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  1. We wanted to use the same split wood that was on the old pallets. I hate moving wood twice, but the pallets were needed. I hope hubby isn't planning on filling the entire 8' x 30' woodshed THIS YEAR. Mama seems to like her new digs. The great-granddaughters came over and enjoyed all the stories about the Great Depression and WWII. They also like her gorgeous view of the pond outside her patio door.
  2. We decided to take the power poles our friend gave us for FREE. Little did I know how BIG they are up close. DH cut them in 11-foot lengths and hauled them home in a trailer behind his tractor. I don't know how he did it!! We started building the woodshed yesterday and collapsed into bed last night. This is too early in the season to work all day. We need to sneak up on it. I prefer the ground work and DH handles the tractor. About three more days of hard work and the roof will be ready to build. I think he said that it will be 30-feet long. Then we can start filling it.
  3. Got mama moved into her new apt at the retirement center. The food down in the cafeteria is GREAT. She can pick from lots of dishes, or choose the special of the day. She fills out the menu and the workers deliver to her. All drinks are included. I finally found her bathroom scales and she has lost several pounds. She also wants her heat turned down a bit. It seems moving around is still good for the body, even if it's lived for over 90 years old. The lady in the apartment next to her was a teacher in the local school system. She had my mom's two grandsons in her class. God sure is leaving his fingerprints all over this move.
  4. I was telling my mom this week that she taught me the love of reading as a child. Whenever I have medical appts, I take my backpack with reading material and snacks. I can't stand the trash at the offices. I also carry a headset so I don't have to listen to the daytime soaps, either.
  5. I am so sorry to hear of his going, but rejoice that he's with Jesus. I've never met a pastor who enjoyed funerals where there was no hope beyond the grave. Your father's service will be bitter-sweet so close to Resurrection Sunday.
  6. Same here WE2 and Mt_Rider. It's hard seeing parents lose their facilities. My mom is starting to forget to the point where I am the person in the wrong. I'm seeing where the children need back-up support, especially in financial decisions for the parent. I don't want to get blamed for things my mom decided on, and I only carried them out for her. We're praying she likes the new apt with several other friends in the same retirement center. She keeps saying that she wants to be around people her age so they can talk about the Depression. Then I take her to her age group and she says they're too old.
  7. Hope everyone had a glorious Resurrection day, yesterday. Most of our family is still living in the same state, so we only put on about 350 miles yesterday. Mom was exhausted at the end but seemed happy and content to see great and great-grandchildren. I keep saying each year that it will be her last, but she keeps plugging on. We will be moving Mom on Friday to a little less independent retirement complex. I doubt if she will use all the activities they provide but she will be with friends from her church. We've been packing her for weeks, and she has about 2/3 more than the apartment will hold. I keep telling her that a train wreck is coming, but she waves me off and doesn't think about it. She has little concept of time and space anymore. Makes me want to have another auction at our place so we can start over. We've done it before and I find it refreshing after dealing with others who can barely walk among their stuff. It's definitely an american thing.
  8. There are always countless types fungi and bacteria in the soil. Breakdown of matter begins with fungi and eventually bacteria feed on the fungi. If you ever see a compost pile steam in cold weather, it's the fungi and bacteria multiplying at incredible rates to break down the matter into finer organic matter. I wouldn't worry too much about it. My guess is that guy had auto-immune problems along with not taking care of the wounds properly. Micro-organisms are what God uses to break down the matter on the earth's floor so that we can use the subsequent rich soil to grow food to stay healthy.
  9. I was digging a patch in the garden in the morning for a bag of onion sets to plant. By afternoon the snow started. By evening the hail, sleet and thunderstorms were SLOWLY moving through. It was interesting watching the snowstorm and then seeing a flash of lightning in the background. We got about 3" of snow and a bunch of ice. We're SOOOOO thankful the power stayed on the whole time. We could see the power lines gain in circumstance as the hours wore on. The winds were also over 30 mph which makes for broken trees and cold houses. Thankfully, we have a wood stove and backup power. Thank you Lord.
  10. I story of my life too, especially trying to keep two places running smoothly.
  11. Mt Rider - We had planned on doing some remodeling to the house we bought several years ago. The leak in the lower level from our local flooding last year helped us decide to start tearing out walls and make the place more to our liking. It started very quietly with digging out the exposed foundation on the outside, waterproofing it, and adding Styrofoam to the outside walls. Northerners who heat with wood do that when the opportunity arises. Since we entertain so much, that small fourth bedroom became the pantry and dining room. We have a great view to the meadow and pond, so the windows HAD to be replace with larger ones. On and on it goes. We should stop sitting at the dining room table with hot coffee and doodling pads.
  12. We need more light and a better view in our new dining room," I told DH last year. Now it's coming to fruition (along with sore muscles). A friend let us borrow his gas-powered concrete saw for a few weeks. I can't hardly pick it up, and I'm a weight lifter. VERY BLESSED to have a very strong guy to carry the load around this homestead. Three more windows to go and we can start the destruction of the kitchen. Thankfully, I can use the RV for a few weeks as my cooking shanty.
  13. My little brother hears me talking about all the times I take Mama to Aldi's. Since he's heading up a construction project farther East, he decided to find out what his Mama and Sis have been talking about. He would also like the average 30% savings on groceries. The only glitch he ran into was the lack of a quarter ($$) to use one of their shopping carts. He thought that was one of the dumbest things he'd ever heard of. He did purchase several of their plastic bags and took a nice fresh food haul to his hotel room. His side-kick probably enjoyed some new doggie bones.
  14. As soon as I got my car 'finally' washed, mud season was upon us. DH is going to work at the stock-car racetrack again this year. It's across the street so he can walk over. I helped him one day last week chip ice out of his Tech Shed. It's a large building and the hillside snow-melt went into the shed. We chipped 1-1/2" solid sheet of ice off the concrete floor and into our tractor bucket. Neither one of us could raise our arms that night. Glad dinner was leftover chili in the refrig. We had a race to see who was first into bed that night. Started veggie seeds several days ago. Some of them have popped up already! I've been so sick this past year, I wasn't sure I even wanted a garden. DH was about to have my head examined, cause that's not me. Once I saw something besides mountains of snow, I realized we'd survived another northern winter.
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