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  1. Momo


    Dh came home a few days ago. He is still recovering but it is slow going. He had a bad spell last night. We think he slept without oxygen for a while and when he finally awoke his heart was beating like crazy and his blood pressure was really high. We probably should have gone to the ER but I gave him some bp meds we had, and it gradually over 2 hours got down to a normal range. I actually got it down faster here at home than the ER did last time. I had to do laundry..I dreaded it since my washing drain line is blocked and we had to go the laundromat in the heat. I made DH wear his oxygen the whole time and didn't let him carry stuff. I am so glad to have that done. We got our first real harvest of blueberries So yummy. I also got some cherry tomatoes and cabbage. We kept the garden real small this year since DH has been getting less and less able to work it. I love the way the "rock hound" is posing. What a macho ham!
  2. Momo


    Not a great week so far. We were at a meeting of the patients of our doctor's family practice yesterday when Dh had chest pains. We called the paramedics and found out he was having a heart attack. They took him to the big city hospital with a cardiac unit. Fortunately it was not a severe heart attack, but unfortunately there is not much they can do for him. All of his veins are full of plaque and 2 of them are essentially blocked. He also has some blood clots. He is doing well now and not in pain and barring any surprises will come home in in a day or two. I'm leaving to visit after lunch and plan to stay overnight at the hospital tonight. It got hot but our humidity is low so it is bearable. I dread the hot steamy days of summer to come. Kappydell your hair sure grows fast!
  3. Momo


    MtRider I get my readers at Dollar Tree..I've had great luck so far and I can afford to keep several pairs around the house. I hope everyone is out of pain for the weekend. I noticed they are cutting down on pain meds here too. Our GP used to hand out scripts without DH ever asking for them. I never filled them, but it was nice to have them in case he really needed them. Dear granddaughter isn't coming home for the summer. She has a job teaching music on campus so we didn't have a birthday party for her on Friday. It was kind of disappointing but things change and she is a grownup now. We have had lots of much needed rain and our flowers are gorgeous. Hopefully we get some great maters soon. Have a great week all!
  4. Momo


    Back to the normal schedule today. DH is continuing to improve but we have 2 Dr. appt's this week. Hope they go well. We finally got rain yesterday and probably today. It is very needed! It seems like all I have done for a week is cook. DH's appetite has returned and he is very hungry..thank goodness. I am sorry to hear about Molly. It is so sad when you lose a fur baby. I have an older schnauser now and I worry about her health. She has a cataract and intermittent hearing, but is doing well. I know this will likely change some day and it hurts to think about that. Our last schnauser became diabetic nearly overnight and lasted only a few days after diagnosis. If only people could be as loyal and loving as a good pet! Seize the day! LOL
  5. Momo


    We've made it about a week with great vital signs for DH. Yeah! He had some blood readings still out of norm but I'll take any improvements. He has fortunately been able to do a lot of mowing (on the riding mower) which is great. I had to do a Wal Mart run yesterday. I went early to avoid the masses and to improve my chances of getting a decent scooter. I hate to go, but when the list of needs gets long you gotta grin and bear it. DH is hungry all the time now..which is good. He is munching out on everything and wants sugary snacks too. It's alot better than when I have to nudge him to eat. We've had about a week of rainy days. It's great for the garden. The tomatoes have really jumped up. Too bad we weren't able to plant a big garden this year. So Jeepers is a closet squirrel..who knew?
  6. Momo

    Who Do You Think You Are

    New episode tonight at 8pm central time. According to my channel guide there will be a second new episode immediately after the first.
  7. Momo


    Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day! DS forgot about Mothers Day it until 8 pm last night when I got a frantic phone call. To tell the truth I didn't care. I'm just so wore out with DH's health issues. We spent every day last week with appt's and tests. He isn't having any pain but he is still weak and his blood pressure is way too low. His oxygen is getting better and his blood cancer is getting worse. We put out 1 fire and another one pops up. At least he hasn' t had to go back to the hospital. I still have a UTI that I can't shake..they have tried several antibiotics but it never goes away 100%. Maybe stress has something to do with it?? Summer arrived this weekend. We hit 90 degrees. So far it isn't humid but that's a comin' soon. Snapshotmiki, my DH was a heavy smoker for 50 years and now has COPD. He finally quit last February (2017) but he's still using nicotine patches. For some reason his oxygen is getting better but he'll never be "cured"
  8. Momo

    Long time away

    Becca Anne I am so sorry it wasn't the best of news! Hopefully the defibrillator will make a big improvement for you.
  9. Momo


    It seems like most of us are all going through the same type of health issues. Let's pass the booze and tissues around. lol Tomorrow DH finally sees a pulmonary specialist. It only took 5 weeks after getting out of the hospital to get an appt. Hopefully he can tell us why DH holds oxygen unaided some days and the next day struggles to walk 20 feet. It makes no sense. He also has to go to the family doc to see if his warfarin has got the right amount in his blood. If it weren't for doctors visits I don't think we'd have any social life. lol We are having a hard time getting any of our usual spring chores done. I tell DH we just need to be grateful to be alive. He is also having a hard time with his appetite. I hope we get it all straightened out soon. It's gonna be pretty warm the next 2 days. I don't look forward to summer. It's just too hot for me. I loved the puppy picture. What a sweetie. Hang in there ladies!
  10. Momo

    Happy Birthday........................

    Well you're 39..right?
  11. Momo

    Long time away

    Welcome back!
  12. Momo


    Out of the ordinary, I'm chuckling over the wisdom of your 4 year old..LOL Miki it is frustrating trying to determine where the main problem is with DH. I know what you are going through..is it heart or lung or perhaps something else? I can only imagine all the paraphenalia with two oxygen tanks going MtnRider. One is bad enough. I tease DH all the time and play like I am pinching his air. He keeps his main unit in the basement and runs the hoses up the stairs. It works good for him. Annarchy my DH would go crazy if his heart rate went to 180. He starts getting concerned when it stays above 140 for a few minutes. That sounds so high. Ambergris to help make your mental image even better, you can imagine me with my back to DH who is driving his big old 1950 Ford 8N tractor and pulling me out with a big tow rope wrapped around my mobility (immobility in this case) chair. I always have preferred to laugh rather than cry..but I admit it was a bit frustrating. We are both having to adjust to health changes. Have a great weekend all!
  13. Momo


    I hope to hear good health reports from everyone! It is so hard to deal with health problems. I did our taxes the last minute online. We don't have to file taxes due to low income but since I am on Obamacare health insurance I have to file the healthcare form every year. It's a pain but those are government rules. This week is beautiful weather but I can't get much done. I told DH only 2 tomato plants for the garden. He can't count on his health anymore so no big gardens. Yesterday I went out in my power chair and tried to water some bushes and plants. I got stuck in some damp ground and couldn't get out. DH had to get in the tractor and pull me out with a chain! I can hear you snickering, but it was kinda funny! I am thankful he was able to get me out and we didn't have to get help from others.( Three or four days ago he was still to weak to have been able to help me.) It's a new day, let's see what mischief I can get into today!
  14. Momo

    DH in hospital

    Things are finally improving. We have had to make frequent trips to Doctors and one ER trip but DH has make the big turn to good health. The last two days were nearly normal. He still has 2 more weeks of in home therapy to go but his numbers are getting better. I can feel the cloud starting to lift! The expensive drug they prescribed wasn't working so they switched him to the older much cheaper drug..a financial blessing for sure. They will still have to monitor his blood regularly but we can manage that. I just wanted to update you nice ladies! Thanks for your prayers.
  15. Momo


    I am so glad that things are improving for you!

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