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  1. There are some incredible adhesives out there to fix just about anything. My dad was the originally 'goop' guy. He was amazed at the 3 choices they had back then. I don't think any glass company will guarantee vehicle glass breakage anymore. Don't let them scare you. They just want to get rid of ANY and ALL liability anymore. We have friends coming through from Somalia. We have to kid-proof the house today and tomorrow. I think I'll head down to the city and see what I can find for games and puzzles for the little men. It's too cold to go splashing in the mud down by the pond. No frogs. No snakes. No turtles. Boring time of year.
  2. That's what we keep reminding ourselves, Jeepers as we keep tearing into the house. Sitting outside with a bonfire seems like so much more fun, especially if its not fueled with 2x4's and wood siding. How about making yourself a doable list for getting projects completed at your new place this coming weekend? As a treat, swing into a Culvers and have a custard cup at the end of your weekend. Rewards are fun working toward.
  3. We have much of the same scenario. My mom in 92 and doesn't want to move. We had her scheduled to move into an apartment retirement center (next week ). The services come to her. We thought it was a great idea. Mom would tolerate it. Most of the boxes are packed when the call came from the retirement center that they had made a LARGE financial mistake. With those changes, we would have to unpack everything and downsize her to a one-bedroom. I think she likes the glitch. I'm too tired from all my illnesses this past year to really care. The medical world wants her to move. Her family, who takes good care of her, understands her failing condition. I'm not unpacking her! I've got an emergency doctor appt in the morning and need to deal with my own crises. This too shall pass.
  4. I had a cellular install project in Ohio a few years back (abt 20) and stopped at Lehmans. Had a great time walking through the place and dreaming. We're pretty independent out here in the Wisconsin country and I like it that way. We've made friends with the neighbors since moving back to cheesehand several years ago, so feel very comfortable where we're planted. Having folks over for dinners and BBQ's makes for great relationships. My boss's wife in Scotland taught me that.
  5. My granny canned the same way. Always afraid of pressure canners. My mom did about the same. When we homesteaded in the 70-80's I bought a double-decker pressure canner and left the waterbath in the closet. WE2's - I used to buy those noodles from the Amish in Indiana. We were surrounded by wonderful folks and lots of bulk food. Miss those days but I've still got plenty of buckets left to last a few more years. Sunrise the other day was spectacular. This pic is out my front window where my computer resides. I couldn't have asked for a better blessing from God than this.
  6. Before my widow friend died, I used to wheel her around the Penny store at the local mall in Indiana. Then one day the floor layout changed and the clothing was sorted by mfg. The spaces between the clothes racks narrowed and I could hardly get her through. We were BOTH fuming. It was no longer senior citizen friendly. The company also changed their weekly flier to something that looked like from outer space. I told DH that the Marketing VP ought to be fired!! He eventually was fired. Their stock tanked and the CEO was also fired. They destroyed themselves. With a degree in Marketing, I don't understand how STUPID this younger generation has become.
  7. We had many #10 cans donated to us when we were still active missionaries. The acid in the tomatoes will eventually start eating the inside of the cans. I need to get them jarred up. I finally found a local St. Vincent's that sells the used Ball jars at half the price as the city stores. Maybe after we get my mom moved into a retirement community next month I can start canning. (wishful thinking) I think that spring planting under lights will come roaring into my life, though. This is the first year I'm not interested in gardening. Too much stress with mama.
  8. DH had thyroid surgery several months after his knee replacement. It was done in a different city and they also required three showers and special soap within two days. He had to have clean towels each time and clean sheets the final evening before surgery. He also needed a special nasal spray the last few days before knee replacement. The mucus test had shown bacterial in the nasal passages. We thought they had gone overboard, but we don't know anything about the super bugs in the hospitals or what lurks at home.
  9. I will pray for you Kappy. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms for DH. He's high maintenance. He only had to do two days of washing, scrubbing, etc before his knee replacement. All of the instructions before the procedure were in a 3-ring binder. My uncle had surgery similar to yours. He had great relief afterwards and has lived many productive years since then.
  10. Almost two feet of snow around here. Won't be starting the garden anytime soon. It's been hard with the shoveling as DH had hand surgery last week for trigger finger. They cut through the palm to find the sheath around the swollen tendon and cut it off. He has more that will need surgery in the future. He's a high-maintenance DH. We've had back to back company the past several weeks. Got the dining room ceiling painted and the lights reinstalled the day before the marathon. Looked great but clean-up for company sets us back a day each time. I hope I can find my drywall mudding and painting supplies again. Between cooking for an army, shoveling snow, hauling wood and doing the dishes for 'patient' DH, I'm tired. We start packing 'mom' next week and moving her into a retirement community in three weeks. It's been exhausting physically and emotionally for me. She wants to keep everything and digs her heels in the sand when I try to get her in motion. I hope I don't live to be 92 yrs old. I wouldn't like myself.
  11. We do the 'cold weather' cooking/eating too. Crackers are DH's favorite topping in his soup. I don't know why I have any liquid in the soup. DH soaks it all up with his crackers. It hit -38 F last week. It was close to a record. My mom keeps asking me what the windchill was. I don't follow windchill. Cold is cold to me, and I don't want to feel even colder. The woodburner has been non-stop since mid-October. It's trying to heat an older house so we keep it going. Those REALLY COLD nights required feeding the wood monster several times during the night. DH and I took turns, depending on who was up for a potty stop. We stopped the lower level construction for a few days as we have a missionary family staying with us. The wife has morning sickness from her pregnancy so we're trying to make all the construction smells go away this week. We did get the pantry doors installed and lights hung. The floor was swept and the dining room table dragged back into the room. The joys of living amongst the construction projects. Here's a pic of the barn doors and chandelier even though we still have some work to do in the doors. At least they hang straight. The chandelier was a steal at the local Habitat for Humanity. I had DH go with me cause he's the electrician in the family. I just try to keep from being electrocuted when helping him rewire the house.
  12. Yup, we retired back to Wisconsin several years ago. Family is all here and mama needed a caregiver when my brother died. It was around -30 F last night. It's all relative. We took turns tending the woodburner during the night. Thankfully, DH decided to cut 1.5 years of wood last Spring. We may use quite a bit of it this winter. We're still getting used to our woodburner and where to keep the air vent and power fan for maximum efficiency. I think the stove has been running since mid-October. It's been a cold season this year. Bet all of our beehives are dead. I think we'll just harvest the honey each fall and not worry about trying to keep the girls alive all winter. Everything we've tried hasn't worked. Even the old-timers can't keep them alive due to all the viruses and mites.
  13. Haven't been feeling very well lately so started canning. DH told me to use the electric stove in the winter whenever I wanted to. It helps heat the house and he likes the extra goodies. The woodburner can't keep up with the subzero weather. When the temps don't come out of the minus numbers, we're in trouble. The stove is more productive than the electric baseboard heat. This week has been prepping and canning kidney and pinto beans, and some split pea soup. When I cook like my friends with 6 and seven children, I pull out the canner and fill the pantry. I honestly can't imagine having to cook like that EVERY day for a family.
  14. We thought that the residual from the August house flood may be what's causing my ear infections. Sooooo ... we tore out two rooms and have been slowly rebuilding them with new windows and lots of extra insulation. Suppose to be -16 F tomorrow night. Sure glad we moved back up North in our retirement years ... nobody ever said. I decided on a long and narrow pantry at the end of the kitchen/dining room. I'm not sure DH was too excited about the four homemade barn doors I wanted to close off the pantry with. In his creativity, he's been shaving the old tongue-n-groove boards from the walls that were damaged by water. He hasn't been taking off very much wood in the planer, but I think the residual from this one door will make for a very happy garden in 2019. Three more to go.
  15. Praying for you MtRider. Disabilities are most understood by those who share them.
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