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  1. Momo


    I haven't been to MrsS since the 7th of August. Dh is finally home after 3 different hospital admittances and discharges in August. Considering all, he is doing pretty well. We are both in serious need of a few days of sleep! I am thankful to still have him with me. He is such a treasure. I need to hopefully get back to some sort of an organized routine again. Right now we are out of alot of things(like food, toiletries etc) and have deferred maintenance on alot of stuff. We have alot of catching up to do and alot of Doctor appts for follow up. Heart dr. Lung dr. oncologist dr, family dr. and a surgeon for skin cancer removal. I told DH that Dr. appts are our new social life now! I'm gonna go put my feet up and watch Bama finish off Louisville at football now. Roll Tide!
  2. Momo

    Old Pine

    Sorry I didn't see this until today. I am so sad to hear this Snowmom. We were all hoping he would recover. I am so glad your family was able to be there. Take care of yourself Snowy!
  3. Momo


    I'm just popping in for a few minutes before I go to hospital again. DH had a GI bleed the last week of August..came home for less than 2 days then had a heart attack. He's now in the Big City hospital 40 miles away so I'll be going off to see him after I finish this. He is now stable so maybe he'll be home in a day or 2. It is really tough when you have no help and you are handicapped. Everything becomes an ordeal it seems but somehow we slosh through. After a few days of bearable temps we'll feel like 105 today. Yuck! Hope to get back here in a few days and check in.
  4. Momo

    Warning about a common plant.......

    Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I am so sorry to hear this. We will still keep you in our prayers.
  6. Momo


    Thank goodness..the weather has broken. Today will be the third day in a row to be in the mid 80's without a lot of humidity. I love it! We actually went to town yesterday am without using the a/c in the car. We went to a birthday Sunday for a friend who turned 100! It was a family covered dish. It was nice and traditional. The lady of honor has all her marbles and knows every grand and great grand kid by name. If I make it that long I hope I have my marbles like her. She doesn't take a single prescription either. She could use a new knee but said the surgery is too risky at her age. She can walk but it hurts a little. Other than that, she is doing better than me and DH. The tomatoes are coming in force right now. Tomato pie for dinner tonight! DH has cardio therapy today. I hope it helps him get stronger. He basically has 30% function in his heart and his lungs. He is one tough guy. I know he worries about leaving me alone since I am disabled. It is a great motivator for him to keep going! He is a keeper. Have a great day ya'll!
  7. Momo


    Thanks for the website..I'm gonna check it out.
  8. Momo


    It sounds like the heat is taking it's toll on alot of us. Today will be a bit more bearable than the past week so we are trying to get as much outdoor stuff as possible done. DH got stung by a hornet Saturday and when he woke up Sunday his arm was swollen to about twice it's normal size and his BP was high. It was 210 over 110. Since his BP has been running too low lately it was scary. We had the EMT's out and they said it was okay for him to take Benadryl which helped some. He is on so many drugs that I was scared to give it to him. Of course on Sunday the Dr isn't open so I couldn't check with them. Anyway his BP finally started coming down and the swelling so we decided not to go to the ER. His arm is still swollen today but it's much improved. Thrills again with DH! Today DH has his first cardiac therapy session. Hopefully it will help him to improve what cardiac function he still has. He basically has one main (out of 3) arteries going to his heart working so that is about 30% function. It works fine as long as he doesn't overdo it. He is one tough dude! I cannot believe that the year is more than half over all ready. Where does the time go? Today is the anniversary of my first marriage (elopement) at 18. It sure brings back memories of what I thought my life was gonna be like. It sure turned out like nothing I expected. Some of it good and some of it bad. We have a huge bunch of hummingbirds this year. I am having to mix up sugar water and clean feeders every day now. They get mad when the water gets low. I feel like a short order cook between DH being hungry all the time plus the dogs, cat and birds. I gotta go get dressed now and get to therapy on time. Have a great day ya'll!
  9. Momo


    Happy belated birthday Miki!!! I sure hope the rest of this week goes better than the first few days. It has been so hot with thunder storms scattered in the afternoon. More like Florida weather. DH had to got to the ER on Monday. Spent about 8 hours there while they monitored his heart. His heart is doing all kinds of crazy things but at least this time he didn't have an official heart attack . It really weighs on you, waiting for the next shoe to drop. He is really being a pain to live with too, but I can't really blame him. We managed to make a great 4th meal yesterday. Smoked a rack of ribs and made mac & cheese, slaw and corn on the cob. I really overdid it. I got overheated and really wore out with all the excitement we've had lately. No more big meal cooking for me anymore. Sounds like you've been busy Kappydell. I know I can't take the car trips as well as I used to. It sounds like things are looking up for you. Jeepers a friend of mine had to have her well tested to get a home loan. She told me they added bleach to their water sample..lol..This was about 15 years back so I don't know if it would still work or not. CG congrats on the job! Ambergris I have had alot of friends complain about insurance companies lately. So many normal things that they won't cover anymore. One friend had to get rid of her German Shepherd to get coverage. We have had 3 German shepherds (all strays) and they were all sweethearts, so I don't understand that. Have a great rest of the week ya'll!
  10. When my grand daughter was little she just loved the paper dolls in a magazine I used to get. We had a blast cutting them out. Old style fun.
  11. Momo


    Everybody seems pretty busy around here...I guess I am getting old and lazy and HOT. Good luck on the house Jeepers! It sure sounds good. I am glad your MIL got good health news Annarchy, That must be a relief. Today is DH's 81st birthday. We have a blood doctor appt in the big city today. If we get done at a reasonable hour I plan on taking him to a late lunch at his favorite restaurant. It is a very nice meat and 3 so he can get his favorite chicken fried steak, hash brown casserole, creamed corn and strawberry pretzel salad. DH had a bad heart episode Friday night. He really thought he was gonna die. Fortunately it cleared up fast and we didn't go to the ER. His will to live is starting to waiver a bit for the first time. The poor guy has been through so much. He worries about leaving me behind. What a sweetie. He always worried about this a little because he is alot older than me, but he is worth fighting for. It's gonna be 92 today but it is very humid so it will feel worse. I hope the dog days aren't here to stay so early in the season. We are still waiting on a ripe full size tomato. I have been picking the cherry maters for weeks but no big varieties yet. Hang in there folks!
  12. Momo


    Dh came home a few days ago. He is still recovering but it is slow going. He had a bad spell last night. We think he slept without oxygen for a while and when he finally awoke his heart was beating like crazy and his blood pressure was really high. We probably should have gone to the ER but I gave him some bp meds we had, and it gradually over 2 hours got down to a normal range. I actually got it down faster here at home than the ER did last time. I had to do laundry..I dreaded it since my washing drain line is blocked and we had to go the laundromat in the heat. I made DH wear his oxygen the whole time and didn't let him carry stuff. I am so glad to have that done. We got our first real harvest of blueberries So yummy. I also got some cherry tomatoes and cabbage. We kept the garden real small this year since DH has been getting less and less able to work it. I love the way the "rock hound" is posing. What a macho ham!
  13. Momo


    Not a great week so far. We were at a meeting of the patients of our doctor's family practice yesterday when Dh had chest pains. We called the paramedics and found out he was having a heart attack. They took him to the big city hospital with a cardiac unit. Fortunately it was not a severe heart attack, but unfortunately there is not much they can do for him. All of his veins are full of plaque and 2 of them are essentially blocked. He also has some blood clots. He is doing well now and not in pain and barring any surprises will come home in in a day or two. I'm leaving to visit after lunch and plan to stay overnight at the hospital tonight. It got hot but our humidity is low so it is bearable. I dread the hot steamy days of summer to come. Kappydell your hair sure grows fast!
  14. Momo


    MtRider I get my readers at Dollar Tree..I've had great luck so far and I can afford to keep several pairs around the house. I hope everyone is out of pain for the weekend. I noticed they are cutting down on pain meds here too. Our GP used to hand out scripts without DH ever asking for them. I never filled them, but it was nice to have them in case he really needed them. Dear granddaughter isn't coming home for the summer. She has a job teaching music on campus so we didn't have a birthday party for her on Friday. It was kind of disappointing but things change and she is a grownup now. We have had lots of much needed rain and our flowers are gorgeous. Hopefully we get some great maters soon. Have a great week all!
  15. Momo


    Back to the normal schedule today. DH is continuing to improve but we have 2 Dr. appt's this week. Hope they go well. We finally got rain yesterday and probably today. It is very needed! It seems like all I have done for a week is cook. DH's appetite has returned and he is very hungry..thank goodness. I am sorry to hear about Molly. It is so sad when you lose a fur baby. I have an older schnauser now and I worry about her health. She has a cataract and intermittent hearing, but is doing well. I know this will likely change some day and it hurts to think about that. Our last schnauser became diabetic nearly overnight and lasted only a few days after diagnosis. If only people could be as loyal and loving as a good pet! Seize the day! LOL

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