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    Other than finding my way back here.....I have caught up on some rest from recent vacation and work and started coming up with a game plan to get my preps back in gear. Started organizing "the closet"....gave up and signed on to see you good people
  2. Somebody should challenge them. THAT HAS TO BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL....has to be.
  3. http://www.inquisitr.com/1410580/could-a-real-life-purge-happen-in-louisville-ky-this-weekend/ snippets Residents in Louisville, Kentucky are being warned that a real life “Purge” could be planned for this weekend, and police say they are ready. As reported by WLKY, Louisville Metropolitan Police report that posters and fliers have sprung up advertising that a ‘Purge’ crime spree would be in effect on Friday from 8:30 pm to Saturday at 6:30 am for residents in Kentucky’s largest city. Louisville MPD released a statement on the posters and fliers assuring residents that the department will be ready if there are any sort of mass disturbances. Spokesman Dwight Mitchell said: “We take any threat seriously and fortunately we’re hoping that nothing happens as a result, but we’re prepared in case something does.” The Purge is a fictional movie series where, sometime in the near future, the government allows all crimes to be legal for 12 hours, and as you can guess, the inmates completely run the asylum. Murder, rape, assault and theft are all legal, and residents are forced to lock up their homes and go on defense during the tense 12 hours. While it could only be a prank used to incite fear and anxiety in the local Louisville community, the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department is taking it very seriously and will be ready to act if anything does happen. This crime spree threat could be a series of very isolated events and not a government-sanctioned program as portrayed in the films. The supposed real life purge is set to begin at sundown on Friday. Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1410580/could-a-real-life-purge-happen-in-louisville-ky-this-weekend/#YuS6DHQVeg9wCSOJ.99
  4. I don't know if any of you saw the movie "The Purge". It was about our country having a day that between a certain set time nothing was illegal. Killing was the norm and there would be no consequences. People locked themselves in their homes with as much security as possible except for the ones who participated and went out to do The Purge. I was just browsing around watching some feeds on St Louis and saw that there are many fliers floating around in different cities WARNING of an actual purge. As I'm reading this my son comes running in my room and shows me that it's all over Instagram and supposedly happening near us starting Sat 12 am. Have any of you heard of this?? I'm going to post some stories and links as I find them.
  5. Ebola

    THIS WEEK the CDC changed their information about how Ebola can spread; they now admit "being within 3 feet" of an infected person or "being in the same room" with an infected person can allow the virus to infect someone else! They also admit a person who is infected, but not yet showing symptoms, is contagious! [link to preventebola.com]
  6. I'm looking for ideas for the kids. Middle son (15) has ADD. He can't take the meds so I'm looking for something herbal that may help. My 9 yr old daughter takes Keppra for a seizure disorder and I really think it affects her hair growth....very brittle. Is there something g for that? Any advice would be greAtly appreciated
  7. Ebola

    Yes indeed! And I see that....I'm praying for you while you endure this from a distance and them as they experience first hand.
  8. Looking for a Church is HARD

    Well...I did a sound it all sounded good....nothing that would have tipped me off. There was speaking in tounges and although I wasn't raised with that I feel that's between them and God so no big red flag there. I mean it wasn't "crazy". Then toward the invitation a lady goes up with her son and falls in the floor screaming. Dumb me thought something had happened to her at first like a broke bone but she kept screaming about her son. People surrounded her and she started screaming "Jesus". Then a lady stepped out with what looked like a tablecloth....at this point I figured we might should leave. My 9 yr old was petrified. They covered her and toted her out. About that time the preacher was grabbing peoples heads....not laying hands on them...grabbing their heads and rocking them and knocking them to the ground while people waited with the cloths but no one else was covered and toted out. I'm total open minded and think all should worship how they choose. I just don't have a clue what was going on there. I later found out that their "home" church Pastor had been accused of all kinds of bad money deals. Using the Church to finance his mansion. Then a one of my friends told me that at one time they were practicing "resurrection"??? The Pastor was preaching that it was a gift and could happen then a couple brought their dead infant. Being new to the community I didn't know all of this..... So that may explain a little why I'm a bit afraid of looking again
  9. Pray for my Hubba

    Many, many prayers for you and your family.
  10. Knee surgery

    What a cutie pie!!!! Isn't amazing how our furbabies wrap us up?
  11. Looking for a Church is HARD

    I have it narrowed down to 3. There are many non-denominational Church's around here and I'm ok with that. I'm ok with more up beat and charismatic service too but after that last Church I'm terrified of trying anything else without a denominational name behind it. I don't really give a hoot about denomination because I believe in being a Christian first then finding where you fit in as far as worship style to find the fellowship and guidance. Perhaps it's just because I did not know or understand what they were doing or the practice. If somebody starts screaming and falling out why would they cover her in a sheet and tote her out? I mean I'm not trying to start anything and I certainly don't mean it disrespectful to anyone who may go to a church where they practice this...I'm just curious and want to know what I saw and experienced.
  12. Ebola

    I'm accelerating EVERYTHING.....including my heart rate!!!!! I don't know that I have ever been THIS concerned before. I have been reading and researching ALOT since I decided to follow it on my blog. I am absolutely, positively going to do EVERYTHING I can to get as much as I can immediately! At the moment I am brainstorming where I can get the most for my money between Dollar Stores and Grocery and prioritizing my immediate needs. I'm looking for stuff that I can cook without water......my head is spinning
  13. Prayer regarding hurricanes

    Oh my word!!! How are either of you still sane???? I'd be nuts. Praying, Praying, Praying for your families. I have a friend there but haven't heard anything from here since I left Facebook.
  14. After hearing about the guy from Samaritan's Purse testify today I am totally freaked out. He did not candy-coat or pull any punches with what he had to say. I'm trying to find the clip of him speaking. I think it was on CSPAN. That being said this ole girl is fixing to kick it into HIGH gear. I'll be looking to do whatever I need to in order to get things stocked back up and in a hurry.
  15. Ebola's spread to US is 'inevitable' says CDC chief Agence France-Presse August 7, 2014 8:15pm [link to www.globalpost.com] Ebola's spread to the United States is "inevitable" due to the nature of global airline travel, but any outbreak is not likely to be large, US health authorities said Thursday. [snip] "It is certainly possible that we could have ill people in the US who develop Ebola after having been exposed elsewhere," Frieden told a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations. "We are all connected and inevitably there will be travelers, American citizens and others who go from these three countries -- or from Lagos if it doesn't get it under control -- and are here with symptoms," he said. "But we are confident that there will not be a large Ebola outbreak in the US." I'm sorry but this just ticks me off!!! They act like people here getting Ebola would be nothing more than the flu.....what's a few thousand innocent Americans???? Excuse my language but they need to get their heads out of their tails and shut off travel and shut down borders!

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