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    It snowed heavily yesterday as I was at the hospital for DH's knee replacement. Our sweet neighbor came over twice and plowed the driveway with his 4-wheeler. We've only been here a year, and the neighborhood has been a blessing and come to our aid. DH was supposed to dangle his legs over the bed last night, but he took the PT instructor for a walk in the hospital hallway. I can see that he's going to be hard to keep under control. However, after 43 years of marriage, they're not telling me anything I don't already know. Thank you for your prayers. DH has begun a new lease on life. The surgeon said that his old knee was in really bad shape. Nothing worth saving.

    I forgot about MLK day tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. I doubt if the bank will be open. I take DH to the hospital in the morning for a knee replacement. We're getting hit hard with a snowstorm tonight. Our neighbor will plow our driveway sometime tomorrow. We'll take DH's 4x4. The only downside is the fact that it got hit Christmas eve by a big buck deer. The repair shop can't take us until first part of February. DH duck taped the headlight back in just in case I don't leave the hospital tomorrow night until after sunset. He's my Red Green.

    It took us awhile to find homeowners insurance due to our pond. The big companies didn't want to insure it without a fence. Yeah right!!! Our insurance broker finally found a mutual company that was happy to insure us. You might want to shop around after your get settled into your place.

    It warmed up a bit this last week, and the honeybees did some flying around on their 'cleansing' flights. In other words, they can go up to 60 days without defecating in the hive. Don't stand by the doorway on a warm day though. DH gets a new knee next week. We've been preparing the house, and us, for the big changes coming. Family members will be caring for my mom in the big city so I can focus on hubby. Mom has had two new knees so she knows what's ahead of us. We decided to bring hubby home instead of a rehab center. He may not like my nursing skills and doctor's orders. I've been freezing some meals so I don't go crazy the first few days. Sometimes I can stand at the refrig and try to figure out what to fix for dinner. The hosp staff said to stay ahead of the game and freeze meals early. I think hubby is going to lose some of those pounds he's always promised me.

    FYI - only warm blooded animals are affected by windchill. Your trees should only be affected by the actual low temps. You may have to trim off some of the dead branches, but shouldn't lose the trees themselves. Depending on the type of tree, the fruit spurs for this coming year may also be damaged. Stay warm!!

    I'm with you CG on keeping the feet warm. I wear wool socks except for the hottest weeks of the year. In Wisconsin, that's only July and August. We've got our place up to 61 F during the daytime and supplement with electric heat at night. These -15 F nights with wind is for the birds! We delayed Styrofoaming the outside of the exposed basement this past year. It won't be delayed again. The new woodburner and plastic over the windows can only do so much. I don't understand how the former owners lived this way for almost 45 years. We have changed out three windows so far. We have a long ways to go, but lots of hot chocolate, tea, and coffee will get us through the winter.

    No, we learned the technique from Lens Crafters after we bought our last pair of plastic lenses. They're too expensive to scratch these days.

    We learned that the antiglare glasses can be cleaned with 50% water and 50% alcohol. We rinse the lenses under water first to make sure we don't scratch them with some of the homestead grit. Then we spray them and use a microfiber rags. They do need to be washed often. We've had anti-glare glasses for about 10 years and really like them. The scratching of them is the hardest to avoid. The coating they use is getting better all the time.

    We looked for 1-1/2 years before finding what we wanted. It didn't come through the Internet. Our real estate friend at our church called and gave us a tip. We had to be there the next day (two states away) and do the tour. The following day we needed to give an offer before the place hit the Internet. Pressure to the max. We lowered the offer and allowed the owner to stay up to three extra months after closing. They were older with health issues and had built this house. They took the bait and we were given three months to figure out how to sell the house we were living in and start throwing everything over the ship side so we could move ourselves back to Wisconsin. It all worked out even though we have more of a fixer-upper than we thought. Sometimes owner-built homes aren't constructed very well. Thankfully, hubby is great at plumbing and wiring, and I enjoy fishing in the pond. Long story short ..... don't buy something that you will regret later. Patience is everything. Good things are worth the wait. Pray and let God lead. Many times He has something better down the road. Our tests come in many shapes. We're glad we purchased the homestead, and have the skills and resources to bring it up to our own standards. We do run out of energy, though, at our age.

    Rotten eggs! We've got friends arriving from Canada and Indiana tomorrow. Both of them are expecting snow for their journeys. I sure hope we don't end up with a lot of food for just the two of us this weekend. I'm trying to hurry today and put up some Christmas decorations. Two of our guests will be little boys. I find it difficult decorating my mom's place and then have the energy to do our place. This caregiving is a LOT OF WORK so far away from her. I'm finishing up pulling crops out of the covered garden. It's been nice to garden longer this year. If this is part of global warming, I like it. I'll see how long the buried potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes will last under several feet of leaves.

    Is it Christmas time already? We didn't do much last year because of the move back to Wisconsin, and a BONK on the head by a 2x4 falling off a shed during construction. I suppose I don't have much of an excuse this year. I need to find those totes with the cards and decorations. DH finished my garden fence just in time for my birthday yesterday. He's been working on it off-and-on for weeks. We used lots of scraps lying around the homestead. The utility poles were the hardest to move, cut, and set into the corner holes. Most of the wire was left by the former owner. He probably thought "what would they ever do with all that junk." Well, the junk is installed and the deer, raccoons, and rabbits need to find another food plot to ravage.

    Mt_Rider - you make me exhausted just reading about your adventures. I also struggle with hypoglycemia. I come from a family of diabetics. Leave it to me to be the opposite. I always carry protein bars with me if leaving the property. I just don't last very long if I run out of fuel. Today, we got a call from a friend who cleans out foreclosed-on homes. Lordy, I'd forgotten how horribly people live these days. There was mountains of trash, anywhere from things for babies to very old people. We rummaged through the trash for several hours. I wish I'd taken a mask with me. Too much coughing. I did find some buckets and containers for my greenhouse, and some handicap appliances I'll clean up and take to our local Aging and Disability Resource Center. DH found lumber, a sump pump to aerate our pond, cleaning supplies (the owner forgot to use them) and a few pieces of PVC for my garden projects. We found books anywhere from the Bible, to the New Age, some other cult books, and Alcoholics Anonymous. The music CD's also ran the gamut. I told our friend that the garbage service is weekly in our area. I guess the former owner had some major issues. We have to decide if we'd like to bid on the place as another fixer-upper. We would end up renting it out as it's only about 1/'2 mile from our current residence. The market is extremely short on rentals.

    Today should be interesting, besides opening day of the gun deer season. A friend called and said that he is cleaning out a house. He does that in his spare time and sells or gives away most of what he finds. The house is within about a mile of us and he said to come on over and see if there's anything we would like to haul home.

    The way we understand the federal law, if you have a digital cell phone and decide to discontinue the service, the 911 feature will still work. You should also have a charger available as most people forget to charge their old cell phones. Emergencies always seem to come at the wrong time. If you're trying to use an old analog cell phone (1990's), it probably won't call a 911 number. That bandwidth was resold by FCC and is no longer available.

    Speaking of beets, the deer enjoyed my beet tops this year. A chef friend of mine suggested I pickle the can of beets that had been given to me. I shuddered as my mother would never forgive me if I canned the beets any other way than my Grandmother. The chef said that 'mom' would never be able to tell the difference. She was trained in France so I hope she's right. The can is a #10 can and probably weighs in at 7+ pounds. This experiment had better work. !

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