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  1. I've never thought of DE for ants. I buy it by the bag. I think the last 25 pounds came from a pool supply house. I have lots of carpenter ants heading for the hummer feeder. Cinnamon hasn't deterred them. I also need to try some in the garage, at least until we get those honey boxes harvested.
  2. So good to hear from you Dogmom4. Our neighbor had general anesthesia surgery and never fully recovered, mentally. The surgeon explained that it takes some people longer to come back "to the baseline" in their reasoning. Maybe that's one reason they don't like to work on 'older' folks. Just a heads-up when your mom begins to recover from hip replacement. Then again, her head may clear after all the pain subsides. I LOVE your fruits and veggies. I never visited Northern California. I decided I didn't like the southern area after few trips I made on business. I probably missed the most beautiful part of the state.
  3. When we lived in Scotland, it rained all the time. We still mowed but didn't catch the clippings. Sometimes we had to double-cut the stuff. Take your time and cut it several times and in different directions. Let it dry. Check to see if it needs to be raked or in mower catch baskets. Dry grass is much lighter to deal with the next day.
  4. Yes, I have been following Michigan Gardener for 3-4 years. His YouTube vids are a bit too long for me, but he has excellent heirloom seeds. I like to support the little guy.
  5. I haven't done this in eons, and seed tape is too expensive these days. I was listening to Tony Evans on the radio and decided to transfer my parsnip seeds to a wet paper towel. I find presoaked, small seeds, too difficult to distribute evenly in a trench. I think it will work well if the seeds sprout.
  6. I have specific instructions from mama to buy ONLY MEGA rolls of TP for her. I guess when you get old, mega rolls don't take too much time to refill the holder. Time is of the essence in her 90's. I worked the June Dairy Breakfast in Wisconsin this morning. They must have made close to a million pancakes for the crowd. They came in by the bus loads. I volunteered at the beekeeping tent. It was lots of fun showing the little kids the observation hive. It's only two frames of bees inside of plexiglass (with lots of ventilation). We had the kids practicing the art of finding the queen. I found many of the kids are well schooled in honeybees. They seemed to know more than their parents. We passed out coloring books for any of the kids who wanted them. Many of the folks said they don't like bees, they're allergic to them. I said I was too so I only keep 120,000 to 180,000 of them at one time. Love the reactions.
  7. Those walking onions are fun to grow. I brought a few bulbs from Indiana to Wisconsin. They survived the -38 F last winter. A great go-to for onion lovers.
  8. DH has outdone himself AGAIN! Our woodshed grew because of the free power poles from local neighbors. We didn't realize just how BIG they were, and the shed is on a rock shelf. We decided to go with a three-section woodshed. The first two are for 10 cord of wood and the last section for our farm tractor and some small implements. I keep thinking about the TEN cord of wood that needs to be cut, split and stacked this year. We have several cord already under cover so will only have to work on eight cord. That guy is going to kill me with work!! Whatever you do, don't retire. It is a lot of hard work that I don't remember doing when I worked full-time.
  9. We wanted to use the same split wood that was on the old pallets. I hate moving wood twice, but the pallets were needed. I hope hubby isn't planning on filling the entire 8' x 30' woodshed THIS YEAR. Mama seems to like her new digs. The great-granddaughters came over and enjoyed all the stories about the Great Depression and WWII. They also like her gorgeous view of the pond outside her patio door.
  10. We decided to take the power poles our friend gave us for FREE. Little did I know how BIG they are up close. DH cut them in 11-foot lengths and hauled them home in a trailer behind his tractor. I don't know how he did it!! We started building the woodshed yesterday and collapsed into bed last night. This is too early in the season to work all day. We need to sneak up on it. I prefer the ground work and DH handles the tractor. About three more days of hard work and the roof will be ready to build. I think he said that it will be 30-feet long. Then we can start filling it.
  11. Got mama moved into her new apt at the retirement center. The food down in the cafeteria is GREAT. She can pick from lots of dishes, or choose the special of the day. She fills out the menu and the workers deliver to her. All drinks are included. I finally found her bathroom scales and she has lost several pounds. She also wants her heat turned down a bit. It seems moving around is still good for the body, even if it's lived for over 90 years old. The lady in the apartment next to her was a teacher in the local school system. She had my mom's two grandsons in her class. God sure is leaving his fingerprints all over this move.
  12. I was telling my mom this week that she taught me the love of reading as a child. Whenever I have medical appts, I take my backpack with reading material and snacks. I can't stand the trash at the offices. I also carry a headset so I don't have to listen to the daytime soaps, either.
  13. I am so sorry to hear of his going, but rejoice that he's with Jesus. I've never met a pastor who enjoyed funerals where there was no hope beyond the grave. Your father's service will be bitter-sweet so close to Resurrection Sunday.
  14. Same here WE2 and Mt_Rider. It's hard seeing parents lose their facilities. My mom is starting to forget to the point where I am the person in the wrong. I'm seeing where the children need back-up support, especially in financial decisions for the parent. I don't want to get blamed for things my mom decided on, and I only carried them out for her. We're praying she likes the new apt with several other friends in the same retirement center. She keeps saying that she wants to be around people her age so they can talk about the Depression. Then I take her to her age group and she says they're too old.
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