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  1. Buttercup

    What Is/Was For Dinner?

    Mmmm Wormie, come up and share with me!
  2. Yikes! I was a young 32 year old when I started visiting MrsS. Now I'm 44!

  3. Buttercup

    Happy Birthday Buttercup

    I did thank you! It's nice to know I'm still thought of from time to time here. Hope everyone has been well!
  4. Buttercup

    Happy Birthday Buttercup

    Thank you!!
  5. Oh I lurk now and again!! How are ya MtRider?
  6. Buttercup

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Strawberry jam, blackberry jam, lime pickles and green beans!!
  7. Buttercup

    Farewell, dear Westbrook...

    RIP Dear Westie.. I know she wouldn't want all these silly tears but right now it's all I have. Give hugs to our Bear when you meet him up there.
  8. Buttercup

    Relationship with my ex

    You need to do what's best for you. No matter what anyone else says. You know where your heart is. These things happen for a reason and only God knows what they are. You are much older and wiser now. What do your children think of the idea?
  9. Buttercup

    Rest In Peace, OldMaineBear...

    RIP Brother Bear. This forum made us acquaintances, our hearts made us friends. I shall never forget you.
  10. Buttercup

    Happy Birthday Mother!

    Happy birthday Mother
  11. Good Morning all. Hope ya'll are well.

  12. Hard to believe it's August already... Jo and I started organizing and going through books yesterday. New folders, new binders.. Pencils ready.. When do you all start your new year? Anyone have any big filed trips etc. planned for the year?

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