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  1. Please pray for Old Pine

    Great news about Gary! You guys have a great Christmas Carol!!!
  2. MrsSurvival 10/13/17

    Good work Annarchy!!!
  3. Stunning Fall

    We finally caved and turned the furnace on last night. High today in the 40's and with the rain it's just too cold and damp to hold off any longer. Some of our trees are still pretty but many are bare. The farmers are harvesting beans, when the weather holds, but when they plow up the field turning it black we have to know winter isn't too far off. I don't like winter!!!
  4. We're used to hearing about the heartache of others but not knowing them personally we say a prayer, feel badly for them and go on with our daily lives. Last week we dealt with the heartache of DH's cousins daughter being killed in the shooting in Las Vegas, 2 friends of another cousin being hurt in the chaos of running away and then our 10 and 8 year old grandchildren in a lockdown situation (thankfully a hoax) in their school. I was ready for last week to be over and praying for a better next week. Then yesterday we got the news that my nephews brother in law lost his home in the Santa Rosa fire. They got out safely with their pets and the clothes they were wearing but lost everything else. All of a sudden it's like I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop. I don't like feeling this way but............
  5. Please pray for Old Pine

    Prayers for both of you Snowmom. I too have been wondering how things are going. Hugs my friend!!!
  6. Getting Older Day by Day

    Yes, I let them cool completely before putting the 2 together and into the freezer. We got our waffle iron for a wedding gift 51 years ago and it still works great. It's also Teflon which surprises me since I can't remember having Teflon back then other than this waffle iron. It's not a Belgian iron, don't think they had those back then either. Its just a smallish round iron that works like a dream. Dh and I each ate 2 more waffles the next evening for supper and then I froze the rest with a total of 28 bags in the freezer. Dh will like that and hopefully they'll last awhile. He only eats them when I don't fix him breakfast. LOL
  7. An Amish Garden

    I just saw this post and went to Amazon to look at the book. I would love to read it so I'm going to check and see if our library can inter loan it. I doubt I'd ever follow what she/they do but it would be an interesting read.
  8. Looking for Suggestions

    Thanks everyone. I've heard of all the authors other than J.A. Konrath and I've read something by most. I'll check them out and see if I can find one I haven't read BUT I'm especially interested in Konrath snapshotmiki since I haven't heard of him. Thanks everyone. Would love to hear of more.
  9. Getting Older Day by Day

    Nice to see I'm not alone on this new adventure of getting older. Yep, that what I try to view it as......a new adventure. Homey, you inspired me with your post. Today I cooked a pound of bacon and put it in the freezer after fixing DH a BLT for lunch. I cooked 3 dozen Hormel link sausages and put all but 3 in the freezer. For supper I quadrupled my recipe for waffles. We ate the 3 sausages with 2 waffles each and I put 13 bags of 2 in the freezer. There's still enough batter for at least 8-10 more bags but I got tired and put the rest in the fridge until tomorrow when we'll have them for lunch and I'll finish getting the rest cooked and bagged up for the freezer. Felt good to get that much done. Look at that, we can still accomplish things if we're inspired!
  10. Darlene's brother....

    Prayers going up for the whole family!
  11. I'm reading this and that but haven't found a book in ages that has drawn me in to where I can't put it down. Any suggestions? I like mysteries, Tess Gerritsen (Rizzoli and Isles), James Patterson, etc. I loved the older Rita Mae Brown books, Diane Mott Davidson, you know just the easy murder mystery w/o all the gore. I love old west type books BUT not the ones with the gorgeous man and beautiful woman on the front cover. They're usually way too much love story and too little history. I enjoy 1800's in about any country. I like seeing how they lived, getting ideas and most of all wondering how they survived. My goodness they lived hard lives unless they were the wealthy but writers like Catherine Cookson showed the side of the average person, not the wealthy with servants, etc. Anyone with new ideas for me? Winters coming and I need a book to snuggle in with. Oh, and the bigger the book the better!
  12. Stunning Fall

    43* here this morning. Feels like it's time to switch from the air to heat since the house was only 66* BUT we know it will warm up this afternoon.
  13. Stunning Fall

    Last week here in Northern Iowa we were in the 90's. This week it's the 70's and lovely. Some farmer's have begun harvesting their soybeans and we hope to begin by the first of next week. Sometime in October we'll harvest the corn and then hopefully have everything safely stored for another year. The next season will be winter and I hate winter. Love the other 3 season but winter.....BAH! Here's a picture I took this morning of the sunrise with fog rising off the pasture. Have a great day everyone!
  14. Time to start working on the garden

    It all looks beautiful Homey. I did the same Jeepers. For days, like you said, they burned and hurt so badly. I learned a big lesson.
  15. Getting Older Day by Day

    Ahhh, so nice to hear from others. I am still going and still doing just NOT like I used to. Today I've filled 23 green peppers with a hamburger/rice mixture to put in the freezer. Before cleaning up the mess I'll chunk up enough green peppers to fill a gallon bag or so to freeze to put on pizza, in roasts, etc. this winter BUT that will pretty well do any prepping for this day. Prepping 2 or 3 hours a day, a day or two a week is enough for me anymore, whereas, I used be working at something from morning till night, day after day, after day.

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