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  1. TeamBettendorf- I noticed you have lots of lovely little children! Just a thought for you - when our son was little but still in diapers I bought a small pack for him and put diapers in it, and he could carry it quite a ways by himself! We used to take long walks with him to practice and put our packs on and off we would go. He needed those diapers and it saved a TON of room in our packs for other essentials. Also - I always watch for Jansport backpacks at yard sales. Even if damaged I get them and send them back to Jansport for FREE repair or replacement. Good luck.
  2. Remember that the local Ward/Stake may not have a canning nite scheduled - depends on the requests from the people in the Ward and/or if they have had a large order sent out for multiple families like the Order that Biscuitmaker must have been able to participate in referred to above! At least leave your name and phone# and interest with the local person and be sure to check back often. Also, ask if someone is making a trip to the local Warehouse soon (our guys go 2xmonth) and could you go or put in an order and pay for it?? Can;t hurt to inquire. Usually a couple of the men from here drive down to Greensboro NC to the storehouse and pick up any food orders for our needy members 2xmonth and at that time IF there is any food canned up when they are at the storehouse, they can get it at that trip. Lately, staffing problems at Greensboro has meant no extra stuff available (remember it is all church members who volunteer who get this food all ready to go out). Good luck.
  3. There is one in Greensboro NC. I think you could call the local church and ask for the name of the Relief Society President and contact her to inquire. The Relief Society is the women's organization. Or, ask if they have a person in the Ward who does the Food Storage coordination. Get there name. Best time to call is on Sunday. The listing in the phone book should be "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". LDS members attend a "Ward" according to a geographical map of the area. In other words, you attend the Ward in your area and not one clear across the city just because you like their Bishop "better". This is so you go with your neighbors and your children go with kids they play with, go to school with etc. Just some info. If you have trouble with finding a church, let me know. I believe there is a main# in Salt Lake City. Our local ward just did a huge order and a lot of non-member neighbors included their food orders too. Then when it arrives, all will get together and can it up in #10 cans. You can even can stuff you bought to "canning night" like stuff from Sams Club or Costco. The canning free (use of equipment) you pay for the cans, lids and oxygen thingees. LDS are happy to share so that ALL can be prepared that are interested.
  4. I have used cloth napkins for years - find them on Ebay a lot and at yard sales and antique shops. No one seems to be using them anymore because of ironing so I have found really large ones at about $1 per. I do use paper/plastic products when the power is out and I need to save water in washing dishes. But the plastic silverware DH brings home from the office. The rest of the staff order from a local restaurant who brings tons of plasticware with each order. He collects the things no one has used and brings them to me. Fingertip terry towels make great napkins for messy kid hands.
  5. Kim - having been thru this twice, I would only add a couple of thoughts. #1 I put a baby bathtub in out tub and we stood in it to shower - making collecting the grey water easier. You can tip the baby tub and pour every bit of it out for reuse which was a problem the first couple of days of trying to scoop it out of the regular tub. #2 Get the family used to the idea of not flushing with each P. Sounds gross but it can save a lot of H2O. #3 use hand sanitizer and baby wipes for quick cleanups can saveH2O also. #4 I ask friends still to save me liter soda bottles and save water in them. Takes 2-3 for a full flush here. Soda bottles keep water for a longtime without leaking - have had mine for 2 years now and they are still good. Makes it easy for kids to lift and get them out of the basement storage area.
  6. I love to collect old stuff as discussed above - have baskets,old canning jars, etc. on tops of my kitchen cabinets and other places as part of the "homey" decor. But,my tins (new ones that I have found that are the re-issue of old tins) are filled with preps and placed on bookcases, top of shelves over windows etc. For example,one large tin is full of boxes of Jello and pudding mixes. Its frees up my pantry space and hides some stuff in plain sight. I am not so worried about theft as just someplace new to put all this prep stuff! One skinny but tall tin is stuffed full of about 100 taper candles that I found at a yard sale for $1. Tapers are not something I would normally buy - but that many fo $1 I could not pass up.
  7. I was at the school Book Fair last week and two ladies were discussing food costs - agreeing between themselves that they spend about $800 per month for 2 adults, 3 kids and cat or 2 adults, 2 kids, and 1 small poodle! I about fell over in a faint! They looked at me like we ate the woodwork when I told them I spent about $250 for 2 adults and 1 teenage boy and 1 cat including cleaning supplies and pet stuff! I just wanted to shake these poor girls into some sense! It really is very sad as one was saying she is now having to charge some of her groceries each month!
  8. We bought farm in MO in what I guess would be the northern part of the south of the state - does that make any sense?? In other words, we are about 2 hours west of St.Louis on I-44. I think, only from reading on forums and driving thru the area a couple of times, that the southern ozarks have a harder time with economy,schools and jobs. SW VA near Roanoke is great off of I-81 and down through Blacksburg (Virginia Tech country). Lots of medical-based jobs in Roanoke. Good Luck.
  9. TheFayette County and NicholasCounty areas around Gauley River,SumersvilleLake and The New River are all pretty - Rt 19 and Rt 60 (although it is curvey down the Gauley to Charleston) Lots of farm land in Nicholas County although some has been changed to campgrounds for the river rafters who come in on summer weekends to run the rivers. Greenbriar County is another one that comes to mind. It is the very southern counties that are mostly mining places that are pretty sad and depressing places in my mind. We are in SW Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mtns and often travel thru West Virginia going to our farm in MO. Have you considered MO? We found farm land there at very reasonable price with house, big and smaller barns, woods and garden and pasture all about $100 to $150K. Good Luck.
  10. What a great idea - DH and I will try to come unless we have to sell a child to buy the gas! Actually, since whoever is doing that Porch Class would undoubtedly need an experienced Assistant Bell Ringer, I will volunteer to do that job! As a "General" I have a lot of experience pointing and tell others what to do while I repose, read and sip a cold drink (diet Pepsi in my famous Purple Cup). Hope to see/meet many of you there.
  11. Speaking of hiding things - an old police friend in CA always tells ladies to hide their jewelry in their "sanitary supplies" boxes - no male burgular will think of checking out the Tampax box under your bathroom vanity! Might work for chocolate if you get completely desperate LOL.
  12. CNN is reporting a new enterovirus in China this morning hospitalizing numerous children. At least 1 death reported. Apparently it causes hand,foot and mouth disease. Interesting.
  13. My DD has a new front loader Washer and wants to make her own laundry soap as I do. Can her Washer use it? Washer needs low suds soap and home made soap is certainly low or no suds. Owner's Manual naturally "recommends" a commercial high-priced brand! Anyone else with such a Washer making their own soap?
  14. We cancelled our vacation for this year - will do short camping trips to area state parks on weekends. Cannot do without books, but since we have great used bookstores close by and our Library has 2 annual books sales a year with great prices, plus, my personal favorite place for everything - Yard Sales! - I have plenty of books. Also giving up my annuals in place of flowers shared from friends' gardens - just today received some hostas, black-eyed susans, and pink yarrow! We are putting all extra money into food, outdoor cooking and camping equipment and extra clothing - all from yard sales. It is time to be even more frugal. TRIP - thinking of you! Get out in the sunshine and be thankful of this day that the Lord has brought. May your heart be healed and your soul comforted.
  15. Thanks Trip for helping me remember the important things, that in the rush of my daily life I, too often, forget.
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