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  1. Long time away

    Welcome back!

    Out of the ordinary, I'm chuckling over the wisdom of your 4 year old..LOL Miki it is frustrating trying to determine where the main problem is with DH. I know what you are going through..is it heart or lung or perhaps something else? I can only imagine all the paraphenalia with two oxygen tanks going MtnRider. One is bad enough. I tease DH all the time and play like I am pinching his air. He keeps his main unit in the basement and runs the hoses up the stairs. It works good for him. Annarchy my DH would go crazy if his heart rate went to 180. He starts getting concerned when it stays above 140 for a few minutes. That sounds so high. Ambergris to help make your mental image even better, you can imagine me with my back to DH who is driving his big old 1950 Ford 8N tractor and pulling me out with a big tow rope wrapped around my mobility (immobility in this case) chair. I always have preferred to laugh rather than cry..but I admit it was a bit frustrating. We are both having to adjust to health changes. Have a great weekend all!

    I hope to hear good health reports from everyone! It is so hard to deal with health problems. I did our taxes the last minute online. We don't have to file taxes due to low income but since I am on Obamacare health insurance I have to file the healthcare form every year. It's a pain but those are government rules. This week is beautiful weather but I can't get much done. I told DH only 2 tomato plants for the garden. He can't count on his health anymore so no big gardens. Yesterday I went out in my power chair and tried to water some bushes and plants. I got stuck in some damp ground and couldn't get out. DH had to get in the tractor and pull me out with a chain! I can hear you snickering, but it was kinda funny! I am thankful he was able to get me out and we didn't have to get help from others.( Three or four days ago he was still to weak to have been able to help me.) It's a new day, let's see what mischief I can get into today!
  4. DH in hospital

    Things are finally improving. We have had to make frequent trips to Doctors and one ER trip but DH has make the big turn to good health. The last two days were nearly normal. He still has 2 more weeks of in home therapy to go but his numbers are getting better. I can feel the cloud starting to lift! The expensive drug they prescribed wasn't working so they switched him to the older much cheaper drug..a financial blessing for sure. They will still have to monitor his blood regularly but we can manage that. I just wanted to update you nice ladies! Thanks for your prayers.
  5. prayers

    I am so glad that things are improving for you!
  6. DH in hospital

    He's home! He got back on Thursday. So far so good. Fortunately he only had one attack of pain with this. Usually there is a good bit of pain. They did give him morphine but it wasn't so much for pain..it was to slow down his heartbeat. MtnRider, only dilaudin really helps for pain on him. I'm still working on getting him more Eliquis. He'll need it for 3 months and it is very expensive. I found a coupon for 1 free month that is supposedly valid for everyone. That leaves 2 months more to find. He has taken coumadin in the past and bled alot. It set off GI bleeding too. We had a small patch of really tall rye grass by our front window and it was driving him crazy. He went out on his riding mower to trim that small area. I looked out the window and laughed to myself. In the cubby built into the side of the mower for a can of Coke (or beer) he had his oxygen bottle. He is like a Timex watch, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Have a great Easter weekend ya'll!
  7. DH in hospital

    DH had a bad episode of pain this am. One of his clots moved and was extremely painful. Would you believe someone had to go to a pharmacy and get some morphine since the hospital was out??? What the heck? MtRider I appreciate the drug info but Medicare patients who have drug coverage are not allowed to get discounts. The drug companies are not allowed to work with you on any type of discount. There is no way we can afford the 20 to 30% copay on Xarelto..he will have to use coumadin probably. It looks like a few more days in the hospital unless something goes wrong. Please keep him in your thoughts.
  8. DH in hospital

    I just got back from a crazy day. DH is in the hospital. It turns out he has been so tired because he has blood clots in his lungs. Hopefully they can break them up with drugs. I don't know how he would do with another surgery. Tomorrow they will check for more clots in his heart to make sure they found them all. I am so glad I forced him to go to the doctor today. It would have been alot worse if he had waited another day or two. Prayers would be welcome! Thanks!

    We had lots of storms and even tornadoes around us last night but we were spared. The closest tornado was 20 miles away. We spent a few hours monitoring the storm so DH got to bed late. He was really tired today from his late night. Now we have a cold front coming through so I am glad we waited on the gardening. Our last frost date is April 8th but all of the trees are blooming already. Kappydell I love your beds..I wish you could help me get some done down here. One of my last best friends has died. It seems folks that I care about are dropping like flies. She suffered alot so it is kind of a blessing for her. Despite her fueding children it was a very nice ceremony and the preacher mentioned my husband first thing with a cute story. It sure surprised us.
  10. Prayers needed

    Great news..hope it all goes through!
  11. DQ freebie

    On March 20th Dairy Queen is giving away free soft serve ice cream cones. Check your local store for details.

    Spring has sprung around here but it is way too early. All the dogwoods and tulips are out in bloom since it has been warm, but we still have a few weeks until the last frost date. We have had a few inches of rain the past week too. Hopefully the sun returns tomorrow. I've been on cpap for 20 years. I need a new machine but can't afford another sleep study. They won't prescribe you a new one if you haven't had a sleep study in the past 5 years. Our dog had surgery too. Boy they can get expensive. She had a hematoma on her ear but is doing fine now. She is getting pretty old but this is her first illness/surgery. We found out that she also has allergies and they prescribed something I can't afford. I have been giving her OTC prednisone instead and she is doing great on it. Have a great day all!
  13. Please pray for Old Pine

    I am thinking of your family. Health problems are so stressful. Please remember to take care of yourself too!
  14. Joke of the Day!

  15. Please pray for Old Pine

    It sounds like he is doing great. I am relieved. DH has some minor memory problems too. They were caused by how many times he was under anesthesia. He gets frustrated but it is not a big problem. More a thing of remembering names.

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