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  1. K-Mart And Sears Closing

    The only KMart remaining in Alabama is near us and they are closing by the end of this month.

    I'm glad you are getting settled in Kappydell. I don't ever plan on moving again. It is just too hard. Good news on your hubby Homey. It sounds like alot of us and our hubbies are needing "maintenance work" We got about half an inch of snow Tuesday night. Other nearby areas got alot more. Our temps have been really low with wind chills. Today it is supposed to get above freezing. YEA!! Our schnauser (sp) had a hematoma on her ear. We had to have surgery and I couldn't believe how much it cost. I really had to think about spending big money on her. We are on a very fixed income and she is getting old. On the other hand she is very sweet and has been very healthy so far. DH is crazy about her too. I told him that I would have to think about spending that much money on him if he got sick again..lol Have a great day all!
  3. It's been a LONG time!

    I'm glad to see you back!
  4. Miles for December 3 - 16, 2017

    Good for you Snowy!
  5. Rollll Tide!

    What a game.
  6. Amazon

    This time my problem is with Amazon. They didn't even ship the items for nearly a week. I know since I took free standard shipping it wouldn't be fast but I didn't expect it be so slow. I bought a book and a Fire tablet. The tablet took over a week and the book took 11 days. They came separately. BTW DH is thrilled with his tablet. He has been using my ancient laptop and it was taking forever. He only uses You tube to watch science type lectures and the Fire is great and fast for that. We are on a very tight budget so I appreciated the 49$ sale price.

    It must not be ALFAC insurance.... the ones with the duck in their ad I am tired of it being cold. We do have cold spells here every winter but they usually only last for a day or two. This one has been for a week. I dread my heating bill. Today we have no big plans but there are plenty of small indoor jobs (like cleaning and organizing) to be done inside. Maybe DH or I could get inspired to tackle some of them.
  8. Happy New Year, my friends!

    Happy New Year to all!
  9. Pacemaker Needed

    Nothing like waiting..but it will be safer for you to be infection free when you have it done. Hang in there!
  10. Amazon

    I must be the only person in America who is not in love with this company. My son says they have Prime and order over a $1,000 a month from them with no problems. The last time I ordered from them I ordered 3 articles and they came spread out over a 2 week period. All were delivered scattered at different places in our garage, front porch and barn. I ordered 5 things Sunday night with free regular shipping (not prime), According to my confirmation e-mail they have yet to ship a single item. Geez! Fortunately I was not counting on quick receipt due to my previous experiences.

    Kappydell I was hoping to check in today and see that you are all settled! What an ordeal. Your home will be worth it though. It is very pretty. I guess we are all pretty much having lots of "living" problems. Life can be so frustrating trying to get everyhing/everyone repaired, settled or set up. I for one can't wait for a better New Year. Jeepers your little man is so cute. It reminds me of my "little" boy. It's his birthday today and he is solidly middle aged now. Where did the time go? We have struggled this past week to get anything done. DH has been very weak. I hope it is temporary but I'm scared it isn't. Have a great day ya'll!
  12. Miles for November 12 - December 2, 2017

    You are so disciplined Snow! I don't know how you keep it up, but congrats.
  13. Quick update

    I hope you get everything situated health wise. It can be a very difficult thing to get all the treatments and drugs set up just right. DH sometimes gets too much potassium which is not good either.
  14. Fridays the day!

    This Friday is free shipping day for many online and or mail order gifts. Don't forget!
  15. Thanksgiving plans?

    I ended up making a rolled turkey breast so we wouldn't have too many leftovers. I also made cornbread dressing, gravy, pea salad, cranberry/orange salad, rolls and pineapple upside down cake. A combo of DH's faves and traditional foods. I also made deviled eggs,cheeses and an olive tray for a preview. Just the 2 of us and it was very nice.

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