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  1. Homesteader


    Praying for you MtRider. Disabilities are most understood by those who share them.
  2. Homesteader


    Six turkeys?? I thought two turkeys and a ham was extravagant. I do have to get them canned up before Spring, though. I use pints and half-pints. I may have to head to the charity shop in the coming months for more inventory. I don't use quarts as much with just the two of us except for ham/bean soup and chili. My garden and orchard sucks me in for about 6 months and I need to kick the meat out to make freezer space for the summer produce.
  3. Homesteader

    What’s For Dinner 2019

    Today was fried garden potatoes, fried eggs, wild caught tuna, sweet potato, cole slaw, fruit, and tonight had fried yeast-raised bread. Glad we spent a few hours today shoveling the heavy snow from last night and burning off those calories.
  4. Homesteader


    We had a late breakfast due to heavy snow last night and lots of plowing this morning. I chose fried shredded potatoes (dug before the snow covered the garden) with lots of veggies (for color). I like to add several Tbs of BBQ sauce near the end for a bit of a kick. I finished it off with lots of eggs and mugs of coffee. Late lunch was baked wild-caught tuna, sweet potato, cole slaw and fruit. Late supper was yeast-raised fried bread with sugar sprinkled on top. Love those fluffy chunks of bread. They taste almost like donuts without the holes. Glad we got plenty of exercise today. Otherwise, we'd be wearing those hearty meals around our waists.
  5. Homesteader


    Just got back from mom's place. It has been raining/spitting snow all day. Close to home was dense fog. We have more snow farther north. I heard that Minn will get about a foot of snow out of this. We will get the mud. I think I'll try digging some potatoes this weekend to replace what we've used the past two months. My mom has agreed to start sorting through her things and giving heirlooms to family. I think we'll start in the laundry room and recycle the Amway products that are over 30 years old. Then I can tell how she's handling the upcoming move, emotionally. Thankfully, a friend is planning on moving there too. She's more of a socialite so maybe she can put a small fire under my mom and get her out of herself and over to the Bingo room and the theater. They even have free popcorn every day. I think I'LL move in there.
  6. Homesteader


    A nice quiet day after running mom around to Christmas dinners. DH stayed home with a respiratory problem (probably inhaled too much dust and insulation he ripped out of the ceilings). He claims he wore his mask 'most' of the time. Missing the potlucks kept his weight down. Getting ready to pack bag and head back to mom's in the morning for our regular appts. These holidays require two trips to the big city during the week. I like months without holidays. She did mention last night that she's decided to move to the retirement community. She's tired of falling and crawling around the condo looking for phone numbers to call and someone to get her off the floor. She hates 911 and thinks they will turn her in to social services because she spends so much time on the floors. The family thinks its a great idea. Guess who will have all the pressure of getting the right apt, decisions on what goes, and how it will get there in the middle of a miserable Wisconsin winter?
  7. Homesteader


    About the same thing happened to us when we first moved to Indiana, Jeepers. We couldn't get a drivers license until we could prove residency. We couldn't get a checking account until we had a drivers license. We couldn't get the utilities into our name without a checking account. We were renters and were horribly frustrated. DH thought I was going to strangle the bank clerk. She was not nice. We finally mailed something to ourselves, so everyone thought we were within the legal limits, and all the paperwork went through. When we moved back to Wisconsin two years ago, DMV found our driving records right away. They said "welcome home". It was one of my best moments, even though we live six months a year in a refrigerator climate. This too shall pass for you. Just keep your BP down.
  8. Homesteader


    Hubby went on SilverScript this past year and was extremely pleased with it. He had to switch because Walgreens would not accept his other one for 2018. It seems that other one is underwritten by CVS. DH also had to switch to a small pharmacy to get SilverScript. I think the insurance is around $34 month and his prescriptions are less then $5.00 each. He's been slowly getting back into shape and losing weight so his med costs are decreasing. I think he has to compare the prices each year and make a decision on who he wants to go with. I'm thankful I have the VA. It's affordable and nice having everything mailed to me.
  9. Homesteader


    Warfarin was created in the WARF building. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. It's across the street from University of Wisconsin Hospital. I like pointing new resident doctors out the window and asking them if they know anything about the WARF building. By the end of the story, they're wide-eyed and filled with a new fact. No doubt, they will discuss it at lunchtime with the other resident doctors. It's one of the good things that has come out of our LIBERAL city. We always say, Madison ... 66 square miles ... surrounded by reality.
  10. Homesteader


    The crack in the garage floor opened up after our flood this summer. The mudjacker FINALLY came in November, with a little prompting from DH. We've been busy moving lots of heavy equipment so that the floor can be epoxied, ground down, and painted. The cold weather is against us so we're probably done for the winter. Thankfully, I was able to reinventory the freezers and organize them for the coming garden season. I don't know how they get so messy. I'm the only one in them. I find it so much easier to know what I have for my once-a-month menu planning project. I don't cook everything at once, but I have a better rotation of food by planning ahead. Thanks Y2K. I've been dealing with ear infections the past month and hope the round of antibiotics will kick in. When it warms up a bit, I'll start snow skiing again. It's always fun identifying the animal tracks around here. We know we have bear within several miles as they have been caught on trail cams. I'm hoping not to meet them. I picked another batch of kale this week. It may be some of the last for this year. The temps are suppose to be around 0 at night. Even kale will only take so much frost. It sure is sweet though.
  11. Homesteader


    Between my KitchenAid (DH even found a grain grinder years ago for it), and my Cuisinart food processor, I really don't use any other appliances. An old blender is nice during the summer for smoothies, though. Love my KitchenAid.
  12. Homesteader


    Thanksgiving was fast and furious this year. Mom had acid reflex the night before and wasn't too interested in eating anything except mashed potatoes and gravy. She really irritated her throat this time. I know because she usually piles the food high on her plate on T day. We got a break in weather and decided to winterize our hives. The girls had plenty of honey, so we added some winter paddies between the top frames. The top box is filled with cedar chips to soak up the moisture of 10,000's of bees. The last step was to wrap the hives in black roofing paper. It doesn't keep them warm but keeps out the sub-zero winds during the winter. It's tricky as to when to pull it off in late winter, but our bee club has lots of older beekeepers who keep us from screwing up this complex hobby.
  13. Homesteader


    My mom uses Biotene and really likes it. I told the dentist about dry mouth and meds and she gave me a sample of ACT. I haven't used it yet. Procrastination, or maybe too tired in the night to swish and spit.
  14. Homesteader

    What are you canning today? Part 8

    Bought some windfall apples at a local orchard. I canned up several dozen half-pints for my mom and some cooking/baking around our place. The pints disappear too fast around here, or get lost behind the huge cabbages and bags of kale in the refrig. Harvest time is always a stress on the refrig. Tomorrow is more applesauce and canning up the turkey I baked yesterday. Thanksgiving is next week but TWO turkeys wouldn't fit in the freezer. One of them became canned meat for the next year.
  15. Homesteader


    I've had two vets at church tell us not to use aromatic machines with essential oils around the house if we have pets. It's especially hard on cats as the oils end up on the floor, the cats walk on them, and then lick themselves. I was really surprised by two different sources. The vets reminded me that the pets aren't human and shouldn't be put in the same class as humans even though we we think the oils would also be good for the fuzzy creatures. I was pretty surprised at their stern instructions. We took note of their suggestions even though we don't have pets or use oils. DH usually doesn't like working on vehicle electrical systems either. They get more complicated every year! He did add extra lights to our old farm tractor and did a great job. He says it was easier with the old stuff, like him. I did dry some elderberries this year, and may try the syrup, WE2's. Age is creeping up on us and we need more defense as the years click by.

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