarchy!!!
  9. Dee

    Stunning Fall

    We finally caved and turned the furnace on last night. High today in the 40's and with the rain it's just too cold and damp to hold off any longer. Some of our trees are still pretty but many are bare. The farmers are harvesting beans, when the weather holds, but when they plow up the field turning it black we have to know winter isn't too far off. I don't like winter!!!
  10. We're used to hearing about the heartache of others but not knowing them personally we say a prayer, feel badly for them and go on with our daily lives. Last week we dealt with the heartache of DH's cousins daughter being killed in the shooting in Las Vegas, 2 friends of another cousin being hurt in the chaos of running away and then our 10 and 8 year old grandchildren in a lockdown situation (thankfully a hoax) in their school. I was ready for last week to be over and praying for a better next week. Then yesterday we got the news that my nephews brother in law lost his home in the Santa Rosa fire. They got out safely with their pets and the clothes they were wearing but lost everything else. All of a sudden it's like I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop. I don't like feeling this way but............
  11. Dee

    Please pray for Old Pine

    Prayers for both of you Snowmom. I too have been wondering how things are going. Hugs my friend!!!
  12. Dee

    Getting Older Day by Day

    Yes, I let them cool completely before putting the 2 together and into the freezer. We got our waffle iron for a wedding gift 51 years ago and it still works great. It's also Teflon which surprises me since I can't remember having Teflon back then other than this waffle iron. It's not a Belgian iron, don't think they had those back then either. Its just a smallish round iron that works like a dream. Dh and I each ate 2 more waffles the next evening for supper and then I froze the rest with a total of 28 bags in the freezer. Dh will like that and hopefully they'll last awhile. He only eats them when I don't fix him breakfast. LOL
  13. Dee

    An Amish Garden

    I just saw this post and went to Amazon to look at the book. I would love to read it so I'm going to check and see if our library can inter loan it. I doubt I'd ever follow what she/they do but it would be an interesting read.
  14. Dee

    Looking for Suggestions

    Thanks everyone. I've heard of all the authors other than J.A. Konrath and I've read something by most. I'll check them out and see if I can find one I haven't read BUT I'm especially interested in Konrath snapshotmiki since I haven't heard of him. Thanks everyone. Would love to hear of more.

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